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TrampleTalks 2: Jake / jakey9212

Updated: Feb 2, 2021

Round 2 and I'm with Jake this time from the UK. You may not have heard of him before but I found him through instagram and was impressed with his trample story. Caution: this TrampleTalk contains some CBT (cock & ball torture) pictures with blood from one of Jake's sessions. If you're uncomfortable with this please do not read on. Otherwise, enjoy!


Hey Jake! What's your age and where do you live?

Age 27 and live in Manchester, UK.

Nice. Since we've met you seem really into trampling which is why I wanted to do this with you. When did you realise you were into trampling?

I certainly am really into trampling! I have had an idea of liking trampling from a young age. But experience wise I would say I was approximately 13 years old when I first tried it and confirmed that I enjoyed it. 

That leads into my next question.. What was your first experience like? Who was it with, what happened, etc. 

So I was approximately 13 years old and it was with my best mate Ryan at the time. We had grown up together and he was staying at my house. We both knew we had a liking for boys at the time but we didn't really understand this. When we were in my bedroom I recall playing with his feet and I had asked him to step on me, which he did. He was apprehensive at first and very cautious when standing on me. I think this may be a reason why I like guys to be merciless when trampling me these days. I do remember him stepping all over my chest and stomach and also on my hands and arms.

That's great. Did it happen a few times or was it just a once off?

Unfortunately it only happened a couple of times!

I know that you get trampled reasonably often now. How do you approach guys to make that happen? What's your advice for others looking to do the same?

Well I mainly use the most common apps such as Grindr, Scruff and Recon. On Grindr my tagline is literally "Trample me". In doing this it gives everyone an understanding upfront of what I am seeking before it wastes anyones time. 

Jake's Grindr profile and bio.

I'm interested in your Grindr profile. Do you get many guys messaging you about it, or do you find you chase a lot of guys for it?

I do get a few guys messaging that are curious about the trampling, especially when I visit a new city! I chat to a few guys on there that I call 'regular tramplers' as they have trampled me more than once. 

The new guys you chat to who are curious, do you find most of them come through and trample you or they're just looking to chat and find out about it? 

That would be difficult to put down as a percentage as quite a few guys do want to just chat about it due to their curiosity. Others will take me up on it and give it a go. I find that most guys who have given it a go tend to enjoy it. On the flip side I also get some negative comments from vanilla gays who see anything other than regular vanilla sex weird. 

Yeah I can imagine there would be some stupid messages from narrow minded people. Have you ever had someone turn up to trample you and then back out or refuse to do it?

Luckily I haven't been subject to that but I did have a similar scenario when I was back in Berlin in January 2018. I met a guy on Grindr whilst staying in a gay hotel. He turned up to my room and gave it a go, but realised it wasn't for him so he apologised and ended up leaving. No happy ending for me on that occasion. 

Well that's a positive thing that most who give it a go tend to enjoy it. Look at you spreading the word of trampling! One thing that I've always found curious about you is that most of your friends know you're into trampling. In fact I think that's how I found you on instagram. You may have already known of me, but I was searching the #gaytrampling hashtag and there was a pic of you and a friend, on your friend's account, with all these trampling hashtags and he mentioned that you liked it. Have your friends always known? I'd love to hear your trampling 'coming out' story!

I like to be open and true to what I like and I refuse to cave in to the comments of the narrow minded people who are in our own community! So I like to be myself and I always say that a sexual preference of liking being trampled does not define who I am, nor does it change me as a person. I tend to use the #gaytrampling hashtag on my photos as it helps me network with like minded guys such as yourself. My friends haven't always known as I used to be embarrassed about my kinks - I used to deny that it was me when questioned about the Grindr profile, etc. I have really only been very vocal and open about my kinks for maybe 5 years! This also only happened because I was blackmailed by a guy who I had refused to meet up with and he threatened to tell my family, friends and work colleagues. He had photos of me as well as screenshots of our conversations. At this point I decided to take control and ownership of my kink. When my friends did find out they said comments such as "we knew it" - which was a huge relief. They are extremely supportive about it. If I see a hot guy in a bar they immediately look down at his feet and will try and guess his shoe size. If the guy has big feet they will always say a comment along the lines of "oh yeah, is he hot or is it the big feet?". The bulk of my friends know about my kinks and they reference it when we are out and about. One of my very good friends who happens to be a drag queen over here in the UK dedicates the Steps song "Stomp" to me when she is on stage. She gives a very brief overview of, "This song goes out to my good friend Jake, he is the one who likes to be trampled on" so that gets me some attention. I am quite prolific and well known in Manchester for being very open about the trample kink. 

Oh wow I didn't realise you were blackmailed. That's great you have supportive friends. Have any of your friends offered to trample you once they've found out, and did you accept? 

Yeah the blackmail part is the unfortunate story but it was also one of the best things to happen to me because it enabled me to be honest about myself and my kink. Only one or two friends have offered to trample me and I certainly did accept! I don't get the opportunity to be trampled as much as I would like so I didn't want to pass up those opportunities. 

Fair enough. Do they continue to trample you? I imagine it might get a bit strange with some friends after a while?

One of my very good friends still continues to trample me from time to time. Not all that often due to his work, but when he is home and available he will trample me. I think this is because he loves CBT. He had never considered using his feet and weight to crush a guys balls until he met me and was introduced to trampling. Now he loves it. 

Jake's favourite: trainer socks trampling all over his dick and balls.

I love that your drag queen friend calls you out in the bar in front of everyone about it. Do you get strangers coming to talk to you about it afterwards? Has that ever progressed to being trampled in that very bar on the same night?! 

I love the attention as it also adds credibility to my kink for the guys who don't believe that I am actually into being trampled. Plus most of the guys in the bar know that it is me. When she says it over the mic she usually points me out and people clap their hands and stomp their feet. I haven't yet had the experience of guys coming to talk to me at the bar but I do usually get messages on Grindr afterwards saying "I can't believe that the drag queen called you out on it", etc. I also haven't had the luck of being trampled in the bar yet, but it is still very much on the cards.

Amazing. If that ever happens I want to hear about it. Let's talk about your trample sessions then. What's the most brutal session you've had so far?

The most brutal session would have to be with my friend I mentioned earlier, back in May 2019. I say this was brutal because it was primarily a CBT trample session. I had made a makeshift cock board with a couple of holes that I could pull my dick and balls through. They could be trampled with no escape for my balls. On this occasion my mate who is a UK11 shoe and weighs around 95kg decided to wear some Nike Airmax 95s (which have a brutal sole on them). He was standing on my dick and balls and my banjo string (which is the piece of skin that connects your bell end to the cock shaft) broke with a loud snapping sound! As a result there was a lot of blood but we continued until we both blew our loads. The hottest part about that session was my mate didn't care about the damage he had inflicted to my dick and he wanted to continue to crush it and feel it flatten under his big foot.

"The hottest part about that session was my mate didn't care about the damage he had inflicted to my dick."

That is insane.. also the fact that you continued and you were still able to cum. Were you in any pain?

At the time there was no pain as I was so engrossed in the moment! The pain kicked in the day after when I jumped in the shower and the hot water got the open wound on my shaft! That was extremely painful but luckily my dick healed in around 1-2 weeks. My friend has mentioned a couple of times now that his next aim is to try and actually burst one of my balls under his feet. 

Ouch. Did you go and see a doctor about it?

Nope I didn't need to. It's broken before from being trampled so I knew what to do. Just kept it clean and it healed on it's own.

Vapormax soles on the balls.. ouch!

Have you ever had any other injuries from trampling? Do you ever do anything to help prevent injuries before a trample?

Apart from bruising, I haven't had any other injuries. That banjo string injury has happened twice though. As far as my experience goes, there is no way of preventing injuries when being trampled. Knowing what your own limits are and having the mutual respect between yourself and the person who is trampling you is a good idea

So you obviously like getting your dick and balls trampled a lot. What was one of your favourite sessions to date? Who was it with and what happened?

Hell yeah I do! I would have to say that my dick and balls being trampled on, full weight and no mercy, has to be one of my favourites! My favourite sessions are usually with my mate mentioned above. One of my all time favourite sessions would be with two very good mates of mine who are a married couple in their early 30s. I was at their house one time and they both know what I am into. They both wore trainer socks as these are my favourite. As soon as I arrived at their house I was on the floor and both of them were standing on my body. They were getting off with each other and completely ignoring the fact they were stood on my body! Their combined weight would of been approximately 160kg. As well as trampling me they both stepped on my possessions, such as my iPhone, which got me even more horny! One of the guys also enjoys CBT so I was able to step on and crush his balls while his partner was on my shoulders! Extremely hot session.

I'm getting excited just reading that, sounds hot. Is there anything with trampling that you haven't tried yet that you want to?

I'd love to try having a guy trample my face (would love you to do that) and also a guy trample all over me while wearing football boots (cleats). 

Nice cleats action.

I would enjoy doing both of those things to you, two of my favourite things to do. What would be your ultimate fantasy trample?

My ultimate trample fantasy would be a guy with big feet, size 12 or more, wearing a pair of sweaty trainer socks.. walking all over my body without a care as to what he steps on or whether it hurts me, etc. Also while he is trampling me he is playing with his dick wanking off. He would also trample all over my possessions, iPhone, iPad, laptop, glasses.. and he wouldn't care if these broke under his feet. 

That's right, you have a bit of a crushing fetish too. How do you feel watching your possessions getting crushed underfoot, knowing full well that they may break and it could be costly for you? 

That I certainly do! It is a huge turn on watching my stuff being trampled under a guys feet. Knowing that he doesn't care if stuff breaks. One of the best guys commented once, when the screen of my iPad shattered, "Oh well it was on the floor and the sound of the screen cracking nearly made me blow my load!". If stuff breaks then that is something I would have to deal with, nothing for the guy standing on them to worry about.

I'm picking up on a theme here.. you really enjoy when the guy doesn't care what the consequences are. Whether you get broken or your belongings.. it's your problem, not his. That's a hot thought for the dominant tramplers out there.

Glad you think so! That is most definitely what I like to outline from the start before I meet up with a guy for trampling. It has to be merciless. It's really a big turn off when someone is hesitating or worrying that something will break or I will get hurt.

Do you have a theory on how people end up with a trample fetish?

I don't have an exact theory but I believe with fetishes it can be put down to something that happens in childhood. Or, like myself, someone having a foot fetish and wanting to expand on that. That is how mine started, I had a sock fetish and found out about trampling.. tried it and discovered I liked it. Ultimately for me this is an extension of the sock fetish.

Have you met many other guys in person who are into trampling like we are? It's a very rare fetish. What do you think the biggest problem is for guys like us with this fetish?

No I've only met guys who are curious about it and want to try. It's definitely rare. I think the biggest problem for the trample fetish is that it's still a bit taboo. Not many guys are open about their sexual preferences when it comes to kink. Also I find the majority of gay guys are extremely boring sex wise and refuse to try anything apart from vanilla sex.

Amen to that, couldn't agree more. At least in Australia and New Zealand it seems that most non-fetish guys are not very open minded sexually. If I won the lottery, I would organise and pay for a whole bunch of us trample guys around the world to meet up somewhere. It would be the trampling party to end all trampling parties! We'd probably end some of you tramplees as well come to think of it..

That would be amazing! Should I win the lottery you would need to organise it and I would pay. You clearly have more trample contacts than I do. 

What's your advice for someone just starting out in trampling?

Set and agree on limits to start with and definitely have a safe word. Stop if you are unsure of the feeling. Ensure you can walk before you run.

I see what you did there. In your opinion what makes the perfect trampler?

The guy from my ultimate fantasy trample.. size 12+ feet, wearing sweaty trainer socks - ideally straight from the gym - who is merciless and dominant.

Standing on the balls full weight.

What celebrity would you most like to be trampled by?

Liam Hemsworth and his big size 12 feet.

Most unusual place you've been trampled?

In a carpark next to the guys car.. so we were out of shot of the CCTV cameras. 

Sneakers or socks?

I prefer socked feet over footwear.

Socks or barefoot?

I'm not a barefoot fan.

60kg or 90kg?

Definitely 90kg.. I want to be crushed mercilessly.

80kg or 120kg?

It would depend whether 120kg was one person or two. 120kg muscular guy.. hell yes!

Heavy gentle trampler or light brutal trampler?

Can I choose heavy brutal trampler?

How can people get in touch with you if they're in Manchester or UK and want to trample you?

My instagram is jakey9212.

Thanks to Jake for sharing some of his trample history and stories. If you're ever in the UK hit him up for some trampling! Stay tuned for TrampleTalk 3 - who will be next?

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