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Updated: Oct 26, 2021

I've thought about doing this sort of post for a while now. I'm keen to shoutout some of my favourite social media accounts across Instagram and Twitter, that are all about trampling, sneakers, socks and feet. There might be something you haven't come across yet which I think is worth checking out and following. There are many many accounts I like so I can't fit them all into one post - will keep it to 10 accounts per post, and will keep them going if everyone enjoys it.

Keep in mind, some of these accounts will inevitably be deleted by the social media platforms as has been happening a lot the past few years. These posts might not age very well because of this, but I will try to maintain and update them if/when the account owners come back with a new account.

After each name I have put a link to either their instagram or twitter accounts. Click the link to be taken to their profile.

Have you got a favourite account you think I should post about? Send me a message on my socials or an email:


cliffedge2000 (Twitter)

Cliff can take a lot of trampling which is really impressive. His videos of guys trampling, kicking, stomping and jumping all over him are intense and hot. I've trampled him myself and he is a great tramplee.

tramplingfan___MG (Instagram)

Any account that features lots of head trampling is always going to get my attention. These guys do it well.. I am jealous of the slaves they get to trample. I would like to join them in their trampling, bouncing and jumping on the heads of their slaves.

extremskater (Instagram)

Really nice and creative trampling content, often in hot and interesting gear too. Nice sneakers, boots, motocross gear. There is even some content with the slave getting run over with a dirt bike if you're into getting under tyres. Some of you might remember the extremskater website from many years ago, that was also full of hot trampling content.

mcfeetfacefeety (Instagram)

I'm not always into barefeet but there's something about this account that I love and keep going back to. It reminds me a lot of WikiFeet. They post pics of guys and their feet, from their Instagram accounts and tag them. Often they are famous people, but sometimes just regular guys too that they come across. Maybe it's the tagging part.. often the guys themselves repost or comment on it, and for some reason I find this exciting. Foot fetish going mainstream perhaps.

feetoni_01 (Instagram)

Previously 'feetoni98'.

Nice trampling and crushing action. He seems to have a preference for hard or difficult soles.. think TNs, Vapormax and cleats. There is some brutal trampling action which is always nice to watch as well as food stomping action.

pablo.fetichista4 (Instagram)

Formerly known as pablo.feet, trampler based in Madrid who had some incredible trampling pics and video. With his new account he is holding back on posting some trample stuff for now, but keep an eye out for what is to come. When he stands on their heads and bodies it is incredibly sexy.. see pic below as evidence.

MestrePhm (Twitter)

There is all sorts of content on this account but occasionally we see some hot trampling videos which are fun. He really knows how to jump and stomp on a slave and put him in his place. He is not afraid to go hard which is impressive.

giant_and_tiny (Instagram)

This is one for the macro guys. Lots of cute guys and their feet, socks and footwear. The photography is excellent quality and often shot from the perspective of a tiny. Even if you are not into macro it is worth checking out for the cute faces and cute feet of all the models.

Dom25German (Twitter)

Hot trampling action all over the slaves, you can see and hear them suffering and he doesn't care. I like to treat slaves the way he does, so his content is always nice for me. There are a few german guys who look like they might team up together to punish some lucky (or unlucky) slaves - I will feature some of them in the next post.

MasterAnthonyC (Twitter)

This account has a huge following and some impressive content. Almost always features business shoes and socks, lots of worship and slave scenes. Occasionally there is a trample photo or video, standing on a face or a dick.

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Master Anthony Chang is a legend (together with His brother Andy)!


Great reference!!! Many thanks, Sir!!!

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