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TrampleTalks 8: Jason / VictimBoyUK

Updated: May 18, 2021

This TT was done 6 months ago during lockdown but I'm only just getting to publishing it now. Jason is based in the UK and is not just into trampling but also lots of consensual physical abuse. Some of the stories are very rough and not for the faint hearted. If it's not your thing please consider this your warning not to read any further!


You're a little different from some of the other tramplees in this series, as you like to get beaten up too. How did it all start for you?

That’s right. I think it started when I was around 10. I have an older brother, who was around 13 at the time. He was the alpha male out of the two of us. He used to bring round his butch friends and we’d all have play fights either in the bedroom or the backyard. Being older and bigger than me, they always got the better hand of me. Despite trying to win, I often felt pleasure in getting dominated. I didn’t know why. Being so young, I didn’t understand the concept of sexuality. After a couple of years or so, that type of masculinity, alpha male dominance got my cock hard! Whether it was fighting with my brother’s friends or a friendly scrap in the school yard. Of course, I tried my best to hide the bulge in my pants! I do remember on one occasion in the backyard, my brother’s friend Ryan had me pinned down. And I didn’t resist. I may even have tried to roll around with him in a homoerotic way. Ryan looked up at my brother and whispered, "gay?”. My brother nodded. This made me feel uneasy as I sort of knew what gay meant, but didn’t think it applied to me.

What was your first proper trampling experience like then?

Technically my first trampling experience was in my first year of high school. I got into a play fight with one of my classmates, Dan, on the concrete ground. We both had the upper hand intermittently but he rugby tackled me down at one point, and his momentum forced him to trample over me. We both laughed and he stood on me as if to celebrate his victory of the fight. Little did he know, I was getting hard! Especially as he was wearing Nike Air Force hightops. If he had been in dress shoes (which school kids should be wearing here), I would have got him off me immediately. No, I do not find dress shoes in the least bit attractive. 

My first proper planned trampling experience was with Jake (TrampleTalks 2). I was a bit late engaging with the ‘trample community’. We met many years ago in the outskirts of Greater Manchester. I drove down and we went to a quiet spot not far from where he lived. I was the receiver of all the stuff we did. From trampling to groin kicks. Finally! The feeling of getting full-on trampled on without having to act like I was trying to defend myself - it felt like Christmas! Got a huge hard on and even got to ask where and how I want to be trampled (and kicked). Jake was also really into ballbusting. At the time I was new to this and didn’t have the pain threshold that I do now. I think we were both inexperienced in different ways. He was 16 and I was in my late teens. Despite him being younger, his expectations and level of severity was higher than the bar my pain thresholds could take. So he kindly took it down a notch or two. I remember when walking back to my car, I jokingly said that my car was still there (this was, in my mind at least, a rough area). Being his neighbourhood, he replied “what are you trying to say?!” and punched me in the groin hard. I loved this guy. I loved his cocky, street boy attitude. So we ended up meeting several times after. Always turning up the notch a tad. Which I think is what started to develop my desire to be dominated more - such as getting beaten up. 

So this all happened outside? What footwear was Jake wearing?

I think on that first meet and some subsequent meets Jake was wearing black Rockport boots. We only played outside. On one occasion, I borrowed a transit van from work and we went near a farm. I lent him a pair of Adidas football boots (with steel studs). He did some groin crushing on me, trampled an old mobile phone of mine and smothered my face in the van with his sweaty feet wearing only socks. Actually he still gets sweaty feet if you saw some of his latest posts.

So he was into crushing belongings like phones even back then! When you were at school, did you ever get bullied, beaten up or trampled more there? I imagine you would have been one of few people to actively seek this out.

There were 2 lads in the year above me. I first encountered them in my second year. One day after school I was walking home along the Middlewood Way path and they were walking a few metres behind me. One wore Nike trainers and the other wore brown Rockport boots, always, even during class and the many detentions they sat in. They began with simple taunts, calling me “gay boy” and “shoe boy” because I carried my PE kit in a Shoe City carrier bag (we used to have a Shoe City store in the town which was like a Sports Direct - cheap, discounted shoe brands). I would encounter the duo 2 or 3 times a week on the off chance. In my third year, I began developing extremely intense feelings towards them. I was walking home a different route one day, out of the front of the school and past the football field. I saw the lads walking along the Middlewood Way heading towards the A523 underpass. I began walking fast and even jogging so I would deliberately land directly in front of them. For the whole way to the Hurdsfield estate, they spat on me all over the back of my head and body. I ignored it and continued walking at a normal speed. Later on during my third year, the boys developed a more active interest in taunting me. One day after school, whilst walking past the school sports grounds towards the rear gate, they spotted me. They ran up the hill to the right, overlooking the path. I went through the gate, walked down to the path and started walking past the hill. The boys started pelting me with stones. I didn’t run, I just began walking fast. Stone attacks were rare but the ambushes, taunts, name calling, and getting spat at was an almost daily routine. By my fourth year, the attacks were getting more brutal. They sometimes walked home with a third lad. One day, all 3 were taunting me and the new lad was goading me to suck his balls. I never did, sadly. They would sometimes pin me up against the gates and throw a few punches and kicks. On the last day of the term, their last day of high school as they were in the fifth year, they decided to go out with a bang. I walked towards the gate, stepped through, and the 3 boys grabbed me and dragged me up the hill, in the corner surrounded by high trees and bushes. They beat me to the ground, spat on me all over, stomped me, stood on me, shouting nasty abuse. I don’t know how long I was held for but my heart was racing with so many emotions. Ranging from extreme fear to excitement. I was “shoe boy” so one said “so you love shoes do you? You like ours? Kiss his shoe! Fucking kiss it, gay boy! (kick to the head). I did. All over. I was ordered to kiss all 3 lads’ Nike trainers. Little did they know, I got off on all of it. Afterward, I limped home shaking, quivering, scuffed and muddy. My mum freaked out because I had a bloody nose, blood and mud on my school uniform and some scrapes.  Since then I have learnt ways to conceal bruises and scrapes.

What's been your favourite session to date? Who was it with, what happened.

It has to be this one time in Middlesbrough (North-east of England). I was contacted by a guy on Recon. He was this early 40s, ex-army, nightclub security guard. By this stage in my life I was not into guys in their 40s but he proposed he could organise three 17 year-old straight lads to give me a hard beating, trampling and treat me like crap. I agreed and drove the 3-4 hours up to his house. These three lads were genuine. From broken families, toxic backgrounds - their demeanor and tatty state of clothing made that all obvious. Armed with sneakers, rigger boots and baseball bats they got to work on me. They must have been new to this because they didn’t quite understand it. The ex-army guy tried to put it into context for them by asking them to imagine what it would be like to be dominated in the same way by some college girls. They soon got it. The session was heavy and we soon called on a break, which was in the kitchen. During this break, one of the lads turned to me and slapped me very hard in my face. I broke into tears and they laughed. Ex-army guy had to calm them down. We did a lot of heavy trampling (including on my face), verbal abuse, punching, kicking, spitting etc. At the end I agreed to drive them all to their nearby estate. Ex-army guy was sat in the front, the 3 lads in the back. He insited on coming along to keep them in check. Without him, these lads could easily put me into the emergency room and steal my car. What happened next was something nobody planned. An argument sparked in the car. A couple of the lads weren’t happy about the cigarettes and cash they’d been given. Ex-army guy asked me to stop the car, get out and walk away so he could try and calm them down. I took the keys with me, of course! The next thing I heard was a loud smash! They broke one of my car windows and legged it. By the time I got back to the car the ex-army guy was gone as well. So I quickly got back into my car and drove outta there. That’s one of the risks with doing this with real bad boys. But the buzz and reward is sometimes worth it! I don’t think I would personally get that same buzz from a gay or bi guy in the trampling community when everything is all safe and controlled.

This is an insane story, you must have been scared several times throughout this session. How did the ex-army guy organise these lads?

The lads were local and it was a rough area. Well being a hard man himself, I guess he knew how to ‘recruit’ them. These lads are only interested in one thing - drug money. Later I took his idea and set about ‘recruiting’ lads myself. 

Did you ever talk to the ex army guy again? I'm assuming you paid him also?

I did. He left Recon soon after. I never spoke to him again.

Did you have many injuries, marks or bruises after that session?

I sustained a few aches and pains as you would expect. And a lot of bruising and grazes. I only had a minor nose bleed. I was back to normal in a couple of weeks. Temporary marks and scrapes is a small price to pay for the heavy extreme fun I get out of this! And they remind me of this dark world I allow myself to become apart of. That gives me a masochistic buzz.

What are your tips on how to approach people for trampling. You mentioned recruiting.  I don’t claim to be an expert but maybe try getting down on their level. Earn their trust. And slow angle and hint your ideas onto them in such a way it won’t scare them off. I don’t always mention the fact it’s for gay fetish porn. I describe it as art. And that I’d like them to be a ‘model’ in a video shoot. Assure them their identity or face won’t be included if you’re videoing.

When doing a video shoot, Jason often sends them information like this prior to the session. It's often a list of things he is willing to do or scenes he wants to try, giving them ideas on how to treat him.

Whats been your most brutal session to date then?

The most brutal session I had, although it wasn’t planned that way, was a few years ago not far from where I live. I became good friends with a lad a few years younger than me because we shared an interest in video games and cars. I met a few of his mates and soon realised a couple of them were into fighting and scrapping. After slowly earning their trust I convinced them to do a trampling session on me in a hotel nearby. These guys had never done anything like this before so they each had different ideas on how severe they should be. We didn’t do anything sexual but I got a nice dose of trampling, jumps, kicks and verbal. Near the end of the session, I noticed my stomach was black, blue and purple! It turned out I either bruised or busted a few ribs. Needless to say I was in a lot of pain for the next 2-3 weeks. Standing up or sitting down was fine. However, anytime I laughed, sneezed, lied down or tried to get out of bed, it was agony and took me a while to do. I was worried I had broken something but thankfully the pain slowly went and I was fine. Sadly I never did further sessions with that group but one of them, Jordan, carried on a few future sessions. I got him to do a few choke holds, spitting in my mouth and fingers down my throat.

That must have been some intense jumping and kicks to cause such bruising. You didn't feel pain at the time?

I didn’t notice it at the time because of the intensity of what was going on. Plus when being trampled on enough, you do feel a stinging sensation on the surface of your skin. I just figured at one point the type of pain felt different. It felt internal.

Have you ever had a major injury from being trampled or beaten up and if so how did you deal with it?

Internally, it was that which I just talked about. A couple of years later though, I was returning home from mainland Europe after having a couple of sessions. One in Belgium and one in Germany. I arrived at the UK port and because my face was covered in abrasions, I was pulled to one side. To say they quizzed me would be an understatement. They were suspicious as hell. I had almost no luggage and a face like I had been dragged along the ground, tied to the back of a car! I told them I had rented a bicycle and simply fallen off it. But they asked me for the names and addresses of all the people I had associated with because I nervously said I had been seeing some ‘friends’. Thankfully they eventually let me re-enter the UK. On the drive home, I stopped at a health and beauty retailer and bought a few sticks of concealer. They worked almost perfectly. Since then, I’ve always relied on them.

I wonder what they thought was the real story. I know nothing about border control.. what do you think they thought?

I have no idea haha. Maybe they thought I was training to be an ISIS terrorist!

I also want to know what happened to cause those marks on your face! Can you tell us about those sessions.

So during that trip around mainland Europe, I did a few sessions. One of them I got in touch with a well known trampling porn site BadMasterBoys. I arranged to meet these 2 lads from the site in a hotel that I’d booked. They knew exactly what they were doing! The injuries were from a pair of Nike Jordans and soft sole Nike cleats. They particularly loved rubbing their treads hard in my face, especially around my mouth. Maybe because I suggested it and it got lost in translation, their English wasn’t great. But I wasn't complaining! Aside from that it was the usual trampling, jumping, spitting etc. One of them was a kickboxer so I asked him to try his moves on me. I couldn’t handle the full brunt at least, but it was a lot of fun nonetheless.

You mentioned using sticks of concealer to hide marks on your face. Do your family and friends ever notice and say anything?

I intentionally avoided seeing family for a week or two after. They may have noticed something, maybe not. But nothing was ever mentioned. My housemate did notice, but he knew what I was into so it was like a massive laugh for him, and a congrats!

Do many of your friends know what you like?

A select few know. Some know more details than others. Luckily my friends are very open minded and I think it’s good to have open discussions about some of the things we’re into, even some of the extreme ones. Everyone has secrets and many have dark self-indulging sides to them. I’m lucky to have a like minded group of friends because we don’t judge. We understand that we all have different interests, all have different kinks and that you only live once. As long as it’s safe, and (mostly) legal and nobody gets hurt, do it.

Some might say some of your sessions are unsafe, and that you're getting hurt! The difference being you are consenting to it though I guess .

Some might also say that about motorsport, boxing and rockclimbing.

Fair point.

Naturally, like everyone, I learn as I go. I may turn the notch up a bit, and if it goes too far, I take it down again. All sessions are consented. My advice to anyone doing anything like this, from vanilla rough sex to full on masochism is keep it safe, keep it fun and use safe words. I’m always on the lookout for new guys to have fun with. I don’t do this everyday though. For me it’s a bit of downtime. A release. Building up all my stress, frustrations and day-in, day-out normalities of life chores and work. Plus my testosterone and hormones, of course. And letting it all out with a fiery bang!

Do you ever do anything to help prevent injuries before a session?

Of course injuries can be dangerous and life-threatening so you absolutely have to bear that in mind. Always plan the session, if you can, with the other parties. Agree what you are okay to do and what not to do. Give them your limits. If you are new at this, as I once was, don't make the same mistake I did. Whatever you think you can take, or rather whatever you are fantasising you want to take, that isn’t going to happen. I learnt from early on that my fantasies were a few bars higher than what I could realistically handle. So if you are new to this, imagine what you want to happen and really take it down a few notches. And, of course, use a safe word.

Great advice. When you're getting beaten up or trampled.. is there anything you can't handle? Ball busting?

Even today I do sometimes make the mistake of raising the bar above what I can take. And this isn’t for everyone by any means, but sometimes being thrown into the deep end (for me) works to my pain threshold development. I can take a decent kick to the balls now but I see some vids on Thisvid and the like, where I just think… “how in the hell?!” There are some things I know I cannot take and I always make sure they don’t happen. And this goes back to what I was saying. If you know you cannot take something, just don’t do it. Or do it softly and see how you get on. There’s no point, especially early on in a session, in doing something that you can’t take that will simply kill the rest of the session. I can’t handle being fucked without lube! Not only is this dangerous but it’s damned right painful. No fun for anyone.

Of course. I'm curious what those things are, in terms of trampling or beaten up.. punches to face? particular kicks? Is there something you just wouldn't do? Like having a guy jump on your head maybe?

I can handle all of them pretty well. If I’m kicked in the face hard enough, I’ll naturally go into defense mode and want to pause the session, feel and check if there’s any blood. Get my bearings. If there is blood, I will likely call for a break and ask for no more abuse on my face. You want the session to last. So going full on early on isn’t something that will do that. I always start my sessions soft and work up for a grand finale.

Makes perfect sense, and you are right.. you want the session to last.

One thing I’d not do is let someone jump on my face wearing studded soccer cleats. That’s just insane. Standing on my face though, maybe. It would be a first for me.

Clearly you enjoy pain. When it comes to trampling, how do you deal with a new guy who is about to trample you? 

If I’m with a non-fetish guy, I have to direct. So, to some extent, yes. Newbees doing this for cash don’t understand what we get out of it. And they certainly don’t get the worship side of it. So I tend to stay clear of the worship side of it completely. I only do that with other gay guys who share the chemistry of fetish sex. But for these straight lads, I would direct them to do the simplest of things like trample, kick, stomp, jump. If I feel they’re from a particular background, I will attempt to throw in a bit of domination into the mix. Such as spitting, verbal, bullying, wrestling, aggression.

We've often talked about the thrill of the danger in meeting real life bad boys for sessions. What do you think are the pros and cons of meeting these straight bad boy types (instead of gay guys who share your fetish).

I speak for myself here: Pros: The grit, the realism, the thrill, the danger! There’s something that feels ‘fake’ and ‘rehearsed’ about doing it with another gay scene guy. With straight bad boys, you know they’ve probably done illegal shit, been in real fights, brought up in poor, rough backgrounds. The British TV series ‘Shameless’ spring to mind. If you haven't seen that, I recommend it. I love that sense of - anything can go wrong here. I could be beaten up for real. I could be robbed. I get a real buzz out of it. Sure, I may be scared at times but that ties in with that adrenaline rush and buzz I get. There’s definitely something about the genuine article which absolutely 100% drives me crazy! I have walked into many rough areas before. Down alleyways, underpasses and the like just to feel that. Amazingly on some occasions I got some form of abuse. From verbal to getting spat on. But luckily not been stabbed yet! Cons: Not being able to have some fantastic fetish sex! You can’t ask a straight bad boy to fuck you, while you’re both wearing just sneakers.

You've had your car damaged by those straight lads that time. I know you've had your car trampled on before also, was it the same session?

So one of the places I went to during my round trip of mainland Europe was Antwerp in Belgium. I arranged online to meet Jasper (Instagram: belguimcarstomper). He loves trampling cars! So this was my old Fiat Punto. It was on its last legs and I thought “why the hell not!”. I drove to our pre-arranged meeting spot on an industrial estate. It was a Sunday so all the businesses were closed that day. Jasper arrived in his battered Opel Astra van - clearly it had seen some abuse from its owner! Jasper was a very polite young lad and we got on very well. But when it came to trampling cars, that politeness stopped. After checking with me, I gave him the go ahead. Trample my car’s roof and bonnet (hood) in both your Vans and DCs. But no damage to the windscreen or anything else. He had a field day on it! Jumping high and landing hard between my car to his van. Since I gave him that opportunity, I thought it only fair for him to fulfill my kinks. He trampled and kicked me all over. A perfect end to a perfect, hot, sunny day. Both my bonnet (hood) and roof were left full of craters and dents. I didn’t care. This car was heading to the scrapheap anyway and I felt a little buzz inside me afterwards. A feeling of domination. Of humiliation. Knowing that this damage is the result of that hot young lad and his sexy sneakers, which had also worked hard on my body.

This trip you took sounds like you were busy! How long were you away for? Lucky that you can just drive to other countries like that.. can't do that where I am.

It was about 12 days. I had just been made redundant from my 10 years at my job. I was a bit distraught. I got a big payout and decided, fuck it. I'm driving 6 hours down to the south coast. Cross the channel. And have some wild fun.

You've also met the famous Master Max, how did that go?

Yeah I met him a couple of years ago. Booked a hotel and we had some great fun. He knows exactly what he’s doing. He’s a fetish professional and very good at it. But, nothing against him, I personally didn’t get my full hit. Because I’m used to the real deal (straight bad boys), this session was like a supermarket vanilla ice cream rather than the Ben & Jerry’s Cookie Dough. But, like I said before, that goes back to the pros and cons. That said, I would recommend him to anyone in the fetish community. He does know what he’s doing and he’s very good at it. The criticisms are from my personal perspective only.

Of course, no doubt you would have that same feeling if I were to trample and kick you. Did he go hard on you though? Trample, kicks etc. Any marks or bruising post session?

He definitely was not a bad boy type, although he portrays that image. He is a professional and it's an act. And there's nothing wrong with that. Very little injuries and pain. I did have to apply a bit of my concealer though due to some minor abrasions to my face and lips but nothing else.

What would be your ultimate fantasy session? Is there something with all of this that you haven't tried yet but really want to?

I think my ultimate fantasy would be outdoors, in some woods, with muddy ground. A gang of real bad boys. Beat the shit out of me. Humiliate and degrade me. Force me to kiss, lick and suck on their filthy sneakers and boots. Tie me up to a tree or tie me down to some tent pegs in the ground so I can’t defend myself and trample me all over, including my face. Spit in my face and mouth, use me as an ashtray, piss on me. Lot’s of aggressive verbal and bullying, hazing. Then forced to wrestle/scrap with them. Cause me to bleed. Suck them all off! But all with a safe word, of course. Keeping it safe. When I was with the ex-army guy, we agreed that we will do a conditional safe word policy. If I called the safe word, there was a verbal countdown from 5 and then they would stop. Unless ex-army guy deemed it was genuinely too dangerous, in which case he would stop it immediately. 

Describe your perfect abuser.

My perfect abuser is either Jordan or Jake. I think it was because I slightly fell in love with them. Jake was well versed, even all those years ago. Jordan was fairly versed in BDSM as his two recent girlfriends were into it a lot. I even lent him my leather cuffs for Valentines just gone (4 - for each other ankles and wrists). When he was doing BDSM with me it wasn’t so much rough, but more psychological. In your face, soft spoken, gentle but very much controlling.

What is the biggest problem you face having this fetish?

Finding people who will do it! Also, synchronising our… arousal clocks, one might say. If I plan a meet, it might be a week or 2 in advance. If either of us are not ‘feeling it’ on the day, that could spell a cancellation. Also one of the biggest factors to what I want is group action. So, again, even if they’re straight and only have the cash to motivate them, it’s often hard to get everyone in the same place at the same time. And since this little world we fetish-goers live in isn’t entirely conventional, it’s tricky to find a good spot for the action. Especially outdoors where you have to avoid people. Also in hotels where you have to factor in noise levels, and the fact a bunch of guys wearing or carrying suspicious items are all entering into one room.

I totally get it yeah. How do you think you've come to have this fetish?

I’ve often thought about this. I’ve found almost all, if not all, dominant gay guys started out as submissive. So what is it about gay guys? Well I read in the animal kingdom, humans aren’t the only species to inherit this trait. Many species have been observed to have gay members. Now what’s the point in nature and evolution creating gay members of a species? They’re not likely to reproduce. It turns out scientists have a number of theories. One theory goes (and this backs up what I said about dominant vs submissive) that when there is a family of a particular species, nature produces a gay member to protect the females and the young. The alpha male straight member is then able to go out and hunt. I think this non-alpha male trait can be linked to being submissive and therefore, somehow, many gay guys enjoy being submissive. For example in packs of wolves, there's always an alpha and a beta.

Very interesting theory. Whats the most unusual location you've been trampled? 

The most unusual place I’ve been trampled was in the back footwell of my car. I got Jordan and one other to bind my ankles together and then my wrists. That was fun because I felt entrapped from either side. Less room to escape haha. 

Favourite footwear to be trampled/kicked by?

My favourite footwear is Nike, Adidas, military-style boots, soccer cleats (football boots). 

What celebrity would you most like to be trampled by? 

Texan singer-songwriter Austin Mahone. He’s fit as fuck and has a very sexy sneaker collection.

Any future sessions planned post lockdown? 

Jasper and I have often talked about meeting again. We planned to meet in April/May last year but obviously those plans went out of the window. So we’re meeting as soon as lockdown is lifted. I also hope to visit Germany again and meet a fresh pair (or more) of lads from that site. And I’ve got a few in my home country lined up. One’s into soccer, so being trampled with steel stud soccer cleats properly will be awesome (and painful). One is a biker and has a mean pair of Alpinestars boots. Another is an army cadet so - proper British Army issue boots. I better stock up on those concealers haha.


A big thanks to Jason for sharing his thoughts and experiences. You can find him on social media here:

Twitter: VictimBoyUK

Instagram: victimboyuk

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