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TrampleTalks 4: BCoolMaster

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Ever wanted to hear about more tramplers and what makes them tick? You might like this next instalment in the TrampleTalk series. I talk with Ben to find out his thoughts and experiences as a trampler. Links to his social media accounts and website are all at the bottom!


Tell us a little bit more about yourself.

I was born here in Bangkok, but grew up in Chiang Mai in the north. Last year I decided to move back to Bangkok because of my job. My height is 175cm, weight 90kg and my shoe size is US11. I just do a boring office job. 

You have a good weight and shoe size for trampling, your slaves would really like that. You're a 100% trampler, having never been trampled in your life. This is quite rare to find in the trampling scene. When did you first realise you were into trampling?

I started when I was about 11 years old. Some might get offended by this story, but most slaves seem to love it. I bullied another kid on the same school bus as me. I would push him to the floor of the school bus and trample his head every evening for a year. Not full weight though, I didn't realise that full weight could be a thing back then. Some people have asked me, did he like it? Hell no. Of course not. But I liked it very much that's for sure. It was with sneakers so his head was under my dirty soles every evening for a year.

Did you ever trample him outside of the bus?

No. Our houses were far from the school so I had plenty of private time with him on the bus. Eventually I moved house and had to change my school bus, that is how it ended.

Were there many other kids on the bus? How did you get away with this for a year? No one stopped you?!

Well not many. Because I would wait for others to leave first. The driver saw nothing. Actually there were a few other kids on board but they didn't give a shit what was happening.

A year is quite a long time for this to be happening every day. Did he just give up trying to stop you?

He just accepted his fate as my doormat. I mean he wanted to stop me, but he was smaller than me. He would lose the fight but actually he didn't fight at all. He just let me trample him unwillingly. I trampled only on his head and used it as a footrest, so there were no sole prints on his body for his Mom to find lol. 

At 11 years old you wouldn't have really understood why you liked it. What happened when you hit puberty and got a bit older, and realised it was a turn on for you?

That's right. I didn't even know it was a fetish or understand what that was. I just knew I wanted to do it. After that I found a few victims from time to time. There was another kid at my school. I trampled him a few times on lunch breaks. It was not like the school bus though, he tried to escape every time he saw me. I didn't chase him, it made things too complicated. I was picky to choose my victim. He had to be a bit of a pussy.. not fight back, and too scared to tell anyone what happened. You know there will always be these kinds of people. I don't know how their lives are now, but I probably made their life hell back then. I really enjoyed it lol. When I was 18 the internet became popular and mainstream. I don't know why I was searching for trampling videos, but I quickly discovered what it was called and that it was a fetish, and finally understood. Do you know the stompmania website? It closed many years ago, but this website was like my teacher. I seriously loved all their work. 

Of course, we are a similar age. I was probably discovering that site around the same time as you. I learnt a few things from them too, loved their videos.

Then I tried to look for slaves. But in fact, I realised that as a master I shouldn't be the one looking. It's the slave's job to search for a master and get in touch. From my experience when I was a newbie with this fetish stuff, if I tried to tell anyone online to be my slave, they didn't want to - perhaps I wasn't their type. Normally it should start with a slave seeing my profile. Then, he gets horny and finally messages me. For me, he has to be horny and into me for it to work well. 

I understand. You like them to be really submissive. Tell me about your first proper session with a slave, when everyone involved was consenting adults. Who was it with and what happened?

It was terrible actually. I got a slave from a Thai fetish site and he sucked. It was like he wanted to try it but didn't like it at all. It's hard to get a local to be my slave.

How big is this fetish for you? Are you into other things too or is trampling your #1?

Actually I like anything related to sneakers. Even boots. If I can humiliate someone with these in any way, then I'm happy. But I have specific types of sneakers and boots that I like.

I noticed you seem to really like Jordans and biker gear and boots!

Yeah, something like that! For sneakers I like Jordans the most. Boots I love to trample in Timberlands, it creates more pain to the slaves. I do have some slaves buying me kicks from time to time also. 

How to you like to trample your slaves these days? What is your ideal tramplee?

I like strong slaves now, so I can trample and kick them as hard as possible. But it's often hard to get a strong one. I always talk about the limits of the session before meeting with any slave. Then I will be in control within the limits we discussed. I'm always in total control. If someone says they have no limits.. they might need to see a doctor after that. I think I cracked a slave's bones in the past.

I was just about to ask.. sounds like you enjoy rough sessions. What has been your most brutal session as a trampler, was it that one?

Possibly. They never came back to confirm, so I never found out for sure if he was injured or not. I jumped on him a lot, kicked and stomped him hard. At one point he was barely able to move. I asked him if he wanted to continue and he said yes.. so I kept going. I was hard on him but he didn't make much noise as we were in a hotel room and he was worried someone might tell reception. He was weird though. After the session he asked where the nearest hospital was. I tried to check up on him but he blocked me! It was a guy from Recon.

Nothing like that surprises me anymore, after years of weird interactions with people online.

Once I got 2,000 euro from a Spanish slave. He paid me online.. and then he blocked me. He paid for nothing!

Maybe it was a mistake? Seems a waste to me!

Yeah, whatever.. but feel free to pay again whoever it was haha. 

So you don't message slaves, you wait for them to approach you. How often do you meet with slaves for trample now? Do you have regulars?

That's right, but I still need good marketing so the slaves now I'm here and can find me. No regulars, most of them are foreigners. Thai slaves are no good for this sort of thing. Sneakers are not a big thing here, sneaker fetish guys are very rare. If you search Recon in Thailand you might only find me into sneakers. I still manage to have 1 or 2 sessions a month.

So there is no sneaker culture in Thailand, like in many other countries around the world?

No not really. Speaking of culture, sometimes I hate Thai culture. As you may know, Thai take off their shoes before going inside homes, but also in some schools especially in the north of Thailand. Students have to take off their sneakers to enter any building. I really hate this. So, this cultural rule doesn't apply to me. When I was in school I always wore my kicks inside the buildings when others didn't. Sometimes my friends would ask me why I did that. I just said this is what I wanted, so fuck the rules. I have also done this in Buddhist temples too. Some monks complained to me about it, but I didn't give a shit. 

Sneakers up on the table at a cafe.

You might notice I also put my kicks up on a table, or anywhere where it's seen as disrespectful. I feel that it's fun to do. Sometimes the waiters see me doing that but I don't care. I love to show people that I will do what I want. If you feel that I disrespect you because my sneakers are on a table and you see it, then I feel that is a success. Normally the waiters wouldn't ask me to take my sneakers off the table, if you were wondering. They don't like to have any problems with customers. It is different from other countries where the waiter would tell you to take them off.

Sneakers on things at the supermarket.

I also like to trample some things that I shouldn't. I was in a gallery once with a painting on the floor and stood all over it on purpose. Stuff in the supermarket which someone will pick up later without realising I've stood on it. My friend's desk which he will work on afterwards. Books in a book store. Someone else's bed, with my sneakers on. This is actually really fun for me. Not slave's beds either, non-fetish friend's beds. I visited their house, went to their bedroom and just did what I wanted while they were in another room or out. I like to think that they have to sleep in their dirty bed which I just trampled. It's a fucking awesome feeling for me. Normally I would clean my sneaker sole a bit on their rug or sofa first, so no prints are left on the bed or pillows. Sometimes if I find a bed of some workers at some offices or construction sites, I just trample those beds with dirty sneakers and leave the prints all over it. 

Walking all over someone's pillow and bed in sneakers.

I like to sleep with sneakers on my feet. Normally I will keep a few pairs of kicks to be clean, I don't wear them outside. Just for sleeping. I don't know why I do this, but I've liked it for a while. I started doing it when I was a kid, maybe 10 years old or so. Once my Mom found me sleeping with sneakers on my feet. It was a very awkward moment. I told her I fell asleep while trying new kicks on. It seemed like she bought my story!

What's been your favourite trampling session? Who was it with and why is it your favourite?

There was a Chinese slave. I really can't remember his name, it was a long time ago. In my opinion Chinese slaves are the best. The thing I liked about this slave is he made me realise Chinese slaves can do anything. I trampled him full weight everywhere. On his head, chest, dick, in fact every part of his body without any complaints! Even crushed some bread and made him eat it. He bought me a pair of Adidas Top Ten after that session.

Trampling the Chinese slave's face.

I used some black AF1s on another Chinese slave who was living in Canada at the time. I liked this session because I stomped on his head a lot. It was a lot of fun for me. He told me after he left that his head continued to hurt for a week or two after the session, but that it was fun for him also.

AF1s on the head.

How did you feel when you were trampling him?

That's always hard to explain. To put it simply, for me it just feels fun. For every good session I have it's fun and I feel entertained doing it. Sometimes I don't even need to be horny to trample someone. It's still great to trample and walk all over someone without even jerking off.

If you are horny and want to jerk off, do you do it while trampling the slave?

Yeah sometimes. But I have to be trampling their head to cum, otherwise I can't!

That's hot. Slaves will love that. What are you thinking when you trample on a slave? What goes through your head?

How can I give this guy a lot of pain without killing him.. haha. Sometimes I like to trample their throat, it's fun to see them unable to breathe. I don't know how to trample their throat to make them unconscious yet.

You should look up the 'sleeper hold'. You can easily do a similar thing to this with trampling, standing on their neck or applying pressure to certain areas of their neck. It has the same effect, makes them pass out quickly for a short amount of time. It can be tricky to find the right spot to get the desired effect.

Like in the movies where someone chokes them so they can't breathe, and they go unconscious. Could this end up with more serious consequences?

I don't really know enough about this to give advice on it. I've stumbled across it during my sessions totally by accident. I would say, read up about the sleeper hold and decide whether it's worth trying or not. What can happen as the person falls unconscious is that their body starts to jerk around weirdly. They come out if it quickly, but I think you'd need to be very careful with this.

Is there something with trampling that you haven't tried yet but really want to?

I would love to trample Joshsneaker. I wish he lived next to my house.

I spent years trampling him. I'm not sure he would handle the roughness you like to give out, although I'm sure he would attempt it.  He loves his back being trampled on too. 

Haha, well I don't care about his demands. If I met him, I would do anything I want.

Trampling on Cliff's back.

Perfect attitude. Tell me about your session with Cliff, I know you met him once for trampling and he is also a Chinese slave. 

I trampled him as you saw in my videos. He is the only one who could take my nike dunk cleats so far. They are sneakers for golf. I bought them when I tried to learn golf and they were the only shoes I wanted to wear for golf. I actually think they are better for trampling someone, they rip the skin to shreds. There is a free video of me using them on Cliff on my xtube channel (see below). I destroyed the skin on his back. I could see that he was in a lot of pain from these, and would gnash his teeth to stop from screaming, I really loved this. He tried to hold his screaming as we were in his hotel room. He told me that it takes a long time for his back to heal from these sorts of sessions. He was travelling with a friend to Chiang Mai so he asked to not have any marks on his face, that really sucked. But I did something with his ears instead. I squished them hard with my soles, full weight on his ears. That was amazing and he said it really hurt. I also kicked his abs which was super fun. When I kicked him too much he tried to escape by moving towards the bed, but this did not stop me from kicking him. 

Nike dunk golf shoes on Cliff's back.

Nike dunk soles.

We talked earlier about weird interactions with people before. You have a really big online presence. Do you ever get negative messages about trampling?

Negative as in it's bad for the slave's health?

Yeah, or any sort of negative message..

Not really, no one has said that kind of thing to me before. Actually it's usually me that asks that sort of question. Sometimes I'm curious how the slave can lick my dirty sneakers. They just replied that they were horny and they didn't care. I enjoy them licking my sneakers but I was just curious to know. I only really like them licking my soles, if someone ever licks the upper I ask them to wipe it off later. Actually I told a slave to lick my motorbike tyre once and he did it. Fucking loved that. I rode my bike into his living room. This slave couldn't take much pain due to some surgery he had done on his back. He was into anything dirty. I was sitting on my bike while he licked my sneakers and I realised that this was a bit boring for me. I told him to lick the tyre and he did it immediately. His tongue turned black very quickly! I would do that again. 

I saw that session! Did you ride over the slave on your bike? 

Not yet, it's too hard to do with a sport bike like mine. The gap between the floor and the bike is too small, but would love to try it. Someone rent me a dirt bike.

Have you ever met any other tramplers? Ever trampled a slave with another trampler, 2 on 1?

No, but I've always wanted that. No other masters seem to live around me. Most of the masters who visit my city ask to be my slave too! I've never had 3 of us together at once to try this scenario. Sneaker fetish dudes are rare here.

What's your advice for someone starting out as a trampler?

Start posting hot content on social media or a website.. slaves will come to you, no matter where you are!

That's actually great advice, I would recommend that also. What's the most unusual location you have trampled someone? Other than a school bus!

Normally I do it at the slave's hotel. It would be hard to do it in public. I'd like to try outdoors but maybe not in Thailand.

Do the slaves normally pay you or are you happy to trample for free?

It could be either way. Sometimes it depends on what I can do with them. If I can film it and make content, it can be free. If they are hot and they don't want video, it can be free also. 

What is your ultimate trample fantasy.. if you could do anything at all, what would it be?

I want to have slaves lined up on the floor.. the whole floor. Everywhere I walk is a step on some slave. I also want to trample people in public without anyone criticising me or getting in trouble for it. I'd also like slaves with me all of the time, like 24/7.

Would they be doing things for you other than being trample mats?

Yeah every single thing. Cleaning my house. Cooking. Washing. Take the rubbish out. Ironing. I hate fucking ironing!

What's your favourite body part to trample? I'm guessing it's the head.

Yeah the head, dick and balls. Always loved full weight on the head. Actually I only recently found out that full weight trampling on the head really hurts. A slave told me last year after a session. I just thought it was easy to handle! I also like to stamp a Nike or Jordan logo on a slave's face. I've done this a few times. I once trampled a slave from Israel and made a nice Jordan print on his forehead. There was also a Thai slave who I left a Nike print on his face too. I had to stand on his head for a long period of time until the print appeared like that. As I said, I didn't know that this hurt as much as it did so I kept standing for as long as it took. It's very entertaining so even if I had known I still would have done it!

It also depends on what shoes you're wearing and your weight. If you could choose a celebrity to trample on, who would it be?

The Rock. His muscles would be great under my soles.

Last question and something I'm personally curious about. Which platform do you find the best to use for your own content?

I enjoy instagram the most, but they can't help me sell any videos. Xtube asks too much as a fee and the ID thing is very annoying, same as pornhub. My own website is good, it's easy to set up with wordpress. It can be hard to maintain though sometimes.


Big thanks to Ben for his time and help with this post!

If you want to follow him you can find him here:


Instagram: bcoolmastergod

Twitter: bcoolmaster

Kik: bcoolmaster

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