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Overnight Session story

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

This is a 100% true story, from a couple years ago. Another one of my more brutal sessions. Everything in this session was consensual, after about a month of discussing and agreeing on what we both wanted to do. Videos from this session are on my Bentbox, box 85. 86 & 87 -


I was out of town and staying in a hotel for a few days. A perfect opportunity to use and abuse a slave. Prior to arriving I had been talking online with a slave who said he liked to receive extremely rough trampling and brutal humiliating treatment underneath shoes and feet. I liked the sound of him. The hotel room was big - more like a one bedroom apartment. A large living area.. with a few couches and chairs. Perfect for jumping off and onto a slave's body. The shower was also large - just the right length for a slave to lay underneath me while showering. We'd planned so that he would stay overnight and we'd have several hours of trampling and abuse. 

Time travelled quickly and Friday night rolled around. My phone beeped and it was the slave waiting down in the lobby. I went down and got him, clicking my fingers at him to get in the lift. In the lift he cautiously glanced at me and I just stared back, no words were spoken. He followed me out of the lift and into the room. As soon as the door closed he dropped to his knees as I had instructed him and then the game really began. I grabbed his t-shirt and dragged him across the floor, throwing him onto the lounge floor. He lay sprawled there on his stomach, his back just waiting to be stood on. I stopped and surveyed the scene for a moment, hoping he could handle what we talked about - too bad if he couldn't, he was there and I was going to have my fun whether he enjoyed it or not. 

Without hesitation I stepped up onto his back full weight. I'm 85kg, which is heavy enough to cause some pain - but an experienced trample slave should be able to handle this for a while. I could feel the slave bracing himself as I stepped around - down to his thighs and back up again to his shoulders. I had started out in Nike tavas sneakers so they were not a hard sole. With my shoe I turn his head to the side and stand full weight on his head. I heard a grunt from underneath and smiled to myself. This is going to be a fun night. I stepped back onto his shoulders and started trampling harder, raising my shoe up high and stomping it down. The sound of my sole stomping on his body sounded good. I bounced a few times and begin jumping on him too, landing down hard and heavy. He started making those involuntary noises that slaves make when jumping on them. This only makes me feel more sadistic and I ramped up the abuse with some kicks to his sides and thighs. Laying on his back I trampled all over his stomach and chest, digging the sides of my soles in for maximum effect. Stomped on his chest and crotch, but I had to remind myself that I needed him to last the whole night. Sitting down I had a sip of my drink and propped my shoes up.. ordering him to lick the entire surface of my shoe starting with the soles. I kicked back and let him work my shoes over with his tongue, while planning my next move. 

Smelly adidas socks.

I decided that I will move to another sneaker, some Adidas hightops with a harder sole, basketball sneakers but unsure of the model. I pushed him back onto the floor, on his back with stomach facing up. I could see his face and noticed the slight look of fear in his eyes. I stepped onto his stomach and chest and waited there for a bit.. feeling his body strain underneath my weight. I'm not even looking down at him as I start to trample.. not caring what is happening beneath my sneakers. I turned and put both shoes on his chest, this time looking down at his face.. it's a little red, but otherwise looking fairly calm. Time to change that - and I stomp hard once, twice.. then jumped on his chest a few times. The calm look has gone now and I can tell he is putting all his effort in to withstand the abuse I am giving him. I stepped back onto his stomach and repeatedly.. stomp, stomp.. and jumps. I enjoy the feeling of landing hard on his soft stomach. I know this hurts as well so I repeatedly got harder and harder with my stomps. I stepped off him and order him onto his side. He's lying there on his side facing me, breathing hard, and knowing what is coming next. His face is scrunched up in pain but that doesn't stop me.. I kick his stomach hard. And again, full force. He groans each time and I grin knowing that this must be hurting. I kicked his thigh hard.. trying to hit the same spot each time. My goal was to create a nice big bruise to keep coming back to throughout the night and really cause him pain. We'd talked about causing some bruising so I wanted to see purple on the body during and after the session. 

Later I try a pair of Adidas hardcourt hightops. This time I got the slave on all fours and I sat down on his back. I ordered him to crawl.. riding him like a pony. He struggles and can't move very far. By that stage I am a little tipsy after a couple of drinks and I got angry when he didn't perform. I got up and decided he needed to be punished. While he's still on all fours I kicked his stomach from underneath. With force I am kicking him hard, occasionally to the leg and thigh as well. I decided I need a different target to start bruising up, and I go for his shoulder blade on the back. To my delight the marks and bruising happen quickly.. he was suffering from my relentless kicks and stomps and I enjoyed seeing him suffer. I stomped him down to the floor again and stand on his back.. one foot on each shoulder blade. I pushed my sneakers out to the side of his body and let gravity pull me down to the floor while the shoes scrape and twist his skin in the process. I start rubbing my shoes on his back like he is a doormat as well, which leaves some good marks. 

This continues for some time, repeated trampling, kicks and stomps. At one point I was trampling him rough on his stomach and chest and he was starting to wear out - making more groaning noises. I was worried the other hotel guests would hear him, annoyed I stomped his face a little too hard out, directly on his nose and teeth. I looked down to see a little bit of blood in his mouth. I gave him a tissue and ordered him to wipe it up, I don't want any blood on my shoes. Later on I jumped off a chair onto the slave.. not even looking at where I landed. He made a bit of noise but I was impressed that he could take it. I enjoy the bounce I get when I land on the stomach hard. I had a go at gut punching too, I don't often get into this but I was curious to see if I'd enjoy it. It was fun but not hard enough. I trampled and bounced on him barefoot for a while, when he was laying on the couch. He was quite sore already and the couch isn't always easy to handle with the extra bounce. He was groaning a lot so I had to gag him with my dirty sock to shut him up. I twisted his nipples hard and flicked them, which caused a lot of pain. We even had a go with cleats towards the end and he handled it well despite being very tired. His dick and balls didn't escape either, being stood on directly in cleats.  

We got to midnight and I am tired, and the slave looks exhausted - not that I care. He'd done a good job and taken a lot of abuse from me over the previous 6 hours or so. He was sleeping overnight in my room but I had something in store for him. I dragged him into the bedroom and pushed him on the floor at the bottom of the bed. Using cuffs and ropes I tie him to the bed on the floor. Leaving him there I got ready for bed and as I hopped into bed I made sure to step on him one more time. He winced and I knew he was going to be very sore tomorrow. 

I woke up in the morning and stretched, recalling the events from the previous night. Once I was ready I pulled the sheets back and moved to the end of the bed.. planting my two feet down on the slave and standing up. He groaned and I could tell he was in quite a bit of pain. I untied him and ordered him away from the bed. He lies down, and I put my Adidas hightops on to test out his bruised and battered body. I started easy, stepping up onto his back and trampling lightly. I saw his shoulder blade and thigh purple with bruises. Stepping off him, I kicked him hard in the thigh - right on the spot with the bruise. He screamed with pain and I stomp down on the shoulder blade hard - getting the same reaction. A few more kicks like this and he is signalling that he can't take anymore. Mission accomplished. But I am not quite finished with him yet. I ordered him into the shower, laying down on his back stomach up. I turned the shower on and waited for it to get warm. Stripping down I got into the shower and stood barefoot on him, one foot on chest and one on stomach. I moved around gently, ignoring him underfoot while I slowly wash my body. I take my time, enjoying the feeling of my bare feet sink into him - often standing two feet on his stomach and watching him struggle to breath. At some point I noticed him really struggling and this really turned me on. I start bouncing a little on his stomach.. I have been in that spot for several minutes now. I start to jerk off slowly, enjoying the feeling of knowing my feet and weight are hurting him. I'm not even looking at him by this stage.. bouncing harder and sinking further into his stomach. Eventually I finish, and remain on his stomach to re-wash myself before stepping out and drying myself off. He regained composure on the floor of the shower while the water poured over him. I ordered him to clean himself up and get dry. I was sitting on the couch as he came out and got dressed. I told him to pack his things and get out. I had no more use for him. He left without any more words spoken.

The morning after.

We ended up having another session a year or so later, part of the session involving an electric shock collar - at his suggestion. I'll save that story for another time.

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Jan 21, 2022

I just really enjoy a very heavy stomach trample; just standing on me taking me to the absolute edge, minutes going by, barely able to breathe deeply under a stocky man with really wide thick, hot sweaty feet. He positions his massively wide feet parallel on my long narrow flat naturally lean contoured stomach, enduring his full weight with relaxed abs while he's stroking-edging himself. He steps off allowing me to catch my breath, still, under half his considerable weight with one foot while smothering me under the other foot literally blanketing my face, then force-feeding me it. He's standing on my stomach again, same as before, repeating the standing on me many times until I explode all over his…


Shwtguy - marry me!


Eager Bitch
Eager Bitch
Sep 13, 2019

OMG. This made it hard reading this. Fantastic . This is one of its fantasies. It would meet Sir at the door of hotel room on its knees and wait for Sir to open the door. It would be used then be forced to lay at the side of the bed anticipation of when Sir would step on it. Would Sir wake up to use bathroom, would Sir sleep in, would Sir get up several times to use it as a rug? It would be the shower mat to prevent Sir from slipping in the shower.

You left some beautiful marks. Fucking Hot Sir. Thank you Sir for sharing. It's going to get this video for sure.

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