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Gay Fetish Secrets 5

Updated: Mar 10

Part five is here with some new secret tales. Keep them coming.

Do you have a fetish secret or something you want to confess anonymously? To be published it needs to be an experience that was secret in some way, you can treat this like a confession. The only catch is it must be something related to trampling, sneaker, sock or foot fetish. Vanilla sex secrets will be ignored sorry!

Get in touch here:

Instagram: trampl_shwt

Twitter: austrampler



I was a teenager and in my neighbourhood there was a soccer field. My friends and I always played soccer on weekends. One of these friends I was in love with. In addition to football, he also was a swimmer, so he had strong, beautiful legs and a very nice body. The girls were crazy about him, but he didn't pay attention to them. He only cared about playing football and taking care of his own body. One day he had bought new football boots to play with and by the end of the game his feet were very sore. I asked him to show me his feet. He took off his boots and socks and there was a strong smell of foot odour. He was embarrassed and told me not to notice the smell. I said I didn't care. I asked him if I could give him a foot massage to help ease the pain. He found it odd and at the same time was uncomfortable because there were people nearby. So, I suggested I could do it on the stairs of the building, which was a quieter place and there was no risk of anyone seeing it. He accepted and we went there. I started to massage his feet with great affection. At first, he was embarrassed and found it strange, but after a while he relaxed. I saw in his face that he was enjoying it and closed his eyes. At that moment I got horny and started kissing his feet. He kept his eyes closed and told me to keep kissing his feet, and then I started licking too. I could see it was pleasurable for him and his cock was hard. He looked at me and told me that no girl had ever done that to him and that he liked it too much. I loved every minute of it. Every weekend after the football game we would meet and I would massage his feet. No one ever found out. Unfortunately, he moved with his family to another neighbourhood further away. After that he started dating a girl and we never met again. I knew him for about 2 years. These were unforgettable moments for me.


I was staying in a 4-person dorm in a youth hostel while travelling. Sharing the same bunk bed with me was a very tall and good-looking guy, and we were the only two people in that dorm that night. He came back to the dorm around 2 am, visibly drunk, and climbed straight to his upper bunk bed. Immediately he started to snore. I got up quietly, and took his shoes into my bed. They were some size 45 grey Vans skater shoes. Not worn out, but quite smelly. I felt so aroused, and I started to jerk off inside one of his shoes while pressing the other on my nose. I almost shot in his shoe but I was worried he might got up to piss and find his insole wet and sticky, so I decided to cum on the sole instead. It was so satisfying. A few hours later, I felt aroused again. This time I stood right next to his bare feet, while jerking off again with his Vans. He was still snoring heavily, despite my breathing onto his toes. His foot odour was very strong even hours after the shoes and the socks had been taken off. I had to work really hard to refrain from licking his feet because that might wake him up. I shot another load onto his shoes later. The next morning, we talked a lot and found out that we lived in the same city and he was working three blocks away from my university. We spent the whole day sightseeing together and even added each other on Facebook. It was hot to see him walking around wearing those Vans knowing my dried cum was under his soles. I secretly wish he could walk all over my body instead of just my cum. To this day, he has zero knowledge of what happened that night. The only regret that night was that I never found out where he put the socks he was wearing.


One of my old jobs had me travelling all over the country regularly, often for a few days at a time. This meant I was staying in a lot of hotel accommodation. I would often be back in the same cities, staying at the same places. I usually managed to find a local guy to trample me, although sometimes I would have to pay to get it. One particular trip I was having no luck at all, my regulars in that city weren't available and I was getting frustrated that I couldn't find anyone. Luckily for me on the last night I was there I found a guy on Hornet (kind of like Grindr, for those who don't know). He looked hot from his photos and seemed up for trampling, but wanted twice what I usually paid guys. After a bit of chat back and forth I wasn't convinced he would do a good job but thought fuck it, I'll pay what he wants. When he was getting close to the hotel, I lay down on the floor at my door, watching underneath. There was a good gap under the door that I could use to see him coming. I got my phone and decided to film his shoes walking in and up to my door. As he came down the hallway he stopped near my door, seemingly to check his phone and make sure he had the right door. Then he knocked. I waited a second or two, then let him in. To my surprise the session went really well, he did everything I asked and I didn't have to direct him in any way. I asked him prior to be a bit sadistic but I left that open to interpretation, to see what he would do. He was jumping off the bed onto me at times. I would have happily paid him again on future trips there but I sadly lost contact and never saw him again. Sometimes I watch the brief secret video and jerk off to his sneakers under the door.


So, many years ago, my father, grandma, our family friend and I were travelling from abroad to home. It was a 10 hour journey and I wanted to sleep through it. I couldn't fall asleep, but as I was curled next to our dad's friend, I noticed his sneaks and I tried to put my hand near them to try and get stepped on. It didn't work, so I decided to try and squeeze my hand under him while sitting. I was pretending I was sleeping and just trying to subconsciously make myself more comfortable. Anyway, I thought I was smart and he didn't notice, but at some point my father asked if I'm still sleeping, his friend said that I am and pointed at me saying, "Do you see where he's stuck his hand? I turned into pure sweat in that moment. My father literally saw me with my hand shoved up his friend's butt.


When I was a kid my parents ran a furniture business. So, we had staff sleeping there at night to look after everything. One of the guys they employed was like a security guard but he literally did everything from cleaning to lifting stuff, etc. He was almost a slave with salary in my opinion. After school, I went to the office to wait for my parents closing the office. Because I went there to wait, I had nothing to do. One day, I walked around the office and I found a bedroom. Of course, it’s the guard’s bedroom I mentioned. I looked around to check if anyone was there. I really had no idea why I felt I wanted to trample that bed. It was nothing to do with fetish or getting horny because I really didn’t know how to cum at that age. When I found no one was there, I stepped on his bed with my sneakers on. I trampled everything included his pillow. It was awesome to think that he would sleep on that after I had my dirty sneakers all over it. The bed was actually quite dirty afterwards. I did that for many times until he quit the job and no one replaced him.

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