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"How do I prepare to be trampled?"

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

Lately I have had a lot of newbie tramplees message and ask me what they can do to prepare themselves for an upcoming trample session. The short answer (in my opinion) is: not much. At least physically anyway. If you're worried about not handling it very well.. you just have to dive in and try it a few times. You won't know until you try and the more you do it the better your body will be at handling it. Everyone is going to handle it differently. I've had small, skinny slaves who can take really brutal trampling without making any noise and minimal struggle... to big strong muscled guys who beg me to get off after a few seconds of standing on them. If you're fantasising a lot about being trampled I believe that is a good sign. 

I do have some tips that may help you though. Firstly, I am no medical professional. The advice I have is only from my own experiences over the many years I have been involved with trampling. Here are some things to consider pre trample session:

1) Don't eat or drink for a couple hours before the session. This was a big one for me, and something you may not think about. If your stomach is full, it's not going to feel nice having sneakers or feet trample and walk all over it full weight. If you want pain, better to be from the trampling than from a full stomach!

2) What is the trampler's weight? Perhaps start off with a light guy.. 60-70kg (130-155lbs). I realise it can be hard to find a trampler in the first place, so you may not have options in terms of weight.

3) Think about the trample positions you want to try. Do you want him standing on your head? Do you want him to trample your dick? Do you want him to jump on your back? Communicate all of this with him before the session so he knows what to expect. There is nothing worse than a trampler turning up and then being uncomfortable with what you want to do. When he is trying all these positions you can work out what parts of the body you handle trampling well.. and what parts might need more practice.

Newbie tramplee discovers he can't handle much crotch trampling..

4) Use safe words. If you're meeting a dominant guy and your scene is within the master/slave space.. safe words may be useful. I like to use "orange" and "red". Orange meaning, 'ease up the intensity, but don't stop doing what you're doing' and red meaning 'stop immediately, get off me'. 

5) What type of floor will you be laying on? Personally I think carpet is best, or if it's a wooden or tiled floor.. use a rug to lay on. You want a reasonably firm surface, but directly on wood or tiles may be too hard and shorten your session. In my opinion laying on a bed to get trampled is actually harder than the floor. The trampler will have a lot more movement and bouncing - which can of course be fun, but I'd recommend trying that after you've had more experience on the floor. 

6) What footwear will the trampler be wearing? A soft soled sneaker could be a good place to start. The weight will be spread out over the sneaker sole making it easier to handle. Barefoot/socks can be harder to handle, as the weight will be concentrated through the heel and the ball of the feet. In a similar way, football boots are even harder due to the weight being distributed through 6+ hard cleats. If you really like pain that can be a lot of fun and something to work towards once you've tried sneakers and feet!

I use Nike Roshe for trampling a lot. A soft soled sneaker, easy to handle for a newbie tramplee or good as a warm up to harder action with an experienced tramplee.

7) Sniffing amyl/poppers (or whatever it is called in your part of the world). Something that can help with pain. Great for cleats or hard trampling. It will raise your pain threshold making you capable of handling more. The effect only lasts for 20-30 seconds but it is still useful. 

8) You don't need a six pack or a muscled body to handle a long hard trample. Good core strength is useful though - perhaps find some exercises to train your core if you want to handle more intense play for a long period of time (30mins +). 

As I said, everyone is different - I welcome any other tips readers have, message me - or instagram: shwtguy_official.

Despite what everyone thinks I do enjoy soft/gentle trample as well. If you're a newbie tramplee and want to have a session with me I'm happy to do this!

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