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200 Boxes !

I recently posted Box 200 on my Bentbox page and it feels like a bit of a milestone. Technically it's not 200 videos, as when I first started back in 2017 every different angle had a new Box number. Regardless, it's a lot of trampling videos. My video production has slowed down in recent times, mainly due to less sessions and opportunities to film, but I do have some good potential sessions lined up for the near future so watch this space.

I thought I would take a look back on the 200 Boxes and talk about some of my favourites and some of the more brutal ones (for all those who keep asking, "Which videos are the most brutal?"). Scroll down to read a little about my thoughts on them, some behind the scenes info and see the preview videos. For some of the scenes there are multiple angles, so I've included previews from all angles that were shot.

It was hard to choose these as I have a lot of favourites for different reasons, but here you go:



Box 27. Presto Trample: This was my first trample with Jon, on his first visit to Sydney. I was able to go much harder than I expected on him, which was exciting. I remember telling him I wish I came more prepared (with different footwear and socks to use). You can read all about it in this blog post.

Box 52/53. Double Slave Trample: This was Piotr's first trip to Sydney and we organised a few sessions. One day we organised for a local tramplee to come and in this session I walked all over them at the same time, in sneakers and socks. I really enjoyed trampling both of their heads at the same time. The local guy couldn't handle as much but I pushed his limits. I'd still like to do a session with multiple (4+) tramplees on the floor and walk all over them all.

Box 85/86/87. Overnight Session Parts 1, 2 & 3: This was a session with a polish slave who was living in Australia at the time. I hadn't done anything like this and wasn't sure what to expect, but it was a really good session. I trampled, kicked and stomped on him from approximately 7pm until midnight. I used a few different sneakers and a pair of cleats with plastic studs. When I was ready for bed I tied him up and he slept on the floor near my bed. I intended to trample him again in the morning when I woke up, but he was so sore from the night before he couldn't take anymore.

Box 115. NMD gang 230kg on 80kg: This series was a lot of fun, some of the first triple tramples I did. There is not a lot of space on the tramplee by the time you get to 3 tramplers but we made it work. Multiple tramplers bring a fun dymanic and you can feed off each other's energy.

Box 119. 160kg on 56kg in Socks: More sessions with Jon, this one from his second trip to Sydney. This particular scene I always liked because the other trampler and I had an impromptu makeout session on top of him, very hot. Also Jon struggles but never taps out or uses a safe word to make us stop.

Box 127. 330kg on 70kg - 8 Feet 1 Slave: This session happened down in Melbourne, on Piotr's second trip to Australia. I flew down and got some Melbourne friends involved. It was a lot of weight between us all, and difficult to find space on top of him, but that was half the fun of it. I normally prefer trampling with sneakers but having us all in white crew socks was nice for a change. Hearing his grunts was a turn on, knowing what was happening to him. There was a video made with sneakers too though (Box 131).

Box 143. Nike 270 Trample: It wasn't so much the sneakers that made this a favourite but the action. I was hard the whole time. Jon can take a lot and the way he struggles underneath I always found quite hot. We were in his AirBnB and moved the bed out of the way to film. It was a small space but worked well. Also in this video he looks into the camera a few times, with a helpless look in his eyes. I hadn't realised until watching the video back afterwards, quite hot.

Box 167. Balloon Trample: Something totally different, I really enjoyed this one. When we first started the video and first balloon or two was stomped and popped.. the noise was so loud, we stopped briefly. We were in a hotel and I was concerned the staff would come and knock at the door for the noise. In the end, we put new balloons in and went for it again and I'm glad we did. No noise complaints and it was a fun scene. I have yet to recreate this one but I will do one day.

Box 171. Couch Trample: Balance can be an issue with trampling, and even more so when trampling on a couch on top of a tramplee. I had lots of messages from slaves wanting to do this scene, but I've yet to try it again. 100% will when I get the chance with the right slave. It's a great dominant move, sitting on top of a couch that is on top of someone else.

Box 199. 90kg on 45kg: Command Air Force: This was one of my favourite recent sessions. The setup was good with the stairs and wall, perfect for getting my 45kg slave used to jumps. I tried jumping from different heights to see if he could handle it. These Command Forces feel so good on my feet, the perfect trampling sneaker. Looking forward to using them more often. I love how they make him look even smaller underneath me.



Box 3. ZX Flux Trample: One of my earliest sessions with Cliff Edge. This was a brutal session with my friend Aaron, here he is trampling on Cliff. The way he jumps and stomps on him is very intense. Lots of kicking too, who knew ZX Flux could leave such good marks from the toe end of the shoe.

Box 30/31. Relentless Cleats Trample: The trampling and stomping action in this one is nothing but relentless. Driving those cleats hard into the tramplee's body. This is real pain.

Box 56/57. Nike Tavas 85kg on 70kg: I had an injured toe in these sessions, on my left foot, but it didn't stop me from going hard. This is the same slave from the Overnight Session, but the second session we did. We had some great scenes in this session. I had to gag him with my sock because he was screaming and groaning too loudly.

Box 64/65. Shox 85kg on 70kg: Same slave again and same session but more brutal sneakers. Unfortunately he moved back to Europe so I haven't seen him in a few years.

Box 120. Cleats Punishment For Being Late: This bitch kept me waiting, he arrived 90 minutes late - so I really let him have it. I didn't tell him we would be using cleats. I trampled him with other sneakers so he was partly bruised and sore from those already. Then I pulled out the cleats and trampled, kicked, stomped all over him. You can tell he didn't enjoy it but he took his punishment.

Box 141. Reebok Hightops Hell: This was the first session I ever had with Cliff Edge. You can see I treated him nicely. He was visiting with family and they questioned the marks to his face. If I remember rightly he told them he fell down some stairs, which he thought they didn't believe but also didn't question him further. His body marks up easily when you trample and stomp him.

Box 155. Oliver Boots Dick Trample: I've done a few sessions with this CBT slave now, he's very noisy but I enjoy that. You'd also expect the slave to scream in pain when you stomp and trample his dick like I do. This one felt particularly brutal using steelcap boots. I couldn't feel a thing under the treads.

Box 169/170. Rough Slave Treatment: So many of you have asked when new videos are coming with this slave. Despite him living literally 3 minute walk from my house, I haven't been able to reach him since the last lot of videos. I finally got hold of him a couple months ago and he said he's not really into this anymore. Perhaps he had one too many hard sessions. Maybe one day he will reach out again. He loved sniffing poppers and getting kicked in the head. I found his messages often didn't make much sense, which annoyed me.. but it helped because I would often be annoyed by the time I got to him and I was then ready to kick him in the face and head hard.

Box 190. Let's Get Him: A staged scene where we enter the slave's house, pull him out of bed and trample the shit out of him. Filmed by Giant & Tiny. This was done after some requests for tramples with more of a storyline. There are some hard jumps and stomps in this one, which the slave deserved. He was also sore after a few earlier tramples that day, but we didn't care.

Box 200. Dice Game II: We introduced a new rule with this second game, that if we rolled a double we could choose any of the actions on our list. It was the only time we could choose something, the rest of the time it was the fate of the dice. Unfortunately for this poor slave, we rolled a lot of doubles and he had a lot of kicks to his balls. This was a brutal session in many ways. It was a lot of weight on him when we all piled on, the actions were often tough, and he is reduced to tears - at one stage you can hear him crying when MasterPhil is full weight on his head, and MasterPhil just tells him "That's what I want to fucking hear, yeah.." as he continues to grind his soles and weight in.


I'd be interested to hear what your favourite video of mine is, and why - comment below!

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I loved "206. The Dice Game 3", "214. Footwear Test" and "201. Vapormax Gang 250kg on 58kg" boxes, Sir. For the amazing combination of brutality and laid back mood, as if the merciless trampling, rubbing and ballbusting actions were the most natural and funny thing a Master can do to slaves.

Tbh, after this post I'm very intrigued also by "Box 3. ZX Flux Trample", Sir.


169/170 - the rough and brutality of it directly into face is amazing


Dice game 3 box 206, my fav. Love the dice game ones so brutal and humiliating. Go hard or go home.

Be nice to see from ares down so we can feel the weight on the dice game videos instead of just trainers.

Kicking the balls view was epic seeing arse and legs getting the force behind the


Chaz Frost
Chaz Frost
Jul 08, 2023

drop me a message come if your up to treat me

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