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TrampleTalks 17: Nico / melavoglio

This next TrampleTalk is with someone I have known for a couple of years now. He may not be so well known in the community, but for those who have been involved in the community for many years I think you will recognise some of his content (some of the best head and face trampling pics I have seen). This interview was done over the course of a year, via email and chat.


Tell us about yourself.

I am an easygoing person closer to his fifties than his forties. I worked up and down Italy and finally I have found some peace in a small town close to our Capital City. I love animals, especially cats and dogs, just like an unmarried women. I follow politics even if, as Bismarck used to say, it is like Würstel or Brühwurst (if you prefer) “they are good but it is better not see how they are prepared”. I am a devourer of non-fiction books; I like art, in all its forms, even if I will never be able to afford a Kandisnky or a De Chirico. I love travelling but Covid-19 has put an end to my movements as well as limited the attendance of the swimming pools. Let us hope it will pass quickly as I would like to organise a trip to the Lofoten Islands to witness the Northern Lights or the midnight sun.

When did you realise you were into trampling?

I was not a teenager anymore when I realised that. I think it is related to my foot fetish. Many years ago I followed a German guy who ran a blog. He posted weekly photos of his stomping and trampling sessions. The sight of that old stuff, fruits and vegetables, crushed and pulverised under his ranger boots and motorbike boots excited me a lot, but I was attracted much more by his "trampler skills". I really wanted to live such an experience so I turned myself into a "stalker" - I can be a pain in the neck - and I inundated his email box with hundred messages until I could lay down under his huge feet six months later. That happened 21/22 years ago.

You are a tramplee, have you ever been trampler and if so did you enjoy it? Of course, I have trampled other guys but not as many as they trampled me. I enjoyed it so far. I am very light, only 64 Kg, so it should be easy to take my weight. They were taller and heavier than I was but one of them particularly did not endure more than 5 minutes and the session turned into a frustrating experience. How big is the trampling fetish for you? Is it your number 1 fetish? Are you into any other fetishes? Indeed trampling was and is still important to me but honestly, I can't take as much as what I used to take ten years ago. I am also into big feet, kicking, trainers, football and rugby socks and boots. Perhaps trampling is still my number 1 fetish, especially with kicking.

What was your first trampling experience like? Who was it with and what happened? We have to come back to that German fellow. When he picked me up at Salzburg airport in the early afternoon, he announced to me that a guest would be arriving in the late evening. We spent a couple of hours at his place where he trampled me with his big, oxblood ranger boots that made him look like a bald and beardless Santa Klaus. He was very careful despite his weight (more or less than 100 kg). Probably because it was my first trampling session ever and I suppose he did not want to injure me in any way. I thought, "Oh, it is so easy!" Some hours later, we were again at the airport where the special guest star was waiting for us. I am talking about PILOTBOOTS. Details are unnecessary but I had him standing on my face and head and it was less easy than the previous session. I still have good memories of those old days.

Do you have a favourite trampling session? I was in touch with so many people who were - and probably still are - into trampling. I have been trampled nearly everywhere in Old Europe. I also met a guy from Australia and one from Kazakhstan but I want to assure you he was not Borat! Doubtless, my favourite sessions are those one that I got with Bikercop. I spent two weekends with him in Provence in a cottage surrounded by a lot of greenery, in an isolated area. Bikercop plans the session down to the smallest detail: from clothing to lights, from accessories to the environment, he is meticulous. He told me what he was going to do. I wore camouflage and boots then he handcuffed me behind my back, like a prisoner. He trampled and stomped on my back and torso, he delivered several kicks with precision and strength. One kick was so hard that I felt my stomach burst... I also collected some batons. I had the chance to test and taste his paratrooper boots, his German Navy boots, which are heavy - around 1.5 kg each one so you feel the power of their soles and their kicks - and many other pairs belonging to his collection. Bikercop knows how far he can go as he reads the “body language” of his tramplee and understands when he has to be softer or when, instead, he can exaggerate a little bit. Beyond trampling he is one of the best men I have come across but, believe me, he really kicked the s*** out of me. When I left, I was just sore. I would do it again!

What part of your body is your favourite to be trampled on? My head!

What was your most brutal session? The most brutal sessions are those with an English friend of mine. We have known each other since 2006. They always start out soft and I always come out bruised. He weighs between 105 and 110 kg. When he warns me that he is about to deliver a very strong kick I feel it is going to hurt. From time to time, during our sessions, I complain and tell him to stop but he knows, by now, when I'm lying (obviously I want more) and when I need a break. He made me feel the deep kisses of his boots, I don't remember how many kicks but the result is impressive. As a result I got a huge bruise which disappeared after a month and several tubes of ointment.

How often do you get trampled these days? How often? My last session was more than a year ago! Are you kidding me? Unfortunately, due to an unforeseen event, I was unable to meet an English trampler who stopped by in Rome last October. I am in touch with him on Recon.

What do you look for in a trampler? What do you think makes the perfect trampler? Do you mean physically? The trampler must be tall and heavy (around 90 Kg), with big and beautiful feet. Furthermore, he must be an ironic man who does not take himself too seriously and he has to pay special attention to hygiene. That is how a complete trampler should be for my point of view, of course. I do not think there is any perfect trampler around because there is no perfect human being. Everyone interprets trampling in their own way. Their "style" may please some tramplees and be less popular with others. This is extremely subjective and depends a lot on the type of "trampling experience" that each one would like to get. Have you ever done something that is 'different' within trampling? I visited Norway in 2014 and I had a session with a real Viking. We have been chatting since the days of He proposed to me if I wanted to be choked by him as choking is one of his fetishes. I answered “Yeah” without hesitation. I remember that I felt faint and then the darkness. He woke me up immediately by rubbing the sole of his huge size14UK boot vigorously over my face several times. I could only repeat the same experience with a person who has my full confidence.

Have you ever got non-trample or non-fetish guys to trample you? If so, how? Oh, yes. I had a relationship that lasted about three years with a guy who was not into trampling. He tried to trample me a couple of times just to make me happy but I realized he was not enjoying himself. I did not suffer from the lack of trampling which did not stop our relationship from continuing. The reasons that put an end to our story have nothing to do with trampling.

Do your regular friends know you’re into trampling? If yes, what do they say about it? I do not share my fetish with my friends and trampling is certainly the one they would understand less. I can hear them already scream “Nurse! Nuuuuuurse!”

Is there anything you say before a session to a trampler who hasn't trampled you before? Any direction or advice? Usually I say to start soft, gradually increase in intensity and pressure and let us see how far we can go. The only recommendation is to stay away from my knees because of a ligament problem and avoid any mark on my face. Have you ever had a major injury from being trampled and if so how did you deal with it? Fortunately no, except for that big hematoma I mentioned earlier. Do you ever do anything to help prevent injuries before a session? No. If I offer my back to the trampler I use a towel folded several times to form a sort of pillow to protect my face from abrasions caused by the floor/carpet especially if my playmate lingers on my head and that's one thing that I like!

For you as a tramplee, is trampling more about the pain or the humiliation, or something else? I experience trampling as a game, I don't see it as a humiliation, after all it is my choice to lie down. I don't recognise myself in the slave/master roles. As I answered in a previous question, it has everything to do with my male foot fetish. Not all men have beautiful feet but the concept of beauty is extremely subjective. I like the contact with other guys' feet, as long as they are beautiful, and feel them on me. There is also a masochistic component but how can I explain it? Pain and excitement must be equal. When pain prevails over pleasure for an excessive period of time - which depends a lot on one's pain threshold of course - it is no longer a game. Consequently, I don't enjoy it. It’s more how much I can take while I am enjoying a guy’s feet. Describe trampling in one sentence. I have four words for you: resilience, respect, complicity and lots of fun!

In your opinion, how do you think people come to have a trampling fetish? Did you mistake me for Doctor Freud? Why do people buy garden gnomes? The act of trampling a person has always been associated with the complete submission of the defeated enemy, who undergoing this gesture is completely dominated by the opponent. During the Roman Empire a triumphal ritual was introduced - called in Latin "calcatio colli" - consisting of stepping on the neck of the defeated while lying on the ground. Certainly, this form of fetishism doesn't have any connection with the rites of the ancient Roman legions. I can report my personal experience, which can be identical, or diametrically opposite, to that of other people (see above). The reasons can be varied: submission, pain, pleasure, curiosity and many more but it is something I have never thought about. What is the biggest problem for you having a trampling fetish (if there are any problems)? Oh, that's easy: to find a trampler!

Whats the most unusual location you've been trampled? Well I don't know if a beautiful and picturesque Norwegian cabin is an unusual location but the furniture in the room we were in was arranged according to the Feng-Shui. Is there something with trampling you haven't tried yet but really want to? I have never had a session with two or more tramplers. Maybe someday I'll be lucky enough to meet at least two tramplers at the same time.

What celebrity would you most like to be trampled by or trample? Dan Biggar, the Welsh rugby player, and Brad Guzan, the American soccer player - a goalkeeper to be more specific. He is not up to the great goalkeepers but I find him attractive. He got a bad injury last year (ruptured right Achilles tendon) and now he's suffering a torn MCL in his left knee (his kicking leg). Maybe it's time for him to get a new job. He is 193 cm tall and weighs 94 kg; he is your same shoe size and has a rather powerful kick. On eBay I bought several football boots worn by him when he played in the Premier League, a couple of worn shirts by him and a some pairs of gloves that belonged to him. Some are signed by him and all them have a COA (Certificate of Authenticity). I love his big legs and he even has nice feet.


A big thank you to Nico for his help in finishing this and answering my long list of questions. I hope to kick and trample you myself one day.

You can find him on Recon, under the username Melavoglio.

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2 Yorum

For me it’s all about the humiliation, that’s why I prefer softer, endurance-style trampling to hard stomping and always with shoes on. My favourite body part to be trampled is directly on the face, which can be tricky with heavier guys and/or harder soled footwear. And I just go crazy if a guy walks up and down on me repeatedly, stepping on my face, chest, gut and c**k and vice versa.


19 Nis 2023

Yeah, I agree, it's not about humiliation, degradation none of that negative stuff wanted with me, personally.

Also, though, I'm only into the man's feet; might like your footwear, but not sexually, it's the bare feet, wide-fleshy, handsome well cared for feet at that, warm moist, hot sweaty but not odorous, love a scent, big deference.

I find it very arousing, a guy's weight-bare feet on my stomach, especially, unflexed abs as I'm giving myself to you, but also, I'm just that into it, followed by a (gas-peddle) style foot job.

It 'he' prefers shoes while I'm trampling him, ok, however you like it. I LOVE the breath play in it, being helpless under him like that. I like a…

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