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Gay Fetish Secrets 2

Updated: Mar 10

Part two of this new series, with some new secret tales relating to trampling, sneakers, socks and feet.

You can check out part one here.

Do you have a fetish secret or something you want to confess anonymously? To be published it needs to be an experience that was secret in some way, you can treat this like a confession. Get in touch here:

Instagram: trampl_shwt

Twitter: austrampler



I was travelling overseas with my new boyfriend on our first holiday together. It was mostly a holiday but I actually had a small amount of work to do at our destination, which would take no more than 3-4 hours to finish. He heads off to the beach and I jump on the bike to head into the small town. I met with my colleague and our meeting is finished much sooner than I anticipated. I still have 2 hours up my sleeve. I decided to quickly go online and see if I could find anyone to trample me. I didn't have any luck on Grindr but I did come across an escort who was free and willing to do it at his hotel room right then. I wasn't crazy about paying the guy but I was really horny for a trample so I went to get the cash, meeting this guy 15 minutes later. If I'm being honest it wasn't the best trample I'd ever had, but he was a good looking Greek guy with nice feet. He trampled me in his nike trainers, then nike ankle socks, then barefoot. He did not have great balance and it made for an awkward trample, but I got what I wanted and it was hot to have that sort of session at such short notice. The whole thing would have lasted about 30 mins, then I went back to my hotel to shower and hit the beach. My chest was a little red but my boyfriend was none the wiser.


My friends (a couple) were visiting from overseas and staying at my place. I had the afternoon off but had to work in the morning. I had organised a couple of guys to trample me around midday that day, at my place, before I went to pick up my friends from the airport. I knew it was going to be so rushed but when an opportunity for trample presents itself, I always try and take it. I hadn't been trampled by 2 guys in so long I really wanted to make it happen. We were taking some photos and videos and had to use the room my friends were staying in to do this. It involved moving the bed and all the art off the walls. Anyway, we did the session, taking slightly longer than anticipated. It was a brutal session and I got totally smashed under these two dominant guys. When we are just about finished, I got a message from my friends saying their flight had arrived early and they were waiting for me at the airport. I hurriedly packed everything away and put the room together before leaving to get them. I was so late and the right side of my head was red from the stomps. If they noticed, they didn't say anything. Their room looked a bit dishevelled when we got back home. It was exciting but I did feel bad. I won't try and do all of that again in a day.


I stole my friend's smelly sneakers from a party. They were Nike Frees. I knew they smelt amazing because I had the opportunity to smell them every now and then at his place or when he came over to mine. They were black and dirty, with soles that were almost worn through. He had had them for probably two years by that stage. We were at a different friend's place and we all took our shoes off and left them out on the front porch. Everyone had a lot to drink, it was one of those nights. For whatever reason I decided I was done and had to go home, must have been one of the first ones to leave. I said my goodbyes, ordered Uber and walked out the door to put my shoes on. I noticed his shoes sitting there and before I knew what I'm doing I grabbed them and left quickly. It was a split second decision, I never intended to take them. My Uber didn't take long then I was home in 15 minutes and immediately got stuck into those shoes. Shoving my nose in them deeply and inhaling. Licking the soles, tops, all over them. I ended up cumming twice, inhaling the amazing foot scent of each shoe. When I woke up in the morning my head was sore and his shoes were in my bed. I couldn't believe I had taken them and once I gathered my thoughts my memory became clear and I remembered snatching them when I left. The worst thing is he messaged me that afternoon asking if I'd accidentally drunkenly taken his shoes. I denied it and felt really guilty. I still have those shoes to this day. I don't think he was too phased in the end as he was close to buying new ones anyway.


This was the day I didn’t expect to get trampled. It was warm and sunny out so I figured I’d go on a walk around the neighbourhood. As I’m coming down a side street, I noticed a guy watering his lawn, in shorts and flip flops. I couldn’t see much of him from where I was but it was enough to pique my interest. Bare feet and flip flops are my weakness so I intentionally walked closer, as if I’m being pulled by a magnet. I could clearly see a muscular man with soaking wet feet watering his lawn. I prepared myself mentally for what I was about to ask. When I get close enough, I greeted him with the typical neighbourly formalities, “Good Afternoon! Beautiful day right?” He smiles big and gives a warm response, “Hey, good afternoon! Gosh I’m loving this sunshine I can finally water my yard.” I took his kindness as a sign to keep up with small talk until I got what I wanted. It worked, after the casual banter I gathered the guts to straight up ask him, “Hey man, could you do me a favour. My stomach is killing me and it usually helps if I get someone to step on it. Would you mind helping me out?” The guy doesn’t hesitate, “Sure man, I got you.” I chose my spot, he had a stone patio that was drenched in water which was perfect. He comes over to me, I was laying on the ground beneath him, then he takes one foot and steps right on my stomach/chest with his toes pointed towards my chin. Next the other foot comes up too. Before I knew it this man was standing on me full weight on his patio, his flip flops were still on too. He stood there not a care in the world, he looked down at me and said, “Let me know how long you want me to stand on you.” I never wanted it to end. Then suddenly the door opened and his wife walked out, without even batting an eye she asked me if I wanted something to drink. It was one of the hottest moments of my life.


Our local bar had this hot Italian go go dancer who was straight, but very open minded as it turned out. He'd been in the city for a year or two when his visa ran out and he had to move on. We had become friendly as I often frequented this bar and would tip him well. He wore these amazing Nike AF1s, size US9.5. They were hightops in white, and his bar shoes so they were nice and dirty too. When he would dance on the podium or bar I would position myself close so I could perve at his sneakers. It was getting close to the time of him leaving the country and I plucked up the courage to message him and see if he is taking everything with him. My goal was to get those worn AF1s. It would have been even better to get him trampling me in them, but I wasn't comfortable revealing that side of me to him. I invented some excuse of doing an art project with some trashed shoes, and that I had noticed his AF1s in the club were pretty battered. Would he mind donating them so I could use them for my project. He was very polite, and a bit unsure at first but agreed to let me have them. On his final day we met up for a coffee and he handed them over in a shoe box. When I drove off I ripped them out of the box to smell but he had sprayed deodorant into them. So disappointing! Still, I couldn't believe that it actually worked. I did end up using them for some photos which I showed to him at a later date, just to quash any weirdness he may have had - and he loved them. I then got plenty of guys with similar sized feet to trample me with them, and I would close my eyes and pretend it was him trampling me.

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