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The Mercy story

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This is a totally true story from many years ago when I was studying at university. It involves trampling and financial domination (before findom was really big). If you don't like either of these things, please don't read on.

There was a slave who lived in my city and had served me a handful of times already. He liked to get treated very roughly under my sneakers and weight. Trampling was fairly new to him but he loved it and of course I loved doing it. One day in his messages he confessed to me he was also a financial slave. He wanted to pay guys like me for the privilege of being under their feet and sneakers or have money involved somehow. At that stage I hadn't done anything like this before. This was the first time I had ever heard of any sort of financial domination, so it was all new to me. I had a week or so before we were to meet to think of ideas for the play. Remember this was a while ago so I recall not finding a lot about it online - findom was not as popular as it is today, but I did come up with what I thought was a great idea. Knowing what he could handle I told him to bring a wad of cash all in $20 notes. I didn't tell him what was going to happen but he was very excited.

He arrived at my house and we got straight to it, as usual. When the door closed behind him I ordered him to his knees and he greeted my sneakers with a kiss to each one. I turned and walked up the stairs to my bedroom, and he followed on all fours. Once in the room I ordered him to stick his tongue out and I wiped my dirty sneaker soles on his tongue. I pushed him to the floor with my sneaker and stood up on his chest and stomach, ordering his tongue out once again and then repeatedly wiping my sneakers on his tongue. I would have been a bit lighter back then - maybe 75kg - but I still made him suffer under that. I walked on the spot on his body, one foot chest and one foot stomach.. then two feet chest and two feet stomach. Stepping fairly easy.. testing his crotch out.. turning and walking up to his head, forcing his head to the side and standing on his head. I walked back down his body and stood both feet on his crotch. While in this position I asked him to show me the money in his wallet. He pulled it out of his pocket and I could see all the $20 notes inside. He didn't know what I had planned so he was in for a surprise. I told him that we're going to play a game. "I'm going to trample you hard now. Every time that I make you say "mercy" - I will immediately stop what I'm doing, and you must hand over $20. Then I'll start again, until you give up once more. Understood?". He replied with a simple "Yes Sir". I could feel his hard cock beneath my sneakers, I could tell already that he was going to really enjoy this. Let the games begin.

My old ES Cradle skate shoes. I used to wear these every day when I was a student. I don't have them anymore.

I kept my sneakers on (they were white ES Cradle skate shoes if anyone remembers those) and stepped up onto his body again. He could handle quite a bit so I was going to have to get mean to make him say mercy. I started walking on the spot more roughly now, stomping my sneakers down hard into his body. I targeted his stomach and jumped high and landed hard both feet on his belly.. making him groan with the pain. I stomped his crotch hard and then worked my way up the body. Turning his face to the side again I stood on his head and stayed there, not moving.. full weight pushing his head into the floor. I decided I would wait here until he gave up for the first time. I could hear him struggling but he held on for quite some time. After a few minutes I started twisting the soles into the side of his face and sure enough I heard "mercy" from beneath me. I stepped off him, put my hand out and collected the $20, before spitting in his face. I did the same process again, up and down his body and back to his head, the other side though this time. Waited for a few mins, grinded those soles in and... "mercy". This continued for a couple more times until I decided to change my footwear.

Trampling Josh Sneaker in Auckland with my ES Cradle, many years ago. This is not the slave from the story.

It was time for something a little harder. I had some white nike shox that were well worn but still had a hard sole. I changed into them and started kicking his body.. arms, sides, legs.. targeting one spot and repeatedly kicking it hard. I still enjoy doing this sort of action today. My favourites were and still are the upper arm and thighs. Slowly wearing the slave out by making bruises on his body and returning to kick those bruises throughout the session. I focussed on the thigh again and stomped and kicked it hard in quick succession. "Mercy!" he yelled much faster this time. I stopped, and he handed over the $20. I stomped up onto his stomach and start jumping again. His stomach was weaker now, and after only a few jumps I hear "mercy" again. I pulled my desk chair closer to his body. Turning it around, I stepped up onto the chair and turned around. He knew what was coming. I could see him bracing for impact.. I jumped off landing one shoe on his chest and one of his stomach. He let out a loud gasp as I landed. On the 3rd jump down... "mercy!". Stuffing the $20 into my pocket I stood on his chest and pulled one shox up to his face, pressing down on his nose I grinded the shoe into his face and I could tell it was hurting. I applied more pressure to his face and I heard a muffled "mercy!" come from underneath my treads. I didn't stop and I taunted him, ordering him to speak clearly when I knew he couldn't. All I got was another muffled reply and I stepped off to see nice red marks on his nose and face.

My trashed old white shox NZ. I had these before the black pair I have today. Josh now has them.

I took off my shoes and he looked relieved to have a break from the shox. However, I could be just as hard in socks. I stepped up onto his stomach both feet.. and bounced. Continually bounced on the stomach so it was hard for him to breathe. Surprisingly he handled it for a while so I had to ramp it up. I started jumping and landing on the same spot again, directly on his stomach two feet as I had earlier. Only a few jumps and he was saying "mercy". I walked up and stood on his chest, crouching down to collect my money. Back down again I stood on his crotch and watched him wince in pain. With two feet I stomped quickly one by one, landing squarely on his nuts.. he couldn't take it much and yelled out "mercy mercy mercy!". I hopped off and laughed at him. He handed me a $20 but I ordered him to give me $60.. as he had said the word three times.

Trampling Josh again in my shox. He is not the slave from the story.

I took my socks off and got back on him barefoot. It was time for some more face standing. I stood directly on his face, crushing his nose under my arch. I stood there for a few minutes and he struggled to say mercy as my heel was on his mouth. His hands came up and grabbed onto my ankles.. I was enjoying his struggle. I stepped back onto his chest and held out my hand, that was a 'mercy' even though he didn't say it. I forced my toes into his mouth and made him suck on them. I then pushed my foot in further and he started to gag, again grabbing my foot and trying to pull it out. I did it again but with the other foot and this time I held it much longer in his mouth while he struggled with it half rammed down his throat. I hopped off him, putting my socks and shox back on. I waited a minute for his breathing to recover and then without warning kicked him brutally hard in the thigh, right on the spot where I had been kicking earlier. He howled and curled up in pain.. rolling back over. I lifted my leg again but before I could even make contact he said "mercy". We had been going for roughly an hourly by then so it didn't take much for him to say mercy. He was really spent.

I kept going like this and eventually the $20 notes ran out. I only had to act like I was going to jump on him and he gave in immediately. Admittedly it was the hardest session to date he had endured. He had done well so I allowed him the privilege of jerking himself off while I had my shox pressing into his face. I sat back on the bed and pulled all the money out of my pocket. From memory it was about $400 which blew my mind as a student. I ordered him to clean up and get out. He left shortly afterwards, and he messaged me later than night saying it was one of the hottest sessions he'd ever had. We didn't do the exact same session again, although I did trample him some more. We did a few scenes involving money, many of them his idea. One we did more than once was a simple grocery store play. He would pick me up and take me to get groceries. Inside he would push the trolley around while I filled it up with stuff that I wanted. He would pay for it, carry it to the car, drive me home and carry it inside for me.

I had a lot of fun with him but I eventually moved cities and we lost contact.

I don't do a lot of findom, especially these days, but occasionally do it with the right sub. I get asked a lot if I charge for sessions. I enjoy trampling so I don't need to be paid to do it. Of course if a slave wants to do findom play I am open to it, but it is not necessary to meet me.

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17 ต.ค. 2564

Reminds me of my trips to tijuana. I would hire several men who where poor and all lived in the same run down apartment complex. Then one day my friend who helped set up my session told me the lady manager wanted to see me. I ask what does she want, he said it all good just follow me. When I met this lady she said through and interpreter( because I don't speak spanish )that she has heard all about me and that she would be taking over my sessions. Just tell her how many men I wanted. Each time I came to visit. All I had to do was go into the room and lay on the floor…


i'm neither into pain nor into financial submission but i must confess this story is hot, Sir. i'm sure he loved submitting to you this way, Sir.


Eager Bitch
Eager Bitch
27 ก.พ. 2563

Faggot is always excited to watch new videos and read Sir's stories that Sir shares.

Thank you

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