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The Real Estate Agent story

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This is a fictional story from an idea I had a while back. I wonder if there are any tramplees out there who are real estate agents?


I had been living in my little house for a few years but I had outgrown the place. It was time to sell and move on to something bigger and better. I started doing research on my local agents and narrowed it down to two that I liked. I met with both of them but ended up choosing Paul, an attractive gay guy in his late 30's. I liked his professionalism and he seemed to have a good track record over many years in the real estate game. Once I signed the contract things moved quite quickly. He did an assessment of the house and made some recommendations on a few things to change, some fresh paint, etc. He even made comment on some of my sneakers that were by the front door, admiring them. I thought perhaps he was into sneakers too, but he then told me he would make sure everyone takes their shoes off at the open homes, so I thought he was just being polite. I had tradespeople come in to tidy a few things up as he suggested, the house was styled and then photos were taken. Within a week or two it was up online and the first open home was looming. 

I was very security conscious in this house and had hidden security cameras in various places throughout the property, inside and out. They were expensive and I was taking them with me when I left, so I didn't bother to tell Paul about them. It was the type of system that would trigger the cameras when there was any movement, and the video file uploaded to an app where I could view it on my phone. It was handy for when I wasn't at the property and something was happening. I would get a notification every time a new file was uploaded, although most of the time it was just an animal outside or a delivery person. I left them on and in place for the open homes out of my own curiosity to see how they went. I didn't realise I would make a totally different discovery.

The first two open home weekends passed with not much action. There was a bit of interest but no offers came from it. However, Paul was still confident and we continued the process. The third open home weekend was coming up and I was planning to go away for the weekend. I told Paul he wouldn't see me and to just let himself in when he arrived. 

That Saturday I was with friends a few hours north. In the afternoon I got a notification for a video from the house. I briefly checked it, noticing a few people looking around at the open home. It wasn't until early evening when I noticed more notifications had come through. Something was happening at the house. I opened my phone to see Paul had been there with another guy, seemingly giving him a private viewing. I watched as they walked through the house, but there was no audio so I couldn't tell what they were talking about. They had stopped in the hallway and then I noticed Paul lie down on the floor. It was at this point I noticed Paul was in his socks but the other guy hadn't taken his sneakers off. He looked to be in some black Nike Airmax90s. He put one of his sneakers on Paul's face, rubbing the sole on his tongue, then he stepped up onto Paul's chest and stomach and stood there for a few minutes. I couldn't believe what was happening in my own hallway. This guy was literally walking all over Paul. If his sneakers were dirty that wouldn't have been good for the suit. This trampling went on for some time, he even stood on Paul's head and walked right over it, only to turn around and walk back down Paul's body. I wondered how often Paul let this happen, clearly he was enjoying himself in that position.

There were multiple video uploads and I noticed they moved to the living room after 30 minutes in the hallway. The guy sat down on my couch and ordered Paul at his feet. Paul crawled over and while he was on his hands and knees, the guy put his feet up on Paul, using him as a human footrest. He grabbed the remote and flicked on the TV, flicking between channels and watching different programs as he shifted his legs around on top of Paul. If only I had been nearby and noticed this as it was happening, I would have gone and surprised them and used Paul myself. I needed to get back to my friends so I turned my phone off and spent the rest of the evening with them. In the back of my mind I was starting to work out a plan to deal with Paul when I got back home. 

Monday morning came and I was back home, having watched all the videos and seen the whole 2 hour session they had in my house. I was prepared and ready for a confrontation with Paul. He called me later that afternoon with the exciting news of two offers. We agreed to meet up after work that evening. He came around and I made sure I was in my black Nike Airmax90s. I saw his eyes go down as he entered the house, I knew he noticed them when he walked in. The meeting was all business though, there was work to do on the offers so he didn't stay long. By Tuesday midday it was officially sold. He came over that afternoon and I was once again in my black Nike Airmax90s. He had a bottle of champagne as a gift. We chatted about the process and how it all went, then I decided that was my moment to act. 

I got up and asked Paul to come check something out for me. I led him down the hallway and stopped right at the spot they used on Saturday. Paul had a confused look on his face. "I want you to lie down on the floor for me, right here." Straight away he knew that I must have seen what happened. He started to stutter and apologise, but I cut him short. "Right now. Lie. Down." He was once again wearing a really nice suit, and started to take the jacket off. "No, I think you can leave that on." I knew he realised this situation was bad for him. I pushed him down and he got on his back, his face red with embarrassment but his pants were telling me a different story. Without hesitation I stepped up onto him, and started trampling him gently. I guessed I was a similar build and weight to the previous guy. He seemed to handle it alright. I pulled my phone out of my pocket and opened the video. While still on top of him, I crouched down and showed him the phone. He struggled for breath as my sneakers dug into his chest. "Shaun... I.. I'm so.. so sorry about this. Please f.. forgive me". I smirked. Oh you will be, I thought to myself. I stood back up and started to trample harder now. I'd seen what the other guy had done. I knew I could push it a bit more and have some fun with him. The hallway walls provided great balance for me. I could easily walk up and down his body and not fall off. I'd make sure to pause on his dick or his head, and grind my sneaker sole into him. I took pleasure in ruining his shirt and jacket while trampling his stomach and chest. Putting my feet close together and then rubbing them in opposite directions was sure to damage the clothes. Eventually the shirt did tear. I briefly got off him to tear the shirt away from his body, revealing a toned chest and abs beneath. I noticed some bruises already, they weren't fresh and must have been from the previous session. I got back on him and started to rub his skin with my sneakers, leaving red marks all over him. Then I finished off with some hard stomps and jumps targeting the existing bruises. It had been 45 minutes so far and I needed a break.

I ordered him into the living room and I sat exactly where the other guy had been on my couch. He reluctantly crawled over, I could tell he was humiliated. "Please Shaun, can we keep this between us?" I clicked my fingers and pointed him to the spot in front of me. "Go and get that bottle of champagne and pour me a glass." He went to the kitchen and bought back the drink. "Take off all your clothes and get on your hands and knees." His face crumpled, knowing nothing good can come from this, but he felt he had no option and did as I said. Once he was naked and on all fours I put my sneakers up on him, using him in the same way as a footrest. I sipped the champagne and enjoyed the moment while thinking up what was going to happen next. I took a photo of him in this position, naked with my legs propped up on him. He looked really worried but his dick was still hard so I could tell he was enjoying the action at least. "Here's what's going to happen Paul. Your commission on the sale of this house is going to be zero. In addition to this, all those marketing costs you charged me.. you're going to refund that to me as well. I'm sure you don't want your reputation and professionalism damaged over what you did here on the weekend". He nodded, willing to accept anything to get himself out of this mess. "From now on, when I want to trample and use you.. you will make yourself available and come visit me. You're mine now. Go and refill my glass." I hand him the glass and he crawls back to the kitchen, coming back with the drink. I kicked off my shoes and socks and leaned back on the couch, flicking the TV on. "Rub my feet real good", I told him as I click my fingers pointing at them. He simply said "Thank you Sir" and got to work giving me a nice long foot massage. He'd obviously been trained by some other dominant, which pleased me. 

Once I had enough of the foot massage I ordered him to the bathroom. I needed to take a shower and I was going to stand on him while I did that. I had renovated the bathroom years ago to give me lots of space to lie someone down and trample them while I shower. He turned the shower on and got on the floor, ready to be trampled. I stood both feet on his chest, toes up near his chin. I took my time showering slowly, soaping up my body and letting the water wash all the soap suds off onto his face. With all my weight on him he was struggling to breathe without getting a mouth full of soap. I moved back onto his stomach, both feet sinking into his belly. I just stood there with the warm water hitting me, closing my eyes and trying to sink deeper into his gut. The longer I stood there the more tired he got and his muscles couldn't hold me up any longer. I started bouncing in this spot and his groans made my dick start throbbing. I walked back up his body and stood both feet on his head. While in this spot I washed my hair slowly, in between stroking my dick and grinding my feet into his head. Once my hair was washed I went back down his body and pushed his hard dick against his belly, stepping down on it full weight. My left foot on his dick, and my right just above that on his stomach, I started to trample in that spot. Lifting each foot up and bringing it down without hesitation, in a steady rhythm. Within minutes he shot his load under my feet and I was close myself. I turned to face up his body and sunk my feet deep into his belly. Bouncing in this spot, his groans were much loader now and it didn't take me long to cum myself.. aiming it at his face and shooting all over his mouth and nose. I could tell he wanted me off but I remained on top of him for a few more minutes, one foot on his chest and one on his stomach, while I washed myself one final time. Doormats don't get to choose when I hop off them. As he lay there totally spent, I dried myself off and sat back in the living room wrapped in my towel. 

We spent another 30 minutes chatting before he left. The dynamic between us had definitely changed. No longer was he a confident outgoing guy, but a shy submissive doormat. It was time for him to leave and just as we got to the door I stopped him to ask who the other guy was. His name was Liam and it turns out he was the one who bought my house. I smiled as I closed the door behind him, already planning ideas for a future session...

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