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TrampleTalks 3: Lester Gibbons / LesterGibbons13

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

I'm excited to introduce Lester as the next TrampleTalks guest! If you're really into trampling you surely would have heard his name before, and if you haven't.. well it's exciting that you now have. We talk about his trampling experiences and how he came to write erotic short stories about trampling.


Hi Lester! Thanks for agreeing to do this with me. I have been a big fan of your books for a while now, they are insanely hot. For those people who don't know you.. tell us a little about yourself.

I am a native New Yorker in my mid-40s. By day I am a bored office worker and by night I am doing all I can to satisfy my trample fetish. I'm naturally creative so writing is one of my passions.

Have you always been into trampling? What age did you realise you were into it?

Oh boy. I knew at a very young age, probably around 10 or younger, that I wanted to be trampled. I would have this urge to get stepped on by neighbor kids, classmates, and even adult men.

Sounds very familiar. Did you ever act on any of those urges?

Yes, with varying degrees of success. I remember sitting on the outside steps with some neighbor kids. I would sit on a lower step and try to put my hand next to one of their big sneakers. If I was lucky, the kid would step on my hand for fun.

What was your first proper trampling session like? Who was it with and what happened?

It wasn't until I had access to the wonderful internet. I met a very large man in a chat room. We met in a hotel room midtown and he trampled me for an hour. I was surprised I could handle him as he was 260lbs (118kg).

How old were you when this happened?

26 maybe.

Did you ever try before then, as an adult, to get trampled by guys? Just curious how you would have attempted this pre apps and internet.

It was usually by asking someone to step on my back because it hurt. So it was very rare.

But it never progressed to a proper trample?


I notice you always go for the heavy guys.. you must get absolutely crushed flat underneath that sort of weight. Have you ever had lighter guys, say around my weight 187lbs (85kg), trample you?

I have. There is a difference that I have noticed. Heavier guys will crush you flat to the floor, but a lighter guy will run all over you and be much more agile, doing things like jumping on you. Lighter guys have better balance and can be fun because they can do crazier things. Obviously I can handle a longer session with a lighter guy.

One of Lester's favourite trample positions.

Yeah, agreed. Well it's good to get a variety of weights and experience different tramples. Is there a favourite session that sticks out for you? Who was it with and what happened?

Yes, I have several. One of my favorites was with a guy called Ryan who I met on Craigslist. After a few back and forth exchanges, he sent me a picture of his size 14 Timberland boots. They were magnificent. Worn and dirty, but still plenty of tread on them. I had never had a session with boots that big so I was really eager to make this happen. He had me meet him outside a Starbucks and I was thrilled that he was exactly as tall as he said he was. Standing at 6'7" it was exciting to see him up close. He wore his boots and it was snowing outside as he led me to his studio apartment a few blocks away. He had already set up a spot on the floor with a blanket and pillow. No one else had ever done something like that so I was impressed. We started out with him trampling my back for a while and I was in heaven. Usually the longer I lay there, the more aroused I get, and the harder I want the guy to stomp. "You know you can jump on me if you want." "Really? Wow, I was going to ask but I wasn't sure." He was so grateful that I gave him permission to do this, and I liked him even more. He was into pushing limits but he wanted to ask first. So he jumped on me a few times and then I turned over and had him walk back and forth across my chest. This was one of my favourite things to do at the time as it was like having a giant walk on me. Next I had him walk up the front of my body, stepping on my crotch, chest and head. He did this, slowly at first but once he got the hang of it he made 4 passes. I didn't turn my head, so he stepped right on my forehead with his boot on the way up, then heel on the way down. The hour was getting close so I asked him to stand on my head, but he stepped on my crotch with both boots. I didn't question whether he had misheard me or wanted to trampled my crotch instead. All I knew was that it felt amazing. "Bounce up and down," I said after taking a few pictures. I came while he stood there and although he was aware of it, he didn't mind. I never questioned if he was straight, gay or bi. I just wanted to get trampled.

Damn, that sounds hot. On a side note, I wish Craigslist was still around. I met so many guys through there who were great, some of them I'm still in touch with today. Did you ever meet this guy again?

No. Despite several attempts to contact Ryan for a follow up session, I never heard back from him. I tried so hard to track him down, even finding his Facebook profile and sending him a message, but no luck. I miss Craigslist personals every day. These days you have to use the "activities" section to meet people, but that's risky. I have posted ads there, but they get flagged and removed often.

That is so sad. We've been talking for a few years now and I know the struggles you've had trying to find guys to trample you. Living in NY I would have assumed there would be plenty of guys available for trample. Seems like this is a problem worldwide, no matter what size the city. What do you think it is about trample that puts non-trample guys off?

I have no idea. People will say "I'm not into that" but they don't give a reason. Maybe some guys don't want to risk injuring the tramplee. It's a highly specific fetish, apparently. Also, as someone told me recently, "It's supposed to be foreplay." I know a lot of guys who only want to be trampled. They don't want sex.

Lester under two heavy guys.

Some people are so narrow minded. Yes, trampling can be the whole thing for many guys. I would probably say the same.. in my experience people are worried about hurting the tramplee. If they can't get past that, you don't want them trampling you anyway as it will be a horrible experience where they are too cautious. Speaking of injuries, have you ever had any from your sessions? What was your most brutal session?

I had been seeing "Matt" every few months for trampling sessions. He was a 245lb (111kg) straight construction worker from Staten Island. It didn't take long for him to get used to the idea of trampling a guy under his size 13 boots. By the 3rd time we met up I didn't have to tell him what to do. I had built up my endurance with him, easily lasting 2 hours at a time. I loved playing with him because, as big as he was, he could run up and down my back. The last thing he did to me was jump off a chair onto my back at my request. This was scary, because I had no idea it would hurt that much, but luckily I wasn't injured. After that session he emailed me to tell me he was leaving the state to find a new job. I was devastated on so many levels. He was a great guy, easy to get along with and we laughed a lot. Maybe he was worried about hurting me, but I'll never know. His only downside was how long he took to respond to emails.

I was off to find a new trample buddy, so I headed to Craigslist. "Broadway" answered my ad. He was 6ft tall and thin, around 220lbs (100kg). It seemed like I could easily handle him so I booked a two hour session. He wore size 13 Timberland classic 6" boots that weren't new, but they still had plenty of tread on them. I lay on the floor and he began to walk on me. Within a few minutes he had started jumping. And not one or two little hops, but 4 high jumps in a row. I handled that and he continued, trampling me both front and back. Walking on my head, my hands and crotch. He was impressed by me. "Never met one like you before". Broadway wasn't a dainty guy, and he was kind of thuggish, with a trampling style that got sloppy the faster he went. This meant that his boot would slide off my chest and end up on my neck, or he'd have to dig his heels in to keep from falling off. I got bold and asked him to stand on my head with both boots. He did so without hesitation. As the session wore on, I got more excited and urged him to go harder, faster. We took a break because he was sweating (this was summertime) and I lay at his boots while he sat on the bed. He noticed my back was wet. I ran my hand back there and it was kind of sticky. Then I realized that was because his boots were grinding me so much, he was scraping my back. I typically just wear a white t-shirt because I love when they get filthy and ruined during the session. I got back into position, this time over by the bathroom where he could walk up and down my body on the way in and out of it. Being able to hold onto the doorframe gave him extra leverage and balance, and this allowed him to stay on top of me much longer, grinding, stomping and jumping even more than before. My back was getting wetter and wetter now and it began to bleed. Not gushing, but little dots here and there that appeared on my t-shirt. When the session was over I looked in the mirror. I had boot prints all over the side of my face and my back was covered in scrapes and partial boot prints. It was alarming at the time and extremely painful, I had to go to great lengths to hide it. I would later learn in subsequent emails that Broadway liked making my bleed and wouldn't consider another session unless he could do that again.

Ouch, he rubbed your skin raw? Must admit that is quite hot. He must have been quite sadistic to see that and keep going.

Yes, he was sadistic. He was in the BDSM scene for a while.

That makes sense. I'm curious when you say you went to great lengths to hide it. How did you hide it? Did anyone notice the damage, and if so what did they say?

I made sure I was never without a shirt on in front of my partner. I would sneak into the bathroom and try to apply all sorts of creams and lotions on it. It was a nasty mess. I wanted to take a pic but decided I didn't want that kind of evidence.

You should have set up an alternative email, and stored the pics there! Do you still have a partner now? Did he ever trampling you or know about your trample fetish?

Yes, I still do. He trampled me a lot when we first met, but he isn't really into it. He just did it as a favor to me. After a while, it just became a chore to ask him to trample me so I stopped asking and started using Craigslist. Speaking of email accounts, one day years ago I googled my real name (Lester is just a pen name). I was horrified to see that my real name was linked to a boot fetish board on Yahoo, because I used that name when I set it up. Who knew they would display it like that? I begged the admin of the group to take it down and he did. Horrifying.

I bet! That was a close call. Does your partner know you meet guys to get trampled?

He does now. I kept it secret for a long time.

Nice. So you don't have to sneak around in the evenings now. Does he know you write the books?

Yes, he knew about the books.

You'd think he would read one of the books and then act out one of the scenes for you! Does he have nice boots?

He doesn't like wearing boots! How frustrating.

Let's get to the books. What made you decide to start writing trampling stories?

I saw this movie about phone sex workers. They all seemed so bored reciting these fantasies over the phone and I muttered to myself, "sex sells". Then I realised that I am constantly fantasizing, so why not share these wild erotic stories? The name Lester Gibbons came from the names of characters in two of my favorite movies, "American Beauty" and "Office Space".

Well I'm glad you did, I don't remember when I discovered your books.. but I'm happy that I did. I don't think I've yet to finish one of your books without, finishing myself. Are any of your books based on real sessions, or just pure fantasy?

Some are inspired by real events. One time I went to this bad neighborhood to meet an escort who was going to trample me. On the way out of the neighborhood, I got lost and couldn't find the subway. That inspired the intro to Wrong Part of Town.

Preview of Wrong Part of Town. Link to Lester's books at the bottom of this page.

My favourite book, and perhaps the first one I bought, is The Pit. The fact that in the story you have a good straight friend who knows you like to be trampled, tramples you, and also helps you find other guys to trample you.. what tramplee doesn't want that?! Imagining all those construction workers walking all over you like that is such a hot scene too. What's your favourite book and why?

Of that's one of my favorites too. I read them and it's impossible to find a favorite because they all come out of me when I am all 'worked up'. So if I am in the mood, it's going to be a good story. But I like the cop stories best. Cops are impossible to meet for trampling.

They don't want to wear the uniforms or boots?

They worry about exposure due to their job. They are very private, and I understand that. I am also very private, which is why there are no pics of me on any of my social media.

I totally get it. In fact, many many years ago when I lived in New Zealand I met a cop online who came around to trample me a few times. At first I didn't know he was a cop, and he didn't realise that I subsequently found out either. I nearly didn't meet him the first time because he was acting very weird online, not sharing pics and very paranoid about discretion. Perhaps the 3rd or 4th session he left his wallet out while he used the bathroom and I found his badge. Then it all made sense why he was worried about discretion and photos. He was into bare feet himself.

Wow, that's exciting!

Preview from Service Call 3. Link to Lester's books at the bottom of this page.

The Service Call series of books are super hot too. Have you ever been in a situation where you had a trade in boots at your place working on something, and did you manage to get under him?

Oh yeah, I love that series. I am so proud that I was able to keep it going for 3 strories. The closest I came was when I was 16 and the man came to our house to read the electrical meter. I let him into he basement and saw that he had boots. I did the old, "Oh my back hurts - could you step on it?" and he did! When I knew he was coming the next time I hid a camcorder in a box nearby and filmed it. It was very brief, but incredibly hot. I had a 'sex tape' of sorts when I was a teen. There was a lot of boot related footage on it. But at a certain point, I worried my nosey family members would fir it so I destroyed it. You know how hard it is to destroy a VHS tape?

I love hearing this type of story! How heavy do you think he was? Did he hesitate to do it?

He was probably like 190lbs (87kg). He did hesitate, but he did it anyway. I guess he felt like he was helping me. It was like 4 seconds but it felt amazing.

What's even more interesting is that he did it a second time, from the sounds of it?!

Actually it was a different guy if I remember correctly, and that guy insisted on taking his boots off. I was so annoyed but let him stand on me with socks anyway.

Better than nothing I guess.

Yeah, back then, you took what you could get. LOL.

Preview of The Pit. Link to Lester's books at the bottom of this page.

Do you think in reality you could handle what is written in your books? Take The Pit for example.. having 20-30 guys line up and all walk over you brutally.

I think I could. I have had some brutal sessions that have lasted for hours. Sometimes my stories are too extreme to be acted out without serious injury though. They should have a warning label. Do not try this at home.

What is the most about of guys you've had trample you at once?

Just 2 unfortunately. But they totalled 520lbs (236kg), 260lbs (118kg) each!

That weight is impressive. Have you ever come across any other trample writers? I used to enjoy when there was an odd trampling story in the stories section of

No actually.

I haven't either, which puts you in an awesome unique position!

Yes, although people have offered to collaborate with me which can be hit or miss.

What sort of collaboration would you do though?

It's always fun to hear other people's ideas for trampling.

Preview of Doormat. Link to Lester's books at the bottom of this page.

Are your books popular on amazon? Are you finding that you have a good trampling following?

Not as popular as I would like, but that's only because I don't promote them as often. It's hard to figure out how to market something like this, and then there's always trying to market on social media, which can come across spammy. My books are a real niche item, but for guys into the scene they are always satisfied.

I think that would be a common criticism for me.. spammy posts about the videos. But you're right, it's hard to figure out how best to market them. I see you're getting into OnlyFans lately. Tell us about Tyler Groves (Tyler's twitter here). What's the story behind how you met?

I met Tyler on FetLife last summer. I asked him if he was into trampling and he said yes. We had an incredible session where he wore his work boots, a hard hat and a tool belt. These were no props, either. He worked in construction for a long time.

Incredibly hot scene with Tyler on top of Lester's head.

Is this the same guy you have been attending fetish parties with too?

Yes! Before meeting him, I had no idea about the BDSM world and it's been utterly fascinating. He's a great guy. Early on, I knew instinctively that I could trust him, because he was so caring during sessions. He would hang out after and we would talk about anything and I got to know him.

Well trampling definitely has some crossovers with BDSM. At the parties would he trample you in front of everyone?

Oh my God yes! At one party, he tied me up and then dragged me out onto the main floor of the space. It was there that he trampled me in front of everyone.

You would have been in heaven. Did anyone else join in on you?

No, and that's the thing with BDSM - consent. You can't just join a session. You need to ask permission. And I am glad for that. Tyler makes sure that I am safe during all events. It's like having a bodyguard who is also my Dom.

Tyler using Lester as a footstool, in between jumps and stomps.

He does sound like a good Dom. The talk of parties reminds me of a guy who calls himself Georgio the 'Human Carpet'. Interview here. Video here. At parties he wraps himself in a roll of carpet and gets stood on all night by everyone. Have you ever talked to this guy? I had a feeling there was a younger guy who did a similar thing in NY also.

I have heard of him too but haven't encountered him at any parties. I don't know how he can endure that. The carpet must be very thick. Getting trampled all night is not without its risks.

I have a feeling he may be more into girls trampling him actually.. but I know guys do trample him too.

That makes sense. Most girls are way lighter.

And I think most people are on him for a matter of seconds/minutes rather than hours. Still, it must be exhausting.

Yeah, although I have always wanted to lay at the entrance to a party.

So you're doing a lot of video content with Tyler? What's been your favourite session with him so far?

Yeah, and it's a lot of fun. Those videos are very popular. It would have to be the crazy jump video we did back in the beginning of February. I had been dying to have Tyler jump on me for a video. He did it a couple of times, but it always seemed like the camera was off, or it happened randomly. The reason I wanted to see it on video was because of the sheer power of his jumps. He really smashes me into the floor when he does this. So I finally told him, "It would be hot if you jumped on me in the next video." I had to put it out there. We started filming. He wanted to smoke a cigar in the first one, and it was very much a bullying session. Hard stomping, verbal abuse and spitting. He wore Carhartt pants, a black top and a ball cap. Of course, his black steel toe Doc Marten work boots were my favorite part. They are well worn so they don't hurt like new boots, but Tyler stomps hard to make up for that. When we were done he said that the cigar was distracting him from the trampling. We started filming the next video, and here he let me have it, jumping on my over and over again, standing on my head full weight and just trampling me all over. Tyler is massive and muscular and he's very much in control of his body. When he jumps it is a full force event. He clenches his fists, leaps up and slams down, not unlike some of the tough straight men in my erotic short stories. I had a hood on, so trying to see where he was during this session was hard. He would vanish and then say "lay flat" and I knew to brace for yet another impact. I am used to having my back stomped and jumped on, so when he told me, "Tighten up abs," I only had a split second to brace for a full force jump on my abs and chest. This was a first for me. No trampler had ever done that to me so I am glad we got it all on video. Can't wait to film the next one.

Tyler jumping on Lester in the infamous jump video.

Do your friends know you're into trampling? If yes, what do they say about it?

Only my partner knows. I find that most 'vanilla' people just cringe and don't understand it, so I never tell them.

What's your theory on why people have a trampling fetish?

I don't know, honestly. But I have struggled with accepting it in myself.

I hear you on that. Talking with like minded guys always helps I find. What's your advice for someone just starting out as a tramplee?

Be careful! Make sure the guy doing the trampling respects limits and use a safe word if you are worried about getting hurt. If he won't use a safe word, don't do it.

What do you think makes the perfect trampler?

Someone who is patient and yet fun and willing to take things to the next level.

What would you like to see more of in the online worldwide trample community?

Good question. I feel like it's such a scattered community so meeting locals, even in a city as big as NY, is kind of scarce. I guess I'd like to see more tramplers come out.

You feel the online scene is full of tramplees and not enough tramplers?


I would agree, there's definitely more tramplees but for me this is a good thing. I do enjoy speaking to tramplers though as well and sharing experiences. I think the MXM website is a good space for us, we just need more people using it and interacting to make it great.

What is the most unusual location you've been trampled?

A park. It was at night. I had a friend in the neighborhood who wanted to do it outside. I lay down by a bench and he trampled me there.

Favourite body part to be trampled?

Upper back or ass.

Favourite boot to be trampled by?

A nice well worn pair of Timberland work boots.

What celebrity would you most like to be trampled by?

Jason Momoa.


A big thank you to Lester for sharing his experience and time with me. Lester can be reached on Twitter, click here. Give him a follow and see what he's up to, there is a lot of new content coming from him worth checking out.

**Want to read one of Lester's trampling stories? There are 18 (!) to choose from. Click here.

**Follow Lester on OnlyFans: Click here.

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