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TrampleTalks 15: Jens / sneakerhead_947

This time we have a young tramplee Jens from Germany, with some really interesting experiences to share. No matter how many of these TrampleTalks I do there are often still surprises in the stories, things I didn't know or have never heard about. This one is no exception!


I usually like to start with introducing yourself.. where you live, age, anything like that you feel comfortable saying.

I'm 27, I live in Germany, in a place with a lot of vineyards so I drink a lot of wine! My name is Jens, and I like to be trampled and anything that has to do with control and submission. I hope some tramplers in my area will read this and write to me.

When did you realise you were into trampling?

I started with trampling when I was 15. I had my first Master. I met him on YouTube. Yes, Youtube. Most people don't think you can meet someone from YouTube but you can. He was 30 and I was 15, and we saw each other for about 1.5 years every 2 weeks on a Saturday for 8 hours. He taught me everything I need to know and do as a slave. I licked his sneakers, I licked his feet, sniffed his socks, and he wanted to trample me as a faggot. I had a wish for him when he went to America, I asked him to please buy a pair of Nike Air Force Ones. He bought a white and red pair, the nike swoosh and soles were red and the rest of the shoe was white. These sneakers are fucking beautiful, I remember them well and he trampled me the first time in them. When it happened I thought I was the luckiest slave in the world!

Thats nice, AF1s are very good sneakers. They can be quite hard for trampling though. So he was your first trample... did you know you liked trampling before that though? Or it was him that introduced you to it?

No, I knew I liked trampling beforehand. I had looked at a lot of trampling videos online and I was so excited to try it, so I asked him please Master I've seen a lot of videos like this, I want to try it please can we do it.

Are you into any other fetishes too? Or is it mainly sneakers, trampling, etc.

No I like other things too, bondage, dog play, farts and other things too... humiliation.

I see in your photos that you are sometimes trampler. Do you like both positions?

Yes of course, I like to trample also. I like being tramplee the most though. I like it when the trampler tramples me fucking hard and it hurts. When he's laying down and I'm the trampler.. I give it all back and even harder than he gave to me.

Oh yeah, payback! This master who trampled you first, you said you knew him for 1.5 years... do you have a favourite session you did with him?

One session was fucking perfect I think. My Master came around and had his AF1 from America on his feet. It was raining so the sneakers were muddy and looking well used. The first thing that I had to do was lick them clean and it was not really comfortable for me but ok, I am the slave, I had to do what my Master wanted. Then he told me to lay down on the floor, your tongue is not enough, I will rub them on your body to make them clean. He stood on me, my weight at that time was around 60kg and he was 85kg. So I really felt his weight. This was a fucking good feeling. Then he did something he never did before. This was the first time he stood on my head and trampled my head. At least two minutes full weight on my head. This was the most horniest thing I've ever tried. I had never done that before. And then there came a lot of things I never did. He trampled me so fucking hard. Up until this session we had not done any more than fetish stuff, but we did more in this session. And the Master could see, oh my slave likes the weight on his head.. he likes the weight on his fucking idiot face and he stood there and I'm wanking while he stays on my head, for maybe 10 minutes or more.. until I cum. This was the first time I cum with fetish stuff in my life.

Oh wow, an intense and hot session. Did you have marks on your face from the head trample?

Yes I had marks, I had a nike swoosh on my right side of head.. a big one. You could see it a half day later..

I like that you are really into head trampling. But yes, it can leave big marks. Has anyone ever seen the marks and commented? Like a friend or family member?

No, I have good luck.. my family at the weekends are not home so I have the weekend to myself.. I don't meet friends if I know I have a mark on my face. Never had that problem. About a half year later I told my Mum all about my fetish life and I remember she said "oh, please not on the head, it's so dangerous". She was frightened something would go wrong. I said yes I understand what you mean but I like it so much I can't stop it.

Wait - you told your Mum?!


That is brave. How come you told your Mum? I haven't heard of anyone doing that so far.

My mum is like my best friend and I can tell her everything happening in my life. She is like my best girlfriend, we speak about everything. She knows when I go to a fetish party or when I meet new guys, she knows it all. When we have sex, Mum asks me all about what I do.. we speak openly. We have no secrets.

Good for you. I'm not sure many others could do the same with their mothers!

You seem to like the master slave dynamic.. do you get into verbal abuse too? I notice you use #faggot in your posts sometimes.

Yes, I like to be humiliated a lot, whether verbally or through actions - either is good.

For you, how much of trampling is about the pain versus the humiliation?

The pain is not what is really important for me, the domination and the feeling that the master is using me.. this is what makes me fucking horny. I like it when he tramples me in cleats or something, yes it hurts and its a struggle to hold him, but I like this feeling when I can bring a smile to my face when a Master stands on me in cleats.. when he wants to see me cry instead, but I'm smiling.

Sometimes I play a game with my Masters.. when I see they are not sure what to do and they are frightened of hurting me, I smile every time. When I see they are thinking I don't want to trample too hard, I just smile.. and they think ok, it's all ok, I can do more, and then we come to the time it hurts which makes me happy.

That is a smart idea. I'm keen to hear another trample story. Do you have a favourite session with a different master?

Yes, four years ago there was a pride in Mannheim. There was 3 masters that came, we met at pride. We talked a lot, one said.. yes you like trampling, come with us for some fun. So I went to meet them. The tallest of them was 98kg, biggest was 103kg.. so altogether it was around 300kg... oh yes, that was a hard one but I liked it. They trampled me fucking hard, all 3 of them at once. One of the masters was standing a lot on my head full weight. We drank a lot so there was a lot of piss.. they spat on me.. verbal abuse.. I was in heaven. It was such a good feeling giving complete control to them. Later on we had a lot more to drink, one of the masters had white AF1s that were very dirty, and his socks were very stinky. I love that. This was the master that stood on my head a lot. At one point, we were alone and I asked him if he could trample me again. So for the next hour he just trampled my head and face.. in sneakers, socks and bare feet. The feeling when he was standing with 98kg on my face.. I think I can only handle this pain when I am drunk. But it was a fucking great session. I remember thinking this throughout the whole session.

Wow! You would handle me quite easily then. You must have had a sore head after 1 hour of this. Have you ever had any injuries from any sessions?

Never had injuries, nothing has gone wrong. I am very happy about this. Sure I have some bruises and skin scrapes, but never anything more serious than this. I know the head trampling does hurt. 3 days later I still felt it, but in the moment I can not stop, I am so in love with the feeling. Sometimes I want to stop but I just can't.

Well that is good too, especially under the heavy weight. Do you enjoy jumps, on your chest and stomach or elsewhere?

Yes little jumps I like, why not. Sometimes it is nice. I like kicks on the head, trampling hands.. this is one of the things I really like. When the Master is trampling my hands and I have to look at the sneakers. In this moment when he looks down at me and he spits on my head or something.. this sort of thing makes me really horny.

I like to involve spit in a session sometimes too. What are your favourite sneakers to be trampled by? AF1s or something else?

That is a good question, AF1s are my favourites but I think really cool sneakers for trampling, especially head and face, is nike prestos. This I like lot.. the soles are not too strong, soft.. so you can trample the face with them and it's a great feeling. When you lay on the floor and you see the sneaker coming towards your face and then you see the soles and it comes so close. Then you feel it touch your face and then you feel the weight.. and the last thing you see is the Master's smile before the weight hits! I love this.

Yes, nike prestos are amazing. I understand what you mean. The presto soles will bend easier to the face and mould to it. Unlike the AF1s.

How often do you get trampled?

At the moment, not all that often. Maybe 1-2 times a month. I want more but it's hard to find masters to trample me in my area, so it's hard to make sessions with guys that I like. I think there is a trampler here, but there are a lot of guys who talk and say they are Masters but when you see them you know in the first 2 seconds they are not really a Master. This is something for me that is a total turn off, it's finished.. I don't have any interest. A Master does not need any words, a Master should come in and you know he is the Master.. you feel it and you have a wish to get down to his feet and serve him and take humiliation from him. I mean, the men around me would trample me, but as a slave I also have my own requirements for the appearance of my Masters and, above all, how they behave. I have no interest in men who say a lot but are not actually Masters and really only after sex.

Very good, yes you have standards too. You told me you got run over by quad bikes one time.. very horny action. Can you tell us about that session, how it came to be?

Yes it was at a sneaker master slave camp in Germany one year. It's a camp with a lot of sneaker guys into all sorts.. sneakers, socks, trampling, etc. There are some workshops you can choose to do.. one of them was to get run over by quad bikes. I said yes I want to try that. There were 3 guys on bikes.. we dug a hole in ground to lay in.. and then they came over to drive over me and stand on me. Sometimes we had 2 drivers on 1 bike and the tires which fucking hurt.. but it's such a quick feeling. For me it's great when I see the master, I feel him on me and see his smile, and know he is happy to hurt me.. that's the feeling I really like. The Master must be happy, ultimately I am not important. So we lay there and the bike is on my chest and the Master put his boot on my face, 'come on faggot lick it..' you have no option but to do as he says.

So this is a master slave bootcamp did you say? I don't think I have heard of this before... is it like the BadMasterBoys camps? You pay to go and theres a few Masters to serve?

No, it's SneakerMasterSlaveGipfel. Yes you pay to go and sleep there.. but it's not only Masters, it's Masters and slaves and we are all there to have a good time with fetish fun. It's fucking cool, you have a great time, we have parties and fetish parties and talk a lot about fetish. It's 4 days long and it's really great fun. For me it's a feeling like coming home.. when you are a long time away from something and you come home.. so I feel like when I come back to the Gipfel it feels like that. It's a family.

How many people go there? Do you know who goes there beforehand? Is it once a year?

2 times a year.. 100 people.

100! That means a lot of action. Why have I never heard of this before, it sounds awesome. I had to look up the Gipfel word.. it means Summit in English. So it's like a sort of fetish conference it seems!

It is amazing, but it's too short.. not long enough, the time goes so fast.. it flies by.

Is it only people from Germany who go? Or other countries too?

At the moment, most of the people are from Germany I believe. Not many people from other countries.

How many masters do you think trampled you at the last one?

Many. Maybe something like 20 masters in 4 days! I had a lot of fun that's for sure.

Do you think it's an even balance between masters and slaves? like 50/50?Germany really does have a better fetish scene, there is no doubt about it.

Yes I think so, there are a lot of switchers... I think yes really balanced. Everyone has fun there.

You are lucky to live there.

Yes I am lucky to live in Germany.. but sometimes I think there are more tramplers who are so far away, the big tramplers on the internet.. I see someone and think this is a fucking horny Master but then he is so far away..

Yes, I often say this too. The pros and cons of the internet. You can meet and discover many people who are into what you like.. but they are often on the other side of the world.

When a master is standing on your head.. for a few minutes or however long... what are you thinking about in that moment? Are you thinking anything at all or just trying to cope with the pain?

It could be anything.. but most of the time with trampling I try and have a mirror or something reflective on the side so I can see his feet on my face. In my head I think it would make a good porno, it makes me horny every time.

What is your advice for a trampler who hasn't met you before and is about to trample on you?

Take it easy, if something hurts I will tell you.. so don't worry. When I know it's an experienced trampler we can make a safe word.. but otherwise I just tell him to have fun. I have a lot of young guys who have never trampled me before. I teach them how to do it, a lot of young guys 16-18.

How do you find these guys?

Planetromeo, Grindr, these sorts of things. I tell them I need the fetish to have sex.. so if someone messages and wants to meet me, we talk about it.. they have usually never done it before, so I teach them. If it's good for them we do more, if not then we do something else. But usually most of them are excited when they try it. Young guys love when I lick their sneakers clean and they can spit on my face, you can see a smile on their face when I'm being hurt.

That's exciting, having guys open and willing to do that for you. I think trampling guys down here struggle to find people willing to do it like that.

Why do you think people come to have a trample fetish? In your opinion what is the reason?

Good question, I don't know. I think a lot of people have a tramping fetish but they don't know it. They have never tried it. In Germany the people are really open to fetishes so when you say, 'I have a fetish for sneakers, socks and trampling', they ask what is trampling and what do I have to do? I tell them and they usually say something like, 'Doesn't it hurt you?' I just tell them it makes me horny, and they try it. It's so cool when you see them take to the trampling and enjoy it. I have some good buddies for trampling, 2-3 guys I have taught and I see them fairly often. Alot of these young guys that I teach, only do trampling with me. They say I am the only one they trample because they don't trust others, and they know what they can do with me.

Yes, the more sessions you do with someone, particularly with an unusual fetish like trampling, the better. They will be more comfortable, even if they happen to 'get it' and do a good job the first time.

I think people who are tramplees come to have this fetish because they like the feeling of being an object that the Master can use. I like to be a seat or a footrest or doormat... things like this.

What do you think is the biggest problem for guys with a trample fetish?

I think in today's society it is very easy to beat yourself up about trampling because many partners have no understanding for it, they just want normal sex and everything that goes beyond their horizon or their way of thinking is strange and scares them off. Then you are often wondering what's wrong with me. Many people with a fetish in Cologne do not admit their fetishes to themselves for fear of not being recognised in society and that is a big problem.

Is there something with trampling that you haven't tried but you really want to?

Yes face trampling with completely muddy sneakers, or crush food and eat it off the soles. One thing I really want to try is head trampling with soccer cleats.

Head trampling with soccer cleats! Fuck.. come visit me, that would be so horny.

Do you practise aftercare with your sessions?

Most of the time I speak with the Masters after a session. We have a cigarette and speak normally about what we liked, etc. I like that I have Masters who I can talk normally with after and have a good time.

Lets finish with some quick ones.

60kg or 100kg?


Sneaker size EU42 or EU48?


Tall and slim trampler or short and muscled?


2 hour gentle trample or 15 minutes really brutal sadistic trample?

Both, again!

Nike or Adidas?


What celebrity would you most like to trample you?

Magic Mike.

He looks heavy though, closer to 100kg than your 60kg preference..

I know, but he looks so fucking hot. And he has Nike AF1.. so I think he is my favourite. When it hurts, it hurts sexy.


A big thank you to Jens for his help and time with this TrampleTalk! Now, I think it's time for me to become fluent in German and attend one of these Gipfels....

You can find Jens on his Instagram, click the link to be directed: sneakerhead_947

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