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Shoutouts 3

Back again with Part 3 and 10 more accounts that I admire and follow. They are all related in some way to trampling, feet, socks, sneakers etc. I feature them here because I think some of you will enjoy them as well and perhaps you've never come across them before.

After each name I have put a link to either their instagram or twitter accounts. Click the link to be taken to their profile.

If you liked this post and want to see the previous ones: Shoutouts click here and Shoutouts 2 click here.

Have you got a favourite account you think I should post about? Send me a message on my socials or an email:


trampleyouflatuk (Instagram)

A well known and very talented trampler, specialising in barefoot stomach trampling. I love seeing his feet sink deep into the guts of his tramplees.

stupidpigwhore (Twitter)

I only recently discovered this account but it has a big following. Features some amazing illustrations depicting master/slave scenes, almost always feet/sneaker related. I'm assuming they are drawn from multiple photographs, put together to create a scene, but I'm not entirely sure. Either way, very clever and hot idea.

candidsneakers (Instagram)

I have been following this account for a long time and enjoy the content. Random shots of sneakers out in public, and occasionally bare feet. It also has a few sneaky videos of guys taking off their sneakers in airport security. Submissions are welcome to this page if you ever snap some hot candid sneakers when you're out and about.

sneakerlover_93 (Instagram)

This is the account of a young good looking tramplee in Germany. I've always been impressed with his sessions under the likes of plattmacher (trampler). One day I hope to trample him long and hard.

myjacksfeet (Instagram)

Another account I have been following for a long time. It's all basically bare foot action, and no trampling, but I enjoy seeing all the foot sessions he has and there's been some guys with amazing feet.

trampler.chileno (Instagram)

No stranger to this blog, he is a great account to follow especially if you enjoy trampling with cleats. You'll see plenty of that from his own sessions and also web pics of athletes holding a victory pose over their opponents.

Badmasterboys1 (Twitter)

Based in Europe, they produce some really interesting content, often multiple young straight masters using and abusing an older gay slave. They have been going for a few years. Pre covid they had holidays away where the slaves could pay to come along and serve whatever masters were there.

Jack_Daniels_SM (Twitter)

I've only been following this one recently too but I am impressed with the trample content and wonder why I haven't seen it earlier. I look forward to their next trample posts. There is a video of Cliff Edge being trampled on this page too.

Plattmacher1 (Twitter)

His bio says it all.. what's not to like. Lots of brutal trampling, stomping and jumping here. We need more accounts like this in the world.

actorsfeet (Instagram)

This account hasn't posted in a little while but I think it's such a great idea. Posting pics of actors and their feet from different scenes in movies. I'm sure there are many more that would make good posts.

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