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Shoutouts 2

Part 2 of this series is here with 10 more accounts that I admire and follow. They are mostly trampling related, with a couple of exceptions. The world needs more trampling content so give them all some support and follow!

After each name I have put a link to either their instagram or twitter accounts. Click the link to be taken to their profile.

Have you got a favourite account you think I should post about? Send me a message on my socials or an email:


sebix_trampler (Instagram)

The quality of his photos are so good, it's worth following just for that. The fact that they're almost all trampling related is a bonus. Really hot and horny action, one of Europe's best.

chicago_footage (Instagram)

A photography account with a large following, featuring images of guys (mostly straight) and their feet and footwear. If you like regular guys showing off their feet this is a good one for you. Based in the US, I happened to do some shoots for them when I lived in New Zealand. See my shot below!

sneakerhead_947 (Instagram)

You know I'm a sucker for head standing, and this account really delivers. Some hot trampling images with nice sneakers and socks. What more can you ask for? I want to stand on his head myself.

AirmaxDomi (Twitter)

I don't often enjoy cash masters and their content, but this guy is different. There is a lot of sneaker worship and a bit of trample action. It's all really hot and enjoyable to watch, the way they treat that slave is amazing. Highly recommend.

replay.feet (Instagram)

A lot of barefeet.. which is unusual for me. But to his credit, the guys are all hot. He is also worth following for his interesting instagram stories. You'll see a rare barefoot trampling shot from time to time too!

trainers_jock_london (Instagram)

Cute Australian guy based in London, into trainers. He often wears his socks for weeks at a time to stink them up before selling them. You can watch as he documents the progress each time. Great sneaker collection. He also runs the popular fetish podcast 'BDSM Reimagined'. Now if we could just get him to post a picture trampling a slave...

trampledsp (Twitter)

This is an account I've rediscovered recently, some really great trampling content. Lots of jumps too. We need more accounts like this one!

pitt_b_trampling (Instagram)

This is one of my good trample friends. He has many great trampling adventures, many of which feature on his page in photos and videos. Worth a look, if you can get him to accept a follow request!

airmax.sniffer (Instagram)

This is another account with excellent quality photos. Not so much a trampling account, but features really nice sneakers and socks content. If only he posted some trampling I'm sure it would be some of the best!

team_twin_bros (Instagram)

Really nice photos and some occasional trampling shots too. These boys put a lot of effort into their content and it shows. If you have a twin fantasy, maybe you will enjoy this account even more.

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