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Slave Punishment story

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This is a 100% true story from last year. Videos from this session are on my Bentbox, box 107, 120, 121 & 122:

A few months ago I'd met a local slave. It was very submissive, not overly into trampling.. but keen to do it because I enjoyed it. Over a few sessions it became quite good at handling the trampling. I was impressed. We had organised another session and the day soon arrived. It was to arrive at 11:00am, but at 10:30am I received a message apologising that it slept through its alarm, and would be late to the session. 10 minutes late would have been fine. However, soon it was 11:30am and it still hadn't arrived. 30 minutes late. I was dreaming up what punishment he would receive for this major mistake. Maybe a hard kick for every minute it was late. More time passed and it was then 12:00pm midday. I was pissed off. It had to stop in the city for a mask and supplies that I asked him to get the previous week. Finally, it arrived at 12:30pm. 90 minutes late. I opened the door and it came in sheepishly, apologising again. I said nothing. The punishment was going to have to be worse than 90 kicks. Some of you may remember this from my instagram stories at the time. No slave had ever been that late and then dared to show up.

I play it cool to put it into a false sense of security. We start with some foot worship, light easy action. It takes off my shoes and socks, and rubs my feet upon my orders. I make it lick my feet too which it is eager to do, up and down the length of my soles. The massage continues, at times with some toes in its mouth. It feels good and I'm enjoying it, but I'm still deciding what punishment to give it. It probably thinks it's narrowly escaped. Just as I'm thinking this I kick it in the face. Then I slap its face hard with my feet. Perhaps a warning of what was to come. The foot worship continued until I had had enough.

Next we moved on to some trampling in my grey airmax90s. Kicking, stomping.. bruising the body up nicely to make it really suffer when it came to its actual punishment. I was annoyed and really let rip into it. I'm sadistic anyway, but being pissed off and knowing that it could handle a lot.. I was booting it as hard as I could. I was focussing my kicks on certain parts of its body, like I often do with slaves. I knew its arms and legs would bruise up easily. By repeatedly kicking them I could come back to them later and it would hurt even more.

I didn't care how badly it would bruise or even if it would get injured. I stood on its head and trampled all over its body. It would try and defend itself with its hands, but I would only stand on them and kick its body harder. It was helpless to stop me. Jumping on its big belly was easy. Grinding my shoes into its crotch was even better. I really enjoyed the sound of it suffering underneath.

Due to it being so late the session couldn't go as long as I'd hoped. I'd finally made up my mind what it was going to receive as the proper punishment. I had yet to use football cleats on it. It was still a newbie to trampling, but it was time to make it really suffer for making me wait. Without a word, I put the cleats on and it realises what is about to happen. Before we start, I finally speak to it - telling it this next 10 minutes is the punishment for being late. I can see the fear in its eyes and I couldn't care less. I order it to take off its shirt and to my nice surprise I can see the bruises from the previous session already forming on its arms, legs and side. They will be like targets for me now. I step up onto its stomach and chest, knowing it's never experienced this before. I won't be going easy either. I tread everywhere.. making sure it feels my weight on all body parts, through the hard plastic cleats. It's lucky they are not metal. I keep trampling, even standing on its crotch.. and I think it seems to be handling it a little too well. It's time to get more mean. I kick its arm a few times right on the big bruise and he screams. Its hands come up to defend itself and I just stand on them full weight. It had confided in me in an earlier session that its nipples were very sensitive and couldn't handle much at all. So with my harsh cleats I scape over his nipples knowing full well it will hurt badly. I can tell it's tired already but I'm only just getting started.

More trampling continues on his chest and stomach and I enjoy the noises it is making, groaning and struggling.. genuinely in pain. I rub its skin hard. I can see new marks forming from the cleats on its skin. It starts to try and stop me more now and I give it a look that needs no words. It apologises immediately, lowers its arms and I continue. I enjoy booting it hard in these cleats, hitting all the bruises.. hitting its legs.. it can't predict where my cruel boot will land next. It tried to turn over to avoid the kicks but I scrape the boot soles down its arm hard, and then kick its back hard too. At one point I turn its head to the side with my boot and begin to put weight onto it. Its screams get very loud, thinking I'm about to put full weight down. I regret not doing it now. A few times I ask it, "What do you say?". It forgets its manners for the treatment it is receiving. I know many who would kill to be in its position. "Thank you Sir". All of this continues and I enjoy making it suffer. Kicking its arm until its hands go up to defend the arm.. leaving its sides wide open, and I get my boot in there hard - kicking until its arms come down again.. and I return to kicking its arms. A very enjoyable, sadistic game.

To finish with I decide to kick its pathetic dick and balls in socks. I tie it up, not tightly enough as its hands come loose later on. Rolling my chair over I proceed to kick and slap its balls with my socked feet. I quickly wear it down with continuous kicks varying in intensity. Its groaning and whimpers sound great to me. Sometimes I'm 'nice' and kick using the top of my foot, coming up between its legs. Other times I kick harder, using my toes and hit directly into its dick and balls. I enjoyed the look of fear in its eyes throughout, not knowing exactly what is coming next.

At times I could see it pleading with its eyes to stop, but I click my fingers motioning for it to rise again so I can repeat the kicks. There is a tiny bit of verbal in this too, me asking it to get up or it thanking me. I make it look into my eyes, while pausing before kicking it hard while maintaining eye contact. When it doesn't do what I want it gets a slap to the face. 

It was never late to another session. The pics it sent of its bruises in the coming days were insane, especially the bruise on its arm. Unfortunately I can't find the pic of that anymore, but its whole upper arm above the elbow was purple. It looked like a solid tattoo. Its sides were heavily bruised also. 

Moral of the story: Don't organise a session with your Master and turn up 90 minutes late. Even if you want that sort of treatment. We'll give it to you easily.. but the late part will just unnecessarily piss us off. 

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Shaun, I bought the video of you trampling IT with your cleats. I highly recommend people purchase it! This is one of the hottest stories I've ever read on the web anywhere! Cheers! Spencer


You are right. You deserve respect. Being late is stupid and disrespectful

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