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"What do you feel while trampling?"

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

I have been asked this a few times recently. Decided to make a blog post about it with a couple of other similar questions!

What do you feel while trampling a slave? 

Ultimately it's a power trip. It's a great feeling for me being able to dominate someone by standing, walking, stomping, jumping etc. all over their body. Particularly with a submissive tramplee, the trampler has a lot of power. I find there is a rush of adrenalin from trampling knowing that the tramplee is suffering underneath me. If they're doing nothing to stop me and yet look and sound like they're struggling it's even better. I decide when they get mercy, when they get a heavy jump or stomp or when their head gets stood on. This is exciting to me and a turn on. It also brings out my sadistic side, I find myself going harder on them the more noise they make.

I had a recent session with a cbt (cock and ball torture) tramplee slave where I stood full weight directly on his dick. At first it was just gentle standing.. until I realised he was coping quite well with that. It was such a rush walking back and forth full weight on his dick like it was nothing. I couldn't care less how he was feeling. I was enjoying the sounds he was making as I repeatedly trampled it. I wasn't even thinking too much about his dick either, it was just something in my way as I was walking along. My dominance put him in such a submissive position where he had no choice but to accept his fate and continue having his dick trampled. However, the more I kept stepping and trampling his dick the harder it became - he was definitely enjoying it as much as I enjoyed giving it. 

Another recent session saw me repeatedly kick a tramplee in the balls. At one point I ordered him to beg me to kick him in the balls more. I could tell he didn't want it but he knew the only answer was to do as I said. This submissiveness was a turn on for me, surrendering his body for anything that I wanted to do. Later in the day I got a message from him telling me how much he hated but loved it at the same time. I'll definitely be working that into another session.  

What goes through your head while you're trampling a slave?

It comes down to the slave. If it's a beginner tramplee I am more on the cautious side, until I know they are coping with it. I will test them out, see what their limits might be and where their weaknesses are. It's a sort of trial, I'm thinking how I can make them last longer for a more interesting session. I will be able to tell in the first 10 minutes whether they can handle a rougher session or if I'll have to ease off and keeping it light. I want to be able to go hard on them but I don't want to scare them off so that they don't come back for another session. This has happened to me in the past.

If it's an experienced tramplee, someone I have met before or someone who I know can take a lot, it's a different story. It feels exciting to me to step up onto a slave, sometimes not even looking down, and stomp / walk all over him - hearing him struggle, knowing I am causing him pain or discomfort. I enjoy being able to go hard from the beginning if I choose to. With these sorts of slaves I am thinking less about them, and more about me and what I want to do. Will I jump on their chest? Will I kick their crotch? Will I stand on the edges of my shoes to really dig the soles into their body and hear them react? Nothing about whether they will enjoy it or not.

What is your favourite thing to do while trampling a slave? What are your trampling preferences?

A lot of you know one of my favourite places to stand is on the head. Perhaps because it seems such a taboo. A dirty sneaker, sock or foot anywhere near the head is generally seen as bad - let along standing and stepping on it. Dirt and germs near the mouth and nose.. full weight on the skull.. it's such a dominant and degrading act. To an outsider who isn't into trampling at all, it must be such a foreign concept that someone can get pleasure from having their head stood on full weight or standing on someone's head full weight. 

Several times I've been trampling a slave up and down, walking up his body and off.. turning around, stepping onto the head and walking back down and off. This is another favourite thing to do. I can switch my mind off in these situations, not caring or thinking about the slave underneath.. literally just treating him like the floor. 

Twice I have had a shower while standing on a slave, totally ignoring him underfoot. Similar feeling for me.. enjoying being on someone, knowing they are in discomfort.. and me doing nothing to ease that at all. Instead, ignoring them and if anything - prolonging it so they suffer for longer. It depends how sadistic I am feeling and also how experienced the tramplee is. 

In terms of tramplee preferences.. I do enjoy a well experienced tramplee who can take a lot. I can go harder and longer with someone like that. Newbies are fine though if they're at least willing to try what I like for part of it. It's about finding a way to make it enjoyable for both of us. I can work with all body shapes. Generally a thinner body type is easier for me, you don't end up so high off the ground - and as a bonus you feel like you're really crushing them when sinking into their stomach. Bigger guys are good as well though, sometimes they can take harder jumping action. With any person no matter their shape it takes a few minutes at the beginning to work out what you can and can't do. I don't discriminate, no matter your experience or shape, if you're making yourself available to me to trample all over.. I will do it!

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