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TrampleTalks 12: John Trampler / shoemasterj

Next up we have John who is a strict trampler based in the UK. He's got a lot of interesting experience including some recent travel sessions post covid. Have a read and if you like what you hear, get in touch with him to organise a trample session.


Well let's start with you. For anyone who doesn't know you, tell us a bit about yourself..

Hello, I’m John. I live near Liverpool on a place called the Wirral. I’m 35. I work in health care which I find is a common trait with guys who are kinky. They seem to work in the health care profession sometimes.

Nice. When did you realise you were into trampling? How did it all start for you?

Well when I get asked this question I always refer back to my days at school as I was a huge fan of rugby. It was always my favourite sport as I think I liked the rough aspect of it. And sometimes it could get very rough. With scuffs and scrapes coming from the boots. The boots were similar to football but there are parts of the sport which allow you closer contact and you can get hurt. I don’t remember any specific times it happened but it was highly likely that you could get caught with the boots as it’s a very quick moving sport.

I've never played rugby but I know this well, and knowing you I can imagine you purposefully getting your boot stuck into some poor (or lucky) guy. I've only ever known you as a trampler - have you ever had any desires to be a tramplee? Ever got under another guy for a change?

Being submissive in anyway does absolutely nothing for me. I love the control, worship and causing pain too much. Also sometimes I enjoy the fact that you can give the sub whatever you want and they are more than happy to oblige as they like to be able to please you. Even when you are with a slave who may not be totally into trampling and they are into foot and sneaker worship. If you incorporate the trampling into your time with them it can be fun. Simply stepping on them with the soles of your shoes can be an absolute joy. One of my favourite things ever is to push a slaves head to the side with the sole of my shoes. Not even bending down when doing so either. I’ve been with one or two guys who have tried to dominate me and it’s a total turn off. I get absolutely nothing from it and it puts me off for the rest of the time I am with them.

Can you clarify what you mean by the not even bending down part?

So when I have a slave underneath me licking my shoes or footwear. I don’t think they are worthy of me crouching down to pay them attention. I just push my foot in their face and push them down to the floor. They should be on the floor anyway it’s where they belong.

Do you have other fetishes too? If so, what are they and where does trampling rank among them for you?

I have a real fetish for leather gloves and men in suits. But I also like the odd chav guy too. I’ve played many times in a suit and had the slave lick my dress shoes. For me dress shoes will always hold a special place in my heart. I like the fact they look elegant and classy but can be a brutal weapon at the same time. For me nowadays trampling is my top fetish as over the years I have tried to do it more and more. Even though I like leather gloves I’m not into the full leather look, I only like certain aspects of it. I also love to kick guys in the balls too. That’s definitely one of my favourite things to do. Especially if the other guy is into it and they can take it hard.

I know what you mean. I've only been able to do that once really, and the slave wasn't even that into it but would let me do it. I know there are guys out there who love it, hopefully I meet one someday.

Let's talk about your early trampling experiences then. I'm keen to hear about your first ever trampling session, but first.. what was that story you were telling me about your uncle and some trample story he told?

It was my friend's Dad. I always remember hearing it years ago. When he told me I wanted to hear the same story again and again. One day he had been at work which followed by a much needed drink at the pub afterwards. He was alone. In the same bar there was a group of guys. At some point he went to the toilet and when he returned he accidentally knocked into a guy who was with two other guys, spilling his drink all over him. Annoyed by having his drink all over him he told his two friends to grab him and put my friend's Dad on the floor. Using the words “grab him and pin him down”. Which they did. The two guys pinned his arms down with their boots and the main guy then proceeded to step on his chest, I think it was with army boots, I’m unsure. And he didn't let him up until he apologised. There was something so horny about this story which made me want to hear it again and again.

Well that's a hot story, but quite a strange reaction to having a drink spilled on you right? Of all the things you could have done.. perhaps he would have made a great trampler.

That’s the type of people who went to the pubs around then. I also think you never really know what somebody is into behind the scenes.

So how did your first trample happen? Who was it with, what happened, etc.

When being with a guy I’ve always tried to involve my feet somehow as having my feet worshiped always turns me on. One time I met up with a guy whose main fetish was trampling / sneakers. He was very submissive which always makes me happy. When we met he asked me if I would mind trampling him and giving him a good kicking. I agreed, and he brought some boxing boots for me to use in anticipation. I enjoyed it so much more than I thought I would and since then my fetish for trampling has continued to grow.

That's interesting you were introduced to it rather than always being into it from a young age. I think it's more common that a tramplee is into trampling from a young age. How old were you when this happened?

It was full of kicking, stomping and jumping, it was very hot. Doing that to somebody who enjoys it is such a huge thrill. I’d say I was in my 20s as it was a good while ago. I think I have always had it in me but I have just never tried it before. But I’m so happy I did as it’s my favourite thing to do these days.

Are you still in touch with this guy? He sounds perfect to be honest..

I am still in touch with him but he lives down south, so we only meet on occasion. I’ve trampled many times over the years but never thought to take photos or video until years later.

That's ok, I don't always take photos or videos either. How do you like to trample? Are you in total control or is the slave dictating some of what happens?

Well as a master you do of course have to be aware of the slaves limits and what they can take. Although each time I do like to push their limits, even if just slightly. I do enjoy causing pain and being in complete control. Normally, what I say goes.

There was one time when I met a guy who wanted to worship my feet. When we went to his place, I told him if you want to worship my feet you are going to have to get your tongue out and worship my brown dress shoes first. He was so desperate he did what I said. He worshiped the shoes, including the soles. Then I told him now take off my shoes and sniff my socks, then you can lick my feet. Which he did. Then I ordered him to place the shoes and socks back on my feet and said lie on the floor I am going to stand on you now. The second I stood on him I got hard as he was struggling with my weight and I could hear him suffering which made me cum almost instantly. It was all over him and the floor!

Damn, make him work for his reward! I like that you are obviously quite dominant in your attitude for play, but you're also a nice guy. Do you practice aftercare with your slaves?

After I have trampled a guy and I know that he has suffered for my pleasure, of course the human side of me thinks to ask if they are okay. But the dark side of me thinks I’d have you back on the floor under me in a second.

Of course. Do you normally chat with them afterwards about what they liked or didn't like?

Yeah I have done a few times, most of the time they are surprised by how much they have enjoyed it. I don’t think there’s any slave who hasn't come back for round 2. But of course there are only some I have met once and will only ever meet once due to meeting them on my travels.

One time I was in Dublin and met a slave. This one was only into feet worship. He said he wasn't into trampling or licking boots. When he came to my hotel he ended up kissing my boots and I stepped on his fingers and face in them too. For days and weeks after we met he said thank you so much for stepping on my fingers and face with your boots I loved it and you have helped me to discover something new.

Maybe I should give more time to guys who say they only want feet worship then! What style of trampling is your favourite? Do you prefer a softer more endurance type of trample, or do you enjoy impact more such as stomps and jumps?

Hard trampling is definitely my favourite. Jumps, stomps and kicks. I have a real fetish for kicking. Especially if it is done with another Dom. My favourite place to hurt with the kicks is the hips as it’s such a sensitive area and can be very painful.

Hopefully I can find someone for us to kick and use like that whenever you get to Sydney.

Me too mate, that would make me so happy.

The hips? I never really thought of that. For kicks I usually enjoy kicking the thighs hard. They normally bruise up nicely.

The thighs are my second favourite place. Even though I have only seen a clip of your video with the hard kicks, it looks hot as hell. The one with the slave who has red shoulders and scuff marks. I think you had reebok high tops on. I also like the ones in which the slave makes a funny noise when he is jumped on.

The slave from my slave punishment story on the blog is the one who we could most likely use together. Pretty sure he'd be up for it.

I'd really enjoy that. Another reason I like the legs is that they are needed to walk with. So every time they walk they are in pain caused by me.

A little reminder for them to last a few days..

Oh yes, and the bruises too. Even better if they limp ha.

Whats been your favourite session to date? Who was it with, what happened, etc.

The guy with the boxing boots has to be up the top as I know he can take a lot. There was another guy I met in Madrid. He was another one who wanted my feet. I let him have my feet for a while and then he lay down on the floor so I could stand on him. I don’t know whether it was the heat or what but I stood on him for one second and was horny right away.

You trampled him barefoot?

Yeah. Another thing for me is the noise the slaves make and the faces they pull..

Was he into trampling or he just did it because you enjoyed it?

If they are struggling underneath me and they are making noises in pain, it makes me very happy and the guy in Spain did just that. He did it for my benefit.

Tell me a story about when you kicked a slave's balls. Was this your most brutal session to date?.

There was another slave on that Dublin trip. He saw I was into trampling on my profile and asked if I was also into ball busting, which I replied yes. He came to my hotel and I went hard on his balls. He loved every minute. There were a few times with him I kicked him so hard he fell to the floor which was a real turn on. Despite this he kept on wanting more. I did it in my black dress shoes too which is always a favourite of mine as they can be brutal. Another time I even tied up a guy so I could get a clear shot. Not only did I kick his balls, but when he fell to the floor I stepped on his back and made him kiss my shoes.

How about a brutal trampling story?

Would have to be with a guy I met in London. He enjoyed aggressive. Kicking, stomping and jumping. Anything painful basically. When he came to my hotel he got pushed to the floor and kicked and stomped very hard with my cowboy boots. Hard kicks, hard jumps, hard stomps. He loved every minute. He wasn’t intent on cumming but by the end of the session he did. I think he’s the hardest I’ve ever kicked somebody.

Sounds ideal. Do you meet him often?

He is another one who wants to meet again and hopefully soon we can do.

Did he have any injuries? Have you ever injured anyone in a session?

This particular guy, no. Nothing substantial. I’ve given a guy a bruised leg before, he was one who I tied up and kicked. Annoyingly, a friend of mine was going to help me kick him but he wasn’t well at the time we were meeting.

A few years ago I had this slave who was Chinese and I always say he was one of the best slaves I had. He would do anything I wanted - trampling, shoe worship, cock sucking, feet worship. You name it he did it. After an amazing session with him I left his place really horny wearing my shoes he had just licked clean. On the way back to my train I received a message on Grindr from a guy who loved to be abused. He was staying at a hotel so I went to his room and trampled him so hard, crushed his fingers and I think I even stood on his head. It was only very brief but very fun which is why it probably didn’t come to mind right away. It would have to be one of the more brutal things I've done. When I got home I asked him if he had any marks or bruises and he said his hands and fingers were heavily bruised. I love it when they message you afterwards or even days later and tell you they are sore. You would enjoy Cliff Edge. I've seen a few short clips of his videos.

I'm going to hit you up for tramplees if I'm ever in the UK again! You definitely can.

How do you feel when your weight is 100% on a guy? What goes through your mind in those moments?

When I am standing on a guy I feel like I can do anything I want to him. I’m 14.5 stone which sounds a lot but I am tall and not fat. When he is on the floor he is in the ultimate position as it's up to me whether he gets up or not. Ideally I’d love to have a guy begging me to let him get up. Pleading and begging asking me to get off him.

Have you ever trampled a girl or is that a no no?

Yeah I think I would definitely do it but I’d be more careful as I don’t think a woman could take as much as a guy. That’s the good thing about being gay and wanting to trample men. You can go harder on them for sure. Because I’m into the harder trampling I’d feel like I'd have to tone it down for a girl.

Yeah. I've seen those videos made in Brazil where the guys trample the girls. There is something really hot about them. For me, I think it's something to do with the taboo of it all.. walking all over a woman. I'm sure there are some women who can take a really brutal trampling, but it does seem rare. I have been asked before if I've done that, but to be honest I have never had any women approach me for it. There was one person but I had a gut feeling it was a guy pretending to be a girl in the messages.

I’ve seen those videos Shaun and they are mega hot. I'm not into women in any way, but I did enjoy those videos. Those tramplers seemed careless. There is one where two guys are trampling a woman and they a bit rough with her. I’ve seen it many many times.

The one where she is laying on wooden stairs and he just stands and walks on her, on the stairs.. that must have hurt.

Now that travel is on the cards again I see you've been travelling more. What have you been up to? Yes, I was in Berlin recently for Folsom. There was a trample party at a club and the tickets had sold out. One slave I was speaking to managed to get me in though. It was literally a trampling party? Not a sneaker party? I am jealous. It was called Quaelgeist. It seemed to me to be a trample / gut punch party. Amazing. How was it? After getting a taxi and a metro to the club I finally arrived. Outside I was getting horny as all the guys who were arriving had sneakers on. When I got inside there were people getting tied up, people getting spanked and people wrestling. I thought where are all the tramplers? Anyway as time goes on I met the slave who had got me the ticket, we went upstairs and I started to trample on him with my Jordans. There I was trampling away and another guy comes up to me with his eyes lit up, puts his arm around me and jumps on top of him with me. It made me so horny that we had our arms around each other crushing the slave. We did this a few times on and off and the guy was so hot too. He really enjoyed the thrill of crushing the slave with me and he was brutal. We did this a few times then out of nowhere the guy who trampled with me wanted to change and get under me. I was so shocked as I never would have guessed that he would be submissive. So I had two of them on the floor and I kept on going from one to the other and then both together. The guy who was on top with me then rolled on to the other doormat and asked me to stand on them both whilst he was crushing the bottom doormat. Another guy joined us so it was me and him on top of the two doormats. We fucking crushed that doormat and trampled him so hard with no mercy at all. It was so nice to find another guy who enjoyed the trampling as much as me. Later on there was a guy lying by the bar on the floor and I stomped on him too, with other tramplers. Even on his head. I’d say I was the most Dom there. There was also a guy tied up to a punch bag and me and two other Doms took turns kicking him. Later the slave came and thanked me for my kicks.

Were you allowed to take pics? Didn’t get a chance to take photos inside the club. If everything hadn’t have been so spontaneous then I would have loved to capture the moment but it all happened so quickly. Yep, I'm definitely jealous now, sounds like a great experience. Did you see other people doing trampling action there too? In all honesty I think I joined in with most of the trampling there. Oh yeah. So the bulk of action wasn’t trampling? Trampling, gut punching, wrestling and spanking. I’d say there probably wasn't too many trample fetish people there in the end. Some were into rubber but that’s not my thing. Although I never judge anyone’s fetish. You wanna hear something funny about the other trampler? I think he got really excited when he found us trampling, he was very happy. He wanted everyone to join us and each person who went past he kept saying, "trample slave here, trample slave here." Some did turn their noses up at the thought. Does it make you hard when you find others into it Shaun? Even the thought of others enjoying it makes me horny. Hmm, I’m not sure that the thought turns me on as such.. but it’s nice to know others like it too. Probably if I was watching it happen as a spectator I would get turned on. I think if he and I had found a real pain pig, we’d have had no problem destroying him. Sadly I’ll probably never see him again

Is he online? Do we know him? Not sure, he was not from Berlin but somewhere in Germany. Maybe he is on your list. A guy on Grindr messaged me afterwards too. asked me if I was the guy from the trample club the other night and I said yes. He said it was so hot watching me, but he was scared to get under me cos of how hard I was on the doormat. Fucking wimp. There were a few other trample guys in Berlin at that time, did you meet any of them? Piotr, etc. They couldn’t get a ticket to the party in the end. Yes Piotr was fun, we got some good photos and video. He said he was already sore from a session the previous day when he met you. Yeah I think I made his pain worse.

Trampling on pitt_b_trampling.

I also did some kidnap play in Germany too that was fun. It linked in with my other fetish - gloves. Oh really? How did you kidnap them?

So there is a guy who lives in Italy, we have been chatting for a good while. He came to Berlin the same as me and suggested we should try it. I thought fuck it, why not. So he said to me he’ll tell me when he leaves his hotel and I followed him from a distance. Had my leather gloves on, ran behind him and dragged him into the bushes and put my gloves over his mouth and nose. Nice, and you just stayed in the bushes? The streets of Berlin were so busy. It was hard to find a quiet spot. I imagine something like that would be better organised over a longer amount of time too right.. but that is more difficult to plan. For example, let him know it could happen at any time over a few days so it's more of a surprise. Yes, give him a choice of say a week or month and it could happen on any day at any time. Imagine this though. He’s waking down the street and gets stopped by a mate of mine, who walks in front of him. Then he tries to escape and I go behind. Can’t go anywhere, 2 against 1. Be even better if he could take a good kicking. Yeah it's an interesting fantasy. You were in London too recently, any good sessions there? Yeah there was one loser I trampled in an underground tunnel. I stomped his chest so hard and did some ballbusting too. When I kicked his balls he fell to the floor and kissed my AirMax. He can take a lot and I went really hard. He messaged me sometime after saying he’s returning to London and wants to meet again. That would have been a thrill doing it in public like that. You're probably on some CCTV footage somewhere.

Do your friends know about your trampling fetish?

Funny you ask that. For many years my closest friends who I tell everything to have always known that I have a fetish which involves feet. But I have never truly gone into it in detail, up until I made my Facebook fetish profile. One day this profile came up as a friend suggestion to one of my friends and he asked me outright if it was my profile. I thought to myself bugger it, I’ll just tell the truth, so I did. Luckily for me my friends are very open minded and not too judgemental.

That's awesome! Seems a few guys have been caught out that way. I think the trick is to not link it to your phone number, or not let it access your phone and email contacts.

The one who found out my profile isn’t my best friend. He’s just a good friend. So I thought to myself if I can tell my good friend I can also tell my best friend, who is a girl. I told her what I’m into and she was very understanding and I sent her a few examples of my favourite videos.

Oh wow. If they are vanilla it must take a bit to get their heads around it.

She mentioned how painful they looked and hoped I wasn't the one underneath. I told her not to be silly, I'm the one on top. So thank you Facebook.. but in a way I don’t mind.

As a trampler, what advice would you give to a tramplee?

Good question. You need to trust the guy on top. You should also be open minded. If it's your first time, commit to the session. Pain and pleasure. Fantasising about it is one thing but doing it is another.

And what advice would you give to other tramplers?

You do need to think about the reality of what could potentially happen. Pain is all well and good and I'm not going to lie, I enjoy giving it so much, but use safe words and respect them.

What's something you haven't done yet with trampling that you really want to?

I've never done a proper full on group trample session and I really want to. I bet they are the best. I've played with other Masters but not for trampling.

Trust me you will love it, especially because you enjoy hearing the slave suffer underneath. I often just enjoy teaming up with 1 other on a slave, but when there is 3-4 in play it is fun as well. The only downside is movement can be restricted when there's 3-4 of you standing on 1. You figure it out though.

That makes me so horny when you talk about it.

Do you think bullying could be responsible for why some people have a trample fetish?

People say bullying is down to home life or something happening in their life which is tragic that has affected them. I myself have always believed it's a way of asserting yourself as the dominant male. It's just my spin on it though. As you know yourself, being a trampler and tormenting your slave feels so good.

Yeah I think this could be true. I think it could be sexual for a lot of guys too. I was bullied a little bit at school, nothing that bad.. but I also bullied a few kids myself, nothing extreme but I have to admit I enjoyed it. That same cruel feeling often comes over me when I humiliate and trample a slave.

Did you ever make a guy clean your sneakers at school?

Unfortunately not.. I don't remember even considering this back then, if I had maybe I would have tried that.

What would you like to see more of in the online trample community?

For me dress shoes is way down the list when it comes to trampling, not many guys seem to be into them. I like to use sneakers and boots too but more content with dress shoes would be fun. Personally I want to do more with cleats also.

Actually that is a great point, not much dress shoe action. I am not really a fan of dress shoes.. but I'll wear them with you on someone. Cleats are a lot of fun. Very intense pain and reactions

I would love this. I'm happy to do both.

What's the most unusual location you've trampled someone?

I trampled a guy by a lighthouse at night time time once. I didn’t like this slave though.

How did that session come about?

He messaged me on Grindr and asked me to trample him and we arranged to meet. I do like outdoors as it feels like the slave is doing more work by being on the dirty ground, and you are pushing them into it. Plus your footwear is dirty so the prints you leave on them are more noticeable.

Right! Outdoors is really hot, if you can be discreet about it. Did you not like him because he couldn't handle much?

Yeah you have to find a wooded area or a field. I didn’t like him because he was not my type. I should have stomped him harder because he annoyed me.

There is something quite enjoyable about trampling a slave you don't like or who annoys you.. you don't really care as much what happens. I know I'm more careless in those situations.

What celebrity would you love to trample?

Well I think the right answer to this would be Ricky Martin.

You know he has a big foot fetish right?

Yeah I heard that recently. Ever since my teens I have had a major crush on him, his beauty is unreal.

It's well documented if you google it!

I saw an interview with him where he said it. I wonder though is he passive or active. I’d go for active more.

I've always had a bit of a crush on him too.. I would enjoy any sort of foot play with him. I think he would be more passive.. the foot slave.

He's beautiful, even now. I can imagine him shoving his foot in a guy's face. I hear he holds foot parties too.

I'd like to know what he does with his husband's feet. What? Where did you hear this? And how do I get an invitation?

Do you know Glee? The TV show?


Darren Criss from Glee is good friends with him. And he said he went to his house once and he was holding a house party. He said he got there and Ricky had hired people to give all his guests pedicures.

I just googled it.. yeah. That wasn't quite the foot party I was imagining and hoping for though haha.

Well perhaps we could get Ricky's husband on the floor, and all stand on him with Ricky. I'm not sure his husband is into feet though, although it's possible. Actually I'd like to trample Ricky. It's my fantasy.. he does what I want in it haha.

What size do you wear again?

I'm UK11 / US12 / EU46. Not a lot of guys beat my shoe size but you do.

I guess I'm superior to you. Jokes!

Together we would cover a face and body easily. I want you to pin a slaves arms down as I stand on his head. Of course you’ll have more than enough chance to go on the head too as I know you love that.

And finally, who would you like to see me do a TrampleTalk with in future?

Sebix Trampler would be a good one.

Funny that. Watch this space ;)


Thanks John, really enjoyed this chat! You can get in touch with John here:

Instagram: ShoeMasterJ

Twitter: ShoeMasterJ


Recon: ShoeMasterJ

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Matt Tramplee
Matt Tramplee
Nov 30, 2021

I am lucky enough to be one of the slaves being walked on in at least one of these pictures (2 actually - woo hoo, go me !!) . John is a great trampler - he knows what he wants... and will push you for it... with total respect for your limitations. I am very out of practice at being trampled - and felt totally safe with John after talking to him, so I was happy for him to stand on me for a bit longer, knowing he would respect me (whilst he abused me) and that we would both try to get the best from our time together. When I can, we will - I hope, get together agai…

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