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Around The World story (Pt. 1) Singapore & Jakarta

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This new story series is totally fictional (IT'S NOT REAL). I have met and trampled some of the people I talk about, but what you will read in these stories are just my fantasies. Of course, it could be real one day.. here's hoping.

Also a note.. some of this fictional action is very rough and not for the faint hearted. In real life, any hard action I do with anyone is talked about beforehand in great detail and is consensual. If you don't like or don't want to hear about hard trampling action... I suggest you don't read any further!


I had just arrived home to Sydney after several months away, travelling around the world on a trampling tour. A few months prior to this I had won the Australian lottery and it was a big one. I decided to quit my job and do something I've always wanted to do. Go on a world trampling tour, reconnect with some people I've already trampled and finally meet others I've been talking to for years. It was an incredible few months with some amazing trampling sessions. Here's how it all went down.

The win happened in February but it took me a few months to process it all and plan what I wanted to do. I knew I wanted to go right around the world to many places, but the question was when? I decided it would be nice to hit Europe in their summer, ideally early summer so it was warm but not too hot. The advantage of money was that I could book when I wanted to without caring about cost. I started to plan the direction I would go, but I was not going to book much in advance, in case I wanted to change my plans at any point. I would need to take a few clothes obviously but I wanted room for lots of shoes too. It took me some time to decide which pairs I would take. In the end I chose 6 pairs of footwear for the purpose of trampling. 1) Adidas ultra boosts. 2) Nike Roshe. 3) Nike Vapormax. 4) Adidas Hardcourt hightops. 5) Oliver AT boots. 6) Asics football boots. This would give me lots of options for different tramples varying in intensity. I started chatting with the guys I wanted to trample and made rough plans for when I would visit. The first few flights and accommodation was all booked, then there was nothing to do but research and wait.


Late April I took off on a Thursday, flying Sydney - Singapore. I was to spend 5 days here and start the trampling tour off with a bang, with one of my favourite tramplees @joinjonjon, and later another favourite tramplee. I arrived at my accommodation to check-in, the famous Marina Bay Sands where I had always wanted to visit. I wasn't meeting up with Jon until later that night so I unpacked my bag, changed into swimmers and went to the pool to check the view, have a swim and relax. The flight only took around 8 hours so I wasn't too tired. After a couple hours I headed back to my room and prepared to go down to the lobby to meet with him. He arrived and we headed up to my room. I had already set up a spot on the floor for him to lay down. He took his shirt off and got changed into shorts, and then laid down on the floor waiting for me. I had changed into gym gear and trainers myself and decided to start with my ultra boosts. This slave is small but strong, he could take a lot, so I wasn't going to go easy on him. I stomped up onto his chest and stomach. Bringing my sneakers up high and stomping them down, I trampled his body hard, alternating between chest and stomach. I turned to face his head and trampled his chest with both shoes. He was handling it well but we'd only just started. I jumped high and landed on his chest and he grimaced for the first time, just what I was looking for. I pushed his head to the side and stood on his head full weight with no hesitation. While there I looked out the window and admired the view for 10-20 seconds before stepping off, turning around, and standing right back on his head again. This time I continued down the body until I reached his thighs. Turning to the side again I started trampling his legs making sure I landed a few stomps to his crotch. I could feel he was rock hard underneath my sneaker sole. I moved back to his stomach and chest and jumped repeatedly, 9-10 times in a row. I could see he was tiring a little and I smiled. It was time for something a little harder. 

I got off him and changed into my Adidas Hardcourts. He had met these sneakers already last time he was in Sydney. They were still relatively new so the edges were hard on the soles. I walked back over to him and casually stood on him as if he was part of the floor. I stayed there for a couple of minutes and got off all of a sudden. Looking down I noticed the amazing prints left on his chest. I made him look at them and then jumped back on him, this time using the outer edges of my soles to really dig into his skin. Lifting the hardcourts up high and slamming them down like this started to leave a lot of red marks all over his body. I was sure to stand on his head repeatedly in these, walking up and down the length of his body. When he got tired he would try and stop or halt me with his arms but I would only kick them away. If he rolled over, I would be standing up on his side.. kicking his arms and legs, hoping that they would bruise up nicely. And they did. I trampled his back for some time, leaving more prints and marks the harder I stomped and trampled. I told him to stay still, and went to change into my Oliver AT boots. He hadn't been under those yet. It took me a minute to get them on and he couldn't see what I was changing into. I walked quickly over to him and stomped up onto his back. He knew straight away what I was wearing from the brutal grip of the soles. He had no choice but to lay there and suffer underneath the heavy treads. I enjoyed looking down and seeing my huge boots on his small frame. They swallowed up so much of his body. I trampled around on his back and arse for a while. Stepping off him I ordered him to roll over, and straight away I stood up onto his chest and stomach. He was looking at the boots with apprehension. The treads were really digging into him now. I stepped around firmly on him. One boot almost reached from his shorts to his chin, they were that big on him. The marks on his skin were amazing, I continued like this, changing direction and stepping all over his body. I could see the fear in his eyes as I turned his head to the side. His hands came up to my boot but there was no stopping what I was about to do. I stood on his head, more carefully this time.. the full weight coming onto the head slowly. I stopped, waited to enjoy the grunts coming from underneath my boot. He was fine. I stepped off, and as always, turned back around again and back up onto his head.. this time without so much hesitation. Up and down his body I walked, pummelling him into the floor. On his chest and stomach I jumped hard. He begged for a break now, I knew he was almost done for the night. But I wanted 5 more minutes of fun. I started jogging on the spot, one boot landing on his chest the other on his stomach. With his arms and legs flailing about there was nothing he could do to get me off or stop me. Eventually I got off, and sat on the bed. He rested on the floor, panting and recovering from the last 90 minutes of hard trample. Eventually he got off the floor and had a drink, changing back into the clothes he came in. We were to meet up again on Saturday for round two, with another tramplee. 

Friday was a day for sightseeing, exploring the city and gardens on bike. Saturday rolled around and I waited to hear if my next tramplee had arrived. You may know him, @cliffedge2000. I had bought him return flights from China and a room at the hotel for the weekend, as I wasn't going to China on this trip but wanted to trample him again. I hadn't seen Cliff in a few years and he is another impressive tramplee I have trampled a couple of times in the past. Mid morning he arrives and checks in. Soon after he is knocking at my door, eager to get under me. I'm already in my vapormax and it's the first thing he notices as he walks into the room. It has been some time since he was last trampled so I'm about to give him a long brutal session. He took his shirt off and lay down on the floor, in the wrong spot. I kicked him and told him to move over near the window, so I could admire the view if I got sick of looking down at him. He was on his back so I stepped up onto his stomach and chest. I just stood there, the grippy soles digging into his skin. I started to grind my left foot into his chest, twisting the skin. I like to think vapormax are a good cross between a football boot and a sneaker. Their soles are quite rough and can do great damage to skin. I briefly thought perhaps I shouldn't have started with such a hard sneaker, then I remembered who I was trampling. I start lifting my sneakers up and bringing them down quickly, marching on the spot on his chest and stomach. I switched to both feet on his chest, stomping down hard. I stopped briefly before jumping up high and landing in the same spot. I moved down to his stomach and did the same. Here I get more of a reaction. I find slaves are often more vocal when I'm stomping and jumping on their stomachs. After some repeated jumps his hands came up to try and stop me. I quickly stomped on them so they were both trapped under my rugged soles, on top of his stomach. I started to bounce hard and then twisted my sneakers both directions as hard as I could into his hands. It would have hurt badly. By this point he was pleading for me to get off. I showed some mercy and got off, only for a moment. I got back up on his legs and from this position started to kick his thighs hard. Scraping the treads down his thighs, I enjoyed watching the skin mark up from the action. I stood directly on his crotch and then continued walking up his body. I got to his head and lowered my sneaker down onto his face. He didn't move his head so I just stood directly onto his face. The deep groove in the soles meant his nose wasn't really flattened under my heel, but I knew he was going to end up with some amazing marks to his face from the rest of the soles. I transferred all my weight to that shoe and he was moaning underneath me, his hands desperately trying to get the sneaker off his face. No chance. I stood there laughing, took a short video on my phone and posted it to instragram. Then I checked out the view again, it was a nice day outside. When I eventually got off his face, I turned around to admire my work. He had deep marks all over his forehead, cheeks and chin. They lasted for days afterwards. He asked for a break but I refused, pushing his head to the side and standing up on it no hesitation. Again he tried to get me off his head but was powerless to my weight and dominance. I stepped onto his chest and stomped my way back down his body. Attacking the thighs again, I scraped and kicked harder this time, wanting more evidence of a vapormax trample to be left on his body. I continued trampling and marching on his body for 10 more minutes and then decided it was time to change my footwear. Before I did this though there was one more thing to do in vapormax, and I knew it was one of his favourites. I stepped up onto his chest with my right sneaker, leaving my left sneaker free to kick his head. He struggled and had his hands up in defence but I managed to land some good kicks to his face and head. He couldn't move away as I was pinning him down with my weight. His hands were annoying me so I got off him and pretended like I was about to change sneakers. He relaxed and calmed down, so that when he least expected it I got two more kicks in to his head. I could see his dick was hard, he must have really enjoyed that. 

I took mercy on him again and changed into my roshe. Softer sneakers for soft but firm action. This time I wanted to trample every inch of him relentlessly. I started with the chest and stomach again, quickly but softly trampling every inch of his body between his crotch and chin. I would stop on the stomach and dig my toes in, lifting my heels up and sinking into his gut. I wanted to try and touch the floor through his body. Back on his chest again I inched my right shoe closer to his neck. I let the shoe slide down so that gradually weight was being applied to his neck. He started to choke and his hands came up, again trying to get me off of him. As he lay there choking under me, trying to breathe, I wondered why he ever tried to stop me. He couldn't get me off of him, so it was just a waste of energy on his part. He should have been using that energy to brace for what I was doing to him. I pushed his head to the side and stood both sneakers on his head, toes hanging over the side so that they were in his vision. The head is a tricky place to trample with both sneakers at once. I used the window for balance and trampled his head, walking on the spot. Turning around I did a slow 360 degree turn, all while trampling his head. I got off his head and ordered him to roll over onto his front. I stood back on his head, walked down his body and continued to trample and jump on his back for a while, making sure I stood on his head repeatedly also. We'd be going for a while like this now, and it was past lunch time. I decided that I needed a break, and I was sure he probably wanted one, despite not having the choice. We'd planned to go up to the restaurant for lunch and a swim, but with his face and body looking the way it did.. I ordered him to stay in the room. We ordered some room service and while we waited for it to arrive I used him as a footrest, kicking the roshe off and putting my socked feet on his face and body. 20 mins later the food arrived. I put my food on the table, and then put my shoes back on. Putting his plate of food on the floor I stepped on it with my roshe on. 5-6 steps and it was totally smashed and mushed all together. I took the shoes off, leaving them next to the plate, sat down and started eating my food. He crawled over to his plate and started to slowly eat what was left on his plate. I was finished well before him. I got changed into my swimmers and left him in the room. I was off to chill by the pool for an hour or two, before Jon was to arrive again for a double slave trample session. I ordered Cliff to make sure all the food was licked off my sneakers and clean again by the time I got back. I left him to it and enjoyed some pool time on my own, thinking to myself none of these people near me realised what I'd just been doing. 

3:00pm rolled around and I went back to the room to get ready for the next round. I found Cliff sitting there with all my shoes, the roshe perfectly cleaned like they'd never just been in his food. He'd tidied the plates and put them near the door for collection. Shortly after I got changed my phone beeped and it was Jon down at the lobby. Cliff's face was still looking bad, so I decided to go down and bring Jon up myself. We got back to the room and Cliff was already laying down on the floor, ready for more. Jon got ready and lay down next to him. It was a sight to see, two tramplees who I knew could take a lot.. ready and waiting to be trampled. Cliff with his fresh marks and red skin, and Jon with a few purple bruises on his body from Thursday. I put the hardcourts on to start with, and walk over to them.. stepping up onto Jon first, and then across to Cliff. I gently walk over them to start with, one foot on either of them. I was deciding how best to start this session. I turn both their heads so they're facing each other and can look at each others eyes. I stand on their heads, my left foot on Jon's head and the right on Cliff's. I stay in this position while I think. It needed to be rough, I was in a good mood. I stepped off, turned around, and stood back up on their heads. Then from here I jumped onto their chests. I started my walk up and down their bodies, lifting each shoe high for maximum effect. Walking down until I reached their crotchs, and turning around in this spot. With one foot on each of their stomachs I dug in again, seeing how far my sneaker could sink in. Cliff was more sore but handled it well. I switched over to Jon and started trampling with both feet on him. Changing position constantly I trampled his stomach, turning around and trampling his chest, switching one foot to the stomach and one on the chest again.. a steady stream of firm stomps all over his body. I jumped over to Cliff and repeated the exact same thing on his chest, crotch and stomach. I walked back up and returned to their heads. This time trampling on the heads, transferring the weight to each head as I trampled. It was much easier having two heads rather than 1 to do this on. As I trampled their heads I brought my shoe down in a different position with each step. Sometimes sideways or on a diagonal, this way I made sure their heads felt truly crushed. 

I hopped off and changed my shoes, back into the roshe. I wanted to do a quick trample with these before something harder. This time I got the two doormats to spread out on the floor, arms and legs wide like starfish. I walked to one side of the room, and then stomped across walking in a straight line towards them. I didn't care where my sneakers landed, they were just part of the floor and would get trampled as such. I first connected with Cliff's arm, and then his chest. I kept going, not hesitating or stopping. I came down off his body onto his arm and then landed on Jon's thigh, before continuing off him again. Jon came off easy on this one, but I had planned to do several crossovers. I turned, and walked in a different line this time straight for Jon. My first stomp landed on his foot, then his thigh again. My sneaker came down on his stomach and then on his head, where I almost lost my balance. I reached the other side of the room and turned around again. This time I landed on Jon's hand first, then his crotch, then Cliff's thigh and off again. I repeated this process maybe 20 times, making sure my line of walk was different each time and I stomped on every body part with no hesitation. They would have felt like a pavement does, being walked all over with no regard at all for them. Once I got sick of that game I ordered them close together again. I ran at them and jumped.. landing on both their stomachs. It was unexpected and they both started to raise their hands in defence, but were never going to be able to stop me. On landing they both let out groans and I jumped a few times on the spot, to really make them feel my weight. I got off and ordered Jon to lay on top of Cliff, face up. He did so and then I stood on Jon's chest and stomach.. crushing Cliff underneath. The idea had only come to me in that moment and I enjoyed it. It wasn't very stable but I had the window to hold onto for balance. Cliff was grunting and struggling underneath but had no way to stop it, so he suffered at the bottom of the pile while Jon was squashed between us. I started bouncing on them and then jumped.. getting my sneakers high and coming down hard on Jon's chest and stomach. They both cried out in pain which sounded funny to me. I repeated it a couple times, and each time they made the same noise at the same time. 

Eventually I got off and changed into my ultra boosts. Side by side again, I trampled the two slaves continuously for another hour with some breaks along the way. I could tell Jon was fading, and I wanted to do some hard action on Cliff, so I ordered Jon out of the way. He would just watch and take some photos. I changed into my Oliver AT boots and walked over to Cliff. His body was looking red and marked by this stage, but I had seen it a lot worse in the past. His face was still marked from the vapormax, those marks were going to stay for days I could tell. I thought Cliff had no more than 30-60 minutes left in him so I wanted to end well. I got to work trampling his body with the boots. As expected, he was sore.. but his feeble attempts to stomp me did nothing. He soon realised the kicks from my steel cap boots were much harder than the sneakers. His hands came up to try and stop me, I kicked them away each time and then kicked his thighs or arms very hard in retaliation. Without saying a word I had told him to lay there, stop complaining, and accept what I'm dishing out. I went to stand on his face but he saw the boot coming and quickly turned his head to the side. I stomped down onto his head and put one boot on top of the other. I twisted the boots roughly, hoping to bruise his ear up underneath. His breathing was quick and he groaned in protest, but I wasn't about to stop. He sighed with relief as I hopped off and he gingerly felt his ear for damage. Kicking his hand out of the way I stomped back up onto his head and down his body. He was at the point of giving up now, my boots sank deep into his stomach and every jump I did was met with a groan. I decided the last push should be in those football boots. I put them on, along with some football socks for the look. They felt amazing to wear. I walked over to him and put one boot on his chest, looking down at his eyes. He had calmed down by this point and looked ready for me to ruin him. Stepping up onto his body I could see the struggle on his face. I looked out the window and started to trample, lifting the boots up high while stepping. Without looking down I shifted both boots to his stomach and just bounced there repeatedly. I shifted over again to his crotch and marched on the spot. I couldn't feel his dick underneath now so I wasn't sure if it was just the boots, or if he was just spent and had lost his erection. I trampled back up his body, at times using my heels to really dig into his body. I wiped the boots across his body, rubbing the skin hard. They were plastic studs which are slightly easier than metal for trampling, but when it came to rubbing they really hurt. I could see where his skin was red and potentially sore, so I targeted these and rubbed hard. I enjoyed when he breathed in sharply and moaned in pain. I even stood on his head which I knew was going to hurt, but it's Cliff after all. He deserved hard treatment and could mostly handle it. I managed to stay there about 10 seconds before his hands really dug into my ankles trying to get me off. I jumped onto his body one last time and started running on the spot. My goal was to make him groan and scream as loud as possible. I pulled a chair over and stood up on it. I jumped off, onto his chest and stomach and he groaned loudly. I got back up on the chair a second time and his hands came up and pleaded with me to stop, shaking his head as if to say no. I told him if he didn't move those hands I would jump on them. He reluctantly pulled them away and I jumped, landing hard with both boots on his chest. The last jump saw me landing one foot on his stomach and one on his crotch, where I put most of the weight and really rubbed the boot into his dick and balls. He yelped and tried to get out from it, pleading with me to stop. I was tired by then, it had been a long day of trample and Cliff looked like he was totally ruined. It was time to call it. I put the chair back, kicked the boots off and lay on the bed chatting with Jon, looking at some of the photos he had taken of me on Cliff. I watched Cliff from the corner of my eye checking out his injuries in the mirror and trying to minimise them. I smirked at the marks on his face and wondered how he would explain those ones. Both the doormats were sore but coping ok after the session. We all had showers and got changed, and then Jon took us to a local restaurant for dinner. Afterwards we went for a walk and checked out the city lights. Eventually we got tired and decided an early night would be good for one last trample session tomorrow.

Sunday was a relaxed day. I got up, had a swim and then went for breakfast. I saw Cliff at the restaurant and he was looking better although still had marks all over his face. His body was also covered in marks and bruises, so he decided not to swim. He had not had anyone ask what happened, luckily no one here knew him. We agreed to go explore Gardens by the Bay in daylight so we got ready and ventured out. I'd organised for Jon to come back later that afternoon before I flew out the next day. We came to a spot that was good for some photos. There were a few people around but I was feeling bold. I told Cliff to lay down on his back for a photo. He hesitated at first, but agreed and I set the camera up on self timer mode. We took a photo of me standing on his chest and stomach in front of the gardens. A couple of people looked but it wasn't really an issue. It was warm and after a couple hours of walking around we headed back to the hotel. Jon arrived 30 minutes later and we went to my room for the final round of trample. Both of them were quite sore so it wasn't going to be a hard session like the previous day, but we still had some fun. I still had my ultra boosts on from the walk so I decided to use those to start with. They lay down again side by side, this time on their stomachs so I could trample their backs at the same time. I stood up on Cliff with both feet, stepping firmly but lightly, moving around on his shoulder blades and lower back. It's enjoyable covering every inch of the body when trampling like this. I got down to his arse, trampling that and then moving lower.. until I was right on the back of his knees. I knew this was a painful spot but was testing the boundaries. I hadn't trampled there yesterday so figured it would be worth a try. He didn't really react badly to it, which was disappointing. I stepped across onto Jon's arse. They are both slim guys but Jon is slightly smaller. I repeated the same process but without the knees. Trampling his thighs upwards, I eventually got to his head and stood on it confidently. It had been a while since the last big trampling session I'd had back home but it didn't take long for me to feel at ease trampling on bodies. Sometimes if it has been a while it takes time to get used to the feeling, getting your balance right, making sure your footsteps and stomps are in the right places. A trampler should always be confident when stepping all over his slave. This weekend set me up well for the coming months. I put my left sneaker onto Cliff's head and transferred a little of the weight. Standing still on both heads I pulled out my phone and checked my flight for tomorrow. Everything looked to be on time. I checked my instagram to see what was happening, lots of people had responded to my post from yesterday. Eventually I got off their heads and back onto their backs. After a while I kicked off my sneakers and trampled them in my socks. I lifted their heads and put a sneaker under each of their noses to sniff while I trampled them. I took turns putting a foot on the back of each head and pushing it deep into the shoe to sniff hard. Eventually I got off their backs and ordered them to roll over. I trampled their fronts gently, enjoying feeling more of their bodies under my socked feet. Knowing they were hurting but allowing me to keep trampling their tired bodies. My toes and heels sinking deep into their guts, I could see they were both still hard from the action. I walked down their bodies, turned around and stood one foot each on their cocks. I started stepping, slowly at first but building up speed and intensity. It felt like they were enjoying it. I switched both feet to Cliff, turning to the side I trampled his crotch and started bouncing and jumping up and down on it. Alternating between jumps, stomps and rubbing, it was like I was trying to extinguish his dick. I jumped over to Jon's crotch and started doing the same. Crushing it hard under my two big socked feet. I knew this would finish him so I marched on the spot harder. He started squirming and making odd noises. Sure enough, when I looked down there was a wet patch forming on his shorts. I let him recover and moved back to Cliff, trampling with both feet until he was finished also. How nice I was to allow them this pleasure, now it was my turn. I walked up their bodies and stood one foot on each head again. Jerking myself off I quickly shot my load while the two of them struggled underneath, all of us spent. I dropped down on the bed and relaxed while they lay on the floor exhausted. Eventually we said our goodbyes to Jon, and went to bed. 


Monday morning Cliff had an early flight. I saw him briefly in the morning before he left, still with marks on his face. In the end those took over a week to disappear. My flight wasn't until later that afternoon so I had bit of time to relax poolside. Before long I was at the airport and on the plane, a short flight this time to Jakarta, just under 2 hours away. This was a brief stop for 1 night to meet @edrick.bern and completely destroy him under my sneakers. I hadn't planned to detour here but after chatting with him I decided it would be worthwhile stop, and a good continuation of the hard trampling from the previous few days. He had promised me something not many slaves could. On the plane I worked out my plan of attack for him, so by the time I arrived at my hotel I was well prepared for what was going to happen. When I got there he was already waiting for me. I quickly finished the check in process and we got to my room, where he immediately got on the floor and took his clothes off. I opened my luggage and pulled out the sneakers and boots. Edrick had told me I could jump on his head and face, and try to ruin his balls with stomps and kicks. To quote him.. he wanted his balls to rupture. Those who know, I'm sure you've seen him comment or post this before online. As I put my hardcourts on I had a thought that often came to mind before a session with a slave. "Be careful what you wish for". I walked over to him and spread his legs, exposing his small dick and balls. I moved the dick up so I could clearly see his balls waiting for me. I lifted my right sneaker up and positioned it high above his balls. I looked at his face and his eyes were wide with anticipation. Holding his gaze I slammed my sneaker down hard on his balls and held it there. He grimaced in pain but did not scream, I was impressed. I shifted all my weight onto that sneaker and then started grinding it side to side, squashing the balls ruthlessly underneath. I brought my other sneaker up to join and started bouncing on them.. which soon led to full on jumps. I only had one night with this slave, if he wanted ruined balls he was going to get it. I stepped up onto his chest and stomach for a while and trampled there for a while, but returned back to his balls. Facing down his body I started kicking his crotch with the heel of my shoe. Literally as hard as I could. He was hurting but his arms remained by his side. I walked forward off his body, turned around so I could repeatedly slam the sneakers into his balls again. Taking turns with each foot. The hard soles of the hardcourts worked well here, really mangling his junk. After going hard with the balls for so long it was time for some face and head action. I walked up his body confidently and put a shoe in his face. I wiped each shoe over his face like it was a doormat, not caring if he had his tongue out or not. He had conveniently positioned himself next to a bookcase which I could use for balance. I put my left shoe over his face, slightly left of the nose, and transferred all the weight to that foot. Bringing my right shoe up and over, I stood there for a while knowing full well it will create a long lasting mark to his face. Perhaps not as bad as Cliff's mark with the vapormax, but I would soon find out. After maybe 10 minutes I stepped off his head, peeling my sneaker off to reveal a big nasty red mark all over his forehead, part of his nose, left cheek and chin. Success. I took a photo then pushed his head to the side, stepping up onto it with both sneakers. Twisting my sneakers this time I made sure he felt the grip in my treads, then holding on to the bookcase without taking any weight off I started to trample his head. With such big sneakers on a head it's no easy task, but I had done this a few times and knew to keep the sneakers really close together to make it work without losing balance. While stepping on his head I would slightly change direction each way, to make sure the head was crushed all over. But really though, the sneakers more than covered his head. His head was fucked no matter what I did. Still holding on to the bookcase I carefully jumped on his head. I wasn't being careful for him.. I didn't want to fall off and hurt myself. The thud his head made when I landed on it sounded interesting. I did it a few more times and his groans got louder underneath me. Still his hands remained by his side. I could see a double slave session with him and Cliff in the future sometime. Pit them against each other and see who surrenders first under my sneakers and weight. Without giving him any warning I stepped off his head and onto his body.. walking quickly down to his dick and balls, which I stopped on top of. Several jumps later I got off, and turned back around to face them. I started kicking his balls, turning my sneaker to the side as I kicked like some kind of martial arts move. With every kick I left the sneaker there, applied weight and tried to squish them as hard as I could. Would they pop? I had never gone so hard on balls before. He said he had balls of steel. They seemed to be intact so far. The hardcourts were rough but I needed to lift my game. 

I decided to switch to the vapormax and see how these balls of steel would survive under those. I walked back over and without hesitation stood up on his junk with both feet. He knew it was about to get more difficult, but he didn't complain. As with the last pair of sneakers, I looked at his face and held his gaze as I began to lift each sneaker and stomp it down. I didn't know exactly where each foot would land but had a pretty good idea those balls were getting a beating. I smiled and stomped harder. His eyes were now closed as he tried to compose himself. I jumped forward and onto his stomach. Then jumped onto his chest. I bent down slightly to get a better look at his face. The mark from the previous shoe was still there but had faded much more than I hoped, I was disappointed. I brought my left shoe up to the same spot, and transferred the weight to that foot. This time I used the weight to move his head slightly to the left, and I brought the right sneaker up and placed it on the other side of his nose. Without squashing the nose, I was standing full weight on his face. I knew from the weekend that 10-15 minutes in these shoes would create a long lasting mark, so that was my plan. I wondered if Edrick was someone that didn't mark up as easily. To be sure, at about 10 minutes I started bouncing in the same position on top of his face. 85kg in sneakers that were almost cleats. I wanted to really make sure he was branded with my sneakers. He was groaning underneath, the headache must have been immense. I laughed to myself. I'd been trampling for years but it still amazed me when someone allowed me to do this to them. 15 minutes was up, and I stepped back onto his chest.. camera ready, taking a photo straight away. The result was perfect. He had symmetrical marks on his face from the vapormax. At that point I thought to myself I should get some kind of shoe with a tread mark "shwtguy" so in future I could brand slaves with my own username. Then they might feel truly owned. I pushed his head to the other side with my sneaker, and stood on that. Trampling the other side of his head this time I was even more rough, slamming the shoes down, wondering if his jaw might break underneath me. A few jumps later, I was ready to move off the head and back to those balls for the grand finale. I enjoyed the noises he made when I trampled his stomach so I did this for a little while, incorporating some jumps and hard stomps with both feet. It was like I was winding him but he let out long groans at the same time. While on his stomach I would occasionally stomp his balls as hard as I could when he least expected it. I got off him and walked a few steps away, then turned to face him. I told him to spread his legs wide. I took a running jump and landed directly on his balls with both feet. I did this a few times, coming at him as hard and fast as I could. He was tiring now, he looked totally spent with those sneaker prints all over his face. I stood up on the balls again, marching on the spot 360 degrees. I came to a stop and made sure my toes from each foot were on each of the balls. Then I crouched down, putting all the weight through my toes onto his balls. Finally he was screaming.. the pain was intense. I bounced on the spot hard. From crouching position I jumped up and back down on them. I pulled over a little wooden footstool in the corner of the room and ordered him to get up. It was the perfect height when he was kneeling so that his dick and balls could rest on the top, a nice platform for me to trample on. He was whimpering now, knowing what was about to happen. I placed my right sneaker on his junk, and using his head for balance I stood on it. I brought the left foot on top of the right and just stood there.. the brutal soles were surely doing some damage and it seemed like he was going to pass out. He still had not raised his hands or tried to stop me in any way. I switched positions and tried the left sneaker with right one on top. There was just enough room on the top of this piece of furniture for me to trample his junk, but only one shoe at a time would hit them. I stopped trampling and looked down at his face. I lifted his chin up so he could look into my eyes. The perfect time for me to jump. He howled. I looked down thinking maybe I had busted his balls after all, but still they looked intact. Red.. but not ruptured like he had begged me for, or perhaps we just couldn't see the damage. Perhaps it was impossible to rupture his balls after all. I continued jumping a few more times, then stomped and trampled them hard into the wood. Basically pretended they were cockroaches who deserved to be squished flat and killed. No matter what I did they seemed to survive. I was ready to finish so I stood one foot on top of the other, crushing his dick and balls once more into the surface. Slowly I twisted the sneaker soles into them. He was exhausted and could barely take it, but I was determined to cum and have pleasure while he was experiencing the total opposite. It didn't take me long, with my full weight completely flattening his balls I made a mess everywhere and stepped off the stool. He crumpled to the floor. He took some time to recover while I changed my clothes and lay on the bed reading messages on instagram. He was walking funny due to his balls being so sore, but he couldn't thank me enough for what he said was the best session he had ever had in his life. I smirked, it had been great for me too. Perhaps more trips to Jakarta were necessary. After chatting for a while we said goodbyes and he limped off home. I decided to have an early night so I could get up early in the morning and explore a little of Jakarta before I had to leave late in the afternoon. 

To be continued... where do I go next and who do I meet and trample? Find out in Around The World story (Pt. 2). 


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