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Double Trample story

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This is a 100% true story from a very brutal master/slave trampling session. Not all my sessions are brutal and dominant, I also get into soft friendly endurance trample. It all depends on what the tramplee/slave can handle. All people involved in this session were consenting adults who had planned this over a couple of months.


I had a slave coming to town, and he wanted to be brutally trampled again but this time with a mate of mine joining in. I had only had one previous session with this slave, but we had talked a lot online. He was also very good - possibly the best I've met - at handling a brutal tough trample. So I was excited at the idea of two masters on him. 

My mate is almost the exact same stats as me.. Same height and shoe size, 185cm and US12-13.. and he's just slightly heavier than me at around 87kg to my 85kg. He's an open minded straight guy who agreed to team up with me and have some fun messing this slave up. 

The slave arrives early. He's not a slave that gets into verbal humiliation or role-play.. just likes to be treated very roughly under shoes or feet. We talk normally, there is no him calling me 'Sir' or me calling him 'faggot' - but I certainly treat him like one when it comes to it. My mate is a good 30 minutes away so I waste no time in getting the slave warmed up. For hard sessions it is much better to start off easy and build up to aggressive.. as if you start too aggressive it can shorten the session. And no one wants a short trample session, especially me. I have a few pairs of shoes lined up to use and I gradually go through each pair on him. Walking up and down his front and his back. Stepping full weight on his crotch. Some light stomps to the crotch and stomach. Plenty of standing on his head and a few steps to his face. Even some light kicks to the head - the slave's favourite. A real treat for him, kick him in the head. He handled some good brutal treatment to his body? Then reward him with a kick to the head. Simple. This continues for a while with me getting gradually harder. The slave suggests trying some kicks while he is on all fours. I happily oblige but he gets knocked down after only one kick to his stomach. I guess I was too hard, too bad. 

I hear a motorbike pull up outside - my mate has arrived. I open the door and he walks in to find the slave on the floor, waiting. He smiles at me, I've fully briefed him and he knows what to expect. While not into trampling as much as I am, he has done this before and I can tell he will enjoy this session. While he takes his jacket off I get back on the slave and start trampling. The slave is lying face down so I'm trampling his back, and my mate joins me trampling his butt and legs. I tell my mate what I've been doing with the slave the past 30 minutes.. he's fully warmed up and ready to go. With that, I jump up high and land down hard on his back and shoulders. That one hurt I can tell, from the grunt the slave made. It's time for high gear now and I repeatedly jump and stomp on the slave quickly. I step on his head full weight and my mate immediately shifts to the back. His turn now. He jumps up and lands with even more force on the slave's back. The moaning and groaning is almost constant now, with several stomps to his back and 85kg bearing down on his ear and head. I step off the head and move around to the legs where I stomp hard and my mate keeps going at it on his back. After a few minutes we take a breather - it's a real exercise for us when you go this hard on a slave - and we change our footwear. 

The slave is turned around onto his back, front facing up, for round 2 of the double trample. This time we are in harder soled shoes, nike shox and some adidas hightops. I lead the way, standing on the slaves stomach and chest and begin the same treatment.. jumping and stomping hard. My mate steps onto the thighs and crotch. It is harder for the slave with two of us on the front and I enjoy the sounds he makes as we pummel his body. However, I do stomp him on the face a couple times as a warning when he gets too noisy. He must handle what we dish out, he had begged for it months prior to this in messages. I silently motion to my mate that we should jump in time on his front. The slave hasn't spotted this and doesn't know what is coming. We signal, 1,2,3.. both jump up high and land down hard. We do this a couple of times and I wonder if the slave is at breaking point. It's far too early to stop anyway so we keep going, lifting shoe up.. slamming it down.. lifting shoe up.. kicking his sides. He wants brutal.. he's getting it. 

After another breather we continue on the slaves front. This time though I let my mate take the steering wheel. He goes first and attacks the stomach and chest. I decide to take my place standing full weight on his head. A good viewpoint to watch the action from. I know the nike shox soles are hard so I'm aiming to leave a mark on his face. Occasionally while still having one sneaker on his head, I throw in a kick for good measure to his arms or chest. He hasn't had a shirt on the whole session and I can see several marks on his skin now. In fact I try to make more by targeting the same spot, kicking and rubbing my shoes in the same spot to leave a mark on purpose. The marks should last a few days and I smile to myself knowing this. I hope other people see these marks and ask the slave how he got them, embarrassing him. We hop off him after a while and lightly kick him.. arms, sides, legs.. head again.. and more to the body. Building up intensity. He tries to defend himself by bring his arms up or trying to block the kicks - but we just kick them out of the way, or kick them harder. 

The slave requests a solo with my mate.. and wants my mate to go as hard as possible. I smirk, I've seen him in action - slave may regret this. He starts on his front.. stomping hard, bouncing and jumping. The slave is worn out and immediately regrets laying down on his back. My mate loses his balance and the slave quickly takes his opportunity to roll over.. before he gets totally over onto his stomach my mate is back up on him again, on his side. The slave struggles and eventually manages to get onto his stomach.. leaving his back facing up and exposed to my mate. He's in adidas flux sneakers which leave great marks from kicking. My mate realising this, starts to target the areas of his back, arms and sides that don't have any marks. The result is the slave totally covered in red marks that look like they won't disappear overnight. Again the slave tries to pull his arm back and cover his sides while the kicking is happening, but my mate just kicks the arm away. He starts jumping really high and landing with full force on the slave. Really intense continuous jumping - the sounds coming from the slave are different now, probably in shock from the relentless force. The slave taps the floor as a signal to get off.. my mate gives him one more stomp and then hops off. 

Time is up and my mate has to shoot off. The slave survived but is heavily marked all over his body. When my mate leaves I have a go using my football cleats on the slave. He can't handle it on his front.. but I manage to get a few minutes on his back, lightly trampling and then moving into some hard jumps and stomping. Then it's time for another go with my Nike Roshe, the shoe that looks soft but can do some harm with the right feet in them. I realise the slave is near giving up, he's had enough punishment for one day and he did very well. I was impressed he lasted as long as he did and took that level of abuse. 

gay trampling
My mate's ZX Flux. Hard brutal soles.

gay trampling
ZX Flux prints from kicking and stomping.

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I would really like to be in the place of the lower one))) I would also like to ride a motorcycle and lick tires


If anyone wants to know, I bought this video from and the guy's show this sub NO MERCY! Literally, I don't know how the sub was able to take this kind of punishment. The hottest part was that although they were fucking him up badly, I don't think shwtguy and his buddy cared about the sub! I highly recommend this video.


Wow!! Great story and pictures! I thought I could take a lot of abuse but I think this slave likely has me beat!! 👍. 😮.

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