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TrampleTalks 6: Guillermo / trampler.chileno

Updated: Sep 17, 2021

Up next we have a good friend of mine and Chile's most popular trampler, Guillermo. He is the professional behind our previous Doctor's Trampling Advice post. This time we get a little more personal and find out about his trampling life and history.


Tell me a little about yourself, where you live, what you do, interests etc.

My real name is Guillermo (Spanish for William). I'm 30 years old. I live in Temuco, a southern city of the long and narrow country Chile in South America. I'm a medical doctor, specialising in infectious diseases. I'm not tall. Like really not tall. 1.69m tall without shoes. I weigh 65kg. I'm lean and kind of muscular but I look a lot younger than other guys my age. Many people, and many of my patients, still believe I'm a college student or a first year student in med school. I'm also a big football (soccer) fan. I played a lot in my younger years. I still play at least once a week with my colleagues' team.

You must have had an intense few months with work this year. 

I had some intense shifts. As an infectious diseases doctor I also have to attend IC (critical) patients. So yeah, it's been hard but I love the adrenaline and the feeling of being useful. 

Crazy times. I know you as a trampler, more of a dominant role. Are you ever in the tramplee position? If so, do you prefer one over the other?

I absolutely prefer being a trampler, but my first experiences were as a tramplee when I was about 12. Some days there are certain guys who make me feel like being a tramplee, but the majority of guys don't put the spirit into it as it should be done. That's why I've been a great fan of you since your early days. You are the kind of trampler who understands the game.

I'm flattered! Let's talk about those first experiences. What happened with them? How did you discover you enjoyed trampling?

Well it's very complex for me. I've always had this kind of fascination with feet, shoes and the act of stepping on something (or someone). When I was a little boy, I had two big interests: soccer and dinosaurs. I had this beautiful book with a great illustration of a T-Rex stomping the body of a herbivorous dinosaur who looked a lot weaker than him. The big claws of the predator sinking into his flesh, blood pouring from the wounds. The T-Rex looked incredibly powerful. I loved soccer and watching my soccer heroes pose like motherfucking champions with his cleated foot on the soccer ball, arms crossed or with their hands on hips. Those are the kind of guys I aspired to be. Heroic like a soccer champion and as powerful and terrible like a T-Rex.

I began getting pleasure from stomping and crushing things. Toys, balloons (at another kid's birthday party I crushed them mercilessly under my sneakers), even bugs and insects. I was like 10 years old, but I enjoyed the power rush. When I became a teenager, I had my first wet dreams with trampling imagery in my mind. Not me being the trampler or tramplee, I was watching on. I saw somewhere a soccer player, warrior or wrestler having another guy under his foot and felt aroused. I understood perfectly it was not normal. In those days I still expected to be straight, like one day I could magically love a girl. But no, I was gay and I had a bigger problem. I had a fetish in a world where the word did not mean what it means today. No kink community, no internet, no nothing.

I had my first experiences with my best friend, we played soccer in the same school team. I remember I was 12 because I kept a diary with my experiences. He was my best friend in every way. One day he invited me to his house in the countryside. We were just fooling around with an old soccer ball and when I was tired I just threw myself on the grass. He came over and looked at me on the ground. I smiled and said to him "I bet I can have you stand on my body and handle it". He was like "No, you can't!", but took it as a challenge. He stepped up onto my chest and belly. I felt something really powerful. Of course I took it well, I was in another plane of excitement. 

That's awesome, was it a once only experience with him or did it happen more?

It did happen once or twice more, but always with some months in between. I knew deep down that it was not normal and I did not want to lose his friendship.

What was your first experience as a trampler like then?

It was many years after that in my second year of med school. I found a very old internet site called 'Pies Latinos' (literally Latin Feet). There was some foot fetish material, stories etc. It had one short story about trampling but alas, barefoot trampling. I wrote another short story about two soccer boys who became rivals but then lovers and a lot of gay action with cleats happened, like a real trampling story should. Through this I found a guy called Gonzalo. He was a nurse student and happened to attend the same university. He was way taller than me but skinny and had glasses, he looked like a real nerd/loser type. He BEGGED me to lick my feet and sneakers. I told him he could lick whatever the fuck he wanted as long as he let me trample him. And he did. It wasn't his fetish but boy he enjoyed it. I was 19, he was 18. I went to his home wearing my unwashed soccer uniform with sweat from practice two days ago. My soccer cleats still had mud and grass from the pitch. They were some cool adidas predators and I had my shin pads also. We put a towel on the floor and he put a big mirror next to it. I really had never trampled another guy but I knew the anatomy well, so I knew where to put my weight. What an evening. I made him cum by crushing his dick under my heel. Marked his pale skin with red marks, and jerked off like a champion on his face. After all that he licked and slurped up my soles, cleaning every piece of grass and mud. Then my feet, it was very ticklish but he really liked it so I let him. That has always been my style: let me stomp on you and I'll let you lick whatever part of my body you want.

This is a really hot story, and a great first time experience as a trampler. Sounds like there were roughly 6 years between these two sessions as tramplee and trampler. At what point did you realise trampling was actually a thing?

In those first years of university. I always knew it was something sexual but also that it wasn't the normal. Not necessarily a bad thing. I found a Russian page named 'Brothers in Boots' and shortly after that the legendary 'Trampling Kiev' site ( You know that guy being trampled by some really handsome boys. So I finally understood, 'I'm not the only one'. At the same time, I also understood 'How the fuck do I find another trampling fan, here at the anus of the world', that last part has been a constant! Before this, I practised drawing my own fantasies about trampling. It was a way of producing my own masturbatory material. 

The internet has saved us all, I can't imagine having this fetish and not having the internet. How big is the trampling fetish for you, is it your #1 sexual thing?

It is. I prefer trampling to actually fucking a guy. If I get to trample a guy and then fuck him after, that or getting my dick sucked, even better. But I would give any fuck night for a good trampling session. I'm sexually very active but I don't get as much trampling as I would love to. My boyfriends have always been either foot/footwear fetishists or tramplees. I tried to be with a vanilla guy and it did not work.

Fetish relationships! Such rare unicorns. So many trample guys I know wish to have one with someone. How did you find it? Did you trample them almost every day?

It's funny because I have only had two real boyfriends. The first one was a guy I met via an old BDSM site that I don't really remember, around 2012-13. We met just for trampling. We had many sessions and practiced many ways and shoes. We fell in love on the third trampling date. At first you want to do some trampling every day. But after months and years passed we did it a little less. Routine kills the mood, like a lot. At the end, we did not get along so well. We didn't practice our fetish the same way, so we split up. It was hard. But I prefer breaking a long relationship before cheating on someone that I maybe don't love as a partner, but still like as a person. I hate lies, and our gay community and the kink community is full of liars.

Good advice. I wonder if trampling every day would be too much anyway - at least the way I like it or the way you like it with cleats. I don't need to ask you what your favourite type of footwear to trample with is.. I already know its football boots. What is it about trampling with cleats that you love so much?

It's.. I mean it's everything. Football boots (and in a lesser way rugby boots) are made to be really aggressive looking shoes. The form of the boot, the leather (or synthetic) cover, the colours, and of course the cleats. They're like weapons. Adidas and Nike know that a good aggressive design triggers that 'predator mode' or warrior mode within every soccer guy out there. They don't even hide it! So for me it's like they were made to harm, destroy, kick and stomp, dominate, crush. Make you feel like a warrior, a man at arms (on feet but arms anyway). Like the claws of a T-Rex! I enjoy watching the cleats sink into the tramplee's skin. Beautiful marks. The fear they cause in the tramplees as they hear them coming with that clak clak sound. Something about that dichotomy: hard vs. soft, merciless against scared, winner vs. loser, predator vs. prey. Drives me crazy. 

What's been your favourite session to date?

I had a nice session with a lawyer student in Santiago, Chile. He was the second real trampling fan I ever met. I was 22, he was 20. A tall and skinny boy. I am a fan of Universidad de Chile soccer team and he was a fan of my team's arch rival (Colo Colo). We arranged the meeting both wearing our complete soccer uniforms - shirts, shorts, socks, shin pads and of course cleats. He looked so annoyingly hot wearing that black and white uniform and I knew I looked incredible in my red and blue kit. I put him on the ground with a nice kick (being trained in martial arts was always a plus for me). Then I trampled him until he truly cried for mercy. I stood on his beautiful body full weight wearing my adidas cleats and marking him like cattle from my property. I was proud and felt manly, raising my team's flag over my shoulder while he masturbated.

Was the whole session in cleats? How long did it last for?

Mainly with cleats. After the first session which lasted around 1.5 hours, we changed and went out for some beers. Then later on we had another session with my adidas superstars and some nike airmax, which went for another hour. I've been a fan of nike airmax since I began working on shifts. They are the best shoes for a long 24-hour shift if you ask me. 

That's impressive. Are you still in contact with him?

Sadly he moved to Germany and found a boyfriend up there. I hope he gets as much trample as he deserves. 

I'm curious about your trample style. How do you like to trample and where? Are you in total control or is the slave sometimes dictating what is happening?

What I enjoy most about trampling (apart from the sight of my shoes doing some damage on the skin and flesh of my victim) is to feel powerful. I like being rough. I'm not heavy so I can stomp freely and give some nice kicks. I enjoy some spitting and kicking the belly and arse of my tramplee. We set a security sign (tapping on the floor) because I like some good verbal humiliation too. Calling him a loser, a lesser being and that it's my natural right to trample him and have him under my soles. I use my anatomy knowledge to step on some particular points that are really painful but not vital points. I know where I can not put my whole weight. I broke two ribs once and even when it may sound horny, it was not. I don't want to play doctor when I want to play trampler. Switching from being a healer to a trampler is not always that easy also.

Tell us about the last time you were tramplee. Was it recently? Who was it with and what happened?

It was with my ex-boyfriend, 4 years ago. I was kind of drunk and he was wearing some really nice nike air force ones. He was 187cm tall and around 83kg, so it was not that easy for me. But I really enjoyed watching him be hard on me. I think I paid for some of my boyfriend sins that night. I remember my skin feeling very sore for a few days afterwards. Luckily, I heal rather fast. 

As a doctor, you know the human body well. Do you ever worry about injuries when you trample someone, or are being trampled? When I talk to people about trampling, people who don't know it or understand it, it's the first thing they ask about. 

Oh yeah. Even as a first year student I remember being really interested in that aspect. The truth is, the human body and the tissues are extremely resistant. Even skin is really hard to truly rip apart. When you see those red marks that disappear after some days thats just little blood vessels ripped apart by the soles in the fat layer under the skin. Bruises are bigger bleedings and the purple-blue-green-yellow colour that comes after some days is due to the degradation of myoglobin, the iron-based pigment that gives blood the red colour (I know you love bruises). But none of that is really important... to see our previous post where Guillermo discusses the body and trampling in detail, click here

I've had a few oops moments talking to you about trampling and the body before..

I always enjoy the look of fear in a tramplee when I tell them that I know how to stomp someone to death.

We talked recently about how many guys fantasise about being trampled to death under a dominant guy. What are your thoughts on this?

It's not hard to understand why a really submissive person would like to be completely destroyed by a merciless, handsome strong man. It's part of the fetish and the fantasy can take a lot. I would never kill a person by stomping him even if he asked me to do it. Human life is invaluable of course. Being someone used to watching people in pain, I'm sure most of them would not be happy when the lethal wounds begin. Of course, I've met people (colleagues or politicians) who I would gladly crush to a bloody pulp under my most aggressive soccer cleats with a big diabolical smile on my face. I cannot say that I haven't fantasised about killing these people by crushing their body beyond limits. The same applies to annoying Instagram and Facebook guys. 

Well yes, in that case there are plenty of people we all would like to do that to. What's been your most brutal session to date? Did you cause any injury and if so what happened afterwards?

That would be the guy with the broken ribs I mentioned earlier. It was in 2016 with an Argentinian guy who was in Chile for a month on vacation. He was 30 something, very slim build and was really handsome. He was also very annoying. He really teased me to trample him. As neighbour countries, there is a big soccer animosity between us. So you can imagine me, proudly wearing my blood red shirt and deep blue shorts, my shinpads and my adidas predator powerswerve on my feet. He was wearing the sky blue and white shirt and black shorts of the Argentinian team. We met up. Argentina had recently lost against Chile. I told him, "Lay on the floor you fucking loser! I am the champion!". I was in a rare power rush so intense in that moment. I was smiling with a fierce look in my eyes (one of my tramplees always says it's my 'predator look'). I enjoyed every whiney sound he made. I raised my cleats up high and stomped his belly. Kicked him on the floor. Arse, thighs, belly, back. He was just my soccer ball and I was having fun. He was hard as a rock under his shorts. I remember kicking his balls with enough force to feel my toes against his pelvic bones, after he had already cried for mercy (he had tapped the floor some minutes ago but I was enjoying being merciless). I stood on his body, one foot on his head and the other on the upper part of his belly. I brought a Chilean flag, raised it over my head and roared in victory. I began stomping him and he was like "harder, harder..". I perfectly remember his bruised face, his shirt covered in dirty cleat footprints. While I was stomping his upper belly, one of my boots landed too high on the chest and CRACK! There was an awful noise.

You actually heard the crack?!

The guy screamed.. and not in pleasure. A really high pitched scream. I noticed the different look on his face and he rolled trying to protect his body. So we stopped, but we both jerked off that afternoon to finish the session. Me with my cleats on his soft belly, just the way it should be. Two weeks later he sends me an X-ray and asks, "What do you see here Doc?". I told him there is a double fracture on the 10th and 11th ribs on the right. He answered, "Yeah, you broke them.. asshole!".

How did you feel right in the moment when you heard the crack, knowing you'd done some damage?

I will not lie. I felt scared. I took a fast check of his vitals and examined his abdomen. I even put my ear to his heart and lungs, fearing lung perforation and a pneumothorax. 

You said you were in a rage and power rush. When this happens is it hard to disconnect your work mind from your fetish mind?

When I am in trampler mode I try to bury my doctor person under my most primitive and predatory instincts. I enjoy trampling because it frees that occult part of my mind. Trampling always feels primeval to me. Instinctive. I feel like an alpha male beast that dominates his rival. But deep inside there is my modern mind, the MD person whispering, "Be careful. Not that hard. Feel his body under your feet. Calculate".

This really is very interesting to me. Was this guy actually pissed off with you about what happened? He was egging you on to go harder.

Yeah, he was teasing me a lot. "You small Chilean guy, you cannot really harm me, you are too light", and other stupid things. You don't have to be very heavy to damage someone. I've played real soccer a lot and I have strong legs. We are still in contact, and we laugh about that incident now. Argentinians and Chileans curse a lot. I would trample him any day in the same cleats, but not that mercilessly! 

You once asked me about aftercare which seems to be a current topic within the BDSM scene. Do you practice it?

I do. Aftercare varies from one tramplee to another. I almost said patient instead of tramplee! Usually I enjoy making my tramplee cum under my shoes. I enjoy watching them enjoy it. The same way it makes me incredibly happy to cum on their bodies while I have them crushed under my cleats. I like watching them enjoy a good orgasm under my weight. My aftercare sometimes is just letting them lick my cleats, or let them massage my feet or smell the insides of my cleats. Something gentler. Sometimes it can be a profound conversation about the psychological aspects of trampling. Or just having a beer and planning the next session. "What did you like the most? What kind of shoes do you prefer? We should take some pics for Instagram!".

Nice. How do you find your tramplees these days?

My Instagram profile has worked great. I also have a slave in Santiago who finds other guys interested in a session with me. I greatly enjoy trampling two guys in the same session. In my city I have only one tramplee and our schedules are hard to match, but we enjoy some fun together sometimes.

One is better than none! Do your friends outside of fetish know what you're into?

Only my best friend knows. He is also into BDSM (bondage) but he is straight. Almost all my friends are straight. He finds it interesting and not really strange because I am known for having a strong personality and I love being the winner.

Do you have a theory on why people have a trampling fetish? You often refer to the T-rex thing as a kid.. do you think this was a trigger for you?

Yes. I still don't have all the clues and many guys don't seem to be interested in digging up their minds about this. But it's true that I know trampling enthusiasts from every corner of the world, so it's something very human. As a history and archaeology nerd I found trampling images in works from Egyptian, Babylonian and Roman pieces of art. It's a subconscious thing. I also think it's something deeply associated with masculinity in that 'warrior' aspect. There is nothing more dominant than having your enemy under your foot to show you total own him. Conquering him, body and soul.

But there are a lot of dominant, masculine, alpha type guys in the world. With this theory shouldn't more guys be into trampling others?

Maybe there are more masculine alpha types out there that would love to crush another guys body under their feet. But they have learnt that it is bad to feel powerful and dominant if the situation is not about politics or economy. You can see in sports that sometimes the victors raise their arms and chin in the classical victory pose. Even blind sport champions do it. Like a primitive signal of power over a rival. Maybe a vestigial signal of 'trying to look bigger'. Submission is strange to me. Maybe if those dominant men were given the freedom to truly express a victorious feeling, they would instinctively step on a submissive's body.

Why is submission strange to you?

Because I was bullied when I was younger and I decided to fight back. Gaining your bullies respect and having them leave me in peace was delicious. I felt something similar to what I feel while trampling. It's pure power. Raw. Primitive power, defeating a rival. I don't enjoy being under a guy's feet unless its someone I admire. Someone I feel superior in any area to me. Someone who could defeat me. I would feel honoured to be defeated by such a guy. 

You've sort of answered this question already but what do you feel when you trample a slave? What is your thought process as its happening?

The first part is of course setting the mood or story. I like a story behind it. Makes everything fun. I like soccer uniforms of course but I also enjoy something more trivial. Punk combat boots. I wear kind of a punk/goth style while not in a white doctor coat or a soccer uniform. Casual sneakers. Jeans and a t-shirt. When I have the setting I have an opening word, maybe "Ok boy. Get on the floor!". Or I kick them and put them on their knees. Especially if my tramplee is taller, which is frequent. And then the best part, the first contact. The moment I feel the flesh soft but resistant under my sole. Feel the organs and muscle sink. Hear the moans of pain and pleasure. It always makes me smile and get a hard on. I'm also very interested in my tramplee's face and body language. Sometimes I use the fear to tease them, "Relax! I'm just warming up". But a lot of fear is not that good, I HATE a session to be interrupted because of fear and mind collapse.

So you're feeling that raw power you talked about as this is happening.

Exactly. I even like having a mirror, watching myself as a third person. Victorious, masculine and glorious over my victim. Makes me even hornier! Thinking 'I'm such a champion'.

If there was one thing you could change about the trample fetish, if anything, what would it be?

I would like it to be easier to perform. Like trampling bars or places you could go to freely practice it and not get judged by vanillas. And more frequent of course. I think about trampling every day. I could have a 24/7 tramplee and never get bored. But a tramplee, not a boyfriend.

What would your ultimate trample fantasy be? Is there something you fantasise about that you haven't yet done with trampling?

I've always said my ultimate fantasy would be me as a professional soccer player, beating the other team and trampling the losing team captain under my boots in front of the roaring crowd.

That would be a hot scene! 

A public humiliating trampling. Watching my fans roaring and chanting, waving my teams flag as I raise the trophy over my head. Crushing the loser under my muddy cleats.

What advice do you have for someone just starting out as a trampler? Anything you wish you had known when you were starting out?

Basic anatomy. Talk with your tramplee, what does he expect from the session. Choose the footwear and place carefully (you always need something in reach for balance). Learn to enjoy that masculine power and excitement that many guys (especially gay guys) feel ashamed to enjoy.

Have you ever travelled a long distance to trample?

Only to Santiago (one hour by plane). Travelling to Europe from Chile is really expensive. Even when I've been there, tramplees seem to have filled schedules already by the time I arrive. Or simply never answer. And that is the worst offence a tramplee can do to a trampler, a no show. 

AGREED. Take note tramplees.

What celebrity would you most like to trample?

That's easy. I would give my pinky toe to trample the hell out of Tom Holland.

What's the most unusual location you've trampled someone?

An empty room at the university.

Oh really? I've never heard that story..

It happened one floor above the place we kept the dead bodies for anatomy classes. I could imagine the ghosts watching live trampling porn. It was with a nurse student. He was there, reading something. I greeted him and noticed he kept starting at my adidas samba sneakers. I got cocky, "Would you like to taste the soles?". So I dragged him to the empty room and gave him a quick but nice session by stomping his soft belly and face under those sambas. It was only about 15 minutes long but we got so horny that we both had to go jerk off in one of the bathrooms.


We could keep going with stories but will have to call it quits here! A big thanks to Guillermo for all his help with this and other posts. If you'd like to reach him you can find him on instagram: trampler.chileno.

If you enjoyed this TrampleTalk please share it with your trample friends on social media!

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