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Who wants to be my shoe?

This isn't a trampling story but it's kind of related. It's a role play story with a macrophilia flavour. Rewind to 2006 when I came across a guy online who really fantasises about being turned into a shoe. We have role played this story countless times since then so I thought this was worthy of a post. It may appeal to some followers despite the lack of trampling and it's not too much of a stretch to think others might also enjoy being a shoe.. if only for feeling the weight coming down inside of them.

Has anyone else ever fantasised about becoming a shoe?


It's Saturday morning and my roommate Dan is doing his usual breakfast duties. I walk into the kitchen and it smells amazing. We have known each other for a long time, since freshman year in college. After college we ended up living together as we got along so well. I thought we knew each other quite well, but he had been harbouring a pretty deep secret that no one knew about. I didn't realise but I was about to accidentally find this secret out and it would change the course of our friendship forever.

"What are you cooking this morning Dan? Smells amazing."

"Just the usual today - eggs and bacon, but I got some hash browns as well this time and will grill some tomatoes too."

He likes to cook breakfast on the weekends and I certainly don't complain. Today felt different though. "Is there a special occasion?"

"Nah just thought I hadn't done the extras in a while and I know you really love them."

My laptop is currently busted and I spot his on the kitchen table.

"Hey can I use your laptop again to check my emails? I'm waiting on something important. I haven't had a chance to get mine fixed yet."

"No worries, go for it man."

I sit down at the table, Dan has his back to me cooking. Opening the laptop I find an open document with several pages of writing. It looks to be some kind of journal. My curiosity gets me and I can't help read a line or two, I've never known Dan to write in a journal or anything like this. I'm shocked to find he is talking about me and my sneakers. I read on further and soon realise I should really not be reading any of this but I'm in too deep now, I have to find out what he's talking about. He mentions several pairs of sneakers that I've had over the years, with a particular focus on my Nike TNs, even going back as far as our college days. It turns out that he has a fantasy of becoming one of my sneakers, which he's had since day 1 of meeting me on campus. He really wants to be turned into my right sneaker, and to be owned and worn by me.

The food is almost ready and Dan starts to plate up. I still haven't checked my emails. I have read enough to know all about his secret. Unsure on how to bring this up with him, I push the laptop to the side as he brings my plate to the table. We both start to eat and he can tell something is up.

"Did you manage to check your emails Shaun? Everything ok?"

"Well actually I didn't make it quite as far as my emails."

"Oh really?"

It still doesn't dawn on him what he left open on his laptop.

I turned the laptop around so he can see the screen. "Yeah.. you left a document open on your laptop, I'm sorry I saw my name written in it and couldn't help myself reading a little of what you had written. I read enough to know about your secret."

His first reaction is shock. He freezes, and doesn't know what to say. He's been so good at keeping this from everyone and has never had anyone find out what his true desire in life is.

"I.. I'm sorry you found this out", he stutters. "I hadn't planned on telling any of my friends. You must be disgusted by this."

"I wouldn't say I'm disgusted, just a little surprised. Although now that I think about it, you always did seem to have a special interest in my sneakers, even back when we first met."

"Writing about it helps me because it's not something that could ever happen."

I consider this for a minute, trying to imagine what it would be like to be a shoe. "Have you given much thought to the realities of being a shoe? When I think about the sneakers I've had over the years, I can't imagine it would be a nice life being one. Lots of wear, sweat, a bit of smell, etc. Not being able to move yourself at all.. totally reliant on a foot to be inside you for movement. Not to mention the weight coming down on your insides, the insole."

"Yes I have. I would give anything to have the opportunity to be your shoe and get worn every day."

"What happens when it comes time to buy a new pair, and you are made redundant? My shoes I usually keep for a few years and then throw out. If you were my shoe, your life would be much shorter and you'd eventually be thrown out with the garbage."

He thinks about this for a second, but I can tell from his expression he would still go through with it. I kick my feet out and cross my legs, resting my sneakers on the table. It just so happens I'm wearing my TNs right now, and he practically drools looking at them across the table.

"Look, seen as we are revealing secrets, I have one to reveal to you also. This fantasy of yours.. I could actually make it a reality for you. If you agreed to it, I could turn you into my shoe and you could be on my foot within 30 minutes."

His eyes light up and his heart starts racing. "Are you sure? I could really be your shoe? I never thought this would be a possibility."

"I'm totally serious. Now that it could happen, are you having second thoughts? What are you afraid of?"

"Well, it does excite me but it also scares me quite a lot. What if I don't like it?"

I explain to him that the change is final, there is no going back once it is done, so he needs to be absolutely certain that he wants to go through with this. Judging from the amount of time we've known each other, I'm betting that he will go through with it but he looks very unsure as we chat now.

"Will I be able to communicate with you at all once I am turned into the shoe?"

"Yes, actually. For the first week or two after the change, while you are on my foot, we will be able to communicate telepathically. No one else will realise we can communicate either. But after that time, this ability will fade and you will become just as the shoe is now.. an inanimate object. You'll see, hear and smell everything that happens to you but I won't know how you're feeling or your thoughts."

He stops and considers this reality for a few minutes. "Shaun, this is very exciting for me and I think I'm going to say yes.. but how do you feel about wearing me as a shoe?"

"If it's something you really, really want.. then I see it as helping a friend out. If that is your destiny, to be my shoe, then I'm doing you a favour by making it happen. As long as you're as comfortable as my current shoe, I see no problems."

Finally, he agrees and asks what the next steps are. First there is some paperwork we need to sort out, signing away his rights as a human and also a name change to Nike TN. He will legally become my property, and all his property as a human now will belong to me instead. Once this is done, I produce the pills that will change him into my shoe. I order him to take them with a big glass of water, and then lay at my feet on his back. My change in tone, ordering him around, is not lost on him and he gets a taste of ownership before he even swallows the pills.

He swallows them down and gets on the floor.. looking up he notices how big I look already and he hasn't even begun to shrink. I take my right shoe off and push it to the side. I won't be needing that anymore once he becomes the shoe. Within seconds he can feel a change inside of him. His body begins to feel very heavy, he is struggling to move himself as the pills take over his body and paralyse him. A look of fear spreads across his face and he realises there really is no going back now.

His eyes look at me, almost pleading for help. I smile down at him, "Don't worry Nike.. this process will be over soon and you will be on my foot where you belong very shortly." He gulps, one of the last gulps of his human life, as his body begins the process of shrinking to shoe size.

"This change is quite painful Shaun, is the pain normal?"

"Well it's a big change.. but it will be fast, concentrate and the time will go quickly" I say, as I notice his limbs begin to change and morph with his body.

"What can you see from up there?" he asks, as he realises I'm not getting bigger, but he is getting smaller.

"Your body shape is really changing now. The limbs have almost disappeared into your body, or rather, have morphed into a different shape that is not human. You are beginning to look more like a shoe shape."

Without realising, his insides have all dissolved so that his body is hollow, in preparation for my foot entering and controlling him. His skin is changing colour and turning into black leather. I look closely and notice he looks more shoe than human now.

"I can see the treads forming on your back, those distinctive TN soles taking shape. I can also see an opening forming at the top where my foot will slide into you. The change is nearly complete, how are you feeling now?"

"The pain is subsiding and I feel a little more calm now. It's going to take some time getting used to how big everything is around me though."

All I can see on the floor in front of me is a Nike TN shoe. If someone walked into the room right now they would have no idea this shoe was a human 10 minutes ago.

I move my foot towards the shoe and move it gently. The shoe is light and moves easily with my touch.

"Was that your foot?" it asks nervously, "I can't see it but I felt it."

I lift my foot above the shoe and it comes into it's view. I move the shoe with my foot some more, getting it used to the feeling of not being in control. My toes reach the opening in its body and slowly start to enter. The sides of the shoe stretch slightly to accommodate my foot entering. When my toes hit the insole I pause, to see how it is coping with this.

"It's a strange sensation but it doesn't hurt, not yet anyway. I guess now I am made for a foot to enter my body so this will become a very natural thing for me. Please slide your foot in further."

I inch my toes in slowly, the foot more than half way in now. It can smell my sock and the smell is much more intense than if it were just sniffing my sock, like it used to do in secret when I wasn't around. When my heel reaches the back of the shoe it gets stuck. I try to push it in further but all that happens is the heel of the shoe bends, and the shoe complains that it hurts.

"I can never just slide my feet into these shoes, and you are no exception" I say as I reach down and use my finger to bend back the heel. Slowly I guide my foot all the way in. It feels just like my other shoe, and just as comfortable. I don't think I could tell the difference between the two. I adjust the tongue of the shoe and wriggle my toes, moving the shoe a little bit with each action.

"How does it feel now that my foot is completely inside you?"

The shoe is taking in the moment, its first time completely on my foot. A weird sense of satisfaction comes over it. "I think I made the right decision, something about this just feels right. I feel complete. I am touching every inch of your foot and feeling it move inside me, this is definitely where I am supposed to be."

I laugh, "I haven't really properly worn you yet.. you might be reassessing this in a week or two. I haven't even stood up yet.. let's see how you handle the weight coming down inside of you." I stand up slowly, and the pressure builds on the insole. I lift my left leg up so all the weight is coming down on the right foot. I can hearing it grunting but he is not in pain, it's a slight discomfort. I start to walk slowly, walking from one side of the room to the other, like you do when trying on shoes to buy. The motion is slightly dizzying for it but the shoe handles it fine.

I ignore it now and go about a normal routine, clearing the plates from the table and rinsing them before stacking the dishwasher. I don't even look down at the shoe when it's trying to speak to me, after all this is its new reality and one it has entered into willingly. As I move about the kitchen tidying up I 'accidentally' kick the table leg with it and I can hear it cry out at the sudden impact. I look down at it grinning and he can see that it was done on purpose.

"I thought you were going to go easy on me to start with!"

"Oh, believe me this is easy." The kitchen is tidy once more, I grab my phone and sunglasses and head to the front door, picking up my old shoe on the way. I throw it in the bin outside as it watches, knowing that will be him in a few years. "Nice warm day out, I say we go for a nice long walk and sweat you up inside."

"Wait, could we slow down a bit.. I think I need.. "

I cut it off. "You don't actually get a say anymore, and it's only a walk.. not like I'm going for a run. A shoe does not complain, a shoe goes where I want, when I want. Best to get you up to speed sooner rather than later." I put my headphones in to drown out his protests and start walking down the street, smiling as I pass people who have no idea I'm now wearing my friend on my foot.

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8 Σχόλια

MN Bootboy
MN Bootboy
22 Φεβ

I would EAGERLY agree to becoming a shoe of yours. I'd love to be worn on Your giant foot, collecting your sweat, scent, and bearing the enormous weight of Your tall muscular body as I protect Your beautiful size 13 foot with each step you take. Your foot, far more worthy than my former freedom. I'd be proud to be used to stomp and trample other subordinates under your feet or as human subs beg to serve at Your feet. If not hesitate for a moment to sign Your contract and swallow those pills. If a perfect world, all of Your existing shoes would be replaced by other willing subordinates.

Μου αρέσει

Yes! Always thought I was the only one with the fantasy! Would love to be leather tns bws or shox..the bigger size the better!

Μου αρέσει
Απάντηση σε

No, never seen anything like that online

Μου αρέσει

Have often thought of what it would be like to be the size of a shoe. Heal on my chest, ball of foot on my upper thighs.

Μου αρέσει

Edrick Bernard
Edrick Bernard
19 Αυγ 2021

I wish i could be your other shoes too sir…life become your shoes oh God

Μου αρέσει

Oh yeah ... I also fantasized about this topic, only I want to become small and get under the heel of a friend in a sneaker or military boot)))

Μου αρέσει
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