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The Basketball Player story

This 100% true story was sent in to me by a slave (IG: __shoenanigans__) about something that happened with his straight best friend a while back. With a few tweaks, here it is for you to enjoy. Has anyone had similar experiences? Get in touch if so.


He was a basketball player. You’d expect a basketball player to be very tall, but he wasn’t. He was about 180cm tall and around 85kg. However, this guy was strong. You could tell it at first sight. He was very muscular, had really strong arms and really, really strong legs. There was some attractive agility in his movements. Anything he would do was just so manly, nimble and sexy. In general, his personality was quite interesting, like a combination of fire and water. Fire, because everything he did was so energetic, quick and agile. Water because he would tend to get so calm at home or when he was around me. We would spend every day together, often at each other’s homes and these moments were always peaceful. We’d discuss some important topics or research stuff. Coffee and tea were an imperative. To me it was always interesting to observe him. I felt like, if he were to start reading a book and sit on my face, for example, he wouldn’t get up for hours. It was just a fantasy though. It was also very convenient and hot to be able to randomly find his socks around his apartment or in the laundry basket and sniff them. Inhaling all that odour of his sweaty feet – heaven. I did occasionally get the chance to lick his sneaks clean when he would go to the bathroom or fall asleep. I always thought it was my duty as a good friend to clean them for him. A guy like that shouldn’t walk around with dirty sneaks and soles. And me, I’m always someone who goes for things they want. I can’t just sit and wait for things to happen. I wished so hard that I could get to play with his feet and be trampled by him. Here’s how I did it: 

I invented various reasons to get stood on. New Thai massage that requires him to trample me, helps with back problems, etc. I must say he was very gullible. I would tell him I read earlier that day about a new amazing Thai massage where one person should walk on the other. He fully believed that whole story and then I asked him if he were willing to do it to me. He was at least 85kg of pure muscle. He didn't even hesitate to do it. However, I explained that this massage isn't only for the body, but stomach and face too. Looking back at it, I guess I will never find out, but he seemed to be either really gullible, trusting or stupid. Can't decide. I laid on the couch, he started walking over my back and we both heard everything cracking. He got worried for a bit, asked if he should stop. I said it's exactly what should happen. The back is now relaxing, getting less tense. I could see real commitment to it. He tried to step on each part of the body, nothing was left out. This was a brief trample, but I wanted more. Then I said I feel much better, although sneakers would be far more suitable as the soles are wider. Pure physics, right? He saw logic in it and agreed to try that too. Beforehand he was barefoot and a little sweaty. He grabbed some old Adidas sneaks, they were really worn and torn. He had plenty of other much hotter sneaks which I would prefer (and secretly lick fully clean when he was in the bathroom or sleeping) but I couldn't choose. It would be too weird.

The straight friend, wearing the exact sneakers used to trample him.

Anyway, I was back on the couch. This time he was more relaxed knowing I wouldn't die under him. He was actually so focused on trampling me well he was covering every inch of my body. He firmly believed that if he is doing this massage, it should be done properly and I agreed. This ended, I was already so turned on. I was wearing jeans made of harder material so thankfully my boner could not create a bulge too big, yet I did have to hide it. I asked if he were willing to try the face thing too. He was interested to try. “What should I do?” – he asked. I said: “Just sit in front of the computer, put your feet on my face and forget about me. The key is to not think about me while you are doing things so in that way your small body movements massage the face.” As if this made any sense. Seriously, holding feet on someone's face while playing a computer game is the newest trend from the papers?! So there I was, lying underneath him, my face fully covered by his feet. He was barefoot again and as time was passing his feet were getting sweatier and sweatier. I could feel my face and his soles getting wet. I was really turned on by this, knowing that I was there, underneath my basketball player friend and my face was soaked in his sweat while he didn't even notice it. At some point he got bored, moved his feet and I thanked him for the 'help', he said he was glad to do it and that he could try the same later. We never did.

Later that night I was sleeping at his place. His place was small and he only had one foldout bed, so we had to sleep together. It might be weird for some people but he knew I was gay and he was straight but it wasn't a big deal. Even today most of my friends are straight guys and they act the same. It was time for bed so we went to sleep. In my life I have never to this day met a more warm person. Body temperature warm, that is. He was like a damn furnace. This meant that he would sweat non stop and that I could smell his odour. We were lying next to each other but my head was at the bottom of the bed and feet at the top. I told him I don't want accidental hugs and stuff happening, so that's why. In reality, I just wanted to be able to smell his feet at night. Some time later he was dead asleep and I had at least 8 or 9 hours to accomplish 'things'. Now, caught doing anything weird would be really awkward and bad so I had to do things gradually and 'accidentally'. Like, if you want to get closer to his feet, you have to pretend that you are sleeping and moving towards his feet in your sleep. You never know how deep asleep someone is or whether they have just woken up for some reason. My first task was to gradually get nearer to his feet and under the blanket. I managed to do this. All it required was a few gentle movements. At this moment I was there, so near them. I could gently touch them with my nose or any part of my face. They were already fully wet and smelly. I was in heaven. Next, I had to somehow get underneath them. This was tricky. You see, to be able to do this, you need to use the momentum of his movements while asleep. We all move quite a lot during sleep. Him especially. He was like a wild horse. I loved the danger. I never knew when he'd move. My face being so close to his feet, I could get badly hurt or painfully kicked at any moment. And I did. I waited for that. So, I placed my face directly in front of his soles and pressed against them. Very gently. If there were to be any movement or kicks, he would not miss. This, however, was not the main goal. Either way I waited for some time for him to move. I was pressing my whole face against his meaty soles to rub off all the sweat. My face was fully wet.

All this was fun, but I needed results. I started provoking him. I started tickling his soles with my nose and I ever so gently touched them with my tongue, all to provoke a movement useful enough. And then suddenly, a kick! It was a kick like I never experienced before. Even when being trampled on purpose by someone who wanted to hurt me, no one ever scored a hit like that. His heel, clearly annoyed as if a fly landed 100 times on it and at full force of those mighty legs, struck my face. It was somewhere around the upper teeth and nose area. This strike was so severe and so painful that in an instant my eyes were full of tears. I was always proud of being able to take a lot of pain, but here I was crying after just one kick. Behind my head was an armrest, as this was sort of half couch half bed kind of contraption. As this kick happened, he then proceeded to shove that same heel forward into the kicked area and he pushed my head away into this armrest. He pushed, my head hit the armrest behind, it could not go any further back. However, he didn't stop. At this point it wasn't pushing anymore. That heel began crushing my face now. I was so excited. I couldn't believe it. It was better than what I expected to achieve. Yes it hurt a lot, but it was so hot! He was asleep, he didn't know what he was doing and I was still in such pain. Then, the second foot joined. Now it's two feet crushing in my face and I can't do anything about it. I can't use my hands to move them or stop because he would wake up. That's the risk I knew all along. Then, suddenly he stopped pushing. He locked his both feet into my face, I was in pain, his muscles gradually relaxed and he was sleeping. It was as if this whole moment didn't even happen. 

The straight friend, wearing the exact sneakers used to trample him.

Remember how I was waiting for that moment when he would move his feet in a way that I could get underneath? Well, some time later, during sleep he moved away. In fact, he moved so far away that I got super disappointed and annoyed. I thought to myself: "I've spent at least an hour trying to position myself the right way only to have you move all the way there?". I decided to reposition myself too. I realised that if he was occupying one side of the bed and I slowly cut off the rest of it, he would eventually have to put his legs over me or do something. Mind you, all this repositioning and positioning in a way that I would achieve all of that was very tiring. It had now been too long. While he was resting, I was getting more exhausted. Not much later, things started evolving. He tried to stretch his legs, but something was blocking him. At first, still asleep, one of his feet was moving around my upper body and face. He was trying to find ways to stretch. I was on my back, lying diagonally across the bed. My left arm was intentionally placed on the bed, waiting for his leg to land on it. Why? So that when it lands I could use the momentum of his movement and just push the leg a bit up onto my body or face. Just think about it. If his legs are moving, his body registers that. A little bit of guidance isn't noticeable while sleeping. On the other hand, pushing or lifting his feet from a still position is bound to wake him up. And so, this really happened, his foot landed on my throat actually and I did not touch anything anymore. I was now happy.

After some time, I guess it was uncomfortable sleeping like that, he half consciously lifted the other leg and put it across my stomach. It was bent across the stomach and his knee was somewhere around my left hip. In my mind I was the happiest person alive. I knew he would now sleep for some time like this, choking me to a certain extent while also letting me sniff his foot. Those legs were actually quite heavy but I was enjoying. I got a huge boner. I honestly could not – not touch myself. But I couldn't really jerk off either. So, I decided to use my right arm (left one was underneath his thighs) and I slightly pushed his leg towards my cock. I just wanted it to be a bit pressed. I couldn't really control fully where the leg would go so it landed with the outer side of the foot right on my cock. It was perfect. It took only moments for me to get so aroused that I came under that foot, but in my shorts. I remained like this, fell asleep and can't remember what happened later. We woke up as if nothing ever happened.

A few days later we were out with our friends. At this point I wasn’t sleeping at his place anymore. We were sitting all together and I - as always - was positioned somewhere lower, nearer to his feet or sneaks. We sat there, talking to our friends. It was dark. This meant that some subtle finger positioning could lead to him stepping on them and leaving some shoe prints on my fingers. However, I don’t know what exactly happened, but it seemed he became more aware - or weary - of my positioning around his feet. In the past I would always tend to do things like this and he would never notice. This time though, he noticed. Very nervously he shouted in front of everyone – “ Why do you keep touching my feet the whole time?” I died inside! I felt so awkward and I was so embarrassed. I was quick to respond though, pretending like I had no clue what he was talking about and acting all confused. I was hoping this moment would end immediately, but no. “The other night he was sleeping at my place. Man, I got so annoyed while asleep. I never experienced such anger while sleeping.” – he said to our friends. The group asked why but they didn’t really need to, he was going to say it anyway. “The whole night he kept pressing against my feet. I couldn’t believe it. The more I move away from him, the closer he gets to them. He even hugged my feet at one point.” – he told. The whole group started laughing at me. “Maybe you should get yourself a girlfriend to hug mate!”, some of them shouted. I felt so humiliated and embarrassed. I tried to act like it was nothing, just jokes, but then my best mate continues to embarrass me – “Yeah, you know what I did to him in the end? He was fucking pressed against my feet, I got so hot and annoyed trying to push him away that in the end I kicked his face with my heel. Man, I never enjoyed kicking someone like that. I kicked him the strongest I could in that moment and pushed his face all the way back so that I could finally sleep.” They all started laughing. I didn’t know what to do with myself. First, I didn’t even know he was aware of it. I was now worried very much. Didn’t know how much he felt and what he was actually aware of. Then, him telling it to everyone, I thought it would become a thing that everyone would tease me about all the time (it didn’t luckily) and a million other things crossed my mind. I had to then defend myself somehow, so I told him to fuck off and told him he was a jerk because I felt pain in the morning (true) but I didn’t know why and what happened to me (not true). Luckily for me, other two dudes from the group were roommates so they just continued to share their retarded stories of sleeping in a similar small apartment and my thing was soon forgotten.  

This whole story is true to every last detail. Come to think of it now, I wish I knew or could check in different ways whether he was more into this whole thing or not. I would say he wasn’t, just maybe he was too gullible. Either way, I won’t ever forget that experience with him.

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Wow! That's s trully hot story! i understand him as i'm very much into feet and look forward to every occasion of getting to a Superior Man's shoe, socks or feet...

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