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TrampleTalks 7: Nick / Domination_Republic

Nick is someone I have known for a while now. He is the author of the Basketball Player story on this blog. This TrampleTalk is longer than usual because Nick has many great trampling stories and we have incorporated a couple of these into it. We have another trampling story of his to be posted in the future, so watch this space! **********

Not many people will probably know you in the trample community, but you have had some amazing trample experiences and stories which I want to focus on for this TT. But first, tell us a bit about yourself. Hmm, well, I'm just a regular guy from Serbia, young and eager to have fun with people who are into the same stuff as I am. I'm usually not someone who would put themself out there and be well known in the community, but I like to make friends. I've been into trampling for as long as I can remember, never fully understood why, but I can't go without it.  Would you say trampling is your major interest? Do you have other fetishes or get into other things? I would definitely say trampling is my major interest, along with foot/sneaker worship. I do like other things too. Some of those things are face sitting, spitting and overall mistreatment by young guys. However, most things somehow revolve around weight, pressure and feet. So where did it all start for you? It started when I was a kid. Funny enough, I remember it way back when I was very young, maybe first/second grade elementary school. I used to have girl friends come over to do homework or have fun. Somehow I would ask them to trample me. I was so young then and I didn't understand at all what it meant. Nowadays I wouldn't let a girl touch me. Over the years, of course, this fetish developed. However, I tell about the earliest of memories to point out that a fetish like this doesn't always come from childhood problems or whatever 'experts' might think (Lady Gaga - Born This Way plays silently in the background). As I was growing up, I started to realise more and more that I enjoy this. I was always trying to find ways to be trampled by mates. Back then, before high school, most of my friends weren't really aware of sex let alone fetishes. I wasn't either, to be honest, but I knew what I liked. I would often call a friend to hang out, we would go to sit and talk somewhere just the two us. I would always try to position myself to be lower than him. That way he would easily be able to place his feet on my back or head while resting and talking. Of course, he wouldn't do it just out of nowhere, I would need to incentivise him so I started to observe and learn people's behaviour, how it can be manipulated into what I need - to get trampled. It might sound bad but it wasn't really anything special. For example, I had a friend who from an early age had a huge ego. Whenever I would tell him, "You wouldn't dare do this" - he would immediately do it. So, I would provoke him like that and he would give me a face full of sneakers and dirt. It was fun.  There were other things I did. For example, we would often go to these gaming places. We hung in front of the computers and lost awareness of what's around us. In these places older guys hung out too. It was unique because us kids usually didn't spend time around older guys who were in their 20s. It was also unique because this was the only place I could be around strong legs and bigger feet of athletic guys we all dream of even now. I would usually approach them, befriend them a little, just enough to justify why I am constantly around them. As they were sitting and playing for hours, I would crouch down and place my hands under their sneaks. Depending on where they were sitting I had numerous options for positions. There was one spot where one of my favourite guys would usually sit. There were two metal bars by the side of both his feet. He would often place his sneaks on that bar and I would place my fingers along it, so that he would never notice that it was my fingers and not a metal bar under his soles. This was really hot. I very much enjoyed this but it could occasionally be very, very painful. I would end up in tears because I was still young, small and not strong enough for the pain they were able to inflict. One time my usual guy was not sitting in his spot, but his friend was instead. He was very tall, at least 190cm, wearing Nike Shox and weighed at least 90kg. As usual, I placed my fingers on the bar and without noticing he stepped on them. He pressed so hard that I thought he would cut them off. I couldn't do anything (this was the risky and tricky part of what I was doing, not being able to pull them out until they decided to move). Eventually I ended in tears and my fingers went numb. When he moved his foot after at least an hour on them, my fingers were blue and dark red, all cut and imprinted.  Sounds like you were very cunning even back then with all these undercover operations! In any of these situations, did the other guy ever find out or work out what you were doing? There was a guy who I considered the hottest. At the time I didn't know I was attracted to guys, but he somehow appealed to me. Tall, dark, athletic and very strong. He would always sit in the corner, easy for me to place my fingers anywhere, the side bar, the wall in front or the floor. 99/100 times he would not notice anything, he just didn't seem to care. I noticed his pattern of behaviour. Playing Counter Strike he would get so focused on the game that there was no time to pay attention to anything else. If there was something under his feet, usually my fingers, he would just stomp it harder and push to the side. But once I got a little cocky, thought he wouldn't notice. I put my whole hand under his shoe. He held his sneaks on it for a long time until at one point something happened in the game and he lost focus on it, noticing something under his feet. He sank his heels into my hand as hard as he could and started moving left and right. It was so painful but I couldn't lose my composure. As he was doing it he gave me the side eye, our eyes met and this was when he realised I am reacting to what he is doing. He looked down under the table and shouted "What the fuck are you doing?". I froze. Eventually I managed to give an excuse that I was trying to maintain balance while crouching and that he stepped on my hand. All of his friends laughed at this, messed with me a little but later forgot about it.

It's a great story. They wouldn't have given it a second thought, but it's burned into your memory I'm sure.

I also had occasions when I would, in school, put my hands on the stairs as my school mates were coming from upstairs and then they would step on them and laugh. Sometimes they would remain on them on purpose and I would pretend to not like it.

I remember you telling me stories about getting guys to actually stand on you, without them realising it was a trample fetish. We've already seen your basketball player story on this blog (click here) - what's another time you got a guy to stand on you without them knowing what you liked?

Well, over the years this happened many times. To be honest, I don't recall all of them, but some were unforgettable. Yes, there was the basketball story. It was maybe the best one because it was so convenient and lasted the longest. The trouble with these occasions is that you can usually do them only once or twice. You have to invest time into building trust/friendship with someone to be able to manipulate them into doing something like that. Again, I will clarify, these people were my friends and I loved them dearly but with some I just couldn't control myself and had to find myself under them at least once. There was that time when my friend, who was a judo/karate champion, trampled the shit out of me. Much like the kiddo from way back, this guy had a big ego too. Ego is a powerful tool if you know how to use it. There were numerous occasions when he would wrestle me just because I said he can't do shit to me, which he clearly could as he was 2m tall and 102kg heavy. But it didn't matter, he had to prove dominance and I had nothing against that. We would wrestle and I would 'by accident' end with my face around his feet and my face stuffed with his heels. But the culmination of everything I accomplished with him was when I started exercising and told him about a fictional 'competition'. I told him you needed to win an endurance, high intensive series of exercises which included a partner standing on your stomach and doing squats or doing jumps for as long as you can take it. The prize: a 6 months of membership at the gym.

Yeah this is a great story too. Tell us more.

It was summer, his parents went off to Greece for two weeks and I camped at his place. These were early Uni days. I told him about this competition and asked if he would help me prepare for this. The whole thing sounded a bit funny to him, but he had seen some crazy Russians exercising in a similar way in the military, so he believed the whole story. Sometimes I really wonder how some of the guys I was friends with could ever buy into such stories. I lay on the floor and said I was ready. At first he asked if I was sure about this, I said I was and he stepped up onto me. I wasn't athletic and didn't have strong abs, so he just sank into me. One foot sank into my stomach and the other around upper chest area. He started doing squats. As he was a pro athlete, he could do many of them. We agreed to try and reach 100. After maybe 20-30 I was already drenched in sweat. He was really big and heavy. It was very warm. His feet started sweating too and the one that was on my upper chest slowly slid towards my throat pressing it harder and harder. I got him to change into sneakers and these ended up leaving great prints on my chest. This session lasted for about 30 mins, unfortunately we didn't get to do it again.

Tell us about your first proper trampling experience then, when the guy trampling you knew that you liked it.

It was when I was 16 or 17. I'd just discovered PlanetRomeo and my horizons broadened. For those who don't know, PlanetRomeo is mostly a European website for gay people. I was sort of lagging behind with internet usage so many things happened in a short period of time. I knew all along what I liked, but for the longest time I thought something was wrong with me and didn't know about the whole fetish world. I discovered this not long before PlanetRomeo. I didn't often use porn websites and my first encounter with trampling was through your videos. This was years ago, but I remember so clearly, there were your videos and TramplingGuyNL. Anyway, I found my first guy and he only lived 5 minutes away. I knew what I wanted. I met him a couple of times over the years and he was always super quiet. As soon as he closed the door I was ordered to lie on the floor. At the time I was slim and tiny, 16yo, and he was 10 years older and somewhat athletic, around 80kg. He started walking all over me. This was the first time I actually experienced someone on purpose walking over my face or cock and balls. He knew this was my first time doing it but he didn't seem to care. He wanted to give me the full rough treatment. At first he just wiped his sneaks on my clothes and tongue. Later on I was ordered to take my clothes off and he started doing the same while I was naked. I will never forget that first time my cock was crushed under a heel. I started to get louder and cry but he just put his foot in my mouth and told me to shut up and be completely quiet. He trampled me for some time more and then it was time to sniff and lick his feet. I was lucky because he really took care of his feet. He stuffed my mouth with his heels and toes. It was the first time someone tried to shove an entire foot down my mouth. I loved what he was doing to me. He wasn't gentle at all. After maybe 1 hour of me washing his feet and him resting them on my face while watching TV, he came and then stood back up on me. I was so turned on that when he stepped on my cock I came too. 

I think you got pretty lucky then, that's a good first experience. Did you go on to meet him again, seen as he only lived 5 mins away?   I did. It was a good first experience but many things happened in my head after it. First, he was disappointed because I didn't want to have sex or give him a bj so for some time we lost each other's interest. Second, even though I had a good first experience, I didn't find him very attractive. At the time my type was Zac Efron from High School musical period or someone similar to him, so this guy, looking even older than he actually was, made me not so interested. Besides, I had a whole online world of options to discover. Over the years we did see each other a few times. He was the reason I got circumcised. That's right.. a trample session caused damage to your dick which ultimately led to your circumcision. Was this your roughest session? Tell us about that.  No it wasn't, but sure. We didn't see each other for a while. I just wasn't interested as much. However, one summer when I was 18, I found him online again and agreed to meet. I went by his apartment, we did the usual thing and when I got naked he stepped up on me. At this time I was a little older, bigger and he thought he could be even more careless, which he was. He was walking up and down my body, often stepping right onto my nose and crushing it. Side note, I have this tendency to not turn my head to the side but let guys stomp directly onto my face and nose. Anyway, as he was walking towards my crotch he stepped on my dick. He then spun around to start pacing towards my face again, but as he did it, he didn't lift his sole up. As I was under his soles and in pain anyway, I didn't notice anything. He walked over my stomach, onto my face and stopped there. While standing on the side of my head he noticed blood and while still standing on it he said, "Dude, you're bleeding." I couldn't really hear/understand at first. He got off me, said it again and I was shocked. "What? Where?", I looked down towards my cock and saw blood. The moment I saw the blood, it started to burn and I got super dizzy. I tried to stand up but as I did, I almost fainted. Basically, he ripped my foreskin under his soles.  Fuck.. so, you're still with this guy.. you notice the blood, feel dizzy and almost faint... what happens next? Well, first I should mention that he didn't notice it right away. He was standing on it while it was ripped. But anyway, I was dizzy and I sat down. He gave me some water and called a cab for me. Between our apartments was 300-400m of distance but I couldn't walk it. What did you tell your family and friends? I told my Mom I was playing football and got kicked hard. I didn't do the operation immediately. I healed and some months passed before I did it, but I could never pull my skin back anymore, so it was inconvenient. Eventually I had surgery, had to properly remove that part of skin, which in essence isn't anything special. Routine procedure, however, due to a series of unfortunate events, I almost died after the surgery. The surgeon was distracted and forgot to stitch me up. I went home, was losing blood all day and lost too much. Almost slipped into coma and died. They didn't have anesthesia so I was stitched up raw (the most painful thing you can imagine).  That just seems insane to me. How do you forget to stitch someone up? I'm curious did you tell the doctor/surgeon what happened prior? No, honestly, the doctor kinda saved me there. I told him the problem and before I had to lie about something, he said to me, "You must have tried to have sex with your gf and went in too fast, right?". I was like - Uhm, YEP, YEP, THAT'S IT! Silly me! he said that of course we won't mention it to my parents and that was that. 

Do you ever do anything to help prevent injuries before a session? Not really. Ok, I might put something under my head but not always. Depends on the situation. Besides that, just relax and try to take it. If that wasn't your roughest session, you must have an interesting tale from your roughest session.. One of the most memorable rougher experiences is with a guy I've known for a long time. We'd been planning this for some time and decided to spend a couple of days together. He lived in a different city so it was a good opportunity to have fun, catch up, eat some good food and unwind. I hopped on the bus and was on my way to meet him. The bus ride was quite long and I couldn't wait to get there. When I arrived, he waited for me at the bus station. We gave each other a hug and were on our way to a local bar to have a drink. On the way he informed me that there were two slices of toast in his shoes that were getting flattened and soaked in sweat all day. He made sure I was welcomed with a dinner, isn't that nice? Let me tell you a little about him. He's a buff, athletic dude. A frequent visitor to the local gym, sporting some cool tattoos with a short hairstyle and beard. He's a very good looking, thug type of guy. When you see him in person your knees hit the floor instantly. When we were done with drinks we headed to the apartment. I kept looking at his shoes. They were scary. Hard heel, rugged soles.. I was about to be all messed up. "What are you looking at?" he asked. I smiled a little, "Oh, nothing, just looking at those shoes and wondering what's going to happen to me." He asked if I was afraid. "No, maybe, I don't know.. you're strong, heavy, like a beast.. you can't blame me, right?" He replied, "No, of course not, but that's why you like me. You live to be beneath guys like me, don't you?" He was right. "Well, yes. After all, it doesn't matter what you do to me. You're not bothered by it. What matters is that you use me the way you want and that your shoes are clean after all this, right?" He grinned. "Exactly! And I've got more sneakers in my backpack, you ought to clean all of them." We entered the apartment and I put my stuff down. I turned around to see him just standing there with a devilish smirk. As you enter the apartment the main corridor was slightly above the rest of the apartment floor, meaning there were two steps near the entry. He stood at the edge of those steps and said I should lie down in front so that he could use me as a doormat before walking in. I did as he commanded. What I always loved about him is that he was so casual about everything we did. He didn't give a fuck what he would do to me. No matter what we were doing he could always do more, stronger and harder. He landed on my chest full weight, looking down on me as I tried to control my breath. "What's up? You ready?", he asked with a smile. "Don't pretend like you care if I was" I replied. "You know me well!" He laughed. I wanted to laugh also but before I could his rugged sole came down hard over my whole face. He stomped on it full weight, then the other foot landed on it too. I let out a louder grunt as I was trying to cope with 95kg standing on my face. He then, without really lifting his feet, turned around while on my face. Now this was pure pain. It was at this moment that it really sank in how fucked up I would be after this. To spin around like that on someone's face without any remorse was just brutal. He walked down to my balls, sank his heels in and looked at me. "How do you like this?" He laughed when he saw what he'd done to my face. "Look at your face! It's so red!" This amused him. All of a sudden, he lost that smirk and things become serious. He started to jump on me, all over. Those moments when he would lose control and just start abusing and inflicting pain were very hot. He jumped everywhere, landing in different ways - on my crotch, belly, chest, and face. He didn't really look where and how he landed. He would then go up those couple of steps and jump off them onto me, again and again. My face became redder, the air kicked out of my lungs, I was crying out louder which turned him on even more. As I was getting louder and showing obvious struggle to cope with his weight and brutality, he was doing it harder and harder. In between those jumps he would frequently stomp on my face and each time my nose would crack a little under his weight. It was especially difficult when the side or back part of his heels would cut into my skin. That was so damn painful. The same was with my cock. It felt as if he cut it in two with those boots. "You'll cut off my dick if you continue being so brutal." His response, "Do you need it for something fag?" as he gave me a wink and stepped on it. I got so excited when he did that. Loved the way he was so cocky. After that initial trampling he stopped somewhere on my chest and shoved his shoes into my mouth. I was ordered to lick them clean. We were walking a lot and those shoes were dirty. It wasn't a very detailed cleaning, I scraped the most obvious dirt off the soles. Later I would commit to it more. He got off and ordered me to get on my knees. As I did that he sat on my back, lifted his feet and told me to take him into the living room. There would be plenty of time to do everything. He had a surprise for me. He had some pizza that he bought earlier. As I sat down to eat with him he looked at me. "Why did you sit behind the table? Your place is on the floor. Get down!" He took off his shoes and on his feet were two paper thin slices of toast stuck to the soles. He lifted his foot, I went under it and he put it on my mouth. "Eat that! It was under my feet all day and it's soaked in sweat. Just the right flavour for you. Don't leave anything behind, you hear?" The following few days were very exhausting for me. Even though we really had a lot of fun I was so drained. Every part of my body was in pain for days after that. I was constantly being used for something. He would trample me brutally, use me to clean his footwear non-stop (after every time we go out), I was for many hours used as a cushion for sitting. Through it all my face suffered a lot. It was constantly being stepped on, trampled, sat on or used as a foot rest. Even when we were sleeping I was always under him. In less exhausting moments I was just under his feet while asleep, but even that was painful as he would kick my face often during sleep. I couldn't sleep well because of that. I was tired but would be woken by a heel kicking my nose or teeth. Through it all I was getting more tired and constantly on the edge of my limits. He was always full of energy and ready for more and more. Because of my short beard my face had a serious inflammation, the burning and pain happened even after the most gentle touch.

Do you have a session that we haven't talked about yet that stands out as a favourite? Yeah with a guy called Ben, He was early 30s, muscular and looked properly tough. He wasn't one of those fancy guys off Instagram, but quite manly, unbothered by latest fashion trends. We planned to meet up for quite some time. He promised to flatten me under his sneaks and mess me up real good and boy did he deliver. We met one night near my apartment. When I first spotted him he looked mean and angry. I shook his hand, greeted him and we were on our way to the apartment. As we walked I nervously wanted to chat about something, he seemed so tough and distant. I began chatting but he interrupted me, "My sneakers are dirty," then looked at me closely ".. and your face looks like a good place to wipe them clean". "Oh yeah?" - I got goosebumps all over my body hearing what he said, "I sure will try to be useful to you then. Do I need to clean them with my tongue?" - "What do you think?" he responded. "Right, of course. I got it!" He told me to focus on his soles as he had been walking through a lot of dirt. A little background to this story. I had plenty of experiences where a guy would be brutal and enjoy causing lots of pain. I had experiences where guys would seem to not care what they were doing to me and how. This guy though, was something else. He really, really didn't care. Whatever he was doing he would do it without looking at me much at all. He would enjoy seeing the pain and torture he was causing, but most of time he was just doing his thing and wouldn't care. Several minutes later we arrived to my apartment. I was instructed to lie down on the floor as we entered, on my back, because he wanted to use me as a doormat. I get on the floor as instructed, head closer to the door. As I did that he walked a step or two towards me and without any hesitation, carelessly stepped onto my face. He wore black and grey Airmax 95s. As he stepped up, with all of his 90kg, I heard my nose crack a little under the weight and force of those hard-soled sneaks. Ben made a couple of steps down my body crushing everything underneath and finally stopping on my cock and balls. I took a big breath, trying to compose myself after this first feeling of him walking over. He stood there on my balls for a few seconds taking a good look of the apartment, not once looking at me. He then turned towards my head and started walking again. I braced myself waiting for him to step on my face, which he did, but this time both soles on it. He stood on my face full weight, one sole on my mouth and nose and the other was over my eyes and forehead. I cried a little, he didn't seem to care and he started taking off his jacket and whatever else he didn't need. After he took off the clothes I heard his phone beeping. He took it out of his pocket and opened the message, read it and started typing a response to someone. Honestly, this moment turned me on so hard! To think that someone would be so insensitive to be able to stand on someone's face, not move at all and chat on the phone - amazing! As soon as he finished texting, he put the phone back into his pocket and finally looked down to see what's underneath his feet. He lifted one foot, spat on the spot and stood on it again. He did the same with the other foot. I realised what he was doing, he wanted to make my face wet so that he could wipe his soles on my face. Ben started scraping off the dirt off the bottom of his sneaks, ripping into my face. I started to cry and grunt. As he was doing that my face was getting dirtier and I could feel my mouth was full of dirt too. "Stick your tongue out!" - he ordered, this being the first thing he said since we entered the apartment. I did so and he started wiping his soles over it. The whole process was so painful. He's been standing on my face for quite a while now and he was a heavy dude wearing sneakers that weren't soft. Eventually he stepped down. Looking at me he noticed how red my face was and appreciated the shoe prints he left. I looked at him, trying to guess what he was contemplating next. Suddenly he jumped high and landed onto my chest and stomach, both heels sinking in. I cried out loudly, as this was unexpected, he had stomped the air out of my chest. "Wow! I didn't expect this" I said in shock. "I don't care, honestly. Get up now. Make me a cup of coffee, I want to light up a cigarette and relax while you're licking my sneaks." As I stood up, he smacked me across my face hard. Then a second one and spit into my eyes. I didn't say a word. He grabbed his cigarettes and lit one up. While I was preparing coffee for him we chatted a little. He asked me different things and I somehow felt free to ask him too. He didn't go into details but he wasn't against having a conversation. "You seem like a nice dude. I like that. Brings me even more pleasure to pulverise you beneath me." I finished making coffee for him, he sat down on the couch and put his feet on the coffee table right in front of me. I knew what I was supposed to do. He didn't even say anything, just looked at me then at his sneaks and that was it. "Mind if I light up a cigarette too?" I asked. "Only if you're going to lick the dirty of my soles while smoking." I sat down on the floor, right next to his feet, lit up a cigarette and started licking. Between the treads there was a lot of dirt to clean and my only tool was my tongue. Usually guys don't really spend too much time on this but he was so thorough and demanded perfection so it took me a while to do it. As I was progressing, he would occasionally check if there are any dirty spots left and if there were he would punish me. He would demand that I put my chin on the coffee table and as I did it he would brutally shove the heels into my face not looking where he would strike, as if my face was some sort of a barrier that he was trying to kick through. These strong strikes were quite painful and I would make a loud noise every time he would do it.  Eventually, after he smoked a few cigarettes, drank his coffee and I was done with cleaning, he stood up and told me to lie down again. This time he decided to be more brutal. He did trample my head again but it was not the main goal. Ben started brutally jumping on and off me. He would jump on my belly, land there piercing through my stomach and then stay on for a few more jumps, get off, kick me hard without really paying attention where exactly, then jump on again. This went on and on. It was so exhausting. It seemed like he would never stop. The worst part was that my cock and balls could not take it any more, I felt like I was about to lose them permanently. I couldn't tell him anything, I mean, who was I to deny him the pleasure he was having? At some point he decided he wanted to rest and watch TV a little. I think he had worked during the day so he was somewhat tired. I was ordered to lie on the bed, face up and he climbed up, stood on my stomach and crouched down on top of me. Then he just let himself fall backwards. His ass landed on my face. My nose was wedged into his butt crack and he remained there like that. Now this was resting period for him, but for me it was proper torture. At first, a few minutes into him sitting on my face, I was ok. It was somewhat painful, I could endure that, but I was running out of air. It was becoming harder to breathe and as I was starting to run short of breath the pain intensified too. I was wiggling around, trying to somehow free myself or catch breath but as I was doing that the pressure was even stronger and he was getting annoyed. He would occasionally hit my rib cage with his fists or would kick my balls with his feet which would calm me down only because of the immense pain that would cause. After maybe 30-40 minutes of this torture he got off me and walked to grab a glass of water. I could finally catch breath. I felt relieved! He then returned and ordered me to get to the front of the bed and take his sneaks off. As he was lying there and resting I was supposed to massage his feet and lick them clean. This was one of the most unusual parts of the meeting. I did something like this a million times before but never the way he did it. At first, yes, I was normally massaging and licking like anyone would do. Every inch of his feet had to be thoroughly licked and all the sweat had to be swallowed. However, after a longer foot worship session he told me to bring my face closer to his feet. As I did so he shoved both of his feet into my mouth, as much as he could, ordering me to force myself to swallow as much as possible. Then he started to pull my mouth apart. I never imagined something like this would excite me and hurt the way it did. He had my mouth open with each foot to its side, causing a lot of pain. As I was crying more, he would do it even harder. It seemed like he had no intention of stopping. The more he was stretching it open, the more he would force his feet inside. No one had ever shoved their feet so far in my mouth before. At a certain point I couldn't even pull myself back if I wanted to because it would cause even more pain. This whole mouth exercise lasted for some time. In the following days my mouth and jaw would hurt anytime I ate or drank. He made sure I wouldn't forget about him so fast.  Eventually it was time for him to go. He pulled his feet out of my mouth, I moaned in pain. I was ordered to turn my back to the front of the bed, tilt my head back and sit like that. He moved over me, sat on my face again as it was tilted, crushing it for one last time. He crushed my balls with his bare heels and applied more pressure on them. I started to cry really loudly but he couldn't really hear me crying from underneath his ass or he simply didn't care, jerked off and remained sitting like that until he caught some breath. Ben stood up and ordered me to slide down beneath him. I did so as he grabbed his sneaks, putting them on my face and sliding his feet into them. He tied his laces and stood up on me, trampling me one last time. "See you when I see you. I enjoyed using you. Thanks for licking the dirt of my sneaks. Bye!" and he walked out leaving me in pain and totally spent. Sounds like slave heaven. Was this a recent session? No. End of last year. He wants to do it again, but till this day we never did it. It's impossible to plan things with him. He wants to randomly announce himself and come over whenever he pleases. Does he live close to you? How did you find him? He lives like 70km away. I found him on Grindr, this is where I usually find guys for trampling.

I like the pics of you being trampled on the bed. That is Airmax.Sniffer (IG) on top of you who is also from Serbia. What can you tell us about him? I've known him for a long time actually. He would be in my top 5 best experiences for sure. He's popular on Instagram and he often features and helps different people connect within the community. For those who didn't have the chance to meet him or maybe want to but are wary of doing so, you're in for a treat. He's an awesome guy, good looking and very kind - until you get under him that is. Then you'd better brace yourself for what's to come. Some of the most brutal sneakers I've ever encountered were his white/yellow/blue ones in the pics. At the time they were brand new and the soles really dug into my body.

What advice would you say to a new guy who was about to trample you, who had never done it before? Don't be afraid and too cautious. Relax and just forget that there is someone beneath you. Walk freely, don't look where you step and keep moving. Beyond it being much hotter for me, there is some logic to this advice too. When you are being cautious and step slowly, you can lose balance more easily and cause injury. Also, standing in one position for too long causes way more pain. If there was one thing you could change about the trample fetish, if anything, what would it be and why? What I would change is the freedom part. I would like it to not be such a taboo. But that's just wishful thinking. Among the more realistic things, I would like to maybe have an easier way to meet other like-minded trampling people.

Is there something with trampling you haven't tried yet but really want to?  There isn't much I haven't tried. Every experience is new and different, but I have tried a lot of things. I haven't tried cleats before, would you be willing to help out with this? Also, although I have tried being underneath 3 (or more) guys, it wasn't the full experience I would want, so maybe this again. I can definitely help you with that.  Thanks, you're so sweet to be helpful like that. Let's see how you go with me in cleats on your face, and I twist around to face down your body, without lifting my feet. Wow, you're really intent to give me a hard time, aren't you?! I've read all your stories and know what you've handled.. or said you handled.. so, I am intent to put your money where your mouth is. What is the most unusual location you've been trampled? I haven't been crazy with these, tbh. Mostly it was indoors. There were several occasions outside so I will say a park in the mud just after rain. I was all muddy after it and my mouth was full of dirt. One last question just for fun. What celebrity would you most like to be trampled by? Chris Hemsworth is welcome any day. I don't have a number one but he is awesome.


A big thanks to Nick for all his effort in recounting these trampling stories.

You can catch Nick on Instagram: Domination_Republic, or Twitter: DominationRepu1.

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