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Trampling in TV & Film

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Have you ever seen a gay trample fetish scene depicted in TV or film? It's rarer than the fetish itself. I'm sure there are plenty of fighting / battle scenes where a guy has stood on another, or put his foot on another's body with a bit of weight - but I'm talking about within a fetish context.

Years ago I came across a web series created by Wesley Taylor and Mitchell Jarvis from 2013-14, called 'It Could Be Worse'. I found it through some other foot related post somewhere, perhaps on Facebook. It came to mind recently so I watched it again and picked up on much more feet imagery throughout. There is a trample scene of course, admittedly it's a very brief moment. I'm guessing the actor wasn't actually standing full weight on the guy, but it's a trampling portrayal nonetheless and it's amazing for that reason. 

There are 9 episodes (over 2 seasons) where we follow the main character Jacob (Wesley Taylor) in his quest to make it as an actor, first in New York and then LA. When he makes the move to LA he is struggling to pay rent. Through meeting another actor at an audition, he becomes aware of Craigslist and the potential it has for earning easy money. For those who are new to the scene, a lot of people used to use Craigslist as a site to meet others for fetish related play. You would often see guys looking to worship feet for a reward ($), get trampled on, or many other different fetishes. I used it myself to find guys for trampling but it was also interesting to see what others were looking for.

They depict a lot of foot fetish related interests, such as foot massage, worship (licking/sniffing), ball busting with kicks, trampling - but also delve into bondage, pony play, verbal domination, spanking, feeding fetish, cleaning in the nude, etc. All of the fetish play happens in episode 7 if you want to skip to the good stuff. However, if you're into barefeet start from episode 1. You'll catch many glimpses of feet and footwear they work into shot. One of the creators clearly has a foot fetish, and if the internet is right it looks to be Wesley Taylor. 

Craigslist - the good old days.

Synopsis of the show from google: Jacob Gordon is a young actor trying to make it in the industry and has just landed a role in the Broadway musical "The Ice Queen." But he has some things working against him in his quest for stardom: His agent and his new co-star are both a little crazy, and his personal life is getting a bit off-track as he is, now, juggling boyfriends. If Jacob wants to achieve success, he'll have to overcome those and other obstacles. According to Wesley Taylor, the show's star and creator, "It Could Be Worse" is inspired by real situations and interactions.

Trampling a guy from Craigslist.
Cute scene where the boyfriend stomps on Jacob's foot.

That last line caught my attention, did Wesley use craigslist himself? It makes me wonder if he has trampled any guys in the past for it to be incorporated like it was. I often find feet guys who have never heard of trampling so there's a good chance he came across it via Craigslist and added it to the list.

The first scene where Jacob meets someone from Craigslist.
Arrives. Kicks him in the balls hard for $100, then leaves.

I also found some anonymous comments via a related thread on that were interesting: 

"Cheyenne Jackson and Ricky Martin have both admitted to foot fetishes, but Wesley Taylor has not and I feel like it's painfully obvious. I may be seeing what I want to see, but all the foot threads in his "Billy Green" web series seem to be pretty crystal clear. And then I heard from an inside source that all of Wesley's friends tease him for it and that he's totally open about it amongst his friends. You wanna smell my feet, Wesley? Be my guest". I'd also offer up my feet to put on his face.

"Wesley Taylor totally has a foot fetish. I have had the pleasure of servicing his HOT feet a couple of years back while he was touring with a musical. Was fucking hot as fuck too! He's very dominant!!". I wonder if they met through craigslist? I often wish that site was still around. 

Possibly trampling, looks more like a footrest scenario.
Foot worship.
They look like they could be from Bad Master Boys.
More foot worship.
Pony play and humiliation.

One of many shots with feet in them.

Click here to watch It Could Be Worse.

Have you come across any other good trampling scenes in TV or film? It can be fetish related or not, I'd be interested to see it. Send me an email here:

That comment earlier on mentioned the Billy Green series. This web series came before It Could Be Worse and it's a little harder to find but it is on YouTube (click here to find Billy Green). There are no trampling references in this series, but a LOT more foot fetish scenes, and they're totally random and shameless about it. There doesn't seem to be a storyline to fit them either, unlike It Could Be Worse. Not that I'm complaining, it's nice to see foot scenes and experiences I've encountered in my life depicted on screen like that, not in some form of porn. Here are some screenshots from the Billy Green series. I would seriously enjoy seeing behind the scenes footage of these being filmed.

Wesley, please film more stuff with your feet - and trampling!


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