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Gay Fetish Secrets 4

Updated: Mar 10

Part four is here with some even hotter secret stories. They keep getting better!

Do you have a fetish secret or something you want to confess anonymously? To be published it needs to be an experience that was secret in some way, you can treat this like a confession. The only catch is it must be something related to trampling, sneaker, sock or foot fetish. Vanilla sex secrets will be ignored sorry!

Get in touch here:

Instagram: trampl_shwt

Twitter: austrampler



I have paid many guys to trample me over the years, finding them online through various apps and sites. They have always been quite varied, as long as they were attractive I didn't mind if they were gay, straight or bi. It was only trampling, so their sexuality didn't matter. The straight guys normally took a little more convincing and there was usually some sort of stipulation that I did not pull my dick out and wank during the session. Totally fine, although, I did find that a bit strange when they could clearly see my hard dick and would often pump it or step on it with their feet or sneakers. With those guys, the sessions would end and I would quickly jerk off remembering the trample that had just happened as soon as they left. Anyway, after a year or two of occasional sessions with straight guys it dawned on me I could get away with jerking off without them realising. I decided to try it the next time a straight guy came to trample me. We did the session as usual but towards the end I said I wanted to try something new. I told him I hadn't put myself between the mattress and base of bed in a long time, and that I used to really enjoy guys standing, bouncing and jumping on top of the mattress on me. He agreed without hesitation. I had already put a sneaker under the mattress, so as I got under I grabbed the sneaker discreetly and placed it on my crotch. He walked up and down my body and started to bounce in places. Whenever he was on my crotch the sneaker would push into me and feel amazing. Obviously being under the mattress it was softer action, but I still got all the weight and that felt incredible. I didn't turn my head to the side when he was up the top of my body, which meant he was bouncing directly on my face at times. It hurt, but that was probably what pushed me over the edge in the end and I ended up shooting a load in my pants with a little help from my hand. Luckily I am quiet when I cum, but usually you can tell from my body language when I have. He didn't get any of those cues, not being able to see me under there. This was one of the best parts about it. He just kept jumping and bouncing all over me as if nothing had happened. I was laying there spent and in ecstasy while he just kept going. Eventually I had to get him to stop and he left none the wiser. I've done this a few times now but not for many years. Recalling this story makes me want to do it again.


This story happened a few years ago when I was on an 11-hour night bus trip. I picked a seat at the back of the coach. Sitting across the corridor at the last row was a handsome French chap. And in front of me was seated another good-looking Canadian fellow. Two hours after the trip started, almost everyone on the bus was sound asleep, including them. Both of them had taken off their shoes. The French guy even stretched his legs across the corridor and rested his socked feet on the empty seat next to mine. He was covering his eyes with a tuque. I felt so horny looking at his socked feet. Knowing I wouldn't be seen by anyone else on the bus, I laid a blanket on the floor, took off my pants, and sat on the blanket. I carefully reached for the Canadian guy's sneakers from under his seat, and the French guy's from across the corridor, and put all of them on my seat. Then, I started to jerk off while sniffing alternating between those hot sneakers and the French guy's socked feet. All of them smelled great for a foot fetishist like me, especially the French guy's sneakers. They were damp and the odour inside was strong. I had so much fun that I shot three loads within three hours, with one load right onto the sole of one of those sneakers.


My friend had moved into a new house and there was a bunch of us around one afternoon, having drinks to celebrate. It was an old house in need of renovation but he had big plans for it. We had a tour through the house and out the backyard. The block sloped down and away from the house at the back, so it wasn't the easiest backyard to maintain and landscape. Due to the slope, there were stairs off the deck at the back and a large storage area underneath the back of the house. When we looked in here I noticed his old pairs of nike sneakers, very worn and dirty. This particular friend knew what I liked, we hadn't been friends too long but we had fooled around once and he had trampled me even. Later that night after many drinks I slipped away downstairs, unnoticed by everyone else. I got straight to those Nikes and started sniffing them and licking the soles hard. The smell was not there anymore, they'd obviously been sitting for a while, only used for mowing the lawns or similar types of jobs. But the soles with all their dirt tasted insane. I was worried someone would find me so I didn't want to take too long. I licked and sucked one shoe while I fucked the other one and shot a big load inside. I returned to the party and another hour or two passed. I ended up telling my friend what I had done, and the next day I got a message saying he had found the shoe and enjoyed the smell of my cum in them. Obviously thats not the secret part of the story. This new place he moved into was literally 5 minutes walk from my house. In the coming months I would often go for a walk, and if I saw his car was out - usually when he was at work - I would access the back of the property through the side gate and have my way with his shoes again. I never told him about those times, and I'm assuming he didn't figure it out otherwise I would have heard from him. He wasn't into any fetish play himself so those shoes would have been neglected, that is until I came across them.


I would often have the keys to my friend's home while he would work. At first it started because I would go there to be alone or get away from my family for a little. But later it was mostly because I could play with his and his brother's sneakers and dirty socks. I would be there and lick all the dirt off their soles, spotlessly clean all their footwear and then go back to work. Often his older brother would come home, find me at their place and later he would go out wearing those clean sneakers. It was such a turn on and they had no idea.


This is a story from when I was quite young. I knew that I was into feet and sneakers and I would often think about the school bully standing and walking all over me, but I didn't know anything about the why or how. My step brother was a good 10 or so years older than me and we never lived in the same house. He was already off at university when our parents got together. He would sometimes come and stay for a week or two during his uni breaks. I never liked him. He was a cocky, arrogant, jock type of guy.. but he had this pair of basketball boots that smelt so amazing. I can't remember the brand or anything, but I remember being strangely attracted to them, more so once I took that first whiff. Even to this day, they are some of the best smelling sneakers I've ever smelt. A strong foot smell. They didn't smell like cheese or anything weird, it was clearly a sweaty foot smell. I would have been around 10 years old, and didn't do much more with them other than smell them because it was well before puberty. Fast forward to me around 12/13 years old. We were in a different house then, and he still used to come and visit for short periods of time with those same shoes. The new house was bigger and he had the spare room for himself when he stayed. I remember coming home from school each day and being home alone, going into that room and playing with those sneakers. I would smell them and lick them a lot. He had weights in his room for exercise. I would put the shoes on my body and put the weights on top of them, trying to simulate the feeling of someone standing on me with them on. Anyway, after a few days of doing this I was in the room again and had both shoes on my crotch with some weights. For some reason it felt really good, like really good. I had not felt this before and didn't know why it felt so great. I was rubbing the sneakers on my crotch, unaware of orgasms or how they're achieved (how innocent). It started feeling really amazing.. and I came for the first time that day. I was confused, did not know what had happened.. thought I had pissed my underwear somehow. There was not much cum as it was, but I remember being conflicted as it felt so good. The next day after school I was back in there again trying it once more.. same thing happened. I lost count of how many times I used those sneakers. I miss them and their smell a lot.

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