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TrampleTalks 5: Christophe

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This time I'm talking with another tramplee, Christophe from Belgium. He approaches trampling a little differently and has built a life for himself around trampling. He has some interesting trampling tales from Romania, and pictures that I can guarantee will make you jealous.


I don't know you too well but I've seen your trampling pics over the years and have always admired them. I want to find out more about your sessions and what you've done. But first tell us a little about you! 

I'm a 45yo teacher living and working in Belgium, with a holiday apartment in Bucharest (Romania). I was married from 2012-2019 with a brazilian model/dancer. 

Already I need to stray from my list of questions.. did he trample you much?!

He was not so much into trampling but he knew it made me horny. And since he liked to get fucked.. We had an open relationship as well, so for trampling sometimes I would go out.

When did you realise you were into trampling?

Very young, like 10 years old. I always tried to get my friends to sit or stand on me while playing outside. Like lets see who has the strongest abs, and so on. 

This seems to be common among people with a trampling fetish. Do you think there was something in your childhood that made this happen? I've always wondered why or how people end up with a trampling fetish.

Well it happens, boys lay down on each other.. stand on each other during games and 'fighting'.. I seemed to like that.

Perhaps something like that does trigger it. A lot of people are into wrestling as a type of fetish. What was your first proper trampling session like? How old were you and what happened?

I think I was around 15yo when I had a friend who seemed to like to dominate. When we were alone I always challenged him, so he started to dominate me. Sitting on me, standing on me, putting his socked feet in my face. He didn't understand what was really happening. I don't think he knew I got horny from it, for him it was more of a game but for me it was something sexual.

As a young adult 18+ did you have many trampling experiences? You wouldn't have had apps to try and find guys at that point.

Not many no, it was indeed hard to find. I was still not out which didn't help. I mostly imagined and fantasised about it in my mind. Wrestling was popular on TV so I liked to watch that and enjoyed when they stood on each other. Sometimes a friend trampled me as a game for him, totally not sexual for him. 

I understand. So I'm curious what your first session was like when the guy knew it was sexual for you. Did that come some time later?

After I got my own place I discovered bars, clubs and fetish parties. So I went to one in Antwerp. There was a nice young dutch guy, Morris, perhaps you know him. He explained to me what the fetish was called and he took me to partied in Koln, Paris, Amsterdam, Milan.

Morris (TramplingGuyNL) who lives in Paris now?

Yes. When I first met him he was like 18-19. After that I went online to find guys into fetish (planetromeo, and other sites). The big 'boom' came in 2014 after a little fight with my husband at the time. I met a Romanian escort in Brussels. We met several times and he told me I should go and visit Bucharest, which I did. My husband had planned a trip somewhere in Europe with his sister, so I could go to Bucharest on my own. Since then I have been to Romania for a lot for fun. 

That's amazing. So these guys in Romania are escorts, you pay them. Can I ask how much you pay? I know you said it was very cheap.

Well it goes from 15 - 30 euro. Depends on who, when, where and how much they need the money. I never ask for sex, only trampling. A lot of straight guys love to trample for some money over there. For me it's sexual, for them it's not. They tell me they don't feel like they are an escort when they trample. 

It's a pretty good deal in my opinion. And they're mostly straight guys, not gay guys? How do you find them? 

Online.. planetromeo, Grindr, and also in the bars. Once you have a little group of connections, they present friends. 

When you say straight, are you meaning 'straight acting'. If they're on apps like Grindr..

They use those platforms because they know they can make money from it. Almost all the tramplers I meet are straight-bisexual. It's a way of surviving I think, or they're too lazy to work. The average salary in Romania is between 250-500 euro a month (well paid jobs excluded). So if you make 25 euro extra for 1 hour, it's a lot for them. 10 clients in 1 month = 1 month of salary. Of course I know the prices now also, so they can't fool me. Tourists often end up paying more. Imagine you arrive, there is no information and a guy says I'll trample you for 50 euro. You know what the prices are like in Australia and you think this is a perfect deal.

Also not being sexual for them would make it easier surely. To walk and trample all over a guy is not very difficult really, easy work. Do they often enjoy it and want to do it again? Do you often see the same guys or always looking for new ones?

50/50. A mixture of old and new guys. Most of them get married and start having children by 25. We talk on Facebook or meet up for a drink, sometimes even with the girls and babies. There is mostly no taboo about it. 

Even the wives know about it! 

I had a dominant escort who asked if he could make pictures for his profile. His girlfriend was the photographer.

Well that's great some of them can be open about it. Who knew Romania could be a sort of trample tourist destination. I'm impressed you bought an apartment there to stay when you visit. How often do you go to Romania?

Normally 5-6 times a year. Christmas and New Years, spring holiday (1 week), Easter (2 weeks), summer (7-8 weeks), November (1 week) and sometimes a long weekend in between. 14 weeks a year, give or take. 

School holidays... now I understand. It makes a lot of sense having a place there now.

Indeed, I have a lot of holidays and they're all paid.

These guys you pay to trample you there, obviously they don't have a trample fetish like you and I.. how do you train them to be good tramplers?

I'm a dominant sub. I like to get dominated MY way. So I explain how to do it and you feel almost immediately if they are dominant by nature or not.

So you order them around as they are on top of you?

Something like that yes. I pay because I like young, skinny or muscular. In the fetish gay scene that is rare.

That works. When I was younger I would often do the same when getting trampled, tell them what to do. I never made a good sub for dominant guys. Of all the Romanian guys you have met, is there a favourite who has trampled you a lot?

Yes there is one. He is smart and enjoys trampling. He isn't poor, his father works in Belgium as an orthodontist but he lives with his mother in Romania. He likes the idea of getting paid for something he enjoys doing.

Perfect. What style of trampling do you like? Do you prefer to be trampled hard and brutal, or gentle - more like an endurance trample?

Endurance. I prefer it every day softly instead of 1 a week very hard. 

Does that mean you get trampled in Romania every single day you're there?!


I think the tourism industry in Romania is going to get a boost in trample tourists after reading this! How long do your sessions usually go for?

Well a lot of tramplees don't like to pay for it. Normally go for 1 hour or so.. until I've jerked off! 

Ah yes, I've spoken about that a little before and my opinion is still the same. I think if you're in a position to pay.. why not. If you can't find the type of guy you like who is willing to do it for free, you miss out otherwise. 

Indeed. And it's easy. It's like a business deal.

Exactly. You get what you want, and don't have to reciprocate, other than some cash. What has been your favourite session to date, who was it with and what happened?

One time, some of the guys I met and got to know in Romania asked if I would let them stay 2 or 3 days at my house in Belgium. 5 guys aged 18-22yo, sitting on me, standing on me, laying down on me. I had trampling and fun all day. Jerked off like 4 times a day! 

Sounds like a lot of fun - did you pay them, or was the accommodation your form of payment?

They got to stay for free. They had a car and went out visiting clients. They came often since there was a lot of work in Belgium (2014-16).

What a great deal for you. 

I know. For me, Bucharest is like paradise also. When I visit there life is cheap. It's easy to get to, only a 2.5 hour flight.

The guys in your photos always seem to be wearing sneakers, is this your favourite? Or do you enjoy socks and barefoot also.

I enjoy them all, even boots.

Do you ever do anything to prepare for a trampling session? Other than visit the ATM machine haha.

Negotiate 😉 Also I don't eat much beforehand, so my body is ready.

Seeing that you like a softer session, I'm assuming you wouldn't have really had many injuries from trampling then. Do you ever get bruised or had lots of marks on your body?

Yes of course. It happens from time to time, you get marks. I remember I was at gay pride festival in Paris, maybe 15 years ago, I went to a trampling party the evening before. My travel mate saw my body afterwards and said I was crazy. Next day was 32C and I had to wear a t-shirt. So I decided not too many marks anymore.

What happened?

It was a private trampling party, together with Morris. Only people who registered were allowed, so it was trampling trampling trampling.

Now we're talking. How many people were there? Was this maybe your roughest session?

One of the roughest yes. I can't really remember as it was so long ago. But it was very rough as the marks lasted for 2 weeks. I didn't have trampling fun afterwards for weeks.

Do you let guys trample and stand on your head and face? That often leaves marks.

I let them but with a lot of control. My face is holy, it's my cutest part haha.

Do a lot of friends know about your trample fetish? Are you open to people about this?

Gay friends yes. Also when I go out and meet new people, I tell them. You never know if someone might be interested to try it. When I meet escorts I show their profiles to my friends. They always say to me, I don't have to ask about their dick because you probably didn't see it.

Similar to Jake in TrampleTalks 2, if you put yourself out there.. you may find someone willing to try it.


So for you, trampling is the #1 sexual thing?

Oh yes. I would love to find a guy who is into it, who doesn't want to fuck. I'm not really a romantic guy either. Almost no one is under 30 though. I like cute guys with a lot of weight.

Let's talk about the trample parties. Sounds like you've been to many. I've never been to one and always wanted to. What usually happens there?

The best ones are Skaterboy parties in Koln or sneaker parties in Milan. At the Skaterboy parties it's mostly young guys. The thing is, everyone is into fetish: sneakers, socks, feet, trampling. You have a drink, start to talk and meet guys, and if it's right then go and lay down on the floor for trampling. Some others will join in. But I am an economical guy. For me, a trip to Koln: hotel, car, parking, drinks.. 250 euro perhaps? For that I can have 10 cuties in Romania, 10 days of fun. At those parties you can't just go up to anyone and say 'trample me'. 

These days do you go to many trampling parties? 

Nope, I make my own in Romania! Unfortunately sometimes these fetish parties don't have a lot to do with fetish. It's just guys dressed in the fetish of the evening (sportswear, leather..) looking for sex. 

Do you find it's a lot of the same guys or always quite different?

Mostly the same, Morris.. Cliff (when he is in Europe).. 

You mentioned in a previous chat that Cliff has been to Romania with you a couple times. How did these sessions go? I've trampled him a couple of times and know he likes it rough. 

Well I showed him some escorts, he chose and I explained to them that he likes it rough. We made a few movies in my apartment in Bucharest. They trampled me too, but in the way I like it. Not rough like his way. 

Of course, it's two very different trample styles. Did you enjoy seeing him get trampled so rough? I would have loved it. 

Yes I enjoy watching rough trample, just not receiving it. 

Is there anything with trampling you have yet to try that you really want to?

Another session with 4 guys, but I won't get that in Romania as I would prefer to pay 1 guy for 4 sessions. 

What would be your ultimate trample fantasy

A trampling relationship. Being together with a young dominant fetish guy, not an escort.

What's your advice for someone just starting out as a tramplee?

Find someone you trust who has some experience, to test what you like in trampling.. hard, soft, etc. 

Favourite body part to be trampled?

Back or ass.

What's the ideal weight for a trampler in your opinion?

There's no ideal weight, only ideal bodies.

What celebrity would you most like to be trampled by?

Justin Bieber. I know he wears nice sneakers and to be honest I don't think he would mind doing it.


Thanks to Christophe for his time and all the chats in putting this together. I've definitely got Romania on my list of places to visit now!


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