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Gay Fetish Secrets

Updated: Mar 10

This is a new series I'll be working on inspired by the twitter account @GaySexSecrets.

Instead of sex, it will be all about your secret fetish experiences or desires, limited to trampling / feet / socks / footwear, etc.

Do you have a fetish secret or something you want to confess anonymously? Get in touch here:

Instagram: trampl_shwt

Twitter: austrampler



I used to work at this car shop and I befriended a co-worker of mine very quickly. We were around the same age, similar interests, and vibed well. He was an all American type guy. We started to hang out outside of work pretty often, just kicking it and hanging out. One day I decided to tell him about this new 'ab workout' I heard of, where someone has to walk on your stomach to strengthen your abs. I asked him if he would do it for me. He didn’t hesitate. Eventually he was doing it all the time, walking on me, but initially never at work. The shop we worked at had a tool room in the back. It was a big open room, dimly lit, with lots of random parts everywhere and cold stone floors. One day at work we had some down time and I just decided to ask him, “Hey man, could we do my ab workout?” He paused for a minute and responded to me, “ right now?” I played it off and said “yeah why not”, just pushing my luck. Then he tells me, “Ok, we can do it in the tool room”. So we walked back there and I lay on the ground next to a support beam and I tell him, “I’m gonna lift up my shirt so it doesn’t get dirty." He said “good idea” and I kid you not I laid there as he walked on me with his worn stained converse and I watched my stomach get all dirty from having a full on trample session during my work shift!


I just remembered a story I had totally forgotten about, back in high school. I would have been only 13 or 14, so it was near the beginning of high school. Our school had just been through a major renovation and many of the classes now had permanent long desks that were more like benches, where 6-8 of us would sit in a row with our own individual chairs. Due to the length there was a square metal bar that ran underneath the bench, I guess for strength. I discovered that if I had my chair as high as it could go, I could rub my boner gently against this metal bar, hands-free, during class. I went to an all-boys high school, and in the summer we wore sandals, so I would often find myself concealing a boner at the sight of all these feet. This one particular day in class I was sat in the front row at the far left end. At the front left corner of the room, which was only 2m away from where I was, sat an old desk where the teacher used to sit anyone who was in trouble. Luckily for me, this day one of the guys I was crushing on was there, and his feet in sandals were in clear view. I could barely concentrate on the lesson. I was so horny and it was a long hot day. He wore his sandals loosely, exactly how they asked us not to, and it meant he could slip his feet in and out of them easily. Often his feet came out of them completely and he crossed his ankles so that one of his soles were facing up to me, teasing. I couldn't help but start rubbing my dick against the metal bar like I had previously. It was likely slowly edging myself. I remember bringing myself to the edge a few times and stopping. But it must have got the better of me and eventually I went too far. The visual was too much. I ended up shooting a load in my uniform then and there! Luckily I can cum quietly. Nobody noticed, I didn't move or make any sound but I was in pure ecstasy. I couldn't believe I had cum in class, and was worried my shorts would be all wet for the final class of the day. After we got out of that class I went straight to the bathroom to try clean up quickly. There was only a small wet patch to deal with, but I had to sit in that through my final class. It was the first but not the last time I cum in those classrooms looking at their feet and footwear!


A couple years back I was out in a club which I used to be at most weekends. You get to know the same people who are always there. This particular night there was a guy there who I liked, we had chatted and flirted a few times. I was a bit drunk and feeling confident so I took him to this booth in the corner that was really dark, told him I liked feet and took one of his shoes and socks off to suck his toes then and there. Our eyes had adjusted to the darkness and it felt like everyone could see, but anyone walking past would have struggled to see what was happening. He was laughing and seemed to like it, I was hard and loving the moment. It was my first public foot worship moment and it felt so risky, but in hindsight it wasn’t at all. Now we chat online but I have yet to meet up again and have another go. I want him to trample me but haven't told him that much yet. Hopefully post covid I can make it happen.


When I was in college I was in a shared room with 1 other. The first guy I didn't get along with that well so halfway through the year I decided to change rooms as there was one available. I came back from break a few days early and when I got to my new room there was a temporary guy there, just for a week. He would be there for a few more days before shifting to his permanent room. Anyway, I didn't get along with this guy much better either, but he was quite cute. I remember waking up one day and his socked foot was hanging out of the end of his bed. There was a big hole in the sock at the heel. I slowly moved towards his bed, listening and checking for sounds of him waking up. He seemed to be out. I sat on the floor with his socked foot right near my face, I had never done anything like this before. I lightly touched my lips to his socked foot.. and left it there for a few seconds. I didn't do anything more for fear of being caught, but I did sit there a while admiring them and trying to smell them. He wore these great timberland style boots sometimes. They would always sit on the floor next to his bed when not in use. They were fairly worn with a little bit of smell. On the last day he was out and I couldn't help myself, I was sniffing one of them while fucking his other boot. It was such an adrenalin rush knowing he could walk in at any minute, in no time at all I shot a huge load into his boot by accident and immediately started panicking. I cleaned the cum out as best I could but you could see a clear wet patch if you looked in closely. I was freaking out. Luckily it must have dried out or he never noticed anything, as far as I know. Whenever I would see him around wearing those boots, I would remember that moment, the ecstasy followed by the potential horror of getting found out. I still get a rush thinking back to that time.


When I was in my last year of high school, we were sitting in class and behind me was this cocky classmate who was always belittling and making fun of me. On the front side of each desk in the lower part was a metal rail that was part of the desk frame. We would all hold feet on it. That class I placed my hand on the metal railing hoping he would step on it. It was risky because people could notice. Suddenly, he stepped on my fingers crushing them against the rail. Not being sure if he noticed, I discreetly looked at him only to see him looking at me, waiting for my reaction with a smirk. I felt a chilly rush of excitement and worry. Pretending like there's nothing going on, I remained composed while he was moving his foot in all directions. It lasted for a few minutes and then he moved his foot. I still remember the prints that remained on my fingers.

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