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The University Trample story

This is another 100% true story sent to me by a different tramplee in the US. We have recently been chatting about trampling experiences and he told me this interesting story from when he was at university and got trampled by his straight roommate. 

He had several trampling experiences underneath his friends as a young teenager (that might be a good prequel post sometime in the near future). I asked him when was the first time he got trampled and the person who was doing it knew that he enjoyed it. Here is what he told me..


It happened in my first year at university with my roommate in the dorm. I lived in a dorm room with two other guys. One of the guys had a single bed by itself, and my other roommate Robert and I shared a bunkbed. He had the top and I had the bottom. None of us had classes together, and I only really became somewhat friends with Robert. We all had other friends who were going to the same university, so we usually hung out with those friends rather than each other.

Robert and I would sometimes hang out when going to the dining halls to get food and sometimes when our other friends were busy. On occasions when our friends were busy, we would either go to a bar and have some drinks, go to a movie, or just hang out in our dorm room. Our other roommate got a girlfriend in about two weeks after the start of university, so he was hardly ever in our room. He was almost always with his other friends or his girlfriend. 

It was probably a month or so after the start of university when Robert trampled me for the first time. It was a school night, and we had gone to dinner together and came back and did our school work. I was not really sexually attracted to him, but he had really nice sneakers, socks, and I loved the look of his feet. Please don't ask why because it's too complicated. Let's just say I find certain feet very attractive, even if I am not that attracted to the guy. When that happens, I still am interested in being trampled by him.

Anyway, Robert took a shower and was going to go to the activities section to see what was going on (keep in mind this is all before cell phones, email, etc). After he left, I just continued doing school work. It had been such a long time since I'd been trampled that I was getting all foot horny. I was much more careful about how to try and get guys to trample me now that I was older. There was a much better chance they would figure out I liked it or could see if I got an erection. I decided to try and see if I could get Robert to at least step on me when he got back.

The plan was set. When I heard his keys unlocking the door to come in, I would lay in the middle of the room on my back and do sit ups.. then stop once he came into the room. I was hoping at some point, if I stayed laying there, that he would step on or walk over me to go to his bunk. He took off his sneakers and had this nice pair of dark green patterned socks on his feet. However, he stepped over me and went to his desk. I did a few more sit ups and then just laid there on the floor for about 10 minutes hoping he would get up and walk towards the refrigerator and might step on me. It didn't happen. I remember being really frustrated. I got up and went to my desk and did a few things. Then, in a last attempt, I decided to lay on my back on a rug that was right next to my bed. Since Robert's bed was over mine, I thought he might step on me as a joke in order to hop up on his bed. He didn't. He used the foot stool at the end of the bed to hop up.

I almost immediately got up to end my attempt at getting stepped on, when right after he hopped up on his bed our dorm room phone rang.  Robert quickly jumped down and went over to answer it. I just stayed on the floor. The call was for our roommate, so Robert took a message and came back over to the bed. I truly thought nothing was going to happen, but he stopped once he got to me, looked down and said something like, "you really like the floor.. you've been on it almost the whole time I've been back". I just laughed and said sometimes it seems more comfortable. Robert continued looking down at me, and to my surprise said he should just use me as the stool to hop up onto his bed. I told him he probably couldn't hop high enough off of me to get in the bed.  Robert kind of looked at his bed and where I was laying and said he thinks he could but said he might hurt me. I didn't know what to say so as not to be obvious, I just said something like "oh well". For some reason he took that as a challenge.

Right after that he put his one foot on my stomach, looked down and checked to see that I was alright, or that I didn't want him to do it, and then he put his other foot on my stomach and stood there and asked me if it hurt. I said no. Robert then said ok and he put both his hands on his bed, squatted down in a jumping position and then pushed off on my stomach and used his hands to press himself up on his bed. He did it. He asked if he hurt me or if it was painful and I said no. Then he commented that he knew he would be able to do it. I asked him if he thought he could do it without squatting down so much and to use just his hands more. He said he didn't know but could try, and asked me if I would let him. Of course I said yes.

Robert pushed off less with his feet and used more of his arm strength to get himself up and was able to do it. I then asked if he thought he could do it just by standing on me and not pushing off with his feet at all and just use his arms. Robert tried it that way but couldn't do it like the other two times. He tried it just once and then stopped, and without thinking I said, try it again. Robert tried again and had the same result. I told him to try again, and this time he was able to struggle and manoeuvre his legs to get up on his bed. I just laughed and said, "you did it finally". I really thought that was the end of my experience and was happy that I at least had a little trample fun. However, Robert put his feet and legs back over the side of his bed and gently let himself down onto my stomach. I was totally shocked, but happy. But then panic set in.

When he was standing on my stomach, Robert looked down at me and said something like "I think you wanted me to do this so I would stand on you". I immediately replied saying "What? That's crazy.. why would I want you to do that?". He replied, "I don't know.. but I think you just like it". Again, I protested and said that was stupid and why would he think that. Mind you, I was in such a panic that I totally forgot about the fact he was still standing on me when he was saying this, and I wasn't trying to get him off of me. Robert was saying that he had seen me several times staring at his feet. He said at first he thought I was stuck in a daydream or something, but then he said he noticed that I would start looking at his feet whenever he took off his shoes or came in from taking a shower, etc. Robert said he almost said something to me about it and was going to ask why I seemed so interested in his feet. He told me he said something to his friend, and his friend said, "Who cares, not like he's coming on to you or taking your socks or anything is he? So Robert said he just decided to ignore it until now.

I was freaking out. I hadn't realized that I was constantly staring at his feet. Sometimes I would catch myself, but I also thought he wasn't even paying attention to what I was doing or where I was looking. I think he could tell I was really nervous and scared, and he said that he wasn't mad or anything. He really didn't care, but the whole laying on the floor and challenging him to stand on me to jump up to his bed just got him thinking. He was curious to find out why I was interested in his feet. This is probably the only time in my younger years where I felt like it might be ok to open up a little bit.

Robert never used the word "fetish" or anything, so I don't think he was really up on kinky interests like that. Anyway, I decided to say that he was right that I found feet to be interesting as well as the idea of having a guy step and stand on me. Funny thing is, he was still standing on me, so I mentioned this. He asked if I wanted him to get down. That surprised me, but I decided to tell him he didn't need to because he wasn't hurting me and I liked the way it felt. So he was fine with continuing to stand on me. Then he asked what about feet I thought was interesting. I commented that for some reason I didn't know, I just like how feet looked.. the toes, the shape, the heel. I said I couldn't really explain why except that I had always liked feet. I told Robert that at some point I thought it would be cool to feel feet on my body, and when I got that opportunity, I really did like it. Especially if people put all their weight on me and I could feel the soles of their feet pressing down into my body. Robert just said although it seemed strange to him, he thought it was somewhat fascinating. 

I gave a very general description of my interest. I was hoping Robert didn't bring up anything regarding whether I liked smelling, licking, etc. because I thought that the answers might freak him out. Personally, I do not like smelly feet and socks. I don't mind a leathery smell or a light amount of musky shoe odour, but not nasty smells. I had started to be interested in licking feet and sucking toes so long as the feet were clean and did not smell. I didn't want him to know any of this though. Thankfully it never came up. He did ask if I liked someone to move around on me with all their weight, like being walked on. I told him yes, so Robert started to move his feet onto my chest, then turn and take steps onto my stomach, then to my upper thighs, etc. He did this for a minute or two and asked if it hurt. Robert then asked if any of my friends had done this for me, and I said I had a few friends that would do it and thought it was fun. He said he could see how someone might find it fun because he was beginning to like the feel of my body under his feet and how he would sink into my stomach. He also commented that it kind of felt powerful to be able to walk on top of me while I just lying there.  He said he really couldn't describe it other than to say it was somewhat of a rush. Anyway, he finally stepped off of me and said that was "cool". I asked him if I had freaked him out or that he now thought I was strange. Robert said he wasn't freaked out, just curious about it all even though he didn't understand it. He didn't think I was strange so much as my interest was different and had never heard of anyone liking feet like that.

Although everything ended well, I was so scared he was going to discuss the experience and talk about what I said to other people. Over the next several days I was always nervous when we were hanging together whether or not someone would bring it up. I was much more relaxed after about a week and the topic never came up. I thought that was it, everything was cool. I considered asking him to do it again but I thought that was pushing it a little too much.

About 3 weeks after our encounter, we were both in the dorm room without my roommate there. As it was getting closer to the time we would go to bed, I left to brush my teeth and wash my face before going to bed. When I came back I sat on my bed for a second, and out of the blue Robert asked, "Do you want me to step on you again?". This caught me off guard, and I know I did a "huh???". He asked the same thing. Since I was caught off guard I totally remembered saying, "you don't have to" which I thought was stupid right after I said it.  Robert said no, that it was cool and he also wanted to feel what it was like again to do it. I said sure since I "kind of" liked it too. I got on the floor next to my bed again so Robert could put his hands on top of his bed to help him stay balanced. He stood and walked up and down me for just a couple of minutes in his socks when he asked if I wanted him to do it in his bare feet. I told him he didn't need to do that, but then Robert said he wanted to see what it felt like with his bare feet. He took off his socks, and lucky for me Robert never had dirty or smelly socks and feet. He always took two showers a day, and sometimes three if he did anything athletic during the day.

Robert did this for quite a while occasionally standing in place and marching his feet up and down on me. I told him he could jump while standing on me, so he tried it and thought it was fun. At one point he was standing on my chest facing my head and looking down at me. I always tried to remain expressionless or with just a 'matter of fact' kind of face. Robert completely shocked me when he just blurted out "has anyone stepped on your face before?". It was another one of those freak out moments with not knowing what to say or if he was trying to test me to see if I had some sort of freak fetish. I came out with something like, "a couple of friends had done it once or twice but not much". Robert asked me if it hurt or bothered me to which I said no, but I was concerned the next question was going to be whether my friends' feet smelled and if it bothered me or I liked it. However, he just asked if he could put his foot on my face and I said to go ahead.  Robert put his one foot right in the middle of my face and told me to quickly say something if it hurt my nose or face.  He then slowly starting adding pressure until about half his weight was on my face. Robert took his foot off and asked if it hurt or was uncomfortable and I said no. He said was going to try it again and did the same thing. Robert then asked me if I thought I could take all his weight on my face, and I responded that I think I could do that because one friend had done it once before (when actually my 3 friends used to do it all the time). He slowly stepped on my face again until he then lifted up his other foot so all his weight was on the foot on my face. Robert only did that for about 3-4 seconds and quickly stepped off.

Robert asked if that hurt or anything I said no, and that it actually felt fine.  He said it was a "rush" to be able to put all his weight on my face and also feel my face and nose on the sole of his foot. That's when I got brave and I asked him to try using my face as a place to walk over like the rest of my body. Robert said something like "really?" and I said sure and to try it. So he started by walking up my legs, then onto my stomach, then up to my chest but then stopped. I told him to keep going because the momentum would make it easier. Even though he had stopped, he put is one foot on the middle of my face and then walked on it and stepped off, but I could tell he had let some weight off out of fear. I told him to try it again but not to stop at my chest, just to keep moving. Robert said ok and he did it again except he just continued walking and walked right over my face. His remark was something like "that was awesome". He did it a couple more times, and then he decided to do it by starting at my face. He put his one foot on my face, lifted himself up and walked over it and put his other foot on my chest and proceeded down my body. He did it this way a few more times and then stopped. He commented that the "walking on me" was fun. And that was it. He asked how I was feeling and I said fine. Then he said he needed to get ready for bed and went out to the bathroom to clean up and brush his teeth.

Now I'm sure you're wondering how I was feeling etc. Let's just say I was as hard as a rock and had to keep manoeuvring my dick in my pants so it wouldn't be so obvious. There were a few times I thought for sure I was going to cum, but I kept control. That experience was awesome and made me so horny. However, I was nervous this time he might decide to tell people all about this experience. Just as the last time, each day passed and nothing was mentioned so I became more relaxed about it.

The final time was a little scary but still extremely erotic and a big turn on. Another couple of weeks go by, and again I wonder whether or not I should ask him to do it again. I just kept getting too scared. Then on one of our school evenings while we were doing work in our room, Robert just asked me to go over next to my bed and lay down. I was both scared and excited because he wasn’t really asking me if I wanted to do it again and the tone of his voice was different. He wasn’t being mean, but also wasn’t acting like 'hey…let’s do the trampling thing again because I think it’s fun'. However, I was really horny for having another session so my emotions were mixed. I did say something like, “do you want to walk on me again?” to which he responded with a comment like just go over and lie down and I’ll show you. So I did.

On his way over to me, he stripped off his socks. Once he got to me he didn’t say anything and just stepped up on me and started trampling. I thought this was so hot, but also kind of weird because this isn’t something I’d expect from Robert. This time he was less careful and more just walking up and down on my body not thinking about where he was stepping. He did all the things had done before. This time, however, I was definitely moaning and groaning a lot because he was not being as methodical so the weigh and pressure caught me off guard quite a bit. Robert walked over my face as well as stood on it with just one foot, and then with both feet. He was barely saying anything to me except for a couple of times when my moan or groan was a bit loud he asked if I was ok as he kept trampling and I said yes and he continued what he was doing. This lasted for like 10 minutes.

Robert then stopped trampling and just stood next to me and asked if I was still ok and I said yes. He just stood there for about a minute or two to relax, and then he stepped up onto my stomach and stood there. I was so hard this whole time. This was such an exciting and erotic experience. I thought Robert was just going to start trampling again, but instead he took one foot and stepped right on my crotch (he had never put his feet near my crotch before, and I would have definitely told him not to do that if he asked). I knew right away that he was able to feel my hard dick and I was in a panic. He stepped down harder to which my groan increased to show that it was uncomfortable. Robert then remarked that he found this very interesting. He moved his feet to face me and asked if all of this turned me on. At first I said that all of his weight had pushed the blood down into my dick to which he said he didn’t think that was it. Robert stepped up onto my chest and looked down at me. I’m sure he saw fear because I don’t think I could hide it. Then he took his one foot and put it on my face, but instead of just stepping on it and increasing the pressure, he started to twist and rub it all over my face. I thought about pushing him off but I thought that may just make the situation worse. Robert then asked me if I liked his foot rubbing all over my face. At that point I just thought what the fuck, why resist or try to reverse everything now. He would never believe that I no longer liked it. That’s when I just said yes. He asked again if I really like him rubbing his feet on my face to which I repeated yes. He remarked something like “I thought so”, and then he asked me to open my mouth to which I did and he told me to suck his toes.

I was so confused now. I was stuck between being so turned on to being petrified that he was definitely going to be angry after this and tell everyone everything about how I liked feet and what he did to me etc. It was so confusing. Robert stopped that and moved back down to my crotch and stepped on it and then twisted his foot on it. I just took it and didn’t say anything. After a minute or so he started trampling me again but would also include telling me to lick his feet and suck his toes. At some point I let go of the fear and just went with it because he wasn’t really being mean to me or calling me names like fag or saying “you’re gay”. I guess you could say he was acting more like an older brother might act to show he can do what he wants to you even if you don’t want him to. 

After about 5 more minutes of trampling, he stood on my chest and stepped on the middle of my face with just one foot. At first he just stood there like that, and then he slowly twisted his foot on my face. I no longer could stifle my excitement. Without touching myself, I came right in my pants. I did make sure not to make any noise and to keep my face somewhat expressionless so as not to draw attention, but I blew a huge load in my pants. All I was hoping was that Robert didn’t know. He kept twisting his foot on my face, and so I let him keep doing that for another 20-30 seconds before I finally said that I had enough and that I couldn’t take any more his weight and the rubbing on my face.

Robert stepped off me but continued to stand next to me. I didn’t know what he was thinking or if he was going to start up again or say something. He then decided to ask me if I was gay, to which I lied and said no. Robert pondered and then asked why I get a hard on from feet and that I get turned on by what he was doing to me. I asked him why he thought that meant I was gay and he confessed that he had talked to one of his friends about what he had done to me in the past and that I admitted to liking feet. Robert said his friend told him I was probably gay because I like guys’ feet and that I probably like guys’ dicks, ass etc. His friend also told him to check if my dick was hard and also to see if I would let him rub his feet in my face, lick his feet, and suck his toes. Robert told me he asked his friend how he would know if I was hard. His friend told him to just step on it with his foot since he was already walking on me and he could use the excuse that he mistakenly stepped on it and found it was hard.

I think it may have been a first for me, because I was able to come up with an explanation that seemed to work for Robert. I told him that I too had thought I might be gay because of this. I said that I didn’t feel the same way about girls’ feet so I thought I might be gay. However, I realized that I had no interest in guys’ dicks or asses or kissing them etc. I really was interested in girls' tits, vagina, and wanting to fuck them. This had been confusing to me too. I told Robert I had talked to a counsellor to try to get an understanding and that the counsellor had told me that sometimes people get caught up on body parts, even if they are on a person of the same sex. For whatever reason some people’s interest in that body part makes them sexually aroused. However, it doesn’t mean someone is sexually attracted to the person themselves. They just happen to like that body part on a person to an extent that gets them exited.

I just kept spewing anything I could think of to try and distract from gay and sex and whatever else. After I ended my long drawn out explanation, Robert basically said that he thought that made sense because he is really turned on by girls’ nipples. He doesn’t care about what size the breasts are but more about the size, shape, and look of the nipples. Robert laughed and said he guessed he was just lucky because his interest in a body part related to a woman’s body and not a man. I nervously joked and said I wished my interest in feet could have been associated with women as it would make the sex so much better. Robert just laughed and agreed.

Things quickly mellowed out, but I decided to ask Robert why he went so far with asking me to lick his feet and suck his toes, especially if I might be gay. Why didn’t he just ask me all those questions without going through those actions. Robert said he had thought about that but it might backfire and I would get angry or something and accuse him trying to ruin my reputation. He just went with his friend’s suggestions. I asked him if he was grossed out by my licking his feet and sucking his toes. Robert said he was freaked out at first at the thought of a guy possibly licking his feet and toes, but to be honest he said it wasn’t bad and actually thought it was somewhat erotic but didn’t necessarily turn him on. He said he thought it would definitely turn him on if a girl did those things, but he was sure that girls were never going to be interested in doing something like that so he wouldn’t even consider asking them to try it.

Sadly he never trampled me again. The reason it happened only three times is because when we all went home on holiday a couple of weeks after that, Robert did not return. The story I heard was that he was not doing well in his classes and his parents found out that he was selling weed (I certainly hadn’t heard about that or even had any idea that he might be into doing or selling drugs). I was nervous after holiday that Robert may have shared this whole thing with some his friends at the university and it would somehow come back to haunt me, but as far as I know that never happened. I don’t know who the friend was that he told about what I was into, but no guy after asked me any questions related to feet, trampling, etc. the whole time I was at university. That was the only time I was trampled or had any foot related experience at university. I was way too scared in attempting to try it again out of fear the outcome would be much different.


Have you got an interesting trampling story you want to share? Hit me up:

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The Inspector
The Inspector
Oct 01, 2020

I've had many similar experiences. Being deceptive to get under a guy's feet I've mastered...but it takes awhile...and creativity.


Amazing story! Thank you so much, Sir! i wish i had met a Robert at university...


Nice story..... really nice

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