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Trampling Positions

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

How is everyone coping in lockdown? Things are starting to relax a little here in Sydney and I find myself looking forward to some upcoming trampling sessions as soon as possible. In planning for these, and having been asked my favourite trampling positions, I've pulled together a few images from previous sessions. I thought this might be an interesting post for tramplers who have yet to trample many guys. It could also work for tramplees who have convinced new guys to trample them, and need some good examples of trampling positions. I have a couple of favourites, but what you'll see here is most of what I do in my sessions.

As always, a disclaimer: I am not a medical professional. The following positions I've used many times on different slaves. Some will handle things more than others. So, it's best to start off light if it's your first session with a tramplee, and build up to harder action if it's mutually agreed on. Sometime in the next month or two I will be chatting with doctors about trampling and the human body. Watch this space for a trampling blog post with advice from actual medical professionals. If you have any specific trampling related questions you'd like covered in that post, please send me a message on instagram or email.



Let's start with the head, my favourite. I like standing and trampling on heads because I believe it's the most degrading place to do it, especially if my sneakers are dirty or my socks smell.

The head is a tricky place to stand. I would advise doing it near a wall or something you can use to hold your balance, even if you're experienced. By pushing the head to the side and standing on the ear/cheekbone you will have a better chance of good balance, which means you can stand there longer or even trample on the spot.

Standing on the face is even harder due to the head moving more when upright. Rather than standing directly on the face, you could do an in-between position. There's not a lot of room to move so I find one foot on the head is best, and the other foot on top. Or you can use that free foot to humiliate the slave by making him lick your sneaker or sniff your sock, while your full weight is on his head.

If you are going to stand directly on the face, the best position is usually one foot either side of the nose. You'll definitely need something to hold on to, as the head will not easily stay in this position on its own.

Sometimes I like to stand on the head to hold the slave down, and deliver kicks to his arms, chest and back. If he's lying on his stomach, he can't do much to stop you.

If I'm doing walkovers (walking up and down the body), it's great to include the head in these. You can use it as a spot to stop and turn around. Or you can walk right off, turn around and step back up on the head as you walk back down the body.


I enjoy the chest, it's close to the head and easy to look down directly at the face of the slave underneath me. In my experience with the chest the tramplees are divided on how hard it is to handle. Some find they can breathe and talk very easily while I'm in this position. Others really struggle and want me off, or to move elsewhere immediately.

More of them do find it an easy spot. It's a good position to rest and show some mercy if you've been going hard on them, either side with both feet. Your feet facing their head, toes near the chin, or turned to the side.. both feet upper chest. I find this is a good position to jump as well. Just always be careful of the lower rib cage, you don't want to be jumping hard on that.

Switch it up, shift the weight in your feet. All on the toes, or on your heels. Grind it into your human carpet and watch them squirm.


Most of the slaves I've trampled handle stomach trampling well, but they struggle to breathe while I'm on it - especially with both feet. The sound they make trying to breathe is amusing too.

Try putting all your weight with either one or two feet directly on the stomach for several minutes. You can feel their stomach muscles start to relax and you sink further into their gut. They will struggle with this the longer you don't move.

I like to bounce on the stomach too, increasing the intensity for the slave.


This can be a great position for pleasure, for both trampler and tramplee. It can also cause them a lot of pain which some slaves will enjoy and ask for specifically. Find out their preference (dick, balls, or both) and go from there.

If you get a slave who likes rough crotch action, go for it. One feet or two.. stomp or jump hard. It can be fun to include in a walk over.. walk down on the head, chest, stomach, then stomp that crotch hard as you're walking off the body.

Soft works as well. You can easily make a slave cum while in this position, feet turned to the side, trampling softly on his dick. Of course, I've made a few slaves cum from rough stomps in this position too.

If they're really hardcore, get them to put their dick and or balls onto a surface for trampling. Better yet, use a cockboard. Something I wish to try. Trying to imagine how much pain they must be in while you're full weight on their dick is an amazing feeling. After a few steps you start enjoying the groans they make even more. It also really impresses me when slaves can take this!


In my opinion the back is very easy, almost too easy for the slave. It can be a good place to start for newbies though.

The arse is easy to stomp, kick and jump on. Most slaves will handle this fine either gentle or rough. Shove a smelly shoe in their face as you trample their back and you can push their face into the shoe with your foot as you're trampling.

They can end up looking quite defeated in this position, no doubt they feel helpless and totally love it.

There's only so many positions you can do. You'll end up incorporating two of the above in the majority of your trampling. By spreading your weight across different parts of the body, rather than concentrated in one area, it can make it easier for the tramplee.


Nice and close together makes it easy for you to trample the head and chest at the same time. Either direction, back and forth.. this is obviously one of my favourites too.

Spread across two areas helps for balance, but also means you can dig or grind one of the shoes easily.

You can use this position to ease into both feet on the head. Many of you enjoy seeing the shoe bend and flex around the slave's head as I transfer all my weight onto it.


This can be a nice cruel position for your slave. One foot sinking into their stomach, making it harder for them to breathe.. with the other on their face or head. Try putting a smelly sock on their nose and face, so any air they breathe is filtered through the sock. How humiliating.

A good position to walk on the spot, relatively easy for them. If you pick up your pace and step reasonably quickly this can make it easier for them to handle.. the weight isn't long in each spot.


A classic spot, and usually where I start each trample.. no matter what tramplee is in front of me. One foot stomach, one on chest, and facing sideways. It's an easy spot to help me get my balance, taking a few steps and then I might start to turn different directions or move somewhere else.

It's also a great position for jumps. The impact spread between stomach and chest makes it a little easier for them too. If you're doing a jump off a chair or something higher, I find this a good position to land in on their body.


Whenever I'm in this position I always feel like I'm on a human surfboard. Depending on the floor surface you can rock forwards and backwards on them, simulating the motion.

I also feel like this is quite a degrading position.. on their head and dick.

It's a good place to assert your power and dominance when trampling.


Most slaves should handle this one relatively ok also, it can be a good place to rest and give them a merciful break.

If your foot happens to slide into their neck a little that's their problem, not yours.

Use this position to stop and look out the window, or check your messages on your phone. You'll be able to hold this one a while without too much struggle from them.


I often forget about trampling these, especially when I'm thinking about the rest of the body. As I step on or off the slave I might notice their hands at last and remember to trample them.

Get them on their hands and knees and trample their hands right in front of them. Make them watch the pain they're enduring.

Often you can leave great prints and marks on these areas. Don't be afraid to really grind your soles into the hands. It will hurt them but it's not dangerous. Gag him with a sock if he's being too noisy.

You can use the arms for walkovers too.. walk up their arm and onto their head.

Pin his arms down so they can't try to stop you scraping and rubbing their bodies with your sneaker soles, leaving nice red marks. Take pride in them.


This is usually an impromptu position for me. If I'm kicking or stomping them too hard, they naturally turn away to try and protect themselves. As punishment for this I just step right up onto their sides, bouncing or stomping to teach them a lesson.

You'll notice as soon as you get off them, they'll quickly move back to the previous position so they don't get their side trampled on again.

That's a good start anyway. Remember to use your full weight. Don't lean on a chair or bench to lighten yourself. If you're planning to take photos or make video, try several positions and facing different directions.. eg. towards and away from the camera. That way your audience can see the front and back of your feet/socks or footwear. In my opinion it's more interesting that way.

Let me know how you get on, love to hear stories about tramples!


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Ibex Mynakoz
Ibex Mynakoz
Jul 31, 2022

good information for a switch like me


Jun 27, 2021


Jun 27, 2021

Mardi gra in new Orleans was my best session. I got under the pool table in a bar so packed that you could not see the floor for the press of bodies. Hundreds of trampling feet. I stuck my hand and arm out into foot traffic in trample trash. Scared me plenty . All the feet stepping on my hand and arm made it almost impossible to retrieve it. My heavily trampled hand and arm. Was covered with dirty foot prints. Not one person mentioned they stepped on somebody. They just didn't care.


Jun 27, 2021

I really like you and your videos. Makes me feel good to know , that there is someone out in the world who can fullfill my trample fetish. I did not know there where guys who actually enjoyed being a trampler. I have been trampled many times but could see that my trampler got bored with it quickly. Only once in a 1000 trample session over the past 30 years did the trampler and his biker friends say. Hey you can stay down there under our feet for as long as you like we are not going anywhere.


Thnx for the pointers

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