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TrampleTalks 13: Toni / feetoni_01

Toni is a young trampler but he has some impressive experience. A few weeks ago I sat down to chat with him about some of his more brutal sessions and how he got into trampling. Hope you enjoy the stories as much as I did!


Tell us a bit about yourself.

I am 23 years old, I weigh around 80-85kg, 190cm tall and EU44 size shoe. I live near the Alps, south east of Munich in Bavaria Germany. I am a semi professional cyclist so I have good legs and I have been trampling guys since I was 17.

What does ‘feetoni’ mean?

It’s a mix of my name Toni, and feet.

Have you always been into trampling? When did you first realise that you liked it?

Actually I liked nice sneakers much earlier than trampling. I remember in elementary school trying classmates sneakers in the locker rooms. Much later I discovered trampling through a big coincidence at our local soccer field. One guy watched every game that our team played from the other side of the soccer field, but no one knew him. So one day I ran up to him and asked why he was standing alone and not with the other supporters, family and friends etc.

I like where this is going...

He talked with me for a little bit but the whole time he is looking at my soccer boots. I asked if he liked them. He blushed and said yes, but that he can't join the other supporters. I asked why and he suddenly blurted out that he would like to lick my soccer boots.. but before I could reply he just left in a hurry. I never saw him for a long time after that but I watched some youtube vids about that stuff and it looked amazing to me.

Seems like brave yet bizarre behaviour..

Yes. But then one day I saw him again! I ran over to him with a plan. I told him he must lick my boots after the game until they look clean and new. We did it behind the school and this was the beginning of it all for me.

His dreams came true!

We swapped phone numbers, he lived in the neighbourhood and 2 weeks later I went over to his place for my first trampling action ever. It was with soccer boots too.

How old were you when this happened?


And he was 17 too?

No, he was like the age of one of our Dads.. mid-late 30s.

Oh I see. So tell me about that first trampling session then. Was it his idea to be trampled?

Yes. But I also really wanted to stomp that loser to the ground and use him as my soccer field. Was an incredible feeling to step on a human body.

Was it a long session? Did he handle it well?

I was really gentle. And he lasted around 1.5 hours. I was much lighter in those days, around 70kg.

He must have been sore afterwards with your soccer boots. No I was really careful that time. I did use 4 different pairs of soccer boots though. The first were indoor shoes. The second were turf shoes. Third pair were the kind used on firm grounds and the last ones were with the studs. He had the most beautiful marks I have ever printed on a body by the time we were finished.

That's good. Did you ever consider trampling before you met him? Or he was the one that introduced you to it?

I was considering it in that period where I discovered the videos on youtube, etc. I also found some of your videos and Cliff Edge's videos and wanked several times to them.

Are you 100% Trampler? Sometimes I get trampled too. It's good to know what the tramplee experiences but I am 99% top.

These days I am more trampler but every now and then for the right guy I will be tramplee. It helps to remind me what feels good, and what doesn't etc. That's what I mean. I believe you can't be a good trampler if you don't know the other side. Unfortunately, I can't take much as a tramplee. I have strong massive legs from the cycling but the rest of my body is a bit fragile for trampling.

Very nice. Have you ever tried riding over a slave, using your bike wheels on their body?

I have done this twice, but it didn't work well. Especially with road bikes, too tricky.

Is trampling your main fetish or do you get into other action too?

I'm open minded for a lot of stuff. Trampling, piss play, foot stomping, etc. I like all of them.

Do you have a favourite session that comes to mind?

I have had many nice sessions with a lot of nice people. One does stand out though. When I was 19, I met a young guy from Austria living in Munich. He was studying medicine and was a really good looking and kind person. We met 5 times in one month and had a lot of fun, I had a little crush on him. We always went to a forgotten little cabin in the forest to do our trampling stuff. One particular day I treated him really bad with soccer boots and sneakers. We did all sorts. He licked my feet really well and I put my dick in his mouth to piss for like 20 seconds. He had such a look of pleasure in his eyes. Afterwards I fucked him in his mouth as I stood on his hands in my sneakers, it was the first time I had ever had gay sex. I trampled him even harder afterwards. Previously that day at work I had filled a bottle with my piss. He had brought some muesli to eat, so I filled his bowl with muesli and my piss to eat, serving the rest of the piss with it to drink. That was so fucking hot.

Wow that escalated! You were having such intense and interesting sessions at such a young age. This slave sounded like a lot of fun.

I know you have some more intense stories though. Tell us about some of the more brutal sessions you have had.

I have a couple yes. I broke someone's arm once. It was really hard to break.

Really? How did you do it? Was it on purpose?

We put it between two tree branches and I jumped on it. The whole purpose of the session was to break his arm, that is what he wanted.

Ouch! Did you enjoy it?

Not really. I did it because he liked it but I didn't enjoy it. It was right at the beginning of my trampling career, I was inexperienced. I didn't know how I felt about it, for me it seemed a bit crazy - a few seconds of satisfaction for 6 weeks of shit.

That’s quite an extreme session to agree to when you are just started to explore the fetish.. I wanted to try everything.

So what happened after his arm broke? Did you stop the session?

Yes of course. I drove him to the hospital.

Did you trample the rest of him or do anything else?

The whole session did not last very long. He licked my sneakers clean but I didn't trample him much so we could avoid marks. The plan was to go to the hospital and say it was a household accident.

I've never heard a story like this before, my mind is blown. You usually hear about people fantasising about it, but never actually following through on it. Did you film it?

Unfortunately no, I didn't want to go to jail for this! It was actually quite hard to break his arm too. It took 5 attempts. Jumping up really high and trying to hit it with my heel.

Did he jerk off at any point?

No, when it happened he screamed.

An interesting fantasy to have, I wonder if the reality was good for him or not. If you met him again now, more experienced, do you think you would enjoy breaking his arm again? Maybe. Another time I broke someone's nose and enjoyed it, but he did not.

You broke it on purpose or it was an accident?

It was not planned. He had jerked off over my sneakers and ankles and I got angry, because I had specifically told him not to cum on them.

Oh yeah. Slave cum on your sneakers .. not good. Nobody wants that.

The worst thing ever. He was a fat, ugly slave too. So I kicked him 3 times really hard in his face. He was crying, laying on the ground. I left him there in the forest and walked away.

How did you feel when you gave him those kicks? Really really good. Pure adrenalin. The only thing going through my mind was to hurt him as much as I could.

A literal punishment for a disobedient slave. So, he had just cum and would have been feeling so nice and good for that only to have his face kicked hard by you.. Not my problem. Did he message you later saying his nose was broken? No, I felt it after the first kick. 2 or 3 kicks later his hands were covering his face and they were all bloody. I never heard from him again.

You are brutal. Was it satisfying? A little bit.

So you are quite sadistic then? You enjoy causing pain? Oh yes. Some people say I have the most evil smile they have ever seen.

How would you describe that feeling? What goes through your head in those sadistic moments? It's really hard to describe. I have never cum while trampling a guy but sometimes my dick gets close to exploding with satisfaction. I'm so focussed on my slave. My senses become sharper. I can see every little movement. I feel his breath, sometimes his pulse. His muscles. It feels like I have the power of God to decide over one human life. I tried to meet Cliff Edge one time. I guess I can stomp him really bad.

Yes you would love Cliff. He can take a lot, really good.

Maybe I will break his arm too.. Ha! He likes brutal but I’m not sure that brutal. We didn't meet because of covid. Well hopefully you get another chance soon. I hope so.

You told me once that you also broke someones fingers, was that a different guy to the broken arm and nose guys? Yes, but that was definitely an accident. He wanted to protect his belly from my kicks and I hit his finger, but he said it was ok. I guess he liked it a little bit.

Do your sessions go for long? Up to 4 hours sometimes. You seem to love doing sessions outdoors. Are they always outdoors? In summer I prefer outdoor, as long as I can. Sometimes even in winter. I live in a very beautiful landscape and I love nature. Most of my sessions now are in a very beautiful valley with a river passing by and lots of trees.

Do people ever stumble across your sessions outside? Oh yes. 4-5 times at least. Really. What happens then? It's always a bit weird, they try not to look and leave as fast as they can. And then I trample that slave again. One guy who was running past looked like he was interested, that was funny. I like being in public like that.

How degrading for the slave, being trampled by you and seen by passers by. I like that you enjoy that and don't give a fuck.

Why should I? It is not forbidden.

Very true.

You mentioned sometimes you are the tramplee, have you got a story from a time you were the tramplee?

No that happened only 2 times with 2 nice slaves. I also had sex with them. The first one was a guy from Stuttgart. The second one a cute slave from Karlsruhe. That first guy met me last year in December and I trampled him upstairs at home, my parents were right under us. Afterwards he gave me a blow job and then he trampled me in socks. He did it really well.

Sounds nice. You mentioned earlier it is good to know what the tramplee experiences. Did you enjoy being in that position even just a little bit?

Not really, but it's nice to know how it feels.


Maybe in a few years. Sometimes I wonder how it would feel to be trampled by me at full power.

Well if we ever met I could do that for you. Just don't cum on my sneakers haha..

I think maybe it will stay just a thought!

How do you find your slaves to trample?

Mostly instagram. Some of the early ones I found on in Germany.

Is that like a classifieds website, like Craigslist? You can post an ad to find people?

Yes, but for everything.House, jobs.. and sexual stuff.

What style of trampling are you into? Do you like hard action with jumps and rough shoes the most, or do you prefer gentle more endurance type of style? Or it doesn't matter..

I like both types very much. Maybe like the gentle part a little bit more, but if someone likes it hard then he gets it hard.

You like to please!

You can feel your slave's strength as you go and you can adjust the intensity according to that. Sometimes I treat guys a little bit harder if they want to expand their limits. I do my best for my slaves so they can have a good time under my feet and I respect them!

Do your friends know you're into trampling?

My friends don't know it. My bf was a slave at first though..

So you trample him a lot then?

At first yes, but not really anymore. I did some things to him that I regret today. Now he is my teddy bear and not a doormat.

He was the slave though, is he not still a slave at heart? Doesn't he still want to have some slave treatment in the bedroom? I am so curious about this.

A little bad treatment in the bedroom is always good. He doesn't need much, I can stand on him for 5 minutes and he is done. I let him drink my piss and lick my really dirty shoes. Sometimes I invite slaves to my home and I trample them while we hug and kiss, the slave suffering under my feet.

Oh this is very good. Does your bf trample the slave too? 2 of you on 1?

Nope, he is really not into hurting other people, but he loves to watch me.

What is one thing you did to him as a slave that you regret?

I called him a big fat loser stuck, my feet in his mouth and spat on him.

And now you love him!


Why do you think people like to be trampled? What is the reason, in your opinion?

Hmmm. They like to be controlled by another guy. The pressure on their body. They like the sight from the ground up to the guy who is on top, forcing him to lick his sneakers. Some are masochistic guys who simply like the pain. There are many different reasons.

I would agree with all of that.

What celebrity would you most like to trample?

Putin. The greatest macho guy on earth, maybe that old guy is not in shape.

I would like to watch that.

Who do you think I should do a TrampleTalk with next?!

Extremskater is a good tramplee who organises huge trampling events in Germany.

That is a good idea, hopefully one day he might agree to it!


A big thanks to Toni for his time and sharing his story. If you want to see more of him you can find him here:

Instagram: feetoni_01

Twitter: Feetoni_01

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4 comentarios

29 jun 2022

I really would like to meet you! I’ve been wanting to get treated like a floor for the longest time now. Please email me:

Me gusta

09 abr 2022

That was a very interesting interview. As a tramplee, it's always interesting to hear what the "other side" thinks - especially when it comes to cruel fantasies, like breaking an arm, a leg - or even something far worse. Also, it was cool to see that Toni's living (more or less) in the same area as me, southern germany. Though my body, as I've read, wouldn't be too interesting for him to trample. That's a pity - do tramplers really enjoy trampling "fit looking" guys more?

Me gusta
03 may 2022
Contestando a

Not always. I do enjoy trampling a guy I'm attracted to, but often times if I'm not attracted to him I find myself caring less.. which in turn makes a better trample.

Me gusta

Such a naturally Superior Man!!!

Always so hot to read those interviews!!! Thank You very much, Sir!!!

Me gusta
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