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"How can I find a trampler?"

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

I've had this question a few times over the years and I understand how difficult it can be. These ideas I've put together might not be new to you but hopefully there is something you may not have tried yet. They are all for scenarios where you're looking for a proper trampling session. I won't include any ideas such as, "my back is sore, can you walk on it?" where the 'trampler' doesn't know you're into it.


Obviously, the internet and apps are going to be your best resource in finding people nearby or on your travels. However, you've got to be prepared to put a little bit of effort in. Guys won't find you if you don't have a presence online. It may feel like a slog at times but it will be worth it if you find someone willing to do it for you.

'DATING' APPS Recon A little like Grindr, but for fetish. I'm often surprised how many people don't know about this app. Not as many guys use this as Grindr, but you might find more guys open to trampling you here. Put a picture up of you being trampled, or any trample picture, and describe what you're after in your bio. Perhaps there are guys with other fetishes you could link with and help each other out. For example, there are a lot of guys with a foot fetish. Let them have fun with your feet, and in return get them to trample you. I did a username search on Recon searching "trampl" today. 74 profiles came up for guys into trampling, and that's just the ones with it in their username.

Searching "trampl" as a username produces 74 profiles on Recon.


Everyone knows Grindr. It's the most commonly used hook up app for queer people. I hear you, it's mostly for guys who want to suck or fuck, not so much for fetish related fun. However, I've come across foot fetish profiles on there before. It may be rare, but worth a try. As always, include some pics of you being trampled or someone else being trampled.. and a description of what you're looking for. There is nothing to lose. You can direct message or 'tap' profiles to show guys you are interested, most of the time they will look at your profile and you might get a bite. There are guys who 'get off' on seeing you 'get off' - no matter what that might be. There is also a new feature on Grindr where you can search by predetermined tags, a bit like hashtags. Sadly there is no trampling tag, but there is a feet tag. Anyone into feet can put the feet tag on their profile, and they'll come up in anyone's search for it. Of course if you're willing to suck or fuck in return then your chances are very good of getting a trample on here. If you're not willing to do this, what about something else? Most people like a massage. You could offer a nice foot massage or whole body massage in return.

Searching by 'feet' tag on Grindr.

There are many other dating apps. PlanetRomeo, Scruff, Tinder to name a few. You could use similar ideas as above for these.

OTHER APPS Instagram Set up a fetish profile, it's easy to be anonymous. There are literally 10s of thousands of guys on Instagram with profiles relating to their kink. Just don't set up a profile and leave it blank. "I'm not good with photos." Use your phone, take some snaps of your feet or socks or footwear to post. It shouldn't be hard, look at what others have done and try to copy the angles if you need to, just post something (it doesn't need to be amazing). The biggest thing I've found on Instagram is you need to be involved. Search, like, comment on posts. Interact. Use hashtags to discover more content and people, put hashtags on your posts so others can find you. The more involved you are, the more you come across things and meet people. If your profile is public rather than private, add locations to your posts so that people nearby may find you. Instagram was a big one for me and I have found a lot of guys for trample sessions through here.

Twitter I resisted twitter for a long time, but when I eventually tried it I was surprised how many guys I found on there too. You can easily retweet content on twitter if you don't have much content of your own, to show what you like and find other guys.

WEBSITES I've never had much to do with this site but it's always been at the back of my mind. I signed up to take a look for the purpose of this post, and it seems like a good potential way to find someone for trampling. It seems a lot like facebook but for fetish, with plenty of different groups for different kinks. Find groups by searching, and join the ones that sound interesting - then you can make a post in whatever group you like.

Facebook Groups Groups are a good way to see trampling content and potentially find someone to meet for a trample. The groups I enjoy are "Tramplers and Doormats", "trampling for fun", "TramplingGuyZ", "Squashed by Muscle" to name a few. There are many more:

A lot like Craigslist used to be, but with less users. It's a classifieds site you can post an ad with what you're looking for, or browse the existing ads. You can also search for keywords.. try feet or trampling.

Possible Doublelist ad wording.

CASH This is a divisive one. Some guys refuse to pay to be trampled, and that's fine. Not everyone can afford it either. My personal opinion is: if you can do it, do it. If you're not having any luck with any of the above but paying cash or "reward" will make it happen, then great. It doesn't always need to be a lot. A student might be happy with $50 or $100.. there are always a few guys that will see it as easy money just to stand, walk, stomp all over you, whether they are into it or not. I've met plenty of guys who I've paid to be in trampling videos with me this way, some of them were really great tramplers. For me it did not matter that they weren't into it like I was, as long as they did a good job.

An example of a way to approach someone on Grindr offering 'reward' (cash).

You could also post an ad on Doublelist with the view to paying a guy, but you need to be careful how to word it. Posts will often be flagged or taken down if you expressly mention paying. Some people use the term "reward" but that can be flagged also. You might see "r*ward" or variations of that, "willing to make it worth your while". Keep your ad brief but with enough detail so that you can get to the point straight away if someone messages. It could be something like this:

Possible Doublelist ad wording for trampling with 'reward'.

Escorts are another option, although it will be much more expensive. You can expect to pay anywhere from $250-500 per hour for an escort here in Sydney. The good thing about an escort though is they are all about your pleasure, and almost always open minded. Unlike a cash master, they will make sure you are satisfied also. If you are just after trample (no sex) many of them might drop their rate slightly, but still expect to pay a lot. You can use websites such as or search for a local masseuse in your area. In my discussions I have heard of different escorts dropping their rate from $400 to either $300 or $200 per hour just for trampling, so it could be worth asking if you're open to this.

FETISH PARTIES Europe seems to have a lot of these, and it looks like Sydney is starting a few of its own. You could try to find something in your area. Perhaps it's not a 'sneaker fetish' party you find.. but any fetish party is going to have open minded people there. With any luck you might be on the floor with someone trampling you.

FRIENDS Even I cringe at this one a little.. but I feel like the younger generation are much more open with their sexuality. Do you have any friends you could confide in about wanting to be trampled? Perhaps they might do it for you, especially if you are inexperienced and trying to work out what you can and can't handle before approaching strangers for it. It doesn't need to be sexual with them.

I touched on this one when talking about Recon, but make friends with foot/sneaker fetish guys. There are many more of them than trample guys. I think that is one of the easiest ways you could find some trample action, especially if they are interested in your feet or sneakers. In my experience they often enjoy being trampler too and want to do more of it.


I'm sure others have ideas that would be good for this list. Let me know if I've missed something to add in! It can be a work in progress.

How do you find tramplers? Comment below.

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Aaron English
Aaron English
Jul 25, 2022

All great advice, and I’ve had much success using each method discussed. A few more ideas I’ve tried: gay bars, gay resorts, gay bathhouses. Much of the time I get a feel for the place and decide if trying to get trampled would be accepted or at least not get me thrown out.

At one of my favorite gay bars I simply started a conversation with the bouncer when he wasn’t busy, and told him I liked being trampled and asked him where might be a good spot.

At my favorite gay resort I found a popular cruising place in a wooded area after dark, as it gets crowded (after bar time many are very drunk) I find my way…

Aaron English
Aaron English
Aug 03, 2022
Replying to

I’d love to talk with you!

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