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Gay Fetish Secrets 3

Updated: Mar 10

Part three of this series, with some new anonymous and secret tales relating to trampling, sneakers, socks and feet.

You can check out part one here and part two here.

Do you have a fetish secret or something you want to confess anonymously? To be published it needs to be an experience that was secret in some way, you can treat this like a confession. The only catch is it must be something related to trampling, sneaker, sock or foot fetish. Vanilla sex secrets will be ignored sorry!

Get in touch here:

Instagram: trampl_shwt

Twitter: austrampler



Several years ago, there was a guy who worked for my father. During summer I would go work with them too. Anyway, since I was not experienced in what they do, I was mainly helping with simple things. This tradie was standing on the ladder and I was supposed to hold it from moving so he doesn't fall. Of course, I held it where his sneaks were and put my fingers on one of the steps hoping he would step on it. He did it and it was so painful that my eyes teared up. What actually freaked me out was that I realised I wouldn't be able to pull my fingers out as he was about to step down. That's how I got kicked in the chin, as he was coming down. Of course I got the, "Can't you see I'm stepping down?"


I was staying at a dorm in college and there was a hot RA who I really liked. I had previously convinced him to trample my stomach for an 'ab workout'. One day he was at the front desk and I called him up on the phone, asking if he could help out with another 'ab workout'. He agrees to help. I rush down to the front desk where he was at. I get there and I say, “So where do you wanna do it?” - thinking we’re going to a break room or something, and he goes “come back here.." So I walked behind the counter and he points on the floor in front of him. I lay down and he just starts trampling me... then people start coming in. I hear the door open, keys rattling, he signs them in while standing on me! No words spoken to me doesn’t even look down, I’m quiet too. People didn’t even notice. This goes on for a while me laying there, under him. One girl walked in and saw him marching in place and says something like, “What are you doing, getting some exercise in?” and he replied with this smug little smirk and goes, “Yeah, something like that."


When I was younger my Dad used to have these old pair of sneakers, I think they were Reeboks or something like that. He must have had them for 10 years or longer. They were his lawn mowing sneakers by the time I hit puberty. As I found myself aroused by feet and footwear, I was always so attracted to this pair of beaten-up sneakers and they smelt great. As I began to discover jerking off, I would put them on me, and put stuff on top of them to simulate some weight. There was an old tyre that was good to use for this and I would even enjoy the tyre itself on top of me. One time I was in the storage room off the garage and I nearly got caught. I was lost in the heat of the moment and I hadn't heard my Dad walk into the garage from outside. Luckily in that moment he could not see me with his sneakers on my crotch and the tyre on top of them - even with no door on the room. The thrill and danger of being caught made me orgasm hard. I have no idea how I would have explained it if he had walked in. I lost count how many loads I shot into my pants while discreetly playing with those sneakers.


I had moved city and was staying with a friend at his place while I looked for a room to rent. He lived in a big house with a straight couple. They had a lot of space but the straight couple were a bit messy and left their stuff all over the place. I had a big crush on the straight guy, he was a very good-looking guy.. tall, muscular, blonde hair blue eyes. He was nice too. Unfortunately, his feet were a bit weird but he had amazing sneakers so I still fantasised about licking them and being trampled by him in them. The first weekend I was there we all went out for drinks and got separated at one point, it was a big night. I end up back at the house around 4am, the straight couple are obviously home in bed but my friend is still out. I go to use the bathroom and the straight guy's converse are in the bathroom on the floor, with his used socks from the night discarded next to them. I was so horny and drunk that I didn't even close the bathroom door, I got on the floor and jerked off with his socks and converse on my face. They smelt and tasted incredible! Drunk me wanted him to walk in and start trampling all over me. In hindsight it was very stupid, especially if I had been busted, but it all made sense to me in the moment.


Later in high school I worked part time with a fencing company, working on all sorts of different fences, building new ones but often doing repairs on existing ones. I would often be paired with one of the full time guys who was not much older than me and really cute. Sometimes he would wear those fat skater sneakers (this was back in the early 00's). One time we were at a high fence and he asked me for a "leg-up". I didn't know exactly what he was talking about the first time, so he showed me how to cup my hands together.. then he put his sneaker in my hands and stood up to reach higher up the fence. I could not believe I had his sneaker in my hands and was also supporting his weight. He was probably only 75kg or so, but it wasn't easy for me back then. I could hardly concentrate the rest of the day. I spent many more days wishing for it to happen again but it took some months. We were at a different property and he asked again for it, I was instantly turned on but also had an idea prepared for this very moment. I suggested that I go on all fours and he stand on my back for more stability. For some reason I still don't know why, he hesitated, and seemed a bit weirded out by it. He went through with it though and did stand on my back like that, but I honestly wanted to ask why he seemed so unsure about it when he would stand on my hands. Surely it wasn't all that different, but I was too nervous and doubted myself after his reaction. At the time I felt like he could read my mind and knew that I somehow liked it, but in hindsight I think I just read too much into it. Unfortunately I never got to do that again with him but I have spent so much time fantasising about it over the years. I will never forget the feeling of his sneakers and weight on my back, in plain sight of anyone who was around. My shirt had sneaker prints on it and I jerked off more than once when I got home, reliving the encounter.

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