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Anonymous Park Trample story

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This is a true short story of a trample session which happened shortly before lockdown, back in February 2020.


I was contacted online by a slave who happened to live not far from me. He wanted to be trampled which I was excited about, rare to get a message out of the blue from someone near me like this. Usually it's someone on the other side of the world, not the next suburb over. He wanted the session to be anonymous and he couldn't host either. He suggested a local park late in the evening, in the dark. I'd never done a session like this before so at first I was unsure and quite hesitant about doing it in public. He loved the anonymous aspect of it, having a guy turn up.. trample him hard and then leave without saying a word. I thought about it for a while and one evening had the opportunity to do it, so we did. 

It was a Saturday evening late last summer, I'd been out with friends and was finishing my night. It would have been around 2am possibly a bit later. As I'm in the Uber home I got a message from him randomly asking if I wanted to do the session now. I'd had many drinks and was feeling bold, so I agreed to meet him at this park. I got home and changed into more suitable clothing. I wore shorts, and a hoodie, my adidas crew socks and my NMDs. The park is only 10 mins drive away, so before long I'm in another Uber and heading there. He's already messaging me from the park. He was positioned behind a park bench, underneath a large tree. 

I get the Uber to drop me a block or two from the park, and started walking there. The street is very quiet and I'm surprised to find the park is closely surrounded by homes on all sides. The park is small also, but it's not very well lit so nice and dark. I scanned the street and entrance to the park for signs of people but it was totally quiet. I walked up the steps to the gate and entered, cringing when the old gate makes a loud squeaking noise. I walked towards where I think the slave is, and sure enough I see the park bench with him laying on the dirt behind it. My hood is up and it's dark, he wasn't able to see my face but I could make him out on the ground.

He was lying on his back as I reached him and I stepped up onto his chest and stomach. No words were spoken. He grunted under my weight. I had ordered him to take off his shirt so I could trample on his bare skin. He's younger than I anticipated. Because I didn't expect to go through with this we hadn't really chatted in great detail about what he wanted, so I wasn't as prepared as I normally am for sessions. Unlucky for him, or perhaps lucky, I was drunk and was going to do whatever I wanted anyway. I stepped around on his chest and stomach for a while, looking around me as I did this for signs of anyone. I started to stomp on his body which made a bit of noise on the skin. Still, I didn't see any lights come on or any movement. I thought to myself that perhaps he had used this park before. Using the park bench for balance I start jumping lightly to see what he could handle. He seemed to be able to take a lot. My jumps got harder and faster, stomping all over him and further down onto his thighs and dick. I can feel he is hard as a rock under my sneakers.

He got his dick out and started to jerk off, so I moved up his body and pushed my sneaker into his face. I saw his tongue come out trying to lick my dirty sole. I lifted my shoe above his face and his tongue is all the way out.. I rubbed the sole from heel to toe on it, 3 times. Switching my feet around I did the same with the other sneaker. Then I pushed his head to the side and stood on his head with one foot, full weight. He moaned in pleasure and I smiled to myself. I couldn't see if his eyes were open or not, but with my free sneaker I put it down onto the dirt right in front of his face. Still wet with saliva I rubbed it into the dirt, making the treads dirty all over again. Then I stepped back onto his chest and wiped that all off on his tongue, filling his mouth with dirt. I had a hard on at this stage too, enjoying making him eat the dirt off my soles.

I can tell he's close to finishing, so I started stomping on his chest and stomach once more. Between stomps I hear him beg, "Harder please Sir". I stomped much harder on him this time and within seconds he had cum, his arm grabbing one of my ankles to signal he had finished. I hopped off his body and looked down at him briefly, covered in dirt and panting. No doubt still tasting the dirt from my soles in his mouth. Without a word I walk off, leaving him there totally spent in the dirt. I walked a block or two and then ordered an Uber home.

The whole session was over and done with in 15 minutes. He messaged me later than night begging to do it again sometime.

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