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TrampleTalks 16: Sebix Trampler

I've been looking forward to this one for a while, happy to finally publish it for everyone to read. This trampler should not need any introduction. He's been one of my favourites for a while now and has quickly become a legend within the trample community. It's exciting to see younger guys coming through and producing some hot content. You can find links to his content at the bottom of this TrampleTalk.


Ok, let's start! I like to begin with a bit about you..

I am 28 years old, about 1.77cm tall, my weight is about 83kg now. I live in Poland, very close to the coast.

Your content is some of my favourite work, very nice photos and good lighting.

You look to always be trampler, are you 100% trampler? Or sometimes tramplee?

Now I'm always the trampler. At first, I liked being stepped on too. But with time I became trampler only. Now I don't like anyone walking on me. I do not allow such situations as it stopped being pleasurable for me. It's been 4 years since I was last trampled.

Well, at least you know what it was like being trampled. I think that helps make a good trampler. When did you realise you were into trampling? Have you always been into it?

Practically since I was a child, I felt that pressing my stomach gave me pleasure and that I was attracted to guys. It was a non-sexual feeling then. It was sometime during elementary school.

Are you into any other fetishes too?

Yes. I like crushing guys with tires too, it makes me horny. I drove an ATV over a guy once. Great feeling when I was riding on him and he was looking at me, terrified. Later I climbed onto the tire while it was on his stomach. He was panting like he was running a fucking marathon! I liked it but would love to do it with a car one day. Hope I can find someone to do this to. Sometimes the guys who play with me are too afraid to do something that I suddenly think of.

Wow! I had no idea you liked that. You should try take some photos next time somehow, I'm sure they would be amazing.

For sure, I will take pictures of that next time.

Although I guess with an ATV it is easier to see and hear the slave under the tire. With a car you are more removed from the action.

Was your first trampling experience as a tramplee? When was it and what happened? Yes, it was my first gay friend. He knew about it but we didn't do it often because he didn't like it, he didn't understand, or something I do not know. It wasn't good.

That's a shame. What do you think made you become more trampler?

I think it was my character that caused it. I have quite a heavy dominant character, I hate contradicting myself even in everyday life.

I understand, it's either one or the other for you then. Not both.

Tell us about your first proper trampling session, as a trampler. Who was it with and what happened, etc.

The first time I really trampled a guy was when I moved to the coast. He was a friend who also liked trampling and I still trample him to this day. He also likes to smell my socks, etc. It was back in 2014 and was such a good serious experience. It was my first successful trample that had no problems, unlike with my other friend. As a matter of fact, this very slave is under my desk right now as we speak. He doesn't miss any opportunity.

Well this is a first for TrampleTalks. That is hot.

This first trample with him, what did you do to him?

I don't remember too well, but I know it wasn't rough. It was a long time ago and I was more careful back then.

That's ok, it must have been good for him to keep coming back! When you are trampling, are you in total control or do you accept requests from the slave? Sometimes, if he has a really good idea and I like it, I accept it. However, I prefer to do what I feel like doing. What's on my mind right then or what I've been thinking about for a long time.

Is there a session that stands out as one of your favourites? Can you give us some detail around what happened, what you enjoyed about it, etc.

I think it was the last session I did actually. I posted a video on twitter from it. First, I trod on him in the Nike TN for about 15 minutes. The guy seemed to be tough but he groaned and breathed heavily. After this I put on caterpillar boots and camouflage clothes. I said to him, "Now we have fucking fun! Faggot." I took a few pics and then began trampling again. I enjoyed pushing the boot heels into his stomach hard, it made him moan. At another point I stood on his stomach with the other foot on his chest. He waved his legs, contracting them and pulling them up. I liked how his legs were quivering, so funny! I couldn't feel anything underneath those boots, the soles are fucking hard and thick. I stood on his penis but didn't even feel it there, even when I twisted on it! When I stood on his head, he started to moan harder. That's when I had an erection for the first time. I walked some more on him, lots of standing, some kicks and a quick jog at the end. And then the cunt started to cry. I saw his eye sockets fill with tears. I got off him, grabbed my dick and started massaging it. It was awesome. I will add that later in a private session I kicked him fucking hard. Some photos from this session can be seen in private on my instagram.

I like how dominant you sound. It would be fun to watch you in action. Tell us more about that ATV story. Was it your bike? How did the session come about?

It was at a friend's. I often trample him. He has a medium-sized ATV and we did it in his garage. He started the bike and let me drive it a little to get a feel for it before I drove over him. When we were ready he lay down and we put a block of wood next to him to act as a ramp for the wheel. He is very skinny and his stomach squashes nicely even when I just walk on it. Once everything was in place, I turned on the engine and started to move. I got the tyre up on the wooden block.. I paused and looked at him, my dick getting hard. I felt mega excited that I was about to drive onto his weak stomach. The front tyre was about 150kg I think. Maybe not that much, but after a long time it will feel like it. As I drove onto his stomach, it looked like I was squeezing paste from a tube. His stomach was really crushed and I could feel the tyre going down into his stomach. The sound of him struggling to breathe could be heard over the sound of the engine. I sat there rubbing my dick. He was getting tired from the weight but his struggling was just getting me more excited and I wanted to stand on him until he started begging me to get off. I got down from the ATV to see the view from the other side. FUCK! It looks great! Tyre stuck deep in his stomach, chest right up. I walked up to him and stood on his chest, enjoying watching him suffer under me. I lit my cigarette and stood there for a while. After a few minutes I stood on the tyre that was in his stomach, and he started to gasp very hard. I stood there with my hand in my pants, looking with satisfaction down at him. Finally I drove off him. He took in a lot of air and lay there for a long time to recover. I was feeling very horny then. FUCK! I loved it. Damn. I think you're making me want to try this. I have no idea how I'd go about this though.

What was your most brutal session as a trampler? The ATV story sounded brutal, but maybe there is a brutal session more focussed on trampling? Yes, the session with the ATV was awesome. But I remember one guy from a gay site, I got pissed at him because he was so sure of himself and that I couldn't hurt him by trampling, that he will withstand everything, etc. Then he started teasing me a bit. Finally, the meeting took place. It was summer, late evening, almost pitch-black dark outside. I met him in the forest on the coast. His body was of ordinary build. He lay down, I walked on him normally to check him out. He didn't groan or make any noise. I started to step more intensely and I could hear that he was getting tired. I started to squeeze the air out of him, but he tried not to show it. I increased the intensity significantly at a fairly fast pace. At last I heard moans. It was very dark so I couldn't quite see him and I couldn't always recognize what part of the body I was trampling. I kept going until he started shouting stop, he was totally exhausted. I got off him. It took maybe 3 minutes. I think he was quite surprised. Too many guys talk a big game and then can't handle it. Be careful what you wish for.

Have you ever caused an injury to one of your slaves before? If so what, and what happened? One of them probably broke a rib, I think. The second one started to faint after being trampled and felt bad, but nothing happened to him, it ended.

It can happen. When you are looking to trample someone, what is your ideal tramplee?

The perfect one doesn't really exist! None of them will be able to endure what I would like to do so badly. But maybe one day I will find someone. There is one slave I have been talking to for a while who lives nearby. Perhaps with him I will be able to do a session where I am driving over him with a car. It turns me on so much! Also, my ideal would be slim and healthy.

When you are meeting a tramplee for the first time, do you chat a lot first before the session or anything else? Rather little. Often they ask a lot of questions. I introduce them to what I like and expect, but I also answer some questions. Often they ask what I will do to them. They want me to tell them. I never have a script just a general idea. What is your advice to a tramplee who you are about to meet and trample for the first time?

Not to make a fist and then don't put your hands on the floor, it could become a fracture but I would love that. One time it almost happened. I have no advice for them. They just have to lie down and give me joy. What is your favourite pair of footwear to trample in and why? Honestly I don't have favourite footwear to trample in. Often while I have a slave, the trampling shoes are the ones I'm wearing at the time. Sometimes I will change them during the session. Or if I go somewhere I'm taking 2 or 3 pairs with me.

Do your regular friends know you’re into trampling?

No they don't know! And I hope it stays that way. Unless they find out by chance, but that is unlikely to happen. Do you watch a lot of trampling videos and content? What is your preferred site for this? Since I had access to the internet, I've been looking for everything on this topic. It was a long time ago. So I am constantly looking for new videos on various porn sites like: thisvid, pornhub, bentbox, onlyfans, etc. Sometimes I'm searching by keywords in google.

Why do you think people have a trample fetish?

I don't know how it is for other people. I can only tell by my example. I like to rule in my daily life also, so it is natural for me to progress this into play. When playing, I like to beat them, kick them, trample and run over them. I love how they moan and when they hurt. When they beg for me to stop, and when I don't - unless I see it's really bad with them. When I step on them, especially the stomach, I like to see how the body squashes and deforms under my weight. It's power for me and I enjoy it.

Describe trampling in one sentence.

Domination, superiority and suffering, all for the master.

What would be your ultimate fantasy trample be?

There is so much in my head that I probably wouldn't be able to put it together into one fantasy.

What celebrity would you most like to trample?

I don't care who is under me really, as long as it is a guy.


We started this TrampleTalk some time ago and only finished it recently. A big thank you to Sebix and his patience in getting it completed!

Go and follow him on his socials (click to visit link):

Instagram: sebix_trampler

Twitter: SebixTrampler

Facebook: Sebix Trampler

More importantly, go and support his content and purchase some videos:

Bentbox: Sebix Trampler

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I would love to lie under the wheel of his car


Dec 20, 2022

Wow, it amazes me, how we foot fetishists/trample fans seem to evolve in the very same ways regardless of where we are in the world. I've been into men's bare/socked feet since childhood; fantasizing about men's feet period and trampling, then I saw all-star wrestling, where they would trample each other. I'm not into footwear though; want nothing between me and those feet, love stomach-standing, endurance, the breath-play of it, the weight and the feel of his feet (especially wide ones just really turn me the f**K on. Being very tall lean/athletic, I love a shorter heavy/stocky man with wide thick lower arched feet, mashing my guts so flat I can barely breathe.

Dec 20, 2022
Replying to

I agree.. very often a similar way that this fetish seems to come about 🔥


Dec 16, 2022

Wow finally the legend is here! He is such a great and sexy master! Love all his videos with merciless trample, just so awesome! Thanks for this interview!

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