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TrampleTalks 1: Tom / tjfsf1

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Welcome to a new series where I chat with different guys around the world who have a major trample fetish and have had it since they were young. I'm curious to hear their experiences and perspectives on trampling and find out what they like most about this niche fetish. My goal is to create more written trampling content for those into trampling, and hopefully help bring the community together a little more. Feedback is welcome, if you'd like to be involved send me an email:


When did you first realise you were into trampling?

I first probably became aware that I liked being stepped on I'd say somewhere around 8 or 9 years old. My best friend who lived down the street was a year younger than me. When we would be hanging out at my friend's house typically they would sit on the couch or chair and I would look for a place on the floor near their feet. The first time I got him to trample me I was on the floor with my arms outstretched and I dared him to walk across me from fingertip to fingertip walking heel to toe. I remember he was wearing black PF Flyer sneakers. If you want to get a 9 year old to do something that they normally wouldn't think of doing on their own, dare them. Pretty much they'll do it every time.

Ha - if only that worked so well on adults... so this was your very first trampling experience then?

As far as I can remember yes. After that first time I would venture to guess that it probably happened half a dozen times. We lived in a kind of suburban rural area and houses were typically on lots of about half an acre. Our house was in a very wooded area. I know there were times when we did this outdoors far enough away from the house and there enough trees that my Mom couldn't see. I often wondered why she never asked why there were little boy muddy sneaker prints all over my shirts. When I was 12 or 13 we moved away from that house to another state. I had a neighbour who lived across the street who used to kind of role-play dominant to my submissive. We only lived in that house for 6 months, and even though we went to the same school we weren't neighbours anymore so that experience never happened again. When I was a freshman in high school (I would've been around 13 or 14 years old) PE classes were required. I was never terribly athletic so I generally despised PE class. On the other hand, I was somewhat aware of my attraction to boys so it offered me an opportunity to see the boys I had crushes on in gym shorts and in the locker room. One day in class when the teacher probably didn't want to pay much attention to us he set up this game and divided the class into two teams. I don't really remember exactly how the game worked but basically there was this large ball between the two teams of about 10-12 boys, each trying to push it to opposing sides of the gym. At this point the teacher is basically paying no attention to us whatsoever. The two teams had kind of reached a stalemate in the middle of the gym. So you had a dozen guys on each side of this ball all trying to push it in the other direction and it's really only moving 6 inches or a foot either way. I found myself close to the ball with other guys behind me pushing myself and the ball forward. I don't know why but for some reason my feet were blocked and I couldn't move them forward. After a short period of time, with the guys pushing me from behind and the ball slowly moving forward, I found myself falling to the ground. It seems like most of the boys behind me that were pushing didn't really seem to notice that I had fallen down. After a few minutes of pushing and shoving I was on the floor with most of the boys on my team above me. One of the boys who I had a crush on, Bobby, ended up with his converse all-star on my face. He wasn't stepping on me but he was pushing down rather hard. I could tell at the time that he hadn't even realised he was doing it. That was probably the first time I was aware and had a physical/psychological reaction to being stepped on or dominated. 

It sounds like you've been hooked on trampling for a long time since an early age. Do you have any other fetishes or is trampling your #1 thing?

Trampling is definitely #1 but I'm into watersports and spit as well. I also enjoy CBT as it relates to trampling.

Five guys at once, but the most Tom has had before is six.

I met you many years ago when you lived in SF. I trampled you hard and you handled it quite well. I don't recall doing any CBT so we will have to do that next time! Have you always been trampled or have you been trampler in the past too?

I have been a trampler before but it's only been once or twice. The most memorable time was when a friend of mine, Smashman, had a visitor from Germany who was more of a tramplee. We ended up alternating roles for an afternoon. That was Sneakerfriend as I recall. Not 100% on that. There were pics and video at the time but I think they've been lost since Smashman died.

Me trampling Tom in San Francisco, 2011. Would have been around 75-80kg at that point. Brand new Nike Shox.

Smashman was great, I met him once when I was living in New Zealand. He came to visit with the german guys. They taught me how to jump off things onto him without losing my balance. He could take a lot of hard jumps and brutal trampling. Do you get into that as well? Have you ever had a major injury from trampling?

Yes, when we used to film at Kip's house we did several videos where the guys jumped off the top of his fence in the backyard, or off the workbench in the garage onto me. 

That's right! I do remember seeing those videos. They were very hot.

I have never had any serious injury from trampling. Yes to major bruising! I suspect my nose has been broken at some point because it's crooked now, but that may just be a cumulative thing as well. I don't remember ever breaking it. 

Do you ever do anything to try and prevent injury?

No I don't do anything in particular to avoid injury. I guess I have developed the ability to kind of adjust my posture or position to avoid injury. I think it's a function of 30+ years of experience.

One of the things you are well known for is the full weight face trampling, right on your nose - no wonder it is crooked, I am not surprised. As a result of the face trampling you are often left with great big treadmarks all over your face. How do you explain these? Do your family or friends ever notice?

When I lived in California for the most part I lived alone. I could adjust my work schedule so that I knew I would have days off after a trampling session. This would give my face time to heal. In my experience if people don't know you they won't say anything about it even if it is very noticeable. I remember one time I went out for Mexican food with Gerardo after one of our sessions. He had been wearing vans so my face was completely covered with that waffle sole print from the treads. It was really obvious. Nobody said a word. I've also gotten to be pretty good with concealer makeup.

Brutal face marks.

You once told me a story about an excuse you gave to a young guy at work who thought you had a shoe print on your face. Can you tell me that story again?

Sure! We used to have foot fetish parties in SF on a monthly basis and I used to help organise them with my friend Keith. It was more foot fetish than it was trampling. But I could usually talk someone into trampling me. One of the regular attendees was a flight attendant from NY. He used to schedule his overnight trips so that he would be in SF on the Friday evening of the party. On this particular Friday evening he was there wearing a pair of white and black Adidas superstar shoes. He wanted to trample me and I wanted to get trampled. I thought we would go pretty light because I knew I had to work the next day. I was the manager on duty for the weekend so there was no way I could call in sick because that meant my boss would have to come in. I woke up to discover a big old herringbone tread print bruise all the way across my left cheek. So on my way to work I stopped at Walgreens to buy some concealer. I thought I did a decent job with it but the bruise was so dark you could see it through the make up. My plan was to hide in my cubicle all day and avoid dealing with staff or guests. I made it to about lunchtime when one of my staff members came back to my cubicle to ask a question. He kind of looked at me and asked if I was ok, indicating the bruise on my cheek. I told him I was fine and not to worry about it. At that moment, he picked his foot up off the floor and looked at the herringbone tread on the sole of his shoe. Then he looked at my face again and back at his shoe. Then he looked at me and said "that's a shoe print!". I told him I had been at a sex party the night before and there had been a bunch of guys there doing various things with each other in various states of undress. I told him it was dark and it was hard to see everybody, and that in the darkness one of the guys accidentally kicked me in the face. He totally believed the story which really is not too far from the truth, and I think he thought I was way more cool then he imagined because I'd been to a group sex party!

I love that story.. that's some great quick thinking. What's been your most brutal trample session? Would it be one of the session with Kip and those guys?

Probably yes. Some of those guys could get really brutal at times. There was one guy, Nikolai, where something happened the first or second ever session with him. At one point he was standing on my chest and then he just jumped straight up in the air and landed right on my face with both feet. We had never talked about doing that and it was totally unexpected. That was probably the time I most felt like I might accidentally get seriously hurt. I did have to tell him to ease up a bit and he did. Fortunately he was a pretty small dude, probably around 5'6 tall and 50 kg / 110lbs. 

An unexpected face jump on the very first session with this trampler.

That does sound quite dangerous, but equally sounds very hot. Smashman used to have so many guys all pile onto him at once - what's your record for most amount of guys at once?

The most at once is probably about 6. And I knew Smashman had 15 at a time. But he didn't let guys stand on his face!

I never knew that. But now you mention it I can't recall seeing anyone stand on his face or head. 

He didn't like it so much but also his husband didn't approve.

What's the most unusual location you've been trampled?

Pedestrian walkway of the Golden Gate Bridge. Also the Shakespeare Garden in Golden Gate Park.

Really? In the evening or broad daylight? Did anyone see it happening? You have to tell me how that came about now..

At the garden no one saw. We were alone. On the bridge I'm pretty sure other pedestrians could see but they weren't that close. There were cars driving by just 8 feet away. Both of those happened with Smashman and the german guys.

You mentioned in a previous chat that you saw a shrink in your 20's about your trample fetish. This really interests me. What was the end result of these sessions? I'm curious to know their thoughts and advice.

Well, I saw a therapist for between 2-3 years. It wasn't all about trampling but that was a big part of it. I did one on one therapy for most of that time and then at the end he wanted me to switch to group therapy and I did. The one on one therapy was ok although there were times when I wanted to punch him if he asked "how did that make you feel?" one more time. Basically by the end of the individual therapy I kind of felt like I didn't understand the whys or the why me - but as long as I wasn't hurting anyone and it made me happy, it was ok. 

I've always been curious to know if someone can get rid of a fetish. I don't believe you can. I've known people who have trained themselves out of a fetish, so they're into other more conventional things instead.

I think if you have enough willpower and mental fortitude you can probably train yourself out of any behaviour. However I don't think you can train yourself out of the desire. That will never go away and as a result the behaviour returns eventually. It's basically like gay conversion therapy - a complete failure and a fraud.

The face serving as a stepping stone, down off the chest onto the ground.

So did you bring the trampling fetish up in the group therapy session as well?

I don't believe I did. I don't remember for certain. I think he pushed me into the group session too soon. I was very introverted in those sessions because the other people were having relationship or lack thereof issues, but it didn't centre around fetish activity. 

Do you have a theory on why people end up with a trampling fetish?

No, I don't really. I just know in my case it started young. I knew I liked boys at a young age but didn't understand labels like gay or homosexual. I did understand at that young age that society did not approve of that.

In your opinion what is the biggest problem for guys with a trample fetish given how niche it is?

It seems a lot of guys think that if you have a foot fetish you also have a financial domination fetish. That's just not true. I'm willing to pay someone on a transactional basis for services I desire but the act of paying is not a fetish for me. It's difficult to find tramplers who are genuinely into the activity and don't just see it as a way to make a quick buck.

How did you go about being trampled in your 20's, back before social media, apps, internet etc?

Good question. From junior high school to post college, very little if any trampling happened. I lived in a small town in a rural area, I even went to college in a fairly rural area and opportunities for trampling just never really happened. When I moved to SF in the mid 1980s it was the height of the aids epidemic and honestly sex was scary. I did have a phobia of anal sex. Even though most people consider me sub I have never been fucked. I think this phobia is partly why I'm alive today. So back in the late 80s and 90s in order to find tramplers I would look in the escort section of the local gay newspaper. I met a number of guys over the years that I paid for trampling session. I'm still friends with a number of them.

That leads straight into my next question.. I know that you sometimes still pay guys to trample you. Do you have any tricks - other than paying - to get non-fetish/trampling guys to trample you? Have you 'dared' anyone to?! 

Nope. It's just way easier to pay for what you want. When we had the foot fetish parties in SF I sometimes met guys there that would lead to trample sessions without paying, but that didn't happen very often. 

I agree with you on that. I know a few people who are against paying guys for it, but if you can't find it elsewhere and really want it - why not? Doesn't have to be an escort either.. these days you can find people on apps who are willing to do it for a cheap rate. As long as you're all consenting adults I can't see the harm.

Totally agree.

About to step directly on the face full weight, nose crushed flat. Look at his smirk, obviously enjoying it.

Have you ever had any negative dealings with guys one they found out you had a trample fetish - and if so, how did you deal with it? 

If it's somebody that I just met up with for more vanilla sex the topic of trampling doesn't come up. I just don't go there. We make it as far as toe sucking or foot licking. Maybe sniffing socks or shoes.

What makes the perfect trampler?

For me it's a combination of two things. 1) It has to be with someone I would consider attractive regardless of trampling. 2) There has to be a dominant or aggressive attitude. Also, anyone wearing crocs is immediately disqualified and banned for life.

Amen to that. Let's finish with some simple questions just for fun.

Favourite body part to be trampled?

Face or cock. But probably face.

Favourite sneakers to trample your face with?

Hard to name just one. But I like many styles or Nikes or Adidas. A lot of skate shoes, Vans.

60kg / 130lbs or 90kg / 200lbs?

60kg / 130lbs.

Heavy gentle trampler or light brutal trampler?

It depends on how they use it. 

What celebrity would you most like to trample your face?

Tom Daley.

Last one. What date are you coming to visit Sydney so I can trample all over your face and dick?

Not soon enough!

A big thanks to Tom for helping me get my first TrampleTalks post off the ground. Tom now lives in Florida. If you're a trampler and want to experience walking all over a face full weight I highly recommend him. I'm hoping to get another chance at walking all over that nose and leaving some big treadmarks all over his face again! You can reach him on twitter: tjfsf11.

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Good to read


Shaun, thanks for giving folks in the Trample community platform to express ourselves and get our story out there. I loved seeing the great job you did with my interview and story! I hope it inspires others to explore their fetish fantasies and have a great time.


Mar 24, 2020

Amazing. This was excited to read about someone I can relate to.



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