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The DJ Booth story (trampler perspective)

Updated: May 31, 2023

This is a fictional story and a follow up to The DJ Booth story I posted a while back. It's the same story, but this time written from the DJ's point of view (trampler perspective).

You can read the original story (tramplee perspective) here.


I had been working as a DJ on and off for many years. It wasn't my main job but more of a hobby. I enjoyed the scene, meeting lots of new people and having good nights out. One of my best friends Dane managed a local club and he would often book me for gigs there. We had known each other for a very long time. He knew all about my trampling fetish and how I liked to dominate and trample all over submissive guys. Dane didn't share my trample fetish, but he was also gay and had a few kinks himself, often using craigslist to find and fulfil his more unusual desires. Anyway, one day I got this message from him asking me to call when I could regarding a DJ booking at the club. I called him up that afternoon and he explained he had something for me I might enjoy. He had found a tramplee through craigslist that wanted to be on the floor underneath me for a whole set one night. We decided on a night coming up when I would be closing with a four-hour set. He was going to organise the whole thing, all I had to do was turn up and do my thing on top of him.

A couple of weeks passed and the day finally arrived. I was at the club in the afternoon to set up a few things but all I wanted to do was sit down and chat with Dane about how it would all work. I had spent the week prior to this dreaming about how I would treat this unknown guy, who boldly dared to volunteer for this. I don't think he realised what he was getting himself in for, no matter how experienced he was. "What do you know about this guy Dane? Is he legit, will he even show up?" Dane laughed, "Well you know what it's like, there's a good chance he might do a no show, but I figured it was worth a try. It's not every day I see a trampling advert on craigslist and I thought of you straight away." I smiled at this. He continued, "So basically he is very submissive guy who lives to be trampled. He says he has a lot of experience and can usually handle around 2 hours of rough trampling quite well. This will be more of a stretch for him but he is up for the challenge. He's also up for doing it more than once if all goes well. I've told him he must lay there for the entire set without any complaints. I know how much you hate a short trample session." I look over to the DJ booth at the end of the room. "At least no one will see him from the dance floor as it's closed off. Anyone who comes up into the DJ booth might possibly see him, although when the lights go down it will be very dark." Dane nods, "I've told all the bar staff what is happening. Everyone knows the deal and there will be no problems our end. I have to keep going so I'll leave you to get set up and see you when you get back here later tonight." I thanked Dane for sorting this out, and headed over to the booth to set up a few things. Once that was done, I hit the gym and went home.

Showered and ready, I headed back to the club in my old Adidas Hardcourt hightops. They were comfortable and well-worn but still had a hard sole which would be good for use on this slave. Dane was already there talking with some bar staff, he smiled as he saw me coming in, gave me a thumbs up and pointed back at the DJ booth. So, he turned up after all. I step up into the booth and there he is on his back, on the floor. Front first, I was impressed. Either he is brave or stupid, I thought to myself, as I stepped up straight away onto his chest and stomach. I started to play with the controls, checking everything was on and working, all the while conscious of where I was standing. I knew this was going to work well. I could still reach all the controls easily. I moved around on him a little, knowing full well putting my heel on his crotch was going to hurt and sinking my toes into his gut would not feel great either. I was testing my platform. I still couldn't believe he was willing to do it. 15 minutes in and I was already enjoying the power trip and we hadn't even properly begun. The music was about to start so I decided it was time to enforce some rules. Without warning I got off him, crouched down and spat in his face. He got a fright, obviously not expecting this. "Listen up - I've heard all about you. You are to stay here all night underneath me. Don't try to stop what I'm doing or interrupt me in any way, or else you will pay. Got it?" He nodded, eyes wide and nervous. I laughed at this, stood back up and onto his chest. I started the music and the night began.

It took a while for the crowd to warm up. Slowly people were arriving and getting drunk. I'd decided I was going to start a little easier on him, more of an endurance type trample to begin with. I was alternating between his chest and stomach because they were perfectly positioned for where I needed to be. I knew my 80kg weight was going to be fine for him, at least initially. With the music so loud I wouldn't be able to hear any grunts or groans coming from underneath me, and this really excited me but also disappointed me slightly too. Exciting because I could really go hard and I wouldn't hear him at all, and neither would the crowd. Disappointing because I often enjoy hearing them struggle. Dane appeared at the booth, I signalled for him to come up. He looked at the floor and grinned. I signalled for him to join me on my new platform. He stepped up onto his leg and crotch, not caring too much where his Timberland boots landed. "How's he doing?" he yells into my ear. "Don't know, don't care! He hasn't resisted yet. I couldn't hear him if he tries to say anything." Dane nods. "Enjoy him, send me a message if you need anything." He twisted his boots into the doormat as he turned to leave. Dane is shorter than me but stockier, and he weighs a little more at around 90kg. I was reading the crowd and deciding what tracks I would play next when I saw my phone light up with a message. I stepped to the right, forgetting what I was standing on, and my sneaker landed on his face. I almost lost my balance. I looked down to see my shoe covering his face and his nose squished to the side. My dick jumped at the sight of my sneaker on his face. I stayed there for a minute, before pushing his head to the side and standing full weight on the side of his head. Fuck this feels good, I thought to myself. The message was from a friend who was coming in later tonight, he said he would drop by the DJ booth later on. I stepped back onto his chest and stomach and started bouncing in time with the music. The feeling was incredible, playing my favourite music while enjoying my favourite fetish. What got me off more in this moment is that all these people had no idea there was a pathetic slave pinned to the floor suffering under my weight and I was using him to literally walk and bounce all over. A real life human platform. Dane appeared shortly after with a drink for me and I motioned him to come up again. I explained how amazing it felt to stand on this slave's head and completely ignore him while on my phone. We both look down and the slave catches us looking. I tell Dane he should give it a try, knowing full well his footwear and extra weight was going to hurt like hell. I start bouncing and jumping on the slave's chest and stomach again while Dane pushes the head to its side, and stepping up so that each boot is side by side. His head disappears under the boots and we laugh together. In a way, not being able to hear his suffering made us care less about how he must have been feeling. Dane took a moment to enjoy the view of the crowd while standing on his head, twisting the boots a little while doing so and smirking. He had to get back to the bar so he hopped off and left me there on him.

By the time 2 hours had passed I was really getting into it. To the crowd it would have looked like I was dancing really enthusiastically, but in reality, the bouncing had turned into jumping and stomping. Without knowing it, the slave underneath me was really sore and already quite bruised up. Well, I had a fair idea he would have been hurting but he was my property for a few hours and I was going to do whatever I wanted to him. There were several times I would get lost in the music and forget that he was under me. I rarely looked down at him so I had to figure out what body part I was on through my sneaker soles. I would bounce with both feet on his stomach for a while, and when the beat dropped, I would jump high and hard both feet still on his stomach. Sometimes I got it wrong and landed further down on his crotch, other times I would do that on purpose for the fun of it. Even with all the movement my dick was so hard in these moments. Eventually I had to pee, so I got off him and went out the back for a few minutes. I raced back and jumped on him from a step or two away. I noticed straight away that it felt different, he had rolled over in my absence. I shrugged to myself and continued on, trampling up and down his body. Dane returned every now and then to check in, sometimes with a drink. He would come up and trample the slave with me for a few minutes each time. It was the first time he had trampled anyone and I think he was really enjoying it. My mate had arrived and was making his way to the DJ booth through the dance floor. I could tell he was wasted already but I let him up into the booth and he didn't even notice the guy on the floor as he was chatting to me. I could tell one of his sneakers was standing on the slave's arm. It was too loud to explain the situation, and even if I could, he was peaking so I just yelled at him to follow my lead and trample whatever is on the floor. He didn't seem to mind or care and would stomp and jump even harder than I was going. I still don't know at what point he realised there was a person underneath us, but whenever it was it didn't stop him.

I needed to use the bathroom again so I left the booth quickly, coming back to find my mate still trampling the slave. This time though he had rolled back over onto his back. I was impressed my mate must have got off and back onto him again. I walked up to his chest, swiftly standing on him and this time using his head for my right foot. I wanted more head action. I walked and stepped in time to the music, making sure to stomp my right foot down hard on his head. I knew if I did this hard a few times he would end up with some nice marks lasting a week or so on his cheeks. A bruised ear would be a bonus, and the thought of this just made me horny all over again. Nothing like seeing the damage you've caused afterwards. This guy made me feel more sadistic than usual, laying there taking whatever I was dishing out. He was probably the strongest tramplee I had met. I was beginning to think he was invincible and could handle anything but I was wrong. The music was getting heavier and harder due to the time of night, and as such I made sure his head got some harder stomps. One, two, three, FOUR hard stomps to his head.. with an emphasis on the fourth stomp. After 3 sets of this, and to my disgust, his hand comes up to my right leg to try and stop me. I kick his hands away, and get off him.. landing several hard kicks to his arm. He knew he did wrong. I didn't have to say anything. I stomped his head hard one more time, then returned to his chest and stomach where I resumed marching on the spot in time to the music. I had more friends come and say hi throughout the night, most were drunk and I made them come up next to me without telling them what was underneath us. None of them seemed to notice the body on the floor, and quite possibly would never have guessed. Something about this turned me on and I was very aware of it in the moment. I knew exactly where my sneakers and weight were on this slave, and yet these friends had no idea of the suffering going on underneath them.

We made it to the end of the night, and the lights starting coming on signalling everyone to head home. I changed the music to something less intense as the last of the patrons got herded out. Now the lights were on I looked down to see how this guy was and he did not look good. His shirt was filthy with spilt alcohol and dirt from the floor and our treads. His head was red with marks and scrapes, some of the best (worst) I'd ever seen. Even his arms looked like they took a hammering. I reluctantly got off him and waited for him to get up. He was dazed and just lay there, needing some help. I smiled and gave him a hand up off the floor. He was very stiff and the look on his face said he was in a lot of pain, but he had a small smile on his face. I handed him a glass of water and he drank it fast. "You handled that very well, I'm impressed. How are you feeling?". He told me it was the most intense trampling session he had ever endured, and that he would be very bruised and sore for a week or so. I laughed, 'success' I thought to myself, and pushed him out of the booth. "Go home. We will do this again sometime." He smiled as he left but had a confused look on his face. I wasn't sure in that moment he wanted to go through with it all again but I had already decided he would at least one more time.

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Jun 27, 2021

Why that is my fantasy... to be used as a doormat by men who do not care that I am under foot.


I would also like to be at the bottom)

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