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My Trampling History

Updated: Mar 2, 2021

I decided to start this blog/site as Instagram is being unreliable. I've noticed several accounts be taken down for seemingly no reason. This will be a good space to talk about trample sessions, past and future.. stories, real and fictional.. any advice that I have or come across.. my sneaker collection.. and anything else related I can think of. You can subscribe so you get notified when I make a new post, and also log in/sign up through the Members area to link with other members, comment, etc.

A little about me and my trampling history...

I've been into trampling since I was a kid. I would think about other boys I knew at school or through sport, and what it would be like to have them standing and walking all over me. When I was around 6/7 years old there was a kid in my street same age as me who would sometimes trample me, but I didn't understand what it was or why I was enjoying it. When I hit my teen years I realised it was sexual for me and I knew it wasn't 'normal'. I thought I was the only one into it for a long time. I remember at 15/16 stumbling upon the website which is still active today. The site was mainly about feet and foot worship, but I found some photos of their model Ray trampling another guy - and that's when I realised other people were into trampling too, and that there was a name for it - "trampling".

I was a tramplee at first (someone who likes to get trampled on). I would fantasise a lot about feet, socks, sneakers and trampling.. it was and still is a major fetish for me, bigger than anything else I'm into. I had my first experience at 17 with a Canadian guy - he didn't share this fetish - but as with most Canadians, he was very open minded and surprisingly enjoyed trampling me just as much as I enjoyed receiving it. I met him online and drove to his city 2 hours from where I was living. It was the first time I had been intentionally trampled and I was hooked. He did everything from walking on me in sneakers, to stomping and jumping and standing on my head and face in socks.

Over the next couple of years I had a few trampling experiences but it wasn't until my mid-20s that I became confident and comfortable with my trample fetish. I started to meet several people either into it or willing to do it. I also discovered I really enjoyed being the trampler (the one trampling on another guy), more so than being the tramplee. I've always had a slight sadistic streak and dominant side (I don't consider myself a good 'sub') so being able to walk and stomp all over someone else really brought that side of me out. Master/slave play fits well here and I've had many good sessions with this - I'll save that for other blog posts. I like to think having been a tramplee previously has made me a better trampler, knowing where and where not to stand.. where to jump, etc. 

Now in my early 30s I would say I'm 90% trampler and 10% tramplee.. given the choice I would almost always choose to be trampler. I've been lucky enough to meet several guys in the trample community from all around the world and even converted a few guys into tramplers and tramplees. I've done everything from gentle tramples to brutal stomping and jumping sessions, it all depends on what the tramplee is after and can handle. Limits are always respected, but pushed. Nothing beats the rush of a good tramplee slave who can really take a long hard trample. Not everyone can handle this though and I still enjoy trampling gently.

One big problem for me is finding guys where I live who like to be trampled. I know this is often a problem worldwide given how niche this fetish is. So if you're a tramplee and find yourself visiting Sydney - be sure to let me know when you'll be here and we can arrange a session.

New Nike Vapormax ready to trample a slave.

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Apr 25, 2021

I also have a trample fetish. Ever sense I was a child. Like you I thought I was the only guy in the world, who would like to do this and like it. I often go to tijuana mexico where I pay guys for trampling me. I am very popular there and many guys ask when will i return for more session as we call them. I prefer worn sneakers with soft smooth sole to prevent bruisng. It can be embassing to walk around with a converse foot print on your face. Thanks for sharing.


Nice toread how you got into it. Thnx fot sharing. Love this site.


So hot i wish I could get trampled my you


Love those VaporMax!!


Thanks for sharing this so sincerely, Sir. Always good to read a sensible man's thoughts, Sir. And it makes it look so natural to live this fetish, Sir.

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