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TrampleTalks 9: John / mnslave79

Updated: May 18, 2021

Next up we have John from Minnesota who is into being trampled and the Master/slave scene. He is quite submissive and has some interesting tales from his sessions with Masters. A caution for readers: we talk about verbal abuse and findom, and a session that didn't go so well for him.


Let's start with you. Tell us a bit about yourself.

Well I’m 41 years old, living in Minnesota, USA. I work for a major shipping company that is worldwide. I work in the sorting center, the final step right before it gets delivered to your doorstep! I’ve been there for about a year now.

I wonder if any of my used sneakers have made it past you to different slaves in the states..

The company I work for is Amazon so used sneakers wouldn’t of made it past me!

That's a shame.. used sneakers is a good market, Amazon should get all over that!

Are you someone who has always been into trampling from a young age or did you discover it later? How did it start for you?

Well I think from a very young age I knew I was into feet. I liked the smell of sweaty feet. In class, whenever I’d sit behind a cute guy, I would try to get my foot directly under his when he was sitting in the desk in front of me. This would always get me hard. Dreaming about and wanting him to step all over me. As I got older I would ask guys to walk on my back. It was usually some form of dare to see how much weight I could handle with multiple guys standing on me.

It must be one of the most common excuses guys used when younger to try getting underfoot.

The trampling of the back varied throughout the years but yes not very original. I really got into the trampling about three years ago. One Master that I had followed for years, Master Mark, I finally reached out to him and had my first experience with a real time meet. Then I was talking to two masters on Recon. I got them mixed up and ended up meeting Master Ron. Now we have meets almost weekly. He actually lives about 20 minutes from my house, how convenient.

I know Master Ron from all your posts. You seem to be able to take it quite hard, especially on the head. He has trained you up well.

I met Master Mark first and had a couple of sessions with him through June and July of 2017. Then I met Master Ron end of August. He’s definitely trained and built up my endurance, with the scraping of sneakers soles on my skin and the head standing. Also being able to tolerate the stomping and standing on my chest. We've tried a variety of shoes and boots too: Chippewa Loggers, DCs, Nike Frees, and his favourite the fingertraps.

What are fingertraps?

Oh right. There are some really horny pics of treadmarks on your face and various parts of your body. Does Master Ron have to stand there long to make those prints? Do you enjoy that?

I enjoy the prints and markings. They make the session that much hotter. To make the prints as you're aware doesn’t take much effort. After scraping the skin red the prints can easily come afterwards. Most prints take a couple minutes of him standing there.

How about harder action, do you like jumps, stomps, kicks etc? Or are you more into gentle trampling action?

I can endure jumps, kicks and stomping on the back now. Still need some practice on the chest and groin areas though. Also some light kicks to the head, stomping the head and jumps onto the head.

What is your favourite body part to have trampled?

I love head trampling and hand/arms. Something about being trampled in these spots just really does it for me.

If you've achieved all that in three years I will be interested to hear what you can handle in another three years. If you're doing trample meets every other week your resistance will build fast.

What has been your most brutal session to date? Who was it with and what happened etc.

The most brutal session was with Master Ron. It was a scene where he used his Vapormax sneakers. It started with some nice simple trampling. No biggie, but then he got very rough verbally and physically. As you know they have great gripping strength. They were also brand new - I had bought them for him. Fresh out of the box. Like I said it was a great start, then the scraping got rougher and the commands got sterner. I obeyed of course. As the scrapes got worse, I’d try to move which resulted in being commanded to "lay down faggot." And I would. He would jump over and over in the same spot. Scraping then stomping the right shoulder blade. This went on for several minutes alternating shoulders with the scrapes and stomping. Towards the end I couldn’t take anymore and I curled up and tried to move from under him. The whole session was 15 minutes which we filmed. I had bruising for several weeks along with some pretty good scrapes that are still somewhat visible today. One of the hardest parts was when he’d stand on my side and let the shoes naturally slide down the sides of my body with gravity, until I was pinched between the shoes and the floor.

What a dream. Vapormax are great, like a cross between sneakers and cleats.

This was by far the toughest session.

I've noticed you seem to love verbal abuse and humiliation in your sessions. Being called a faggot, addressing your Masters as Sir, etc. Does it always play a big role for you?

Yes. Besides getting trampled, I enjoy the humiliation and verbal abuse. In the sessions I always refer to them as Master or Sir. I also enjoy myself being referred to as faggot. I enjoy the bdsm scene getting tied up or shackled and handcuffed. I’ve met a Master from Florida, Master Cody ( Been exploring this more with him. Being used as a house faggot, made to do chores, cleaning house, water sports, gagged, using a foot hood etc. It's been a very great experience.

A foot hood?

It’s a latex hood that has two openings. One goes over the sub's head and is like a mask with a wide opening at the front, which is for the Master to put his feet into.

Never heard of them! Sounds like fun actually. Sweaty feet would make you suffer I bet.

They can be challenging. I love the smelly foot getting trapped inside there just sweating away. But it can be rather hard being trapped inside and can start to panic.

Yeah it looks like it would be difficult to breathe with that on and with his feet inside as well.

Are you always referred to as faggot in your sessions? Do you ever meet guys to just worship their feet or be trampled, without the Master/slave dynamic? If not, would you ever do this?

Yes in the trampling/worship meets I’m always referred to as slave or faggot. It's not required but I definitely feel this enhances the experience, but it’s a mutual thing. If I ever met someone and they were uncomfortable using these then by all means they don’t have to. The trampling and foot worship is the main goal of the session.

Do these other Masters know that you enjoy being trampled? Do you set it up so that if you please them, your reward is a trample?

The Masters know that I love being trampled and they love to trample subs beneath them. So the session and experience benefits us both.

Have you ever tried being trampled by multiple masters at the same time?

Not properly, would love to have another go at that. Master Mark did this for one session but his friend was not that into it, so it was a little weird. Master Mark and Master Ron both were going to trample me, make me their slave for the weekend and do some filming, but with covid this summer that got put on hold. Once things get back to normal and it’s not so bad we’re going to do that.

That’s going to be a great time for you, I'm sure you will love it. Two good Masters putting a faggot in his place!

The other thing I've noticed with you is that findom is often incorporated into your fetish life. Do you regularly do this? Are these masters all paid? Findom is such a big thing now especially on twitter.

Yes findom has definitely hit Twitter big time. I have one Master that I give to regularly, that’s Master Cody. I’ll buy gifts for Master Mark and sometimes send cash to him, but the filming and him being able to use it is often the payment. I also have a couple of auto deliveries setup that I pay for for Master Mark. Items that get delivered monthly for a fee. I have to put a limit on this otherwise I’d be really broke.

Does this turn you on? Or is it just some sense of duty in your submissiveness?

The findom not so much but it goes along with the slave/Master play. When Master tells you do something, you do as he says. It helps my sense of being a good faggot.

Do your friends know you’re into trampling? If yes, what do they say about it?

I haven’t told anyone that I’m into it. Last summer a friend saw markings on my skin from my session with Master Ron, when I helped roof her parents' house. I just played it off that I like it rough in bed. I didn’t even think about it when I was going around shirtless.

Whoops.. did they accept that answer? It's hard when you're put on the spot like that!

She didn’t, and she kept prying. She said that it looks like a shoe print. I was like, oh crap. He had left a sweet print of his DCs on my back. So I said I like to get trampled and stomped by other guys, which was met with, "Really?!" I’m like no, then laughed it off. She left it alone after that but I thought for sure I was caught.

That was quite smart actually, good response.

I was quite amazed myself.

How do you go about finding new Masters to trample you? Are you always looking for new people or are you content with the ones you know at the moment?

Content with the ones I have now. But love supporting and promoting others along with meeting and talking with new slaves and masters alike online. Love watching their content.

Fair enough. If you were looking for a new Master though, how would you go about it?

You are definitely on my list of ones to get trampled by whenever I’m in Australia, or if you're ever in America. I use Twitter and Instagram mostly. I message the ones I like and if they're interested, spend time creating an online relationship. Then I go from there. With trampling I need to know I can trust the trampler and that comes with having some sort of relationship. I need to feel that I can trust they’ll push the limits but respect me if I want to stop. I’m open to try new things but need to feel safe. I’ve been trampled or used by some guys and actually felt horrible afterwards. I love the humiliation and the bondage but if I’m not feeling it and I let them know that, I need to know they will stop. After all it’s about enjoying the fantasy that each of us has. Once it’s uncomfortable it’s not enjoyable or fun.

That's a good point, especially for you when there is a real Master/slave dynamic going on and verbal abuse. Can I ask what made you feel horrible afterwards? Was there no sort of aftercare involved, or something else?

The verbal abuse got really bad. Like really bad. He was physically forcing me and he was going overboard with the kicks where it was really painful. The kicks and jumps were beyond torturous. The abuse caused me to seriously cry and I ended up leaving, rushing out of the hotel room. It really made me question if this was worth it. In some of the videos I’ll be in tears but it’s not beyond what I can handle. And you make a good point. The aftercare. The Master praising you for doing a good job. This recently happened with my visit in August with Master Cody. I felt really uncomfortable with the situation he was pushing for. We stopped filming, talked some more and he made me feel comfortable with what he was wanting to do. After this I had a better understanding of the scene and he reassured me that if I wanted to stop we would, but this was just for the video and we ended up having a good time. I learned a lot from him that day and got a newfound respect and trust for him in not forcing me to do anything I didn't want to do.

Master Ron and Master Mark do the same thing. With the verbal and humiliation it’s sometimes easy to forget that you're in a role play scenario and I have to try remember to not take it personally, if that makes sense. Especially after a few drinks.

I can easily understand how it could go the wrong way. There's a fine line with this sort of scenario. I'm not usually a big fan of verbal, I'm normally more about the trampling action on it's own, but with the right sub it can be fun. What was this guy saying to you?

It wasn’t really just words. The force and anger that was behind them. His actions made me feel very uncomfortable. Whenever I would say this is going to far, he would respond by calling me a weak bitch. Normally I could handle this sort of thing, but in that scenario I couldn't. You could tell he was just being vengeful and hurtful. The more I would want it to stop the harder and more painful he became.

Well I think you made the right decision to just get out when you did. Did you address this with him later online, or never chatted again?

Never chatted again.

Have you ever had an injury worse than marks or bruising from trampling?

I haven't.

What advice would you give to a new Master starting out in the scene, who perhaps has found a slave like you who wants the treatment you like?

My advice would be to have a conversation with the slave about what is acceptable and what is not. Set the boundaries ahead of time. Establish a relationship with the slave and find out about his previous experience. The three Masters I’ve been with have been a progressive servitude. With Masters Ron & Mark, I’ve been with them for three years and at the beginning I wouldn’t have been close to handling the things I’m able to handle today. Respect boundaries. It’s ok to push them a little past the point but respect when the slave says stop or uses whatever safe words you agree on. I also believe aftercare is important. Even if it’s just to talk about the session or what would they want next time, what they enjoyed, etc.

Sound advice, I agree with all of that too. Any tips for a slave just starting out? Probably much the same?

Be mindful that this is something you build strength and tolerance to. Not everyone can go out on the first session and handle being stood on their head for 5 minutes. Also that most of the time it’s a temporary pain that goes away quickly. It hurts for the few minutes that the scraping and trampling happens, but it’s rewarding. I strongly believe that you need to have trust in the trampler and/or Master (depending on the situation) to allow this to go on. The human body is amazing on how much it can handle which may seem at first impossible.

Describe trampling in one sentence.

Something to do with the taboo some people have with this, the humiliation that goes with being trampled under someone's feet or shoes/boots is just so erotic for me.

What would you like to see more of in the online trampling community? Less censorship. I mean I understand that they need some kind rules and guidelines but if you don’t like what you see move on. Stop this reporting abuse. Trample fetish content is between consenting adults. 100%, spot on. The other thing is people stealing content. It’s okay to share, but give credit to the source of the content. Tag the creator or ask if you can post the person's content first. Also agreed.. this is why watermarks on photos and videos are good. Doesn't always stop this problem, but I think it helps.

I was curious to know how you think you've come to have this fetish, and seek this sort of treatment from Masters.. in your opinion.

I’ve thought a lot about this question. I really have no idea. I’ve just accepted that everyone has a fetish of some sort that turns them on. I just happened to love being trampled, humiliated and bullied and I love the Master/slave relationship. I love when I do something that makes my Master happy and pleases him.

It's a hard one to explain. I've been trying to research it a bit online, and from what I have read from experts, trying to explain how someone gets a fetish.. there is no exact answer.

Yes pretty much same conclusion here. Just embrace it. If you enjoy it then don't be afraid of it. I just wish people in the states were more open about their fetishes like they are in Europe. Whole weekend festivals and clubs that embrace the trample and foot worship fetish! It seems insane right. It's on my bucket list to do one day.. I will definitely get to at least one.

I hear you, they are on my bucket list also. Have you ever been trampled in an unusual location, outside somewhere perhaps?

No I have not had the chance. Although my favourite story of yours is the meeting of the slave at the park. No idea who that person was but knowing that he was there to be trampled by you was hot.

I did quite enjoy that although I had had a lot to drink.

Yeah I know the story very well, I’ve read that one the most.

Is there anything you haven't tried yet with trampling that you really want to? And do you have an ultimate trample fantasy? These might be two different things, or the same thing..

I’ve seen several videos of being trampled in cleats and would love to endure those one day. My ultimate trample fantasy would be to be used as a doormat for a party or dorm where I’m the house foot bitch, serving all those alpha males and being their doormat. Once things get back to normal again I’ll be able to check off being trampled by more than one guy at the same time. I almost forgot about your DJ story. That would definitely be a fantasy of mine too.

What celebrity would you most like to have trampling on you and verbally abusing you as he did it?

Chris Hemsworth or Eminem. There are actually several I would love to experience that with but right now those two came to mind.

Well you know Chris Hemsworth lives or stays in Byron Bay now.. not too far from Sydney. It's all anyone can talk about when they visit Byron now!

Oh I can imagine.


A big thanks to this faggot for sharing his thoughts and experiences with trampling. If you are near Minnesota or ever travel there, be sure to trample all over him and treat him like the doormat he is. You can reach him through these channels:

Instagram: Mnslave79

Twitter: Mnslave79


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