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TrampleTalks 11: Alex / Airwalk

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

For the next TT I wanted to introduce Alex from Canada to you all. This guy has some really nice stories and experience, which I know will leave a lot of you jealous. Alex is not only into trampling but also having a bike ride over him too - something I've yet to try but even more curious to do after this chat!


So tell us about Alex..

I'm older, about 47. As you might have guessed I'm Canadian and I'm still mostly in the closet.

Oh yeah? Do you mean in terms of sexuality or about being a tramplee?

Both. I guess I'm not so much attracted to men or the sexual experience per se, I just want to be trampled by men as that to me is like sex.

That's pretty common among trampling guys. Some enjoy sex, but a lot are more about the fetish play. Do you get trampled by women at all, or is it a men only thing?

I sure don't seek it. But I have seen some brutal multi trampling videos (women on men) that were so amazing. I'd only really be interested if they had sneakers on. Put it this way.. if there was a great looking girl who showed up with nice sneakers and wanted to trample me, I wouldn't say no.

You're more into sneakers rather than bare feet right? If you're getting trampled does it always involves footwear?

Yes it appears so. I have had some great bare feet sessions, some not so long ago, but it's really the Nikes that do it for me. Even when re-watching some of my sessions.

Canadians are a pretty open bunch of people from my experience (my 1st trample was with a Canadian guy). What’s your experience like getting guys there to trample you? I guess Canadians are a pretty open bunch. We are definitely a very open and tolerant society for sure. And that is so cool that your 1st experience was with a Canadian. Well so far from my experiences throughout life, during school was the best time to get anyone I was interested in to trample me. I just had to make it convenient for them and usually it just happened.

You mentioned to me a while back that at first you wanted to be trampler, but you've turned out to be a tramplee. Tell us about this.

Yes, when I was younger. I used to totally fantasise about waking up and having someone there to walk on when I got out of bed. Be there when I got out of the shower to slowly use as my bathmat. I have early memories on my tricycle, running over things and being so interested in whatever was under that front wheel. I tried as a kid to step on people but it never really worked out. Over time I guess it evolved to me wanting to know how it would feel to be the one on the floor. You know when you get a great pair of new sneakers, put them on, walk around and try to put footprints everywhere. Then you put the sole to your face and imagine what that would be like. I didn't have many experiences as a trampler, but there was one great experience trampling someone with my friend's younger brothers, who I'll talk more about later. Well, this one kid for some reason wanted me to trample him after he had trampled me. He didn't have to ask me twice. He was about 13 and I was about 16 and I walked right up onto his ass, slowly rocking my weight back and forth. That kid moaned and groaned then had an orgasm... I know he did for sure as it built up, then he urgently had to go to the bathroom. Man that was hot.

Did anyone ever catch on that you actually really liked it?

Yes, one of the younger brothers did. He was walking over my head with baseball cleats, the ones with the soft cleats. He wanted to try walking on my head and I told him to try on a pair of shoes, so naturally he went for the cleats. After a few walkovers I turned over and he said, "Hey, do you have a boner there?" I quickly turned over and said no, but it was always a bit weird after that. My mates always joked later on that I liked to be walked on.

It only takes one moment like that to make it awkward, when the other person doesn't know you like trampling the way we do. You have so many trampling stories it's hard to choose where to start. Tell us some more trample stories from your school days.

I had so many amazing experiences while in grade school / high school and college. Around grade 5 I recall one winter at recess, offering myself up to fellow students as a sidewalk. Sure enough three or four classmates took me up on the offer. They walked over me head to toe in their winter boots. This was probably one of my first experiences and it just felt so good. I still recall those boots and the amazing feeling they gave me. I also recall this one thing that happened, this one kid who was rather meek. Just before recess bell I guess I had been a bit of a bully to him. He acted like a submissive dog and for some reason got down on the ground at my feet. Well if the situation didn't just magically present itself, I walked right up onto him and my sneakers left perfect imprints all over his black shirt. When the bell rang and we had to line up for class, I could not believe the feeling of seeing my sneakers prints all over this guy in the other line. I was in grade 6 and he was in grade 5. By grade 7 and 8 I had a very cool Motocross bike with full suspension and knobby tires just like a real Motocross bike but with pedals. I do recall it was a very heavy bike and for some reason I was very interested in its tires. I would run things over for fun and pretend to be running people over. I also at that time fantasised about being run over by this bike. Well one day a friend from school was over with his BMX bike and I was on the lawn removing weeds. He wanted to go down to the lake. I didn't, and said no. He then rolled the front bike tire up onto my foot and said, "We are going to the lake right?" Again I refused, so he rolled his front tire further up my body, stopping at my ass. "We are going to the lake right?" I replied no, and he rolled up my back and onto my head with his front tire. The back tire was up my ass crack and he magically balanced on that spot, tires on my head and ass, Adidas sneakers on my shoulders. He was fully on top of me, on this BMX bike . It was all too much and I ended up having my first full on orgasm, it was amazingly powerful. After this I arranged a half dozen times to lay down and play stupid to aggravate him into driving his bike up onto me. He ended up using that very heavy Motocross bike of mine on me, and every time he did I came so hard. I recall one time him rolling the front tire back and forth all over my face and nose. It was exactly what I wanted and he just did it. One time he got off the bike and then walked all over me in his adidas. It really surprised me how great it all felt. I was introduced to his cousin about this time who was a bit older. One day we were all hanging out and I decided to lay down stomach up. For some reason he decided to step onto my chest and ask me how much I thought he weighed. I thought it was about 120lbs and he said correct, but kept standing there. I became instantly aware of his blue Kangaroos on top of me. We hung out some more and one night tried to get onto the roof of a school. I made myself useful and offered to be a human ladder to try to get him to walk up onto me. It worked. Without hesitation he climbed right up on me and onto my shoulders but could not reach ending up literally using my head and face as a step. I can still recall those Kangaroo sneaker soles pressing on my face that night. It was magical. I managed to get him to roll his BMX over me as well. Moving to high school, well there are so many to write about. Those younger brothers of my friend's I mentioned earlier, they really were brutal with me. I would hang out with them and play fight, usually ending up trampled. This is where I became familiar with Nike, Asics, and Avia sneakers. One of them had a friend over at one stage who just walked right up onto me with his sneakers and stepped onto my face. My friend's brother could not believe I would allow this so he had to try himself with various different footwear, even cleats. Another favourite moment in high school happened when I was alone in a classroom that had carpet. I was in grade 11 and this grade 9 kid came in and walked right up and onto me during lunch break. I think one of my friends had told him that I liked it, and dared him to do it to me. He had these cool white sneakers and I told him so. He was quite arrogant and planted one of them on my face, asking if I liked them now. I said oh yes. He then stepped onto my face with both feet full weight, and stayed in that spot for a few minutes while commenting something like, "Feel the power". I was completely in shock and couldn't believe my luck. When I walked out into the hallway my friend who dared this kid spotted sneaker prints on my face. "Did you let him stand on your face?" He thought I was crazy. Later in physics class I could not get my boner down thinking about what had happened. It was brutal. Luckily that same kid did it to me again at a later stage.

Damn you were busy in school then. Would those younger brothers of your mates trample you often? Did it turn into a regular event or was it more a novelty that wore off pretty quick?

Yeah novelty, play fight kind of situation. I use to always play dead on the floor to see what they would do. It usually ended up with one of them walking around on my back, as I didn't really want to turn over and be caught with a boner. My actual friends trampled me too in high school. Had a few moments of face walkovers by them all too.

What about the stories where your nephews trampled on you. How did you convince them to do it, and did you feel a bit weird about them trampling you?

Well every time we had a family get together I would ask one of them to walk on my back. Eventually they both stood on my face too, at different times, I think from a dare. Not sure. It only really happened a few times but it was interesting. They were only a couple of years younger than me so we were quite close in age.

When they would trample you were the rest of your family seeing it?

No, we were alone in the basement.

What other stories do you remember with your nephews?

One time a nephew turned up at my work with two of his mates. He told them that I liked to be stepped on and asked if they could all step on me. They were probably around 15 then and I would have been about 19. I vividly recall a pair of black nikes, white nikes and some reeboks. Luckily I was alone in the building for no one to see. I got down on the floor and they begin to take turns walking over my back. They got faster and faster, then they were walking from my legs up to my head. I told them to stand on my head, and they did it. A slow walkover by all three of them over the side of my face.

I wonder what made them turn up at your work wanting to trample you?

I still don't know. Another time those same two friends showed up to my house without my nephew, asking if they could walk all over me again. Unfortunately the timing was bad and there were just too many people around to do it. They must have known that I really liked it. I remember a couple of years later I tricked my nephew into trampling me pretty good on the face. I lay down with a video camera at my face and got him to use various skater sneaks to see how they would look on camera.

I'm assuming you weren't paying them? They must have been enjoying it then.

Oh they were just having some fun. Another time one of them showed up with a completely different friend. We were downstairs and he just asks all of a sudden if they could step on me. I was completely caught off guard. I got down on the floor again and my nephew tells him I like it on the face. His friend was barefoot and just like that walked up onto my face. Eventually the older one stopped doing it as it got too weird, but the younger one picked up where he left off.

Did they ever relay any of this to your family?

I think one of them told some of the family. It came out once when we were all drunk during a stag party. I heard one of them say, "At least I don't need to have a guy walk on me for fun." I heard it and it kinda hurt. The older nephew also bullied me a little when he got older, with a lot of suggestions that I could be gay.

Sorry to hear that. I guess with that negativity you probably left it all alone. This was all some years ago, has it ever come up again with them? 'Remember when...?'

No, but one of my mates who used to trample me does it sometimes, in a good humoured kind of way. Like I said earlier, I'm a bit of a closet case but I have some good stories and experience.​

So your partner is a woman or a man?


Do you identify as gay, straight, bi, or something else? I know several straight guys who have a fetish for guys feet, or guys trampling on them and this always intrigues me.

I think I'm more gay in a straight relationship. I just haven't actually had many gay experiences or opportunities, especially where I live. I also think many more people are into trampling than anyone could believe, it seems like natural thing to go through as a kid.

Well, it sounds like you had so many opportunities when you were younger to get trampled. What about in recent years?

It's pretty hard to fulfil this need locally. It's just flat out hard to find a willing top who would enjoy this. But I have been lucky and have a great ongoing story with a straight buddy. We met at a fan convention in Toronto. We sat at the same food court table by chance and I noticed he had purchased some of the same fan art as myself. We had a lot in common so kept in touch, chatting online and quickly became great friends. We were living in nearby towns so it was easy to meet regularly and hang out, discuss shared interests and hobbies, etc. He would often wear nice black and green Nike Frees. So one day I asked him to crack my back by walking on me with those Nikes. He said, "Sure, I do it all the time with my Dad and brother." Without hesitation he walked right onto my back and was having fun with it.

Sometime after this first session I told him that I enjoy this sort of thing a lot and sent him a Youtube of a guy getting his face walked over in New Balance sneakers. He laughed and said no way, that would hurt you. I replied that I had that done to me many times and its hard to find people I could ask to help do this. So next time we caught up he tried and it was awful. He was afraid to hurt me, but later texted me that he wanted to try to do it again, but better. Sure had my attention. He was 22 at the time. He weighs in at 70Kg and can best be described as a twink, very good looking. He got better at it and seemed to really enjoy my head, one foot on the forehead and the other foot on my mouth with just enough space so I could see him up there grinning while looking down at me. It drove me crazy. The feeling and the sight of that kind of POV is so hard to describe and so hot.

How many guys I know who would kill to have a straight friend like that..

We have since met up every now and then over the past 4 years and have filmed some pretty amazing sessions featuring a lot of different footwear, even barefoot. This last recent session he came for a visit to camp and asked what he could bring. I said some nice aggressive footwear as a joke. When he showed up he brought these huge camo hunting boots and laughed when he showed them to me. My jaw dropped and well we didn't even get to dinner before I had those boot prints all over me. The soles were so soft.. and rugged at the same time. Crazy. We hadn't had a good session in a long time due to covid but he more than made up for it with three great sessions of crazy face trampling that night. This time around we both smoked up and well it was just so much better. Anyway, we're good buds, but his time is taken up more and more by his girlfriend who I know he will be marrying someday soon. These kind of fun get togethers will be less frequent in future.

So clearly you didn't need to hide a boner with this guy, he was ok knowing it turned you on? I had a full on boner and he laughed about it. But stated that he would walk all over me but not on my dick, which was fair enough. I got more comfortable and the boner stuck out more and more!

How long have you known this guy now?

7 years. I have a long list of sessions with him now and a lot of amazing footwear used throughout them all. That's incredible. Especially because you would be getting more out of the trampling than him, he's really indulging you with all that trampling. Oh yes, but he does like it too. The way he laughs sometimes, it can be sinister. I ask him every time if that was fun, and he always tells me he wouldn't be doing it if it wasn't fun. Sometimes he just steps right up both feet onto my face and carries on a conversation like it's nothing. One time, he was walking back and forth on me with some black Airmax and just stopped and used his phone in that spot.

What's your favourite session with him to date? What footwear was he wearing, what did he do, etc? I have many, but the last session stands out and it wasn't that all that long ago. He had some brand new Nike Airmax, orange and black colour; some Asics with an orange sole; and those goddamn camo hunting boots! He wanted to use them the moment he showed up. We had company coming over for dinner later. So we smoked up and as I prepared dinner our company was about 30 minutes away. He said to me, "Looks like we have time for me to wreck your face". I had such a huge boner. I got onto the floor straight away. He stood first thing boot on forehead and the other on mouth, it was amazing. My face must have been red when our guests came over, but we got through the dinner, and when they left I was straight back to the floor. Those boots were walking back and forth over and over directly on my face with music in the background. I was in total heaven.

I was just about to say, wouldn't you have had crazy marks on your face? Has anyone ever pulled you up for marks to your face, other than that kid in high school? I have been quite lucky, the boots were relatively soft. I had marks the next morning but these were more from the new Airmax. I'm kinda thick skinned and it goes well for trampling. He sure likes to leave marks, I have some great videos of that. He laughs when he gets off and sees them! This is the same guy who runs over you with his BMX bike too right? The more I think about this idea the more it turns me on. How do you do it so he and the bike don't fall off of you? Yeah same guy. He will balance the front or back tire directly on my face, and the other tire on my leg, using his feet to balance on me. Last time we did it I asked him to roll up over crotch and he rolled it over my dick, then landed front tire in my face with back tire on my dick. It felt awesome. He won't step on my dick but will run it over it seems.

What gets you going about the bike over trampling? Is it a crush thing? Or is it a different kind of pain perhaps? It's quite the view to see the front tire rolling up your chest and up onto your face. You can see his feet and all around the tire. The tire also has tread and to me it feels a lot like a shoe.

Do you ever have sessions where a guy will ride across the floor and straight over you with a bit of speed, like you're a speed hump? Or is it more slow and considered? Very slow and careful. He did ride back and forth once with a higher speed. We used a ramp over my head and he was on a mountain bike instead.

That bike wheel, is it directly on your nose? I just find that picture so hot! Do you have guys stand full weight directly on your nose too? Not usually no. I do love those nikes, I've had the most sessions under those very shoes. I'm fucking about to blow a load just seeing these again.

You mention a lot in your stories about guys standing on your face. I'm assuming your head is upright. Do you do anything to help stability, like holding your head? I know from experience it can be a bit tricky standing and trampling directly on a face as the head doesn't stay still. It's usually easier to stand on the side of the head. I have been stood on many times with both feet right on my face. I would attribute this to the super good ability of my buddy who never waivers and is able to keep great balance. It helps to have someone up there who is comfortable and enjoys doing this. But you're right, sometimes the face turns and you can't turn it back up to be under those soles. My buddy is so good at this now that he kinda rolls my face slowly back and forth under both sneakers like a log - one on my forehead and the other on my mouth. Its fucking great. He does have to hold onto something for stability, but he always takes his hands off to give me the full weight balancing there for a while as I moan and groan in delight. Do you ever have guys trample you hard? Like lots of jumps and brutal stomps? Or is it more about standing and walking all over you versus the impact stuff? I haven't had too much brutal, it's mostly all slow walking and standing. I can take quite a lot though. I would love to try something harder. My ultimate goal is two or three guys at the same time on me. Never had that and really want to try it. With my nephew and his friends they weren't really on me all at the same time, they took turns. So I guess you wouldn't have had many injuries from the trampling style you like or having a BMX ride over you? I think my regular guy did some damage to a rib once, was quite sore for a while.

Fairly common! Let's say you've just met a vanilla guy who has never heard or even considered that trampling might be a thing. What would you say to him to try and convince him to trample you? Tried it just last week, but didn't work out. I say: Hey man, my back is sore, have you ever stepped on someone to help them get their back sorted out? I know it's kinda lame but sometimes you can find a taker.

Is there any advice you would give to someone just starting out as a tramplee? Take it easy and get to know your limits. Let your trampler know ahead of the session how you will communicate with him for things such as when to stop. With time you will be able to take much more intense trampling, to the amazement of both you and your trampler who will enjoy seeing his footprints all over your face.

Is there anything you would do differently, reflecting back on your trample journey? I would have tried to have more of a regular trample buddy much earlier in life. I went through a period of about 15 years with no trample and that I regret. I'm looking very much forward to the next session.

What is something you would like to see more of in the online trampling community? It's almost impossible to find any content with someone being slowly runover back and forth with a BMX bike. I sure wish there was more of that. Do you have an ultimate trample fantasy? Could be something you've never done, or something you want to do again. Someday I need someone having more than just a laugh up there. I imagine the greatest thing would be a couple up top actually doing it while both fully standing on your chest and face. Would be a hell of a view especially if one foot is on my face but leaving just enough room for me to see everything else going on. Feeling their orgasm from beneath their feet would be an experience.

How would you describe trampling in one sentence. For me trampling is a major turn on and also quite relaxing at the same time.

What celebrity would you most like to be trampled by?

A Canadian actor, Kevin Zegers. For sure the slightly younger version of him.


A big thank you to Alex for putting up with the delays on this TT, we finally got there! It was worth the wait.

You can find Alex on the squishysquishy website, profile name 'Airwalk' - click here.

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Oct 01, 2021

Great trample story! Love the action!

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